The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397 Fighting Over Bodies

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Are they dead? people wondered.

All eyes were on those two statue-like figures below. Both of them were pitch black all over, a result of the encroachment of the will of death.

At that moment, there was a whiff of aura coursing throughout Ye Futians body, seemingly dispelling the will of death bit by bit. That caused mighty ones pupils to contract.

They were able to survive that? they thought, incredulous.

Untold numbers of human and demonic beast cultivators alike had ended up dead, killed right after they were gobbled up by that boundless power of death.

Those two were devoured by that tree of death as well, buried within the boundless will of death. That god of the death-like statue seemed to still be imbued with the will of the great path that it carried while still alive, and that being had gone specifically after those two. Yet, both of them survived.

The crowd had yet to forget that there had been a will of Renhuang manifesting just a short while ago, and it was unable to handle the attacks and dissipated.

All of those people around them were puzzled as to how Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan managed to survive.

Furthermore, they had just witnessed the will of death wilting away. The crowd then looked at the body of those two, wondering if they had absorbed all that will of death.

However, none of them found that to be remotely possible. There was no way two saints would have been able to consume every single bit of that tree of deaths power. That would have probably only been possible if it was a Renhuang doing it.

That statue of death is gone, Zhan Yuan of the Violet Heavenly Palace said while still in the air. Lightning flickered in his eyes as he walked.

That statue had been the dead body of a Renhuang, and that Renhuang would have been someone extremely formidable, as that Renhuang had been able to burst with such terrifying will of the great path of death even after being dead for so long. That will was powerful enough to render the whole canyon into the Canyon of Death.

However, that Renhuang statue was no more at the moment.

He wondered if it had indeed been those two who had taken it away.

In another direction, a nine-headed phoenix was seen flapping its wings. Its eyes were extremely cold. It had been having a good time devouring the power of death, yet that power dried up instead. If it were to be able to get that dead body of Renhuang, it would have been of huge benefit to its training.

Many mighty ones harbored similar thoughts at the moment. That was the dead body of a Renhuang who harbored extremely formidable will of the great path of death, after all.

No one would have thought of such things before. It was as everyone was busy trying to stay alive.

At that moment, however, the crisis was over. Ye Futian managed to suck the tree of death dry.

All of them naturally thought of other things at the moment.

The mood in the canyon became rather peculiar. Qi Xuangang was unbelievably perceptive, and he was able to sense the changes in the atmosphere around him.

The mighty ones in the canyon harbored greedy thoughts at the moment.

He understood that they were all out to grab that Renhuangs corpse.

We have all entered the Origin Mountains and experienced quite a perilous period. Weve all been through life and death situations right before this. While the two of them had never meant to pull what they did, they nonetheless helped all of us here escape the crisis in the canyon. I think we should all continue on our way right now, Qi Xuangang said, seemingly hinting to everyone that both Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan could be considered their saviors.

If they were to do anything against those two, that would have been like a dog biting the hand of the one who fed it.

Voom. A monster dove down at that moment, heading straight for Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan at a blitzing speed.

That monster was a roc, intending to zip past at high speeds and grab Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan.

Qi Xuangangs expression remained cold, finding that be it humans or demons, all had greedy thoughts.

Furthermore, demonic beasts would have usually expressed such thoughts in ways that were more direct.

Qi Xuangang stepped out, and the ring of light of the great path coursed all about him. Ancient symbols circled him as he grabbed at the air. That roc that had been zipping past felt its body bound, and it was utterly unable to move. It was as if a formless might of the great path shrouded its body, preventing it from moving forward.Access if you like watching manga,comics.

Beings with no honor shall be cut down, Qi Xuangang muttered, and a sword fell from the sky, piercing through that rocs body in an instant and shattering it. Rain of blood fell from the sky shortly after.

The eyes of many monsters contracted, finding Qi Xuangang to truly be formidable.

Many mighty ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace turned to look at Zhan Yuan, who was at the front. It was as if they were waiting for his order, commanding them to grab the bodies or otherwise.

Zhan Yuans eyes sparkled with lightning. He had grown very curious as to how Ye Futian pulled all those extraordinary feats off.

Take them, Zhan Yuan ordered. Several Holiness of Nirvanas from the Violet Heavenly Palace stepped forward and moved out.

Lightning flashed all over the sky in an instant. Terrifying lightning of the great path gathered in the air and struck downward. Those Holiness of Nirvanas were extremely formidable beings, and the flashes of lightning they brought were of such might that they made others feel stifled.

Qi Xuangang frowned and looked glum.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was one of the pinnacle forces to be found in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and it was a given that cultivators who came from such a place would be extremely difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, there were also mighty ones eyeing them.

Hand him over to us. We shall spare his life, a mighty one from the Violet Heavenly Palace in the air said coldly.

Qi Xuangang looked up in the sky, thinking that supreme forces of Heavenly Mandate Realm were indeed overbearing.

The will of the great path coursed all about him, and the clouds in the sky howled as they resonated with the great path.

The mighty ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace willed as they saw him move. Lightning flashed, and bolts rained down on him continuously, making the scene looking like doomsday.


A terrifying bolt of lightning struck from above, hitting Qi Xuangang.

Qi Xuangang responded by pointing his finger in the air, clashing with that bolt of lightning. Intense rumbling was heard, and the air shook violently. The power of that one finger placed above Qi Xuangangs head resisted that lightning bolt from above, eventually destroying it altogether.

Huh? The mighty ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace saw that and felt astonished. They never expected that the Holiness of Nirvana standing before them would be so powerful.

