The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403 The Threat Of Renhuang

The warriors faces all turned pale. They could perceive the chaos going on in the space.

The endless broken swords seemed to be used to seal a land of demons, and this Sword Peak might be the place where the main sword was located. The giant sword inserted above the Sword Peak probably was the key to seal this space. Once it was pulled out, the consequence might be disastrous.

However, at this moment, someone was trying to pull the sword out.

Stop it, people yelled. In front of the giant sword, the figure pulled it with both hands, and the ground made a roaring sound. The vast boundless space was trembling. Those broken swords inserted into this land made high-pitched shrieks, and a devastating storm swept through the vast void air.

Under the ground, horrible life forces were released, like countless dead warriors remaining thoughts that had been suppressed by this land.

At this moment, they were all being released.

Too presumptuous.

A Nirvana-plane warrior raised his hand and launched attacks towards the figure that was pulling the sword, but a terrifying vortex appeared over the sword and quickly engulfed the person pulling the sword. There seemed to be a phantom-like figure amid the chaotic airflow that rushed into his mind, rolling towards his body. The attack of the Nirvana-plane warrior came near him but was blocked by the terrifying storm.

Its dangerous, step back! the Sword Saint yelled. But Ye Wuchen still stood in the center of the storm. The blue veins on his body were visible. There was horrifying bloody light in his eyes. The extremely chaotic thoughts invaded his mind directly as if they were trying to overtake his mind.

The Sword Saints face looked very pale. He could understand the situation Ye Wuchen was facing at the moment. The sword that the mysterious warrior gave him at that time, the demonic sword he was using today, contained similar energy just like this one, and also full of demonic thoughts as if actual demons were dwelling inside.

However, those demonic thoughts had been sealed, so his demonic sword was now a safe weapon.

But even so, the Sword Saint was very clear how Ye Wuchen suffered every time he used the demonic sword. The agony was unbearable for normal people even though the sword had been sealed. What would happen if the seal was released?

The huge sword that Ye Wuchen wanted to pull out was like his demonic blade. It was sealed and used to quell the land.

But at this moment, Ye Wuchen wanted to pull it out.

He would die.

How devastating the consequence would be if the lingering beings in the land were freed from the quelling power?

What kind of price was waiting for Ye Wuchen at the center of the storm to pay?

The Sword Saint could imagine, had the situation already become this serious?

Ye Wuchens eyes glowed with terrifying bloody light as if they were no longer his own eyes. However, deep in his pupils, there was still a sense of sobriety. It was his will power fighting against the erosion of terrifying power.

His body didnt seem to belong to him anymore, but his hands still held the giant sword tight.

Boom The earth was still shaking, and countless horrifying phantoms flew from the ground, stunning those who wanted to assault Ye Futian for a while. They looked quite unsettled.

Was this lunatic trying to kill everyone?

Ye Wuchen didnt stop. Under countless gazes, he pulled out the giant sword with both hands little by little.

He didnt have time to think. So many top figures joined forces to suppress Ye Futian and even discussed how to divide gains. In a situation like this, what else could he do to counter them?

There might be many demons buried in the ground, but what was the difference between these bloodthirsty top cultivators and the demons? Considering Ye Futians ability, he was even more likely to survive in front of the demons in the ground; however, those greedy top figures would not let him go.

So, after seeing the whole situation, Ye Wuchen came to the Sword Peak alone and pulled out the sword.


A beam of dark light vertically pierced into the sky. The sword was finally pulled out. The Sword Peak collapsed, and a terrifying air torrent rushed into the sky.

But Ye Wuchens body was submerged by the infinite darkness. The ground shook, countless broken swords flew up, and the land cracked. Many deep crevices appeared. From the cracks, many hands came out and grasped onto the ground. Many phantoms rose and rushed directly toward the cultivators fighting in the void sky.

The situation was chaos. Many warriors looked terrified and scattered instantly, trying to escape.

Boom. On the Sword Peak where Ye Wuchen was located, the land was divided into two, splitting up from the middle. The two pieces of land seemed to be completely divided, and the gap was getting bigger and bigger. Between the divided pieces of land, horrifying life forces were spreading. Everyone was horrified.

Countless air currents continued to flow into the giant sword. The opened ground turned into an endless abyss. Looking down from above, no one could see the bottom of it. There were only horrifying life forces being released out of the abyss.

At the time, in the bottomless abyss, in the endless darkness, two flashes of bloody light suddenly appeared. These two flashes of red light looked extremely scary, like the eyes of a demon. The terrifying demonic light aroused tumult in the whole abyss.

