The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384 A Piece Of Bone

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Hu Yaoer smiled and said, You must be joking, Lord Ye. However, human cultivators like to engrave their magical powers and the like on stone tablets, creating powerful inscriptions. When the great war between humans and demons broke out, many Imperial level figures were buried in the mountains. You have speculated that a Renhuang left this inscription. There is a high probability that this is true.

Ye Futian looked into Hu Yaoers bright eyes that were full of sincerity. It was like there was no ulterior motive within them.

Perhaps. However, I do not want to gamble on this, said Ye Futian. And he was not lying. If it came down to him, he was nowhere near good enough.

This Celestial Fox Palace presented him with an opportunity. He could use something small to obtain something great.

Of course, he was not purely gambling. He had significant advantages when compared to others. He could use his powers to see what was going on.

If you dont have enough cultivation resources, I can lend you some, said Zhu Zhao beside him.

Ye Futian shook his head. No need.

Then can I try? asked Zhu Zhao.

Ye Futian shook his head again. There is no need to gamble. Zhu Zhao looked at him for a moment and then nodded.

Many of the other cultivators were getting themselves ready. The Violet Heavenly Palace seemed to be interested in the stele as well and were preparing to make an offer for it.

You all may send your offers. Same rules as always: you still only have one chance. Whoever offers the highest price will be the one to get it, said the Elder of the Tianhu clan. The cultivators were all silent for a bit, then began to call out their offers.

Those who wanted it more quoted higher prices.

Moreover, since they already had their estimates, it would be difficult for them not to pay a high price if they wanted this treasure.

The demonic beasts and human cultivators around them were watching. Everything was in chaos amid the clamor of voices. Although most of the people there were only there to watch the auction, they were still very interested in it.

Who else? The elder of the Tianhu clan asked again. After a moment, he looked at everyone and smiled. His gaze fell onto one particular place.

Congratulations to everyone from the Violet Heavenly Palace, he said. It seemed that the Violet Heavenly Palace had won the treasure.

They truly are worthy of being called the top force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They are both wealthy and vigorous, said Ye Futian with a smile. The Violet Heavenly Palace would get their prize, but they would pay a high price to do so.

The daughter of the Tianhu clan held the stele up before the people from the Violet Heavenly Palace. A sharp look flashed across their faces. One of them reached for the stone, eliminating all of their outward impurities.

Soon, traces appeared on the stone. Brilliant light flashed, dazzling everyone. Everyone looked towards it.

The area grew even noisier. Many of the ancient beasts were roaring without end.

Finally, the brilliant light shone from the stone stele. Characters were imprinted upon the stone one by one. They were imposing in their magnificence.

Everyone was staring there, including all of the cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace. But their gazes quickly froze.

Haha! came the laugh of a demonic beast.

So this is a treasure left behind by a Renhuang. How incredible!

Unfortunately, it is not a spell. It is just a record of his career. It was probably the final thing he wrote before he died. Thus, it has a special meaning.

Many of the demonic beasts cried out. Seeing the top human cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Realm humiliated made them incredibly excited.

The cultivators of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked crestfallen. The thing they had gotten was just what they had thought it was, it was a Renhuang relic, and a Renhuang had carved the characters in it. Thus, many people had competed for it.

But it was not some powerful spell of the Great Path. It was just a simple introduction, and it did not even contain that much will.

Although the things that a Renhuang wrote naturally contained will, and thus were treasured objects, it was not anywhere near worth the price they had paid for it.

They had paid a massive price to get this object.

Although you may be a little disappointed, it is after all a Renhuang relic. It is precious, said the elder of the Tianhu clan comfortingly. The people from the Violet Heavenly Palace did not say anything. They had made their gamble. Now, they had to accept their loss.

They looked involuntarily at Ye Futian. Had he made a bid for this one?

From what he had said before, he seemed uninterested in it and had even asked Zhu Zhao not to gamble for it. Could it be that he had seen something?

Zhu Zhao looked at Ye Futian as well. This guy could not know a trick like this, could he?

Are you all still looking at that one? asked the elder. The next few treasures also had people who were interested in them. They were auctioned in turn, and one of them was actually very good, but the rest were rather commonplace.

Many people sighed at this. Celestial Fox Palace was quite powerful. Although they had never touched these items, they were still able to estimate their prices.

It seemed that only the sword that Ye Futian had taken at first was worth very much.

Moreover, after that, Ye Futian had not been interested in any of the other treasures. He had not made any other bids.Read more chapter on

Soon, there was only one treasure left on the ancient tree. It was a bone that looked plain and simple, and there was no aura emanating from it. It seemed to have been marked by the passage of time. It seemed to have experienced quite a lot.

