The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405 The Answer

In the abyss, the Glass Saint took Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan all the way down. Countless horrifying evil phantoms were rushing toward her.

The strong Wills of Sword and Wills of Ice were being released from the Glass Saints body but could not stop the invasion of those evil spirits. She sealed Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan with the freezing power and turned them into two ice statues.

Boom! The Glass Saints body was shaken violently, and a dark airflow appeared on her fair face. An external chaotic thought entered her mind, trying to swallow her willpower.

She had no other thoughts, and her willpower was strong and wasnt disturbed. She continued going down, but the infinite shadows eroded her madly. More and more shadows gathered and gradually engulfed her beautiful body.

The Glass Saints mind fell into chaos, and various negative emotions invaded her will. At this moment, she seemed to remember a lot of things and thought of her life.

She was supposed to be envied by many people, but she experienced all the cruelest things in the world. After that, she was avenged by Ye Futian and his group who killed the Great Zhou Sacred King. Although she knew Ye Futian didnt do it for her; after all, he still helped her settle her long-standing feud.

But after that war, she was hurt badly, and her seven emotions were removed. Now she lived like a zombie and didnt know what she was going to do.

Of course, when Ye Futian invited her to stay, she chose to stay, not because she didnt know what to do, but because, even though her emotions were removed, when she was near Ye Futian, sometimes she could feel something.

Maybe it was the hatred and anger triggered by Ye Futians humiliation or it was the gratitude she had for Futian who finally avenged her. She didnt know what emotion it exactly was.

Or maybe, it was all of the emotions.

Whoever in the world wanted to live like a zombie? After all, she still wanted to be a normal person and wanted to survive this calamity of emotions being removed, so she stayed with Ye Futian and his group, followed them, watching everything happen as a bystander and also witnessing their growth.

Those unforgettable experiences seemed to have become her memory. Even as a bystander, she still occasionally felt the waves of emotion, which might show her how a real persons life should be.

Compared with them, her previous life had nothing but revenge and hatred. It was so pale and boring as if she was not truly alive.

Although everything that happened today looked desolate, she was still touched. Those who fought hard at all costs, like Ye Wuchen who pulled out the sword, and Yaya who sent her to the abyss, all showed her the beauty of human nature.

Perhaps this was how life should be.

Sometimes she was envious and wanted to live a life like this.

Suddenly, a flash of a smile appeared in her beautiful eyes, something that had not been seen for many years, and the smile was exceptionally bright.

While she was smiling, tears fell, as if she had finally found her lost self.

So, this is the answer, the Glass Saint thought. When Yaya asked her to die, she had some hesitations. Although she hesitated for a moment, she still agreed, but it was not until this moment that she found the answer.

This feeling was beautiful.

At this moment, a more powerful, copious life force bloomed from her body, and her will was also being sanctified at this moment. Her Will for Law became stronger, and an air torrent from her rushed into the sky.

The Glass Saint, at this moment, broke the shackles of many years and entered the Unblemished Saint Plane.

But what was the point of breaking through to a new Plane at this time?

At least in the last moment of her life, she had found the answer for herself, which was enough.

She released powerful thoughts, guarding her mind and willpower against the invasion of the endless demons. Even though she might die, she would still resist. She would not be waiting for her death to come.

She would do everything she could and listen to destinys arrangement.

Countless demon phantoms seemed to appear in her mind, showing their menacing fangs and claws to make her waver. For a moment, chaotic scenes appeared in her mind. She could see the scene in ruins of the horrific war of that year.

And her body was falling until she gradually lost self-consciousness. After a long while, she fell onto the ground at the bottom of the abyss.

Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan were the same. They were like two ice statues, falling into this bottomless dark abyss.

Ye Futians ice statue was out of the Glass Saints control. The ice over him melted little by little, and after a crackling sound, the ice statue was broken. Ye Futians eyelashes slightly moved in the ice, and countless horrifying shadows pounced toward him.

At this time, in Ye Futians body, wisps of sacred light came out and shrouded his body. Some ancient trees branches and leaves even stretched out and reached Xia Qingyuan, wrapping Xia Qingyuans body inside.

He wanted to perceive the outside world and wanted to extend the ancient tree branches to the Glass Saint, but at this time he seemed to be a bit too weak, his power seemed to be exhausted. He could feel that the Glass Saint seemed to be struggling and contending with the demons Wills; she was getting further and further away from him.

He understood that even he could not help the Glass Saint.

With no other thoughts, Ye Futian demanded himself to fall into a deep sleep.

In the abyss, deep in the dark, a pair of extremely ominous blood-red eyes were opened, but then they disappeared in an instant as if nothing could be seen.

