The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385 Clash

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The person at the head of the group of people who had just arrived wore white. His face was handsome in an unusual way, and his face was lined.

His pitch-black hair was magnificent, and a pair of pure white wings flared out behind him. A silver spear seemed to be fixed between his wings.

There was only one family in the Demon Realm that wore such clothes. Naturally, most of the people there recognized him.

They had come from Yingzhao Mountain in the Demon Realm. It was the most powerful force in the realm.

They were even stronger than the Tianhu clan.

The Tianhu clan would not even dare to provoke them.

The elder of Yingzhao Mountain had the power to know everything under heaven. It was said that he was able to shake the sky with a single thrust of his spear.

Right now was a turbulent time for the demons. Everyone knew that all of the great demon families were coming. Even the great demons of Yingzhao Mountain were there.

Moreover, it seemed that they were very interested in the bone that Ye Futian had just bought.

He did not even know how much Ye Futian had paid, and he had still offered to pay ten times as much.

But what was even stranger was that Ye Futian had refused him.

What did this mean?

At that moment, the elder of Celestial Fox Palaces eyes flashed. He looked at the man who was leading the people from Yingzhao Mountain, then back to Ye Futian. For some reason, he felt like he was being tricked.

Previously, Ye Futian had told him that he was not interested in the bone, but he thought that he could give it to his friend to use in his forging. He had said that that was the only reason he wanted it.

But the price he had ended up paying was several times more than he had initially offered.

And now, the demonic beast from Yingzhao Mountain had offered him ten times as much, and he was still not willing to sell it.

And he said he didnt care about it?

Only a fool would believe that.

But, just like Ye Futian had thought, these people who had come out of the ground in the Origin Mountains had all been personally evaluated by the clan elders. They knew that a truly worthwhile treasure could not be easily sold.

This bone was indeed the bone of a Demon Emperor. That was obvious from how solid it was. But there was nothing else special about it. It felt like it had no great uses, and thus they had decided to sell it. And indeed, once they brought it out, no one had made any offers for it. This seemed to prove that the Tianhu clan had judged this situation correctly.

But now this unexpected thing had happened.

Ye Futian had bought it, but it seemed that the cultivators from Yingzhao Mountain had come for it as well.

Is this guy that petty? everyone thought. Ye Futian had decisively won the first treasure, the sword. He got it for a great price, and then had not made any more bids. That was until the bone that no one else wanted had come out. He had bought it while pretending that he didnt really want it. But he had been very keen to obtain it, and so he had outmaneuvered the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Could it be that this bone was truly so special?

The head of the people from Yingzhao Mountain stared at Ye Futian. He really would not sell it for ten times the price?

Was he just trying to get even more for it, or did he know what the bone was?

Once he tried it out, he would know.

I come from Yingzhao Mountain. That bone is useful to me. Ten times the price should be more than enough for you, Your Excellency. If you give it to me, youll have made a friend. How does that sound? said the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain.

Ill have made a friend? said Ye Futian with a cold smile. He did not even know what this bone was.

But ten times the price was not enough.

Im sorry, but this is also of use to me. Ye Futian was still smiling.

The cultivator from Yingzhaos face fell. Was the name Yingzhao Mountain not enough to sway him?

If Ye Futian did not know what it was, then him offering ten times what he had paid and then mentioning the name Yingzhao Mountain should have been enough to make him willing to sell it to him.

Could it be that this human could really tell what it was?

It is of no use to you. Only we from Yingzhao Mountain can make use of it. I can trade an artifact from a Demon Emperor for it. Would that be enough? asked the head of the people from Yingzhao Mountain.

When he said this, everyone around them went still.

He would trade an artifact of a Demon Emperor for a bone. Who could refuse such a deal?

What is that bone? All of the demons were staring at Ye Futian. Given what the cultivator from Yingzhao had said, he clearly knew the bones history.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have offered to trade an artifact from a Demon Emperor for it.

The whole area had gone quiet.

This was the final offer from Yingzhao Mountain. This was as much as he could possibly do and still hope to keep face.

Otherwise, he would probably have to wait until Ye Futian left the Celestial Fox Palace and try to seize it from him.

This bone might have been worth even more than an artifact from a Demon Emperor. And since the people from Yingzhao Mountain wanted it, he was adapting to the circumstances.

Yingzhao Mountain probably would not pay a higher price. It was not a question of whether or not the bone was worth more; it was that if Ye Futian continued to refuse them, it would make them angry, and they would refuse to bargain anymore. In that case, they would use other methods to obtain it.

Ye Futian could naturally feel the subtleties of the situation. He understood that if he still could not see sense, he would offend the people from Yingzhao Mountain without a doubt.

He had seen that this bone was far from ordinary, and thus he had wanted to touch it with his life spirit. Just as expected, he felt a reaction from it.

This meant that this bone probably had an extraordinary history, but even the people from the Celestial Fox Palace could not tell that just by looking at it.

Now, Yingzhao Mountains actions proved what he was thinking.