But just after a moment, these two flashes of light dispersed as if nothing had happened.

Ye Wuchen held the sword tight. His body was shaking, and his eyes turned into the color of blood. His handsome face became distorted, and the energy of his whole body seemed to be devoured, but the life force surrounding his body was extremely terrifying.

He didnt seem to be himself at all.

He turned around and looked toward other people. The Supreme Master Zhan Yuan was using the Divine Thunder to resist the erosion of demons. Warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan were trampling over the sky to suppress evils.

Other warriors also used their means to defend.

However, even in this chaotic situation, the Purple-golden Rat Demon Beast had not given up yet. He turned into a bolt of lightning and thrust towards Ye Futian as if, at this moment, he still wanted to take Ye Futian away.

He would never give up without reaching his goal.

However, at this moment, he suddenly became alert and perceived a dangerous life force. He immediately turned around and saw a pair of demonic eyes shrouding him. The horrifying demonic will directly came into his eyes and invaded his mind. He trembled, showing panic, and hurried back.

The giant sword swept by, chopping over the space he was in. A terrifying trembling sound came out, and the Purple-golden Rat Beast spat out blood like crazy. He seemed to be covered with a layer of purple-gold armor that blocked most damage for him; otherwise, this blow would have been far more serious.

The Purple-gold Rat Demon Beast was moved far away and spat out a mouthful of blood, and wisps of airflow rushed towards him. The Purple-gold Rat Demon Beast turned into golden lightning and fled through a gap, wanting to escape this area.

Had that lunatic been eroded by demons after drawing the sword and had become a demon himself?

His blood-red eyes were extremely scary, and Ye Wuchen flashed away. The sword in his hand devoured endless air flows between the sky and earth and then chopped down towards those warriors in the void air. Suddenly, a terrifying dark vortex gushed out, like numerous phantoms together with the sword dashing toward those warriors and rushed directly toward their bodies.

At the same time, Ye Wuchens body turned into a dark lightning bolt and struck directly toward Zhan Yuan of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Zhan Yuan saw Ye Wuchen coming. Ye Wuchens body was wrapped by the horrifying air currents. At this moment, he was not himself.

Boom! The rolls of thunder kept roaring, and the lightning illuminated the whole sky. Thousands of flashes of thunder and lightning blasted toward Ye Wuchen. Under Divine Thunder, those countless phantoms were directly wiped out.

The violent lightning struck directly over Ye Wuchens body. The sword left Ye Futians hand and turned into dark lightning. It broke through the forces of heavy thunder and crushed on Zhan Yuans body.

The hissing sound came. It seemed that Zhan Yuans body was almost penetrated. Blood flew out of his body, and the devastating air currents rushed into him frantically. His whole body was filled with the breaths of death and was growing black. The lighting was gradually fading, and his face looked dead.

At this moment, a beam of strong light bloomed. Zhan Yuan let out a roar. Over his body, the mighty imperial power swept out, and a phantom of the Supreme Renhuang Lord appeared. The sacred light shrouded Zhan Yuans body, expelling the dark air flows around him and directly wiping out all the chaotic wills.

The emperors aura shone. The Divine Thunder came and destroyed everything, and many chaotic wills around him were all shattered. His eyes were extremely sharp, like the eyes of a deity, sweeping towards Ye Wuchen.

Just evil crafts, he said in disdain. His eyes looked indifferent. He pointed his finger forward. Ye Wuchen took back the sword and slashed out a strike. The sacred lightning illuminated the vast skydome and collided with the terrifying dark sword light. An unparalleled life force of destruction erupted, and an astonishing storm blew across the world.


Finally, Ye Wuchen was the first one who couldnt bear it anymore. After all, he was using the external strength to fight, instead of his ability, how could he fight against the real Renhuang Will?

The flash of lightning pierced through his body. If he had not had the endless airflow as protection, the blow would have been enough to turn him to ashes.

We should go first, Renhuang glanced at the place and said, frowning. It seemed that the danger had been triggered, and he had to get Zhan Yuan to leave with him.

Lets take him with us, as well, Zhan Yuan pointed his finger at Ye Futian and said. Even at this moment, he still didnt forget capturing Ye Futian.

Especially after his confrontation with Ye Futian, Zhan Yuan became more interested in him. This young man was even able to compete with all the top warriors at the same time by using the power of the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions. And, how did he launch the Flames of the Way?