Time passed slowly. These wills that were sealed up in the abyss had long been corroded. They rushed outward wildly, crazily devouring the bodies of Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan, and of course the Glass Saint.

Except that, there was only a dead silence in the abyss.

Beyond the abyss, on the edge of the land, Ye Wuchen was lying on the ground, struggling in pain. Buddhist chants lingered in the space and kept pouring into his ears. The aura of the Buddhist Laws enveloped his body and kept influencing his mind, trying to soothe his nerves.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh A low roar came from Ye Wuchens mouth, which sounded more like the roar of a beast than the voice of a human. His pupils were glowing with bloody light, and he seemed to be having difficulty controlling himself. He glanced toward Yu Sheng with his bloody eyes that hid his cruel killing thoughts.

However, it seemed as if Yu Sheng could not feel it at all. He was still sitting there, whispering the Sanskrit chants.

After he finished cultivation in the Vajra Region, Yu Sheng had not concentrated on the study of Buddhist Laws once, let alone focused on chanting in Sanskrit.

However, at this moment, he looked very solemn, just like a Buddha, constantly singing the Sanskrit chants, trying to make Ye Wuchen calm down.

He knew Ye Wuchen s suffering and struggle because he was also experiencing it, but before, Ye Wuchen had pulled his sword with both hands and was eroded by the infinite willpower, which was much worse than him. Ye Wuchen was experiencing the pressure that no one had ever imagined.

Boom. With a roar, Ye Wuchen rose to his feet, and a horrible dark airflow shrouded his body as if he had transformed into a demon. He stared at Yu Sheng with a pair of blood-red eyes, raised his palm, and slashed them toward Yu Shengs head.

Yu Sheng opened his eyes. His pair of bronze bell-like eyes looked extremely calm. The Sanskrit chants in his mouth continued entering Ye Wuchens ears. Seeing that pair of clear and deep eyes, Ye Wuchen didnt slap his hand down.

He flicked his arm toward Yu Sheng violently and after a loud sound, Yu Sheng was thrown into the air, but his body immediately flashed and soon returned. The golden Buddhist charm had never stopped flowing out of his mouth. He walked in front of Ye Wuchen, just staring at him and said,

Since you came from the Cangye Kingdom that year, you have already gone through so many ordeals. Cant you just pull through this time? a voice entered into Ye Wuchens eardrums, saying. You are a swordsman-in-training, a cultivator with a pure heart for the sword. You can combat all the evils of the world. Dont forget, Chenyu is still waiting for you.

Yu Shengs voice was deafening. Ye Wuchen heard his voice and trembled, but the life forces around him were still roaring.

Your sword hasnt chopped off all demons heads in this world with us, Yu Sheng continued. Ye Wuchen held his head with both hands. His mind was about to collapse, his will was already engulfed as if he had been occupied by all the negative emotions, swallowed up by those chaotic wills, and became a demon-like being.

But Yu Sheng had been with him. If there had not been Yu Sheng, he would have failed to hold on.

He finally made a hoarse growl and then fell on his back; his body was still trembling as if suffering endless pain.

Many demon Wills pounced on Yu Sheng. Yu Shengs eyes looked extremely cold, and the sacred Buddha aura enveloped his body. Even though these demon Wills were powerful, they would not be able to affect Yu Shengs mind.

Not far away in the other direction, the Sword Saints entire body was engulfed by the demonic Might. The horrific air flows of the demonic Law were roaring. The Sword Saint clutched the demonic sword inserted above the ground. He and Yaya were submerged in a monstrous demonic cloud.

Outside this vast and boundless area, in the distance, a group of figures was standing there, looking toward them.

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The person who took the lead was Qi Xuangang, and the people around him were warriors who had not come because of the war; Zhu Zhao had also joined them.

In front of them, the previous battle zone was no longer visible, wrapped in the dark mist containing extremely horrifying life forces.

Master, will they be okay? Mu Chunyang next to him asked in worry. The life force was too terrifying. He could feel a strong threat from it even though he was just standing on the edge.

They will be fine. They are all people with great luck, and their destinies should not just end here, Qi Xuanyuan said. Lets wait.

Yes, Mu Chunyang answered and nodded slightly. Then his eyes turned cold, and he said, The Violet Heavenly Palace is such a bully. Even their Supreme Master figure participated in the siege. If Ye Futian can survive this, he will be unable to let this all go.

Qi Xuangang didnt say anything, but he knew about Ye Futians personality. At that time, Ye Futian dared to fake his identity as the Seventh Swordsman in the Great Li Empire to kill Li Yao, but he could also leave Dali because of him and arranged a scheme to kill Li Yao.

If this time Ye Futian could survive unharmed, even though the Supreme Master was from the Violet Heavenly Palace, Ye Futian would still seek revenge on him until he died!