This bone was probably not merely the bone of a Demon Emperor.

Zhu Zhao walked forward. If he wont sell it, he wont sell it. Theres no need to keep talking about it, he said to the head of the people from Yingzhao Mountain.

Zhu Zhao, the demonic beast from Yingzhao Mountain swept his gaze over him. His expression was cold. He did not care about his status at all. This is not your concern.

We came together, so it is my concern, Zhu Zhao answered calmly. The bone is already his. If you want some treasures, you need to go and bid for them.

The demon from Yingzhao Mountain frowned. A faint silver light shone in his dark eyes as he looked at them coolly. Get out of here.

Did Zhu Zhao think that Zhu Yan the Demon Emperor was someone to be feared?

Maybe he could be threatening to other demon families, but what was he to the cultivators of Yingzhao Mountain?

And how much less threatening was a mere prince?

He had already given them plenty of chance to save face. It would be nothing to give up an artifact from a Demon Emperor if they could obtain the bone, but if they would still not accept it, then they would have to stop being so polite.

Zhu Zhao stared at him with his golden eyes. A powerful demonic aura rose from him and shot out towards his opponent.

Get out of here.

His low voice rang out, almost reaching the level of a shout by the time it reached his opponents ears.

In a flash, a burst of pressure filled the area. The great demon of Yingzhao Mountain and the Demon Prince of the Celestial Demon City faced off against each other.

A violent aura burst out from the demon from Yingzhao Mountain as well. The two demonic beasts auras clashed between them, which whipped up a powerful storm of Qi.

As soon as the elder of Celestial Fox Palace saw them about to fight, he could not help but say, If there is a problem, you can talk about it. There is no need to disturb the harmony of this place.

Ive heard that you are quite powerful, Zhu Zhao of Celestial Demon City. Im glad that I have a chance to see how strong the progeny of Zhu Yan is. The great demon from Yingzhao Mountains voice was sharp. His wings flared out behind him, and his body transformed into a bolt of white lightning. He rose high into the air.

He beat his wings elegantly. He reached behind him and pulled out the long spear, clenching it in his fist.

Suddenly, an astonishingly sharp aura spread out.

Boom! There was a loud noise as Zhu Zhao shot up into the air, full of wild power and energy. He looked up at the figure above him and reached out. A spear of golden flames appeared in his hand, and the golden light in his eyes shot up towards the figure in the sky.

However, golden armor appeared on the figure in the sky. Zhu Zhaos spear continued upwards, growing larger as it did. It seemed able to shatter the very air itself.

His opponents figure flashed, and many bolts of white lightning appeared up in the sky. Many white phantoms appeared as well, and it was difficult to discern just how real they were. The moved quickly, and everywhere that the spear went, there were only phantoms.

Bang! Zhu Zhao moved like a bolt of golden lightning, rushing through the air at incredible speed as he shot towards his opponent.

The white lightning flashed again. Zhu Zhao roared as he thrust his golden spear forward. It rose from where he was standing, and its shadow covered the sky, darkening the whole area. It was so big that even things thousands of meters away would be smashed by it.

Woosh! The great demon of Yingzhao Mountain flapped his wings, and he grew much larger. He had transformed into his true form.

He beat his huge white wings, creating a powerful airflow. The will of the Great Path flowed as countless silver spears fell like starlight that fell with incredible speed. It was like a meteor shower.

There was a terrible, sharp noise up in the air as the airflow roared like thunder. The massive spears slammed into each other, which was what created the awful sound.

But the golden spear cut through the countless silver spears and continued forward, piercing towards the demon from Yingzhao Mountains body. Zhu Zhaos form turned demonic and as big as a mountain. The spear grew even more powerful as it shot forward, making the sky itself tremble.

Woosh! There was a gust of wind as the demon from Yingzhao Mountains wings flapped. He thrust the silver spear forward, and the gust of wind descended. The onrushing golden spear did not touch his body. He was so fast that he was hard to see with the naked eye. The spears scraped against each other, but the sound was lost in the wind.

The power that the spear contained was simply astonishing, the demon from Yingzhao Mountain spiraled down like a meteor, cutting through the powerful aura as he shot towards Zhu Zhao.

Hes so fast!

Everyone trembled as they watched the figures in the sky. They saw Zhu Zhao drop his spear as his body turned golden, and he thrust his fists out towards the descending demon from Yingzhao Mountain.

The huge demonic beast roared, and the air trembled. Even the demon from Yingzhao Mountains speed seemed to be affected by this.

Snap! Snap!

Sharp sounds rang out as the spear descended. Silver light pierced the sky as it crashed into the golden fists and seemed to cut through them. A terrifying power shook the demon from Yingzhao Mountain, but at the same time, Zhu Zhaos golden fists were cut open, and blood began to flow from them. It was evident from this how powerful his opponent was.

Woosh! As he floated, the demon from Yingzhao thrust out with the spear. The wind gusted against his body as he looked down at his opponent. His eyes were filled with contempt for everything!