The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 : Leave It Here

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Zhu Zhao looked up into the air, his eyes filled with scorn.

Roar! There was the roar of a massive beast, and suddenly, a mighty figure appeared up in the sky. He grew larger and larger. His body burned as it was bathed in golden flames.

Golden fire shot out of his eyes, melting everything in their path. The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain frowned. He turned into silver light once again and then disappeared.

An incomparably massive figure appeared. His eyes were burning with golden fire, and the temperature up there in the sky became scalding hot. The golden divine flames filled the vastness of the sky, locking down the entire area. There was nowhere that the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain could go.

He can get even stronger. Ye Futian looked at Zhu Zhao. Unlike in the previous battle, Zhu Zhao still had some more power left, and thus he could become even stronger.

The cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace were also naturally watching this scene with gloomy faces. The genius among them, Tan Zimo, had once been defeated by Zhu Zhao, and apparently, that had not even been him at his strongest. At that moment, it was possible that Tan Zimo would not even be able to provide a stimulating fight for him.

Thinking of this, the cultivators from the Violet Heavenly Palace felt a keen sense of humiliation.

The demon cultivators of the Celestial Fox Palace all sighed quietly. Zhu Zhao was truly worthy of being called the most outstanding genius of the Celestial Demon City. His power was genuinely frightening, and right now, he was simply astonishing. It was as if his strength had increased explosively.

However, the great demon from Yingzhao Mountain was incredibly powerful as well. A silver halo appeared around his body, then turned into a pattern of light. Countless spears flashed into life and shot out in all directions, smashing into the onrushing golden flames.

He looked at his opponent with his silver eyes. His face was a bit downcast.

Zhu Zhaos aura was powerful enough to make him feel threatened.

Woosh! At that moment, Zhu Zhaos wild figure seemed to dance as he flew. His mighty figure spread out until he filled the sky, becoming one with the Qi of the air.

The great demon of Yingzhao Mountain roared in anger, and countless silver spears burst out from the halo around it, shooting straight towards the onrushing Zhu Zhao.

Zhu Zhao flew upwards, and the spear of golden flames shot up from his hand into the sky, seeming like it would be able to tear right through it. The air shook as it flew through it.

Many of the demon cultivators below them felt their hearts begin to tremble. Was this the power of Zhu Yan that they were seeing? It was simply astonishing.

Woosh! The demon of Yingzhaos figure flashed, and suddenly many reflections of him appeared all around.

However, almost at the same time of that, the great demon of Zhu Yan waved his spear, and countless reflections of it appeared as well, waving just like the one that was actually in Zhu Zhaos hand. They shot out towards all of the different images of the demon of Yingzhao. There was no way to avoid an attack like this.

The great demon of Yingzhaos face grew cold. Endless light of the Great Path descended from the sky and gathered up around his body. Afterward, they turned into countless silver lightning bolts that flashed downwards and smashed into the spears.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of the lightning bolts smashing into the spears one after another rang out continuously. Countless attacks had been launched in an incredibly short period. All of the cultivators below were staring up into the sky. Their bodies seemed to tremble each time there was a collision up there.


A figure was sent flying backward, and the spear went flying out of his hands. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

The great demon of Yingzhao Mountain had been forced backward.

And ugly look came over the faces of the cultivators from Yingzhao Mountain as they watched the scene. Many of them rose into the air.

You all want to fight together? Roared Lei Meng, the Prince of the Thunder Gods. Suddenly, all of their cultivators rose into the sky as well. The whole area was covered in incomparably horrifying demonic Qi.

Up in the sky, the two figures were facing off. There was an extremely fierce look in Zhu Zhaos eyes as he looked at the great demon of Yingzhao Mountain up above him. The demon from Yingzhao Mountains aura surged as blood trickled from his mouth.

He had been beaten by Zhu Zhao.

But Zhu Zhaos desire to let Ye Futian keep the bone was nothing more than a dream.

No one could keep it away from them.

If Yingzhao Mountain had not had a bone just like it that had sensed this one, they would not have known that there was another one here.

They had researched this bone for many years. Celestial Fox Palace had been so careless as to think that it was useless. Since they did not know, they had not sought out the bones mysteries.

You are Zhu Zhao?

At that moment, a voice came towards them from far away. Everyone turned to look.

They saw several figures flashing towards them, all with a pair of wings on their backs. They had come from Yingzhao Mountain as well.

The one at their head had an imposing aura, much stronger than the demon from Yingzhao, who had been fighting Zhu Zhaos. He had an air of kingly scorn about him as if he was the King of his clan.

Behind him, two huge cultivators from Yingzhao Mountain flanked him to the left and right. Although no powerful auras burst forth from them all, everyone could still feel that this man had the air of a Demon Emperor.

Who is this?

