The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1408

Chapter 1408 Giants Had All Come

In this vast land, people who came here were almost all from the most powerful forces.

From one direction, the Xuantian Goddess of the Brahmas Pure Sky led their people to come. Beside her, Qin He, the first Saintess below the Goddess asked, Is this the center of the Mountain Range of Origin?

She looked up to the mountain in front of her, which towered into the sky.

Yes, Xuantian Goddess said and nodded.

Why do we come here? Qin He asked. They had experienced a lot of dangers during the past few months, but since they approached this area and met with the Renhuang-level figures of their sect, they had not encountered any dangerous situations.

Perhaps, he is the answer, the Xuantian Goddess stared straight ahead and said. The mountain that towered into the clouds was not surrounded by any mountain; it was a unique and unparalleled single peak.

Were all of these related to the descendants of Gu Clan up there?

They looked up at the sky. The might of the rolling demon clouds looked imposing between the sky and earth and were shrouding the Mountain Range of Origin, like boundless enormous storms.

Was this what Gu Tianxing did?

At this time, as the Xuantian Goddess, even she was slightly convinced that Gu Tianxing might be alive.

Was the news released from the Prophets Palace at the time true? Would the prophecy come true?

Gu Tianxing was not dead, but he would soon pass away.

There would be big changes in the Demon Realm, and the Heavenly Mandate Realm would also change greatly.

But who was the big man in the mouth of the Prophet?

Many people didnt understand the secret inside.

Perhaps the Prophet was the only person who knew it, but the Prophet chose to depart this life.

They all wondered why the Prophet did so?

Was he trying to keep a secret?

Absorbing the fortunes of the Mountain Range of Origin, obtaining the creation of the heaven and earth, a voice came. Warriors of the Brahmas Pure Sky followed the voice and looked toward the speaker. He was a middle-aged figure with an imposing manner, who was from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the clan that Gu Tianxing belonged to at that time.

A low roar came; it was the sigh of dragons. The Dragon God Clan and other demon clans seemed a bit angry.

Although they had not been able to set foot on this land before, they preferred to keep their Mountain Rang of Origin intact.

The Mountain Range of Origin was a symbolic place for cultivators of the Demon Realm. Here was the origin of the Demon Realm and the place where the Demon Monarch was buried. For many years, there had been great demon beasts coming from the Mountain Range of Origin, and all the demon clans often came here to baptize themselves.

For the Demon Realm, this Mountain Range of Origin is their ancestral land.

But now, it seemed to be destroyed.

However, who had the power to go against the rule of the world and try to obtain the fortune of the Mountain Range of Origin?

Was Gu Tianxing of the world of human cultivators?

The Divine Elephant Clan walked across the sky, shaking the void air and overwhelming the sky and earth.

The Mountain Range of Origin had changed so drastically that even the ancestral bones of their ancestor, the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions, had appeared in the world. It seemed that there would be a big change in the Demon Realm.

The warriors kept marching forward. They came to the single peak and looked up toward the figure in the upper sky; nobody took action right away.

Above the sky, the suffocating might shrouded this space. The terrifying storm hovering in the sky seemed to turn into a human face, but it was extremely blurry and difficult to see clearly.

Warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had also arrived. They looked up to this side, with no emotions in their eyes, but they did not dare to take action, either.

That might be Gu Tianxing. That time in the Purple Underground Sect, Gu Tianxing came and dominated the situation; at that time, no one dared to touch him, and he directly took Gu Dongliu away. Who dared to stop him?

The name of Gu Tianxing was enough to daunt people of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. How many people in the world had a grand demeanor like him?

At that time, Gu Tianxing was the one whose cultivation was nearest to the heavenly path in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

As they approached the lonely peak towering in the sky, these warriors gradually all stopped and looked up at the descendant of the Gu Clan.

If the Purple Underground Emperors subordinates had not released the message, no one would have even known this persons arrival in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, which caused such a great uproar.

The demonic cloud storm tumbled, but at this moment, the space seemed extra quiet.

At this moment, some Demon Emperors and Human Emperors turned around and saw a group of figures crossing the void air and descending into the space below the single peak.

They were Ye Futian and his companions.

They were brought here by the mysterious man.


Many people looked shocked when they saw Ye Futian. He was still not dead?

In the group of the Violet Heavenly Palace, the Supreme Master Zhan Yuans eyes looked fierce, and there was a strong might contained in his eyes. He was wounded and taken away by Renhuang, and after that, he had healed the injuries for ten days. Ye Futian, they were deeply trapped in that space, and he thought Ye Futian must be dead.

However, there he was, still alive.

Warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan also showed surprise. Someone spoke to an Elephant Emperor beside him, and immediately the Elephant Emperors eyes looked towards the place where Ye Futian was.

Boom. the Elephant Emperor took a step out, and the world trembled. His foot seemed to be able to quell one side of the sky. He stepped across the void toward Ye Futian, trying to get back the demonic bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions.

However, at this moment, the mysterious warrior raised his head. The Elephant Emperor saw a pair of bloody eyes that suddenly drowned his will.

