The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1398

Chapter 1398 Gobbling Them Up

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A huge battle burst high up the canyon, and many monsters acted at the same time. All the other demonic beasts were looking for opportunities as well.

Qi Xuangang held off the Holiness of Nirvanas from the Violet Heavenly Palace all on his own, fighting to a deadlock in the air. While his plane was indeed high, the ones he was fighting with were of a supreme force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, after all, and they were extremely formidable.

No common Holiness of Nirvanas would have been able to fight against him otherwise, given how he was already at the edge of breaking into Renhuang Plane.

He had ended up killing the Ninth Servant at the Ancient Imperial City, which was known as the number one city back in Crimson Dragon Realm back then.

Such battles would have needed the fighters to at least be at Unblemished Saint level before they were able to do anything. The monsters protecting Kong Xuan acted as well, but given how the monsters they were about to fight were of overwhelming numbers, they would not have probably lasted for long.

Get him out of this battlefield, a cold voice said. Kong Xuan, Ye Wuchen, and the others looked at the one talking; it was the Glass Saint.

While she had been with them all this time, she hardly spoke, making it such that she was hardly noticeable. She spent most of her time training with Yaya.

At that moment, her beautiful yet emotionless eyes seemed to be flickered with something. She flashed and moved forward. Yu Sheng charged forward as well, intending to take Ye Futian away.

Boom. Might of lightning struck from above. Yu Sheng roared, and the lightning bolt struck him. Its power coursed throughout his body, making his blood boil, and he had to stop. He looked up coldly at the mighty ones of the Violet Heavenly Palace, who were coming down from above.

Sword will on Yaya burst in the air. Thousands of swords appeared around her and were turned into a terrifying storm before charging straight at Zhan Yuan. That storm of swords seemed to be able to envelop the sky.

Zhan Yuan glared at his opponent with contempt while he continued moving. Lightning of the great path was sent down, blasting onto the storm of swords, shattering them altogether.

However, he then saw Yaya disappearing from where she stood altogether. At the very next moment, Yaya was seen taking Ye Futians and Xia Qingyuans bodies and left right away. She took only one step, which seemed like a sword zipping through the air, and she ended up somewhere far away.

You think you can just run?

The mighty ones were all dumbfounded. Zhan Yuan did not expect that Yaya would have just chosen to run so suddenly. He took one step and propelled himself forward like purple lightning.

Yaya continued to be bombarded with lightning strikes all from above as he chased after her.

Monsters up the air howled as they moved above. Many demonic beasts targeted her and attacked.


Yaya zipped past the air like a sword, evading the incoming attacks. At times, attacks blasted right onto her, and rumbling was heard. However, she disappeared right after that, making it unclear if the attacks actually hit her.

The great path of space. That speed was comparable to a Holiness of Nirvana, indeed, Qin He, a virgin of Brahmas Pure Sky, said. She stepped forward as well, chasing after Yaya.

It seemed that the mighty ones of the Canyon of Death seemed to have coalesced into a torrent within moments. It was as they were all heading in the same direction.

The Canyon of Death was extremely vast. However, as she kept zipping about in the sky, she eventually came to the edge and charged outside.

The place beyond was still filled with mountainous regions, looking barren and dead. Demonic clouds shrouded the sky as if to tell them that danger lurked everywhere.

Lightning continued to flash around Yaya. It was evident that Zhan Yuan remained right behind her, and she had yet to shrug him away.

There was a nine-headed phoenix in that demonic cloud, clad in crimson flames, riding the clouds as it moved. Its wings were able to shroud the sky as soon as they were spread, enabling it to zip past a vast distance. Its nine pairs of eyes were incredibly sharp as it kept a close eye on the ones below. The speed at which it moved was incredible as it was able to catch up with everyone.

Nine-headed phoenixes were an extremely rare breed, considered to be a mutated breed of the phoenixes. While those birds were not recognized by the phoenixes to be one of them, but nine-headed phoenixes were all of terrifying talents. They were able to travel at blitzing speeds. They had nine heads and were versed in manipulating phoenix fire. Furthermore, they harbored the potential for conjuring flames of devastation.

As such, that nine-headed phoenix had been consuming the will of death back then.

There were also many demonic beasts and human cultivators coming from all corners. However, unless their training was extremely formidable, they would not have been able to catch up.

Zhan Yuan, who was still in the air, frowned at that moment. The Origin Mountains were filled with danger. If they were to simply shoot forward in a frenzy, it was possible that they would have met the same fate as they did back at the Canyon Death, their lives all hanging by a thread.

However, the woman before Zhan Yuan simply charged forward insanely. Even if his attacks managed to hit and injure her, she adamantly refused to stop.

At that moment, Zhan Yuan kept his gaze forward and began to feel slightly uneasy.

Cultivators were extremely perceptive, especially when they were at his level. While they were still unable to predict what would have happened, they were still able to feel something when they were truly near somewhere dangerous.

He lifted his head and looked forward, feeling that they might have stepped into somewhere dangerous again.

The terrain ahead of them was a barren low ground with many swords stabbed into it. The swords were all filled with dirt and rust. It was as if they had been weathered for many, many years.Read more chapter on

One look and one was able to tell that the swords were endless. Auras that made ones heart race emanated from the land.

There was a sword-shaped hill somewhere far away, looking like a hill-like gigantic sword had been plunged into the ground, pinning down everything around.

As Zhan Yuan got increasingly close, that sense of danger became increasingly intense.