This piece of bone was plain and had no aura. It looked just like an ordinary demonic beasts bone. Thus, no one inquired about it. But it still appeared on the ancient tree.

However, no one there was interested in it.

Especially since they had all seen how common everything that had come before it was.

Is no one interested in this bone? asked the elder. It is the only treasure left. It may be a bit common, but it comes from the Origin Mountains. It is both heavy and solid. Even someone who has cultivated up to my level cannot leave so much as a mark upon it. Thus, it must be the bone of a Demon Emperor. Even if you just use it to forge a weapon, it will be quite useful.

He knew that this bone was a bit too unremarkable.

And the Tianhu clan could not determine its value.

Their experience had shown them that a truly powerful bone of a Demon Emperor would have an incredibly strong aura. It would not be like this.

It has no external aura. Can it truly be the bone of a Demon Emperor? asked Ye Futian.

A Saint cannot leave a mark on it. What do you think? If it was weak, it would already be broken and would not have appeared here, said the elder. The Tianhu clan would not bring something worthless to trade.

Can I see how heavy it is? asked Ye Futian. If I cant break it either, thats fine. I wont compete for it.

The elder saw that no one else was interested, then nodded. Fine.

Yaoer, will you go get it for me? asked Ye Futian.

Hu Yaoer nodded and walked over. She brought the bone back to him.

Ye Futian took it, and suddenly he could feel how heavy it was. It did not seem to be a bone, but rather a massive demonic beast.

Threads of aura swept out and entered into the bone and then disappeared. He gave it back to Hu Yaoer and said, It is indeed very heavy. It is quite possible that it is, in fact, a bone of a Renhuang. But even so, it is not very useful. I know an elder who is good at forging things, and thus I will consider trading a Saint-level technique for it. If this is not enough for you, then I dont want it.

The elder looked at Ye Futian and saw how indifferent he looked. No one else looked interested either.

He smiled bitterly and said, A Renhuang bone cannot be compared to a technique in terms of its solidness alone. However, selling it for such a low price would bring shame to the Tianhu clan. Everyone, please make an offer.

Ye Futian nodded. Fine. But he did not make another offer. A cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace swept his gaze over Ye Futian, then made an offer to the elder.

The elder had not been listening to the price that Ye Futian had quoted, but the rules of the Celestial Fox Palace forbade him from repeating it. He could only say, Anybody else?

Ye Futian smiled and then quoted a price to the elder.

When he heard him, the elder stared at him for a long time. The people of the Tianhu clan were all very cunning. Humans were naturally much smarter than demonic beasts, and this guy was definitely up to something. His offer was several times that which he had said before.

He was not as indifferent as he seemed. He had just quoted a reasonable price.

He looked at him and said, Since no one else wants it, congratulations, Lord Ye.

Ye Futian smiled and gave another item to Hu Yaoer.

The cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palace frowned and said, Are you sure it was him?

The elder understood his doubts. He nodded seriously and said, The Celestial Fox Palace is not so generous as to purposely give him a low price. The price that Lord Ye quoted is different from what he said before.

The cultivator from the Violet Heavenly Palaces face darkened. This may not have been an important matter, but they had previously tried hard to prevent Ye Futian from getting this and had thus quoted a price twice as much as he had.

However, in the end, Ye Futian was the one who had gotten it.

They had tried to scheme against Ye Futian, but he had schemed against them as well. He was naturally quite unhappy about this.

Congratulations, Lord Ye. Hu Yaoer brought the bone to Ye Futian. But at that moment, a voice came from behind him, saying, What did he pay? I will pay double.

Everyone turned and looked at the people who were approaching. Everyone moved aside to make a path for them.

The elder was very perceptive. He narrowed his eyes and looked at them. He knew where they had come from, but said, Forgive me, we have already sold all of our items. We cannot make any more deals.

The leader of the people walked up to him, then turned to look at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked back at him, then hid the bone away. He had gotten it, and he was not going to let it get away.

Whatever price you paid for it, I will give you double. Why dont you give me that bone? said the head of the people who had just arrived to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian smiled and shook his head. This bone will be useful for forging weapons. Since Ive already bought it, Im not going to give it to you.

Ill give you ten times what you paid for it.

The other man seemed not to hear what Ye Futian had said as he directly called out this astonishing price: ten times what Ye Futian had paid.

If Ye Futian just let the bone go, he could get back ten times what he paid. Everyone was speechless.

This transaction could be profitable for him.

Ye Futian looked the other man in the eye. Im not selling it.

As he said this, everyone stared at him.

He had been offered ten times what he had paid, and yet he would not sell it.

That meant