The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1413

Chapter 1413 Divine Elephant Stomping The Sky

The eyes of all the mighty ones contracted when they saw that scene, especially the Divine Elephants.

The earth-shattering trumpeting of elephants was heard from Ye Futian’s body. Furthermore, he was shining with pure golden light all over. The shadow of a Divine Elephant shrouded his entire body, causing multiple specters of Divine Elephants to appear all about him, stepping into the sky as they moved.

It was as if he was the king of the elephants.

The space turned extremely solemn within mere moments. It was as if the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions had been resurrected.

“I’ve yet to use any of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions’ powers,” Ye Futian said to the Divine Elephant Emperor.

Boom. Another rumble was heard, and yet another raging Divine Elephant shadow stepped forth. He was the top figure among the younger generations of the Divine Elephants and a direct descendant of the Divine Elephant Emperor.

“Xiang Mang.” The mighty ones were all slightly rattled when they saw the one moving to attack. Xiang Mang was an extremely renowned figure in the demon realm, and he had the blood of the Supreme Elephant Emperor flowing in his veins. If the Divine Elephants were to be able to get their hands on the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions, they would have probably bestowed it to Xiang Mang.

Xiang Mang caused the space around him to shake with just a single step, pinning down the great path.

The air around Ye Futian felt stifling. He seemed to have seen 18 Divine Elephants stepping in the air at the same time, placing a lockdown on his immediate vicinity, pinning the space all around him dead, causing anyone caught in it unable to move.

Ye Futian felt such pressure all over him at that moment. Xiang Mang was of a golden body and looked extremely dazzling. He stood in the air and made all around him wonder just how heavy that body of a human form would have to be just to be able to press down on the air around. He definitely had formidable powers, greater than the monster of Yingzhao Mountain Ye Futian faced back then.

Boom, boom, boom… Terrifying clashing noises were heard, and the sky shook. The great path rattled as Ye Futian shot upwards, stepping out as he went.

“Get down!”

Xiang Mang shouted, and an incredibly massive leg of the Divine Elephant appeared, stepping onto the air above Ye Futian’s head, ignoring the distance of the space altogether.

Furthermore, that leg contained true, formidable might of the Divine Elephants and was enormous. It was far stronger than the Divine Elephant who had fought before.

Ye Futian lifted his head, and he, too, was clad in a golden elephant silhouette. He raised his arm and threw a punch in the air.

The spectral punch shot to the air, and countless Divine Elephants trampled, causing a stampede in the air. They rammed into that enormous leg of the Divine Elephant.

Countless shadows of the Divine Elephant were stomped on and shattered, yet they were still unable to stop the force of that elephant leg from coming down. Ye Futian threw another punch. A beam of divine light shot through the huge leg right away. A stifled rumble was heard, and Ye Futian was thrown down. However, that elephant leg was shattered as well, and it did not manage to shake Ye Futian.

Xiang Mang cast his gaze down, surprised that the attack had not been able to crush Ye Futian.

It seemed that the man had inherited the lineage of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions. He was unable to believe that the power from just the bone of the demon emperor activated had been so powerful, so much so that it was able to resist his attacks altogether.

Xiang Mang’s eyes turned fierce and cold. He then stepped down, and shadows of divine elephants were seen running. He took another step again, and it seemed that the air itself rumbled. Ye Futian’s blood was churning, and he was feeling restless. That one stomp seemed to have shattered the space all around him.


Yet another step. The sound of the trumpeting rattled the eardrums of all within earshot. Some saints, who had gotten to the place, even went on to shut their senses off. Proving Holiness level saints who were not that formidable even started to bleed from the ears.

“Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky.”

Those top figures all paid close attention to that battle. Xiang Mang was a top-notch figure among the younger generations and had formidable combat prowess.

Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky was one of the top spells of the Divine Elephants, enabling one to stomp down the great path in their vicinity. One step would have been all it needed to cause the bodies of targets to tremble and their blood to rage. Consecutive steps would have been able to crush all the organs in the target’s bodies.

The move was so powerful that it could even pin down souls, and it was lauded as one of the major attacks of the demons.

Ye Futian hallucinated at that very moment. He was unable even to move using the power of the great path of space. His surroundings seemed to have been stomped down by Xiang Mang in the sky, shrouding everything. The power that was capable of stomping down the great path would, of course, include that of space.


Yet another step. The might of the great path had gotten increasingly powerful. It gathered the might of the great path of their surroundings into a single entity and brought it all down on the space.

Ye Futian’s body was trembling violently, and his blood raged even more severely. He looked up at that figure high in the air. Dazzling light shot from his eyes.

Ye Futian’s pupils seemed to have changed at that moment, becoming unbelievably deep. It was as if he was able to see through the source of everything in the world.

The winds howled in the sky, stifling the air where the two were. Xiang Mang’s formidable might of the elephant was activated, and the great path melded with his being. He stomped down yet another time, bringing might greater than before. Yet another shadow of the elephant appeared, stepping onto that space as if it was stomping right above Ye Futian’s head.

Ye Futian’s body was shaken and thrown down with a boom. The blood in his body howled.

He continued to stare into the air above. There seemed to be a shadow of the Divine Elephant Emperor appearing in his Life Palace, which was stepping into the air as well.

He had acquired the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions, which contained the will of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the old days. However, it lacked the most direct form of major attacks of the Divine Elephants, and the Divine Elephants seemed to be able to provide him with such spells.