However, that woman before him did not seem to have any intentions of stopping but had simply charged into that area.

Zhan Yuans face became pale. He wondered if she had a death wish.

Yaya had actually hesitated for a bit back there, but she quickly recalled that not even that tree of death had been able to kill Ye Futian, so the other dangerous areas would not have been able to pose a threat to his life. She was able to sense that Ye Futian had fallen into a coma due to the will of death being too great for him to digest, but he was recovering this whole time. What was happening at that moment was but a process.

Her speed had noticeably decreased. She trained in the way of swords, yet she was unable to sense any sword will at the moment. She only felt that the ground below was dangerous.

A formless current seemed to have melded into the air, seeping in her body and making her feel somewhat restless. That current seemed to have harbored intense, formless resentment, affecting her will.

However, she did not stop right there and then, electing to continue moving into deeper regions.

Zhan Yuan, who was of supreme body of the great path, looked at her, thinking that she indeed had guts.

He concluded that if she dared to do so, then there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

Lightning flashed at that thought, and he sped forward. Lighting coursed all over his body, and rumbling thunder was heard, blasting away anything in his way.

The power imbued within the will of the great path of lightning was inherently capable of dispelling negative things and beings. The power of the lightning of the nine heavens was to dispel evils and protect the righteous, after all.

That aura permeating the place seeped into his mind as soon as he stepped into the area as well, intending to affect him. However, his entire being rumbled with thunderous sounds, making him look solemn. It was as if he had been enveloped in holy lightning, dispelling all that evil aura around him.

He lowered his head and glanced below. That place should have been a battlefield all those years ago, suppressing the souls of many mighty ones from back then, thus giving birth to that intense resentment all over the place.

Many mighty ones arrived later. However, when they had gotten near that area, they were unable to help but slow down, appearing very hesitant.

Those who were able to go that far had been those of greater training, and as such, they were also more perceptive as well.

Just when they were still hesitating, hurricanes whipped about in the air. A nine-headed phoenix zipped past into the area. Its eyes were cold and overbearing. It was as if it was determined to get its claws on whatever it could.

Yaya continued on her way forward, getting deep into the area. Negative emotions continued to affect her. It was fortunate that she had been training for two lifetimes, resulting in her extremely stable will. She stopped when she came to that sword-like hill, putting Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan down.


Red blood was seen spilling from the corner of her mouth after a soft cough. She looked at Zhan Yuan, who was coming at her, and she burst with raging sword will. It was apparent that she had been injured when she was on the run, and she had been holding it in all the while.

Zhan Yuan came to her from the air and lowered his head to look at her from afar. Thunderous lightning flashed in the air, and will of lightning was seen flickering in his eyes. He then said to Yaya, There is no need for you to do this. Hand him over. I wont take his life.

Yaya glared at him with cold eyes. She did not say anything. Sword will of great path coursed all over her and was then turned into sword diagrams. The sky was filled with intense killing intent, shrouding the entire place.


There seemed to have been an ethereal figure emerging from within her in an instant, melding with her way of the sword. A dazzling sword matrix lashed out with a sword, moving quicker than a bolt of lightning.

Lightning diagrams appeared above Zhan Yuans head. Eight bolts of lightning flashed, circling about, and boundless divine lightning gathered. A bolt of lightning was fired, and it clashed with the sword. Two extremely dazzling light of devastation crossed in midair. That devastating power swept out at the vast space all around them.

Yayas clothes and her long hair billowed. She stepped forward, and yet another ethereal figure burst out of her body, then transformed into a sword.


The sword came through and melded with the sword that was previously fired, making the might of the sword even more powerful.

Fight with your life all you want. It wont be of any use, Zhan Yuan said coldly. His hands waved about, and that terrifying lightning diagram brought even more bolts of lightning down around Yaya, locking her surroundings away.

A bolt of lightning that was even more terrifying blasted at the center, clashing with her swords.

If it had not been for Yaya having comprehension of the great path at Holiness of Nirvana level, she definitely would not have been his match.

In truth, despite still being an Unblemished Saint, Zhan Yuans combat prowess was already at Holiness of Nirvana level.

The bodies of Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan were placed above that sword-like mountain. Boundless resentment headed straight for both of them, absorbing the will of death all about them.

Streaks of light coursed about Ye Futians body. He seemed to have been able to sense what was going on outside as he repelled the will of death with everything he had.

Thunderous noises were vaguely heard from within his body.

Voom. Gales whipped about. A nine-headed phoenix emerged from the demonic clouds high above the sky. A cry of the phoenix was heard as it opened its mouth, heading straight for Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan, intending to gobble them up.

You filthy beast. Zhan Yuan shot a glance at it, and a bolt of lightning rained from above straight at the nine-headed phoenix. The bird then spread its crimson wings, taking the brunt of the lightning attack head-on. That will of lightning tempered its body. Every single feather on the bird seemed to have been impenetrable, as if they were constructs of the heavens, glimmering with dazzling light.

It continued to dive down and headed straight for Ye Futians body.

It was apparent that the nine-headed phoenix was a monster so ridiculously terrifying that it had no fear of the one who possessed a supreme body of the great path.

The aura all about Ye Futian rumbled below. Just when the bird was about to consume him, that pitch-black body of his burst with faint dazzling light.

Voom. That bird came down and picked both of them up in its beak. Its vast wings continued to flap, intending to fly away from that dangerous place.

However, at that moment, Ye Futian finally burst with intense, brilliant light. That pitch-black figure opened his eyes all of a sudden.