The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401 Snatches From All Sides

Zhan Yuan stood in the void and summoned the divine thunder, but at this moment, he felt that the divine thunder of the Great Law was almost suppressed as if it was difficult to gather.

He looked up at Ye Futian, seeing that his body was dazzling, and he was possessed by the divine elephant.

It was rumored that the Demon Monarchs mount Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions had invincible power. Ancient books said the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions trod on the sky and crushed the earth. Nowadays, nobody knew how powerful he was, but that the king of divine elephants, the overlord of the Demon Realm, must have unparalleled power to suppress all Great Laws.

Ye Futian was still striding. His steps seemed to contain the power that suppressed the Great Law, like a supreme mystical method that blended into the power of elephants. Each step was like a manifestation of the Heavenly Might.

Even a powerful cultivator like Zhan Yuan felt an extremely powerful pressure from that.

Bang! Ye Futian took another step out, and the void air trembled. Tens of thousands of elephant phantoms fell and darted towards Zhan Yuan. A thunderous boom came from Zhan Yuans body. He saw the endless phantoms of demon elephants stampeding towards him, so he released a gorgeous aura of thunder.

Ye Futian wanted to defeat him?

How could he fail?

He lifted one foot. A sacred aura burst out from his body, and his body seemed to turn into that of a thunder deity; the thunderous roar broke out from every part of his body, resonating with the Great Law.

He also took a step out, and the sound of thunder broke through the world, sweeping over all directions. The attacking giant elephant figures all burst and shattered, collapsing over the skydome.

An intimidating Renhuang might also have exploded from Zhan Yuans body. The aura of Renhuang shone between the sky and earth, blooming from his torso.

Zhan Yuan glanced at the walking figure in the air and said, Even though the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions has supreme power, you are not the only one who possesses imperial instruments.

After he said it, his body transformed into the body of the thunder god, and the unparalleled Law of Thunder erupted from every part of his body. The skydome seemed unable to restrain him. He walked in the void sky, heading toward Ye Futian; wherever he went, the divine light of thunder swept out of his body, destroying all phantoms of giant elephants.

Ye Futian watched Zhan Yuan coming step by step. He knew that Zhan Yuan also used a Renhuang object and merged it into his body, which made his body like that of a true Thunder God.

Moreover, as a supreme master, when Zhan Yuan turned into the thunder form, his physical body could become a matrix. Now he was the Thunder Matrix of Doomsday. When he stretched out his hand, endless Divine Thunder could descend. Even the thunderous roar coming from his body contained power that could smash everything and destroy the phantoms of demon elephants.

Zhan Yuan directly walked toward Ye Futianthose demon elephant phantoms were unable to approach him. The moment they came near him, they would either be swept away by the light of thunder or be shattered by the horrifying thunder roars. He blended the Renhuang Might into his Law. How powerful it was!

The two of them walked towards each other. Their power grew stronger and stronger as if both sides had strong beliefs and were not afraid of the collision.


Finally, they reached each other. Ye Futian, who possessed the divine elephant, stomped on Zhan Yuans body.

The roaring thunder shone, and Zhan Yuans body became larger and turned into that of a true Fighting God of Thunder. The endless lightning turned into a series of purple lightning, connecting to his body. Countless wills of thunder between the sky and earth resonated with the Fighting God of Thunder he had transformed into.

Zhan Yuan raised his fist and punched it toward the elephants dropping giant foot. The Law of Thunder was appalling in the sky. Countless Thunder Swords of Doomsday blasted out of his fist, trying to penetrate the divine elephant. At the same time, the endless divine light of thunder erupted from his body, sweeping towards Ye Futian.

Finally, the phantoms of the divine elephants trembled, but their violent force of the same level also made Zhan Yuan move backward. His body rose straight into the sky, thrusting toward Ye Futian like a bolt of lightning.

The roars and light rays of thunder erupting above his body could destroy all the existence of the Saint Plane, but it couldnt annihilate the divine elephant that enveloped Ye Futian.

Ye Futian also raised his fist and punched forward.

At this moment, the figure of the Fighting Thunder God and the Divine Elephant collided head-on. The space surrounding them seemed to be falling apart. Every attack between them was extremely shocking.

Over the skydome, the light of destruction shot out franticallythe void sky kept trembling. Nobody knew how many times they collided with each other, but neither of them retreated.

The life spirit that shrouded Ye Futian merged into the real demon bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions. It was not a treasure, but it was stronger than other ordinary Renhuang-level treasures. When it merged into the life spirit, Ye Futians life spirit also contained the might of the Demon Emperor. It became unshakable.

However, Zhan Yuan was also extremely powerful, and his body was also integrated with the Renhuangs object, which made him become one with the Great Law of Thunder, and now, he seemed to have become the law itself.

In the end, they were separated from each other. The violent blasts were still going on madly around them. The invisible storm swept through the vast and boundless space. Thunder kept rumbling, and there were still endless demon elephants.

