The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400 Fighting With The Supreme Master

Ye Futian stood there, gazing at Zhan Yuan in the void sky. There was a booming sound coming out of his body, and it became louder and louder.

A faint sound of an elephant trumpeting also came out of him; the void air trembled as if an invisible might of the Great Law had fallen from the skydome. The vast void air was permeated with an invisible might.

The roar was getting louder and louder. Ye Futian walked in the void air, his body releasing thousands of beams of golden light, enveloped by the giant phantom of a sacred elephant.

Zhan Yuan stared at Ye Futians body. He seemed to have perceived the existence of the demon emperors elephant bone. Did Ye Futian use the power of the emperors bone to defeat the Nine-headed Phoenix big demon beast?

Seeing Ye Futian coming, Zhan Yuan showed indifference as if Ye Futian didnt even deserve his attention.

He raised one arm, stretching out his hand to drew thunder from the sky. Above his head, the Thunder Divine matrix was in formation. The pattern was extremely appalling. As the Supreme Master, he was born with the talent to use the Law of Thunder and had cultivated in at least three levels of all the Eight Divine Thunder Laws of the Violet Heavenly Palace. The third level meant the Unblemished Saint Plane, and the fourth level was the Nirvana Saint Plane.

And he had mastered the third levels or maybe even the fourth levels of the Eight Thunder Laws. How powerful would his Lightning Matrix of Doomsday be?

He held out one palm, and the divine thunder fell from the sky, like a punishment of heaven, exterminating all existence.

Under the appalling might of the thunderous punishment, Ye Futians figure looked insignificant as if he would be turned into ashes under the mighty thunder of doomsday.

Ye Futian was still striding in the void sky, all elephants trumpeting. Between the sky and earth, many demon elephants appeared, trampling the skydome, dashing toward the upper sky. Around his body, the aura of Deed of Thorough Comprehension appeared and shrouded him. He blended into the phantom of the divine elephant.

The power of the bone of Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions in his body erupted. He walked in the sky like an incarnation of the divine elephant.

Booming As the thunder descended, countless giant elephants galloped, darting towards Zhan Yuan in the void sky.

The light of the divine thunder collided with countless giant elephants, which led to the disastrous scene. Phantoms of the giant elephants were annihilated and shattered by lightning and turned into nothingness, but as Ye Futian kept marching, endless elephants showed up.

The dazzling light of heavenly punishment fell on Ye Futians phantom of the divine elephant, trying to tear off the divine elephants body. The sky and earth roared, and Ye Futian continued moving upward. Although the divine elephants were enduring the extreme pressure of destruction and being distorted, they kept sprinting in the void air, smashing toward Zhan Yuan.

Zhan Yuan frowned. He looked at the phantom of the divine elephant rushing into the void, raised one palm and slapped down. Thunder was hidden in his palm. When the divine elephant struck, his palm directly hit the divine elephants skull.

A horrifying booming sound came out. Zhan Yuans body was pumped into the sky, but the body of the divine elephant was also flashing with the horrifying thunder. However, the elephant figure was not broken or annihilated; the elephants phantom was condensed, like a real divine elephant king on his arrival.

That elephant bone.

Zhan Yuan looked down at the elephant kings figure and felt the Demon Emperors might bursting out of it. He could feel the existence of the elephant kings bone from the divine elephants body.

Could it be that this elephant figure was supported by that piece of Elephant Emperors bone?

That piece of bone was a treasure of the Renhuang level.

The Celestial Fox Palace was full of idiots who pretended to be clever. They even took out the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Direction and gave it to others.

However, even though he had the bone of the demon emperor, what could he do?

Zhan Yuan stretched out his hands. The divine thunder rolled in the upper sky, and the boundless sky was all covered by thunder clouds, which rushed towards the Lightning Matrix of Doomsday above his head.

The dazzling lightning illuminated this dark space as if it had been daylight. Zhan Yuan looked down at Ye Futian, with the horrifying Will of Thunder in his eyes.

Thunder from the eight directions of the space converged.

In the Lightning Matrix of Doomsday, the thunder clouds sealed the sky and shrouded the lower space. The center of the matrix was connected to the divine thunder in the skydome. Zhan Yuan stretched out one hand, and suddenly an almost transparent divine sword of thunder appeared in his hand that carried such a dazzling light one could be blinded.

The Lightning Thunder of Doomsday.

Zhan Yuan stretched out one hand, and the sword fell and thrust toward Ye Futian.

At this moment, the sky and earth were under the power of destruction. Ye Futian was shrouded in lightning from the eight directions and could not avoid this sword and had to receive the blow.

Yaya looked at them. Her face was slightly pale; this was a Nirvana-level attack.

Zhan Yuan, the Supreme Master of Violet Heavenly Palace, the strongest warrior of this generation, was considered as the successor of the future Violet Heavenly Palace, and direct disciple of the Heavenly Palace Lord. His strength was undeniable. As an Unblemished Saint, he was able to use the might of the Nirvana Saint Plane.