They were vaguely able to sense that Qi Xuangangs comprehension of the great path had surpassed that of theirs, and he stood at the very pinnacle of Holiness of Nirvana level.

Their eyes became more serious at that thought. According to what Tan Zimo said, back in that battle, Ye Futian was boastful enough to tell them to pick any plane of sainthood they would have liked to fight against, and they did not select a Holiness of Nirvana among themselves to do battle.

From the looks of things at the moment, if there were to be a battle fought between Holiness of Nirvanas from both sides, they would have lost all the same.

They eyed each other, and several Holiness of Nirvanas took to the sky, taking different corners and extended their hands, performing seals and invoking lightning from the heavens.


Intense rumbling rattled in the eardrums of the mighty ones. Several Holiness of Nirvanas appeared at the same time, bringing down heavenly might and boundless lightning in the area of the sky, making the scene look like doomsday.

Training has not been easy, and youll have a chance of getting to Renhuang Plane in the future. Dont make such a mistake right now. A Holiness of Nirvana said to Qi Xuangang. That devastating might shrouded everything below within its range of attack.

Qi Xuangang shot a look at those before him and then took to the air, saying, You all, protect him.


Rumbling was continuously heard in the sky. Upright bolts of lightning were conjured and brought down on him like swords.

That was a terrifying killing move of the Violet Heavenly Palacethe Jiuxiao Thunder Sword.

Down, they all muttered, and the move struck at Qi Xuangang like a terrifying flash.

Qi Xuangangs body was turned into a furnace of the great path, becoming intensely brilliant as he absorbed the great paths of the world. He then extended his hand to take that sword attack.

The Jiuxiao Thunder Sword dropped onto him. He resisted through sheer brute force with only one hand taking the attack.

Boundless devastating lightning dropped onto him right away. His body seemed to be that of flesh and blood no longer. It instead appeared to be more like a conjuration of the great path. Ancient symbols circled him, and that devastating lightning attack was unable to get through to him.

Boundlessly terrifying devastating power swept all over the place in the air, making the scene look extremely shocking.

Such power indeed.

Many mighty ones were shocked at that scene before them. Qi Xuangang was taking on several Holiness of Nirvanas from the Violet Heavenly Palace all on his own, after all.

That was a scene like no other.

All who witnessed what was happening wondered who that person was.

Tan Zimo and those around him sported pale expressions. If they were to have Holiness of Nirvanas fight in that battle back then, they would have, no doubt, lost.

They had been allowed to take their pick at any plane of sainthood.

A virgin from the supreme force that was Brahmas Pure Sky looked from afar, feeling shocked deep down.

That persons plane is so profound that he would have probably touched the edge of Renhuang Plane, a Holiness of Nirvana of Brahmas Pure Sky said. There would have been no way a Holiness of Nirvana would have been able to take on several Holiness of Nirvanas from the Violet Heavenly Palace otherwise. It was apparent that Qi Xuangangs plane was more profound.

Who are those people? a virgin of unbelievable beauty at the very front said. That woman was the number one virgin in Brahmas Pure Sky, named Qin He. She was at the very pinnacle in terms of talents or appearance, and she was known as the number one of the future Jiutian Goddesses.

The one taking the lead in that group is Ye Futian, a younger brother in training of that descendant of the Gu clan, who was taken away by Gu Tianxing, Virgin Jinyi elaborated. She, too, was a leading figure of a line of virgins. The prophet prophesied that she would have become one of the Jiutian Goddesses.

However, in the Brahmas Pure Sky, her position paled in comparison with Qin Hes. The latter had been lauded unanimously as one who came from the number one of the nine lineages, and she would have become the leading figure of the Jiutian Goddesses.

They were the ones who wreaked havoc in the Violet Heavenly Palace then, Qin He said. Holy light coursed all over her body, and she looked dazzling.

Indeed. Virgin Jinyi nodded. She thought for a bit and then continued, Furthermore, he was the last person who met the prophet.

Qin He looked in the direction where the battle was taking place. She deemed that a person capable of surviving being devoured by the tree of death would have had secrets on him. It was no surprise why Zhan Yuan wanted a piece of Ye Futian. He would have wanted more than just that dead body.

In that direction, Zhan Yuan, the one with the supreme body of the path of the Violet Heavenly Palace, moved. Devastating, world-ending might of lightning was conjured. Terrifying lightning diagrams appeared in the air.

At the same time, demonic beasts flashed about in other directions, heading straight for Ye Futian.

They deemed that Qi Xuangang would probably be the strongest of all of them. With him being held back by the ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace, the demonic beasts would have their chance.

Wu Yong and the others around flashed and appeared around Ye Futian, bursting with their strongest flames and bringing about a raging battle within mere moments.

Sword matrixes appeared on Yaya. She stepped into the air, and her eyes turned into swords, shooting straight at Zhan Yuan.

Boom. Eight bolts of divine lightning were brought down. The heavenly thunder brought the lightning of doomsday.

Yaya took to the air and lashed out with her sword, blasting at all eight bolts of divine lightning, resisting them and intending to block their path.

Her swords and the lightning bolts clashed. The Lightning Matrix of Doomsday was conjured, and Zhan Yuans eyes flashed with the terrifying will of lightning. Thunder rumbled as he stepped forward, shocking the spiritual will of everyone within earshot.

Youre no match for me. Move aside, Zhan Yuan said. He pointed at the air with his palm, and thunder rumbled, making the might of lightning even more terrifying than before.

He was of the supreme body of the path, and all lightning would submit to his command.