Another step. Ye Futian was shaken and thrown further down. He then grunted.

Even so, the spectators were astonished by how powerful Ye Futian was. They were surprised that he was able to last that long. The shocks would have killed common people. None would have been able to take the brunt of the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell.

At that moment, Ye Futian cast his gaze elsewhere and extended his hand. A golden staff materialized in his hand.

The shadow of the Divine Elephant shrouded his body. Boundless great path of power gathered all over him. Ye Futian’s body seemed to have become filled with tremendous power.

Voom. He waved his staff about. That feat of being able to use staff techniques under such heavy pressure served as a testament to the extent of his raw strength.

Xiang Mang frowned slightly, and his eyes remained cold yet extremely overbearing. He took yet another step down, which caused his surroundings to rattle.

Ye Futian’s staff lashed out in the air right away. It was as if he was bringing it down on the air itself.

However, yet another stifled rumbled was heard, and a terrifying explosion sounded in the air. Storms whipped out, and Ye Futian’s body was thrown behind. However, he continued to move forward, and his power grew even stronger.

Another sweep of the staff flew high up in the air. That terrifying specter of the staff cleaved through the sky, causing all the mighty ones to be astonished.

“What is this staff technique?” The Dragon Emperor looked at Zhu Yan behind him and asked, “Do you know anything about it?”

“Seems familiar. According to what he told me, it was something descended from the 81 Strikes of Heaven-traversing Staff Techniques of the apes when he was training in the Lower Worlds,” Zhu Yan elaborated.

The Dragon Emperor nodded and saw Ye Futian bring down yet another strike with the staff. He then added, “It seems to me that it’s how that other one works when he is using a staff. A human youth like this one here is superbly talented.”

Zhu Yan naturally realized that the “other one” that the Dragon Emperor was referring to was the emperor of the apes.

When Ye Futian struck out with his fourth attack, it was done against the flow, clashing with the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell directly. The space where both of them were seemed about to crumble.

“The might of that staff technique was actually able to compare with that of the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky?”

The mighty ones of the demons around were all astonished. The Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky was a major attack of formidable power. It was passed down by the Divine Elephants, after all.

However, that staff technique actually looked as if it was on par with that attack. Furthermore, it seemed that both attacks were fundamentally identical; they shared a vague resemblance in how the might of the great path was gathered.

Ye Futian continued to go against the flow and brought the seventh attack to bear. Xiang Mang took yet another step. Elephants trumpeted and were imbued within that leg, while Ye Futian seemed to have melded all staff techniques into that one strike.

When the attacks clashed, countless shadows of the elephants and the staff were destroyed. Both of them were separated from each other. At that time, it was no longer only Ye Futian moving; Xiang Mang was thrown behind as well.

Demons, notwithstanding, even top-notch human cultivators were rather shocked at what Ye Futian pulled.

That was a pinnacle figure among the Divine Elephants, and yet that human cultivator was able to hold his own in such a battle.

The number one virgin of Brahma’s Pure Sky, Qin He, looked at Ye Futian. He had fought with Zhan Yuan, the one with the supreme body of the great path from the Violet Heavenly Palace, before. While Ye Futian was not of some top-notch force, his talents were undeniably shocking nonetheless.

“Staff techniques of the apes?” Even Xiang Mang managed to recognize that. He then looked at Ye Futian and asked, “Infusing the great path of power of the Supreme Elephant Emperor’s bone into that staff attack. That’s the might of the Divine Elephant Emperor’s bone that you have acquired?”

Ye Futian gazed at Xiang Mang and answered, “It’s more than that.”

Trumpeting of elephants shocked the air as soon as he spoke. There seemed to be billions of shadows of Divine Elephants glittering in the air, which proceeded to run in the sky.

He was extremely glittering all over, shining with golden light. He was clad in the Divine Elephants and took one step that shocked the air around him, causing the minds of the spectators to be rattled as well.

Xiang Mang, who was standing at the opposite end, experienced this even more so. Dazzling light shot from his eyes as his heart raced. He felt stifled. However, his huge eyes glared at Ye Futian.


Yet another step. Tens of thousands of elephants trumpeted at once, and the air shook. Xiang Mang was rattled, yet he kept his gaze forward.

“Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky.”

The spectators all stared at Ye Futian, wondering how it was possible.

That move was a major attack spell belonging to the Divine Elephants, and they would never pass it to outsiders. It was even more so with the case of human cultivators.

Furthermore, anyone who was not of the Divine Elephants would face extreme difficulty in picking up the move. Even if they were to truly train in it, they would have only managed to mimic the form and not be able to bring about its power.

What Ye Futian pulled, however, was the true Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky.

The mighty ones of the Divine Elephants stared at Ye Futian coldly. Even the Divine Elephant Emperor’s eyes glittered. He stepped forward and put his might down, looking at Ye Futian and asking, “Where did you learn this?”

Ye Futian looked up at the Divine Elephant Emperor and answered, “I did say that it was the Divine Elephant Emperor who chose me to inherit his path. Right now, I’ve completely internalized the bone of the elephant emperor. I only need to observe attacks of the Divine Elephants to trigger the bone’s power, which will then activate the will of the great path of the Divine Elephant Emperor, enabling the move to be passed to me.”

The Divine Elephant Emperor stared at Ye Futian. He could inherit something like that right away, just by watching the Divine Elephants use them?

Had Ye Futian truly earned the approval of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions?

But if he had lied, where could that spell have come from?