Zhan Yuan was emotionless. The overbearing might bloomed from his pupils.

How could he gain so much strength with the aid of the Demon Emperors bone?

His attacks couldnt destroy Ye Futian.

Above the sky, thunder clouds rolled. Lightning from the eight directions of the space surged. He turned into the Thunder God, controlling tens of thousands of Divine Thunderbolts to thrust toward Ye Futian all at once.

The astonishing sound of elephants trumpeting erupted from Ye Futians body. The divine light of the Great Law started to flow. Endless demon elephants around him helped resist the bombardment of rolling divine thunder.

Vroom. At this moment, Zhan Yuan disappeared, and the sound of thunder echoed in the space. His body was connected to the skydome, gathering millions of divine thunderbolts and turning them into a flash of lightning, thrusting toward the divine elephant figure Ye Futian transformed into.

Boom, boom, boom Zhan Yuan suddenly came in front of Ye Futian, and the endless attacks fell on Ye Futians body. Even with the protection of the divine elephant life spirit, Ye Futian still groaned, and his life spirit was on the edge of bursting. The attacking force was appalling.

His body was shaken back, and his life spirit seemed to collapse. His hand stretched backward, and a dazzling long stick appeared in his palm.


The elephant stood on the skydome, stopped moving backward, and slashed the stick with the enormous power of the divine elephant. The skydome was about to collapse, and the phantom of the Thunder God transformed from Zhan Yuans raised arm and sent out countless stick shadows. The void sky shook violently.

After a loud boom, Zhan Yuans body was blasted down into the lower air. Ye Futians body was also shaken, his life force fluctuating, organs trembling.

Just then, Ye Futian suddenly perceived a strong sense of danger. He immediately turned around and saw a golden lightning bolt striking toward him, at the fastest speed.

He lifted one foot and stepped out. The divine elephant made a fierce roar again, trembling the sky and earth, but the golden lightning bolt didnt stop at all, rushed directly in front of him, and hit the light curtain formed by the divine elephant. The lightning bolt penetrated the light curtain, creating a cut on the divine elephants body. Inside, Ye Futian was like hit by electric shocks. He let out a groan, and the golden lightning bolt rushed straight towards his own body.

The elephants life spirit suddenly collapsed and vanished, but Ye Futians body was still blooming with a golden aura, with the divine elephants hidden armor inside. At the same time, the stars surrounded him. He swiftly moved in the void air and wanted to retreat.

But it was still too late. The speed was too fast, and he was hit the moment the idea occurred to him.

The defense of stars shattered, and the golden aura was cracked. Ye Futian spat out blood, and his body flew straight back.

That figure in the lightning moved like a shadow, and it continued to rush toward Ye Futianhis speed was reaching the max limit.

Vroom. Countless sharp swords thrust out of Ye Futians body, and a Sword of Kasypa also dashed out of the center of his eyebrows, racing toward Zhan Yuan.

The figure in golden light took out one hand to deflect the sword, and only then did he stop.

This man was wearing a gorgeous golden robe but looked extremely ugly, with a pair of eyes like a mouse. Ye Futian recognized him at a glance. There werent many people with this kind of appearance in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

He belonged to the Purple-gold Rat Clan in the Demon Realm, of course. They proclaimed themselves to be the Purple-gold Divine Rats.

Before, Zhu Zhao had reminded him not to provoke the demon beasts of this clan. They were vindictive and extremely egocentric creatures. Even though a top figure had appeared from the Rat Clan, and this clan was prospering, the self-abasement running in their veins still could not be removed.

Moreover, people of the Rat Clan were extremely greedy and liked treasures.

This purple-gold rat that suddenly showed up was aiming at the treasure in Ye Futians hand, and he chose the right time.

Leave everything to me, I will not kill you, the purple-gold rat stared at Ye Futian and said. His narrow and long eyes looked sly but extremely indifferent, showing some sort of pride.Read more chapter on

Ye Futian glanced at him coldly. Did this warrior of the Rat Clan also want to step in?

The life force around his body was flowing. He seemed to have perceived something, raised his head, and looked into the distance. There, he saw a few more imposing figures coming, all staring at him with anger.

Seeing this, Yaya looked sullen. Did she fail to leave them behind?

She had tried her best to bring Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan here. Many warriors dared not set foot on this place, but those top figures still managed to enter this territory and would not give up the things Ye Futian had gotten.

Especially now when they had seen the battle between Ye Futian and the Supreme Master Zhan Yuan, they would even more strongly believe that the power of the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions that Ye Futian had obtained was amazing, and it would be a huge gain for the demon cultivators.

Ive heard that the Purple-gold Rats are now very strong, but you still cant change their old nature to do such sneaky things. Zhan Yuan glanced over the Purple-gold Rat and said, If you want it, you should openly take it.

The Purple-gold rat looked at him. Rats never cared about whatever methods they used as long as they could get whatever they wanted. Nobody should forget how hard he and his ancestors worked for their clan to prosper as they do today!