All of the demons below felt their hearts tremble without stopping.

He had a Demon Emperor protecting him?

Who was he to deserve such treatment?

Yingzhao Mountain was a top force in the Demon Realm. Even when its people were traveling, no other demons would dare to attack them.

But he still had a Demon Emperor traveling with him. Why did he have such high-level protection?

A Demon Emperor was someone who was at the top of the pyramid.

For a junior to have an Emperor traveling with him was absolutely astonishing.

Soon, all the demons were thinking of a single person, the heroic demon cultivator who was famed throughout the world.

That man from Yingzhao Mountain had personally come from the Celestial Fox Palace.

Had he come for the bone that Ye Futian had bought?

This made everyone very curious. What on earth was that bone?

Many cultivators flashed over from the Celestial Fox Palace. They looked up into the sky as they arrived.

They all felt that this was a bizarre situation. The Celestial Fox Palace seemed to have truly made a mistake this time. They were responsible for identifying the treasures of the Origin Mountains and yet they had not realized how special that bone was. And thus they had put it up or sale.

There were several procedures in the Celestial Fox Palace. After obtaining a treasure from the Origin Mountains, they would first look it over to confirm that it was indeed an Emperor level artifact. Then they would let the Emperor level figures in their own clan look over it. If they thought it was worth a lot, then they would pass it along.

This bone had only passed through the hands of a Demon Emperor and had not made it to the final step. They had thought that it was just a bone of a Demon Emperor that did not have any particular use.

Now, so many cultivators had come from Yingzhao Mountain, possibly even all of them, and a Demon Emperor had come with them. Without a doubt, the Celestial Fox Palace had made a mistake.

They all felt this. They would never have thought that there would be a moment that the Celestial Fox Palace had made a huge mistake.

But there was a fierce look in Ye Futians eyes that everyone could not help but admire.

The Great Demon of Zhu Yan looked at the one who had come. He had also guessed who it might be. However, he still spoke proudly. Yes.

He had always wanted to see this legendary figure from Yingzhao Mountain.

And not only him. He wanted to see all of the legendary figures of the top forces of the Demon Realm. This was the reason he had left Celestial Demon City and come to Demon Metropolis.

He was without equal in Celestial Demon City. Those who were of a higher level than him did not dare to fight him, and those who were of a more or less equivalent level to him were no match for him.

He was proud by nature and skilled in combat. Demon Metropolis was much more suitable to him.

You should step down. The man from Yingzhao Mountain said to the one who was fighting Zhu Zhao as he stepped forward.

His opponent nodded, then stepped to the side.

Zhu Zhao looked up into the air. The one who had come was the most outstanding demon of the third generation of Yingzhao Mountain. He was being trained as the future king of the mountain. The most powerful blood of the Yingzhao clan flowed through his veins. And it was said that his power was simply astonishing.

Thus, he had come with a Demon Emperor accompanying him. From this, it was obvious how much importance Yingzhao Mountain placed on him.

He reached out with the silver spear in his hand. In a flash, a terrifying whirlwind whipped up, and the frightening power of the Great Path descended onto the spear. He stood in the middle of the storm like a demon god.

Hes so strong!

Below them, everyones hearts were trembling. This was the third generation king of Yingzhao Mountain?

It was said that the legendary Demon Emperor of Yingzhao Mountain regarded him very highly, and was personally training him. He was already an Unblemished Saint. He had just joined the battle, and already his power was clearly beyond that of most other Unblemished Saints.

You are no match for me. He looked down at Zhu Zhao. As he said this, a storm of grey lighting whipped through the sky, and silver spears fell through the storm, forming a straight line in the sky.

Zhu Zhao roared, and the golden flames swept out. However, his opponent broke out through the flames. When the spears reached their destination, they had formed a single spear that cut through the sky.

Boom! The spear images pierced downward, but the figure shot straight through them. Spear after spear was broken. The other figure descended, and the storm fell with him, swallowing up everything.


A terrifying noise rang out as a figure fell straight from the sky.


All of the demons made way as Zhu Zhao fell to the ground, smashing a huge hole in the ground.

The great demon from Yingzhao Mountain was standing there in the air. There was no expression on his face.

Given his level, defeating Zhu Zhao was not something worthy of praise.

What is the matter? he asked. He was still not quite sure what had happened.

A figure floated out of Celestial Fox Palace. She was a breathtakingly beautiful woman of the palace, much more outstanding than the other palace woman standing around Ye Futian and the others.

When she stepped into the air, her every motion set everyones hearts trembling.

She looked at the demon from Yingzhao Mountain up in the sky, then turned and looked at Ye Futian. She said, Why dont you just leave the bone here, Lord Ye? A ritual implement of a Demon Emperor is not worth coming to grief over. It will probably not be useful to you at all.