Even though she had cultivated for two terms, she was still lost to him, while he wasnt even putting in an effort.

Seeing the Thunder Sword of Doomsday, she knew that if he had used the sword on her during the previous fight, she would not have been able to defend herself.

Zhan Yuan even didnt need to try his best when confronting her.

The divine elephant let out a roar and covered Ye Futian inside. He looked up to the sky, and countless demon elephants ran out. Ye Futian did not escape but went straight to the sky. Savage golden divine elephants rushed toward the imminent sword of catastrophe, and the ultimate suppressing power of the Great Law swept out. The skydome was suffocatingwisps of the Demon Emperors might burst out from the dazzling divine elephants body.


The sword slashed down. The thunder sword of doomsday thrashed on the body of the divine elephant. Endless light of destruction struck down and suddenly engulfed the divine elephants huge body as if it was trying to penetrate and shatter it into pieces.


Thousands of rays of golden light erupted over the divine elephant, suppressing the Great Law between the sky and earth. The void sky where the collision happened trembled violently, roaring. The scene was extremely horrifying.

With a loud sound, Ye Futian and the divine elephants body were both shaken downward. Crevices appeared on the divine elephants body. Lightning of destruction penetrated inside and tried to destroy it, but the divine aura emitting from the divine elephants body instantly repaired them.

On the other side, the divine sword continued shattering, turning into endless lightning and fading away between the sky and the earth.

The scene made Zhan Yuan frown. He stared at Ye Futian, with a pair of eyes twinkling with the Will of Thunder. How did the phantom of the divine elephant remain unbroken?

Just now, that blow made him feel like the divine elephant was a real body, instead of a nonexistent phantom.

No wonder! It is the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, Zhan Yuan said. Saint Plane cultivators were no longer influenced by the limit of mortal flesh, let alone cultivators of the Renhuang Plane.

The flesh and veins of warriors of the Renhuang Plane were no longer normal ones; their blood and bones were all unusual things. Their robust bloodline could be inherited by future generationstheir bones were bones of laws, containing cultivation wills.

That piece of demon bone obtained by Ye Futian might be an extraordinary law bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, which contained so much might that it even could cast a divine elephants figure.

Most of Zhan Yuans conjectures were correct, but he got the most important thing wrong.

The divine elephant was not born of cohesion. It was a concrete life spirit cast by Ye Futian.

Moreover, the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions was smelting in the life spirit, which made the life spirit contain the imperial might.

Ye Futian heard Zhan Yuans words and knew that he could not tell the difference. When one reached the Saint Plane, their life spirit would be the same as a real entity. The demon emperors life spirit was the same as that of a big demon beast. Normal people could not see the difference. Now, Ye Futian summoned the life spirit of the divine elephant, but Zhan Yuan thought it was born of the demon emperors bone.

Boom. The void air trembled, and the divine elephant jumped out into the void, crushing the sky, which made Zhan Yuan frown.

With such a powerful sword strike, Zhan Yuan could have even threatened a Nirvana Plane Saint, but he not only failed to kill this True-self Saint cultivator but also didnt do much damage to him. Ye Futian kept coming toward him and launched attacks.

Even though he knew Ye Futian used the power of the demon emperors bone, it still upset him.

The heavy might shrouded his body. Zhan Yuan was standing in the void air and felt an extremely repressive force. The divine elephants were galloping across the clouds, and Ye Futian was like the king of all divine elephants, leading the elephant herd toward Zhan Yuan.

Zhan Yuan waved his hand, and immediately the Thunder Matrix of Doomsday fell, like a thunderstorm that engulfed everything, heading towards the elephants.


Endless light burst out of Ye Futians body. Around him, countless demon elephants ran across the sky, and the divine elephant king directly rushed into the matrix.

A devastating storm raged above the skydome. The scene was horrifying. The rumbling sound came, and the Thunder Matrix of Doomsday was broken, crazily bursting and shattering. The Thunder Matrix of Doomsday was completely shattered by the endless divine elephants.

The divine elephant king rushed into the void air, while Zhan Yuan hurriedly retreated toward the side. Two of them once again separated.

Zhan Yuan stared at Ye Futian, looking a little embarrassed. Had this cultivator been able to challenge him by using the power of the Demon Emperors bone?


At this moment, he saw Ye Futian stepping in the void sky. He raised his head and saw an authentic divine Elephant Emperor in the upper air, striding on the skydome.

Each step he took was followed by the trembling of the space as if space was under his suppression. Zhan Yuan had a strong feeling that horrifying oppression was falling on his body.

He started to wonder whether Ye Futian had gotten that piece of bone as well as the Demon Emperors cultivation methods.

Bang! The void air trembled again, and the sky began shaking. Endless might dripped from the sky. All of the sudden, countless phantoms of divine elephants appeared in the boundless sky. Ye Futian turned into the incarnation of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, tramping over all skies and crushing all Great Laws!