The Elephant Emperors face turned pale. His footsteps trembled the skydome and collapsed the ground. Peoples eyes all turned to this side. The Elephant Emperor let out a roar as if he was in a state of madness. He stepped out, but his steps were not moving forward; instead, he retreated toward the upper sky and left the figure far away.

The red glare in the eyes of the mysterious man dispersed; he returned to calm and looked into the distance.

At this time, the sky and earth returned to peace, but many of the powerful warriors were all trembling inside.

Who was this person?

Warriors such as Zhan Yu also stared at them with confusion. Were they saved by a mighty figure?

Who was he?

Who are you? a Demon Emperor of Yingzhao Mountain asked. He was also about to step out, but then he saw that Elephant Emperor was shaken and was in shock, so he asked.

Many people also wanted to know, but that mysterious warrior didnt even look at them. He just looked up at the figure above the single peak and the storm over his head.

That was it.

Is he that powerful? Ye Futian thought, with heart slightly trembling. He was quite stirred by the scene. The mysterious man in this abyss seemed to be powerful at a horrifying level.

The Mountain Range of Origin was indeed a place full of wonders.

And the Third Brother, what was he doing?

What was the storm above the skydome?


At this moment, peoples hearts thumped hard, and the sky shivered.

Above the sky, a domineering figure stepped in the void air. When he stepped, even Renhuang-level figures felt that their bodies were going to be crushed down.

All the warriors in this space had a feeling of real suffocation.


Another step out and the figure above the sky stepped down with his right foot. A phantom of a divine elephant appeared, boundless and huge. He stomped down from the skydome and hurried toward that mysterious warrior.

The people around were also shivering. This elephant figure was like a deity; every step he took in the sky threatened the Great Law.

The warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan all bowed down and worshiped, showing reverence in their eyes. The figure was the king of their Divine Elephant Clan, the contemporary Elephant Emperor.

However, the mysterious was still standing there, looking up at the Divine Elephants phantom trampling down. From his body, appalling wills of the Great Law appeared, and a sword appeared directly over his body and towered up in the clouds.


The Great Law roared up; the elephant phantom collided with the towering sword and together shattered and collapsed until nothing was left.

The dull sound made peoples blood boil as if the blood would burst out from their ears.

The vast and endless space was shrouded under an extremely suppressing might.

The Elephant Emperors eyes in the void glowed with golden light, and he glanced down.

Cultivators of the top human forces were also shocked.

Who was this person? There were only a few cultivators who could directly confront the Divine Elephant Emperor in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and probably there were only a few top figures of the five supreme forces in the world of human cultivators who had such abilities.

Obviously, this person did not belong to any of them.

Is this person a cultivator in the Heavenly Mandate Realm? the Elephant Emperors gaze swept toward the surrounding space. Above the sky, beams of divine light shone, and some figures gradually showed up.

There were altogether five people, one of whom wore a purple robe, standing above the skydome, like a ruler of the Great Law, his power overwhelming the space.

He was the lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Another man was dressed in a black suit, standing with his hands on his back. He stood there like an insurmountable mountain peak, as the Lord of the Ten Thousand Divine Mountain.

From another direction, a figure in a Taoist robe with immortal temperament showed up. He looked very young, with a gallant bearing. This peerless person was the master of the Jiang Clan of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

The two figures who showed up, in the end, had the most outstanding temperament. One of them, the moment she appeared, overshadowed all the Nine Skies, and her beauty seemed to contain all the colors of the world. She was the Lord of the Brahmas Pure Sky, the most prestigious woman in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and she was the only one.

Whether in terms of beauty or strength, she was at the highest peak in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The other man was bathed in dazzling divine light. He wore a crown and a royal robe with a bearing that made all people in the space want to kneel in front of him.

He was the current Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

When they appeared, people of all top forces bowed down and worshipped.

Qi Zhi, the top figure of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Ye Futian recognized him and thought to himself, quite shocked. Of course, he knew that the Third Brother did not have such great influence.

All was because of Gu Tianxings appearance.

Later, the monstrous demonic might shrouded all the skies. Many super demon beasts showed up, like the Dragon Emperor of the Divine Dragon Clan with extremely magnificent bearing, overwhelming the world.

The Lord of the Sky Demon Court stood there, dazzling even more than the sun, and the subordinates around him were all super great demon beasts.

The Purple-gold Rat Emperor was dressed in black. Although not as handsome as others, he was also unparalleled while standing there.

May I know your name, sir? at this moment, above the sky, the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked down at the mysterious man and asked. There was such a figure who could fight against the Divine Elephant Emperor in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but he as the lord did not even know.

Cang Lans descendant, the mysterious figure said when he looked at the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty Imperial Lord squinted his domineering eyes slightly in surprise. Not only him, but many top characters in the Heavenly Mandate Realm all also looked at him in shock.

The name Cang Lan sounded strange to the vast majority of people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, but how could those top figures not know?

This mysterious warrior was not referring to himself; he was talking about the Imperial Lord of the Dynasty who was the descendant of Cang Lan.

The Imperial Lord Clan Lan was the ex-Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

This person actually belonged to the previous era!