The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414 Inquiry With The Empress

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Xiang Mang stared at Ye Futian. He was unable to believe that a human cultivator had been able to use Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky just as he had.

That spell had been the ultimate skill as well as a significant attack spell on the Divine Elephants.


Elephant trumpeting resounded in the air, and Xiang Mang continued moving forward. He wanted to see if Ye Futian’s Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky had been authentic.

Ye Futian stepped out just like Xiang Mang did. Their surroundings rumbled, and the space trembled. Xiang Mang felt unbelievable might shrouding all over him, shaking the insides of his body, causing his blood to boil. There seemed to be a huge Divine Elephant capable of shocking peoples’ souls bearing down on him.

His expression changed somewhat. The state of being of the attack was just like the one he pulled before. What Ye Futian cast right there and then had not been some cheap imitation, but a true major attack spell of the Divine Elephants.

Both of them headed towards each other. A terrible storm whipped out in the air. The sound of elephant trumpeting shook the place all around them. Everyone looked up at the two of them. While they had not been clashing with each other just yet, the same spell that the two of them cast made it seem like the place all around them was about to explode. Thousands of elephants trumpeted, and their surroundings were rapidly crushed. The storm drowned out their surroundings, and the golden light blinded the spectators.

Many saints felt their blood raging. Some even grunted, and their face turned pale.

“If you want to have a look at the power of the bone so badly, I’d be happy to oblige,” Ye Futian said, and an even more dazzling beam of light was cast from his body. A huge, majestic Divine Elephant stepped into the air, appearing right above Ye Futian.

Thousands of shadows of Divine Elephants appeared at the same time below, right beneath the feet of the Divine Elephant Emperor.

At that moment, as Ye Futian stepped forward, that shadow of the Divine Elephant Emperor moved forward as well. All of the Divine Elephants moved together, making the scene truly terrifying, as they looked like they were out to flatten the entire place.

Xiang Mang felt divine might of the great path cast at him. He lifted his feet and intended to step forward, yet the rumbling continued, and boundless might gushed at his body. A Divine Elephant in the air seemed to have stepped onto his body, making his blood boil rapidly and his veins pop.

Xiang forcefully took a single step out after letting out an angry roar, intending to destroy that attack coming at him.

Boom. Xiang Mang’s body seemed to have exploded, and terrifying noises were heard from within his body. All of his orifices bled, and his face looked ashen. He returned to his original Divine Elephant form and trumpeted at the heavens, yet that extremely raging attack continued to pound on his body. Eventually, he was unable to withstand the attack any longer and was thrown hard to the ground.

Ye Futian rescinded his power. The mighty one of the Divine Elephants grabbed hold of Xiang Mang and then looked up at Ye Futian, wondering if that had truly been the might of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions.

“That was stronger than even a Renhuang ritual implement indeed,” many muttered to themselves. The bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions contained the might of the great path of the Divine Elephant Emperor, bursting with greater imperial might. That might, when coupled with the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky, had been able to bring out unimaginable power. Even a being as formidable as Xiang Mang had been unable to withstand such an attack. He was damaged from the shock, and that was something that could have only been mitigated with the use of Demon Emperor class items.

It was obvious that Xiang Mang was deeply resentful of Ye Futian acquiring the bone of an ancestor of the Divine Elephants, and had brought his greatest might to resist it, which resulted in being injured by such a raging attack. However, he was already considered extremely powerful for being able even to get that far.

The human cultivators and the great figures of the demons all stared at Ye Futian. It seemed that he had indeed been telling the truth—he had truly internalized the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions completely, so much so that he had been able to make it his own and bring such terrifying might to bear.

From a certain perspective, Ye Futian had indeed earned the lineage of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions.

The current Divine Elephant Emperor eyed Ye Futian. The bone had not been surfaced for long, and Ye Futian had gotten it from the Celestial Fox Palace before entering the Origin Mountains. That human had surprisingly been able to internalize it within such a short period of time. Furthermore, it was said that the bone had been something no one wanted; no one but Ye Futian.

“I apologize for the intrusion.” Ye Futian said, “Even if I were not to be the one to acquire the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions, it would have been taken by those from Yingzhao Mountain all the same. At present, I have indeed internalized it.”

He would not have been able to return it even if he wanted to.

“Senior Elephant Emperor had once been an overlord of the demon realm, and there is no need to be petty with a member of the younger generation. Furthermore, since the kid has already internalized the bone of the Elephant Emperor, then it was indeed a matter of destiny between him and the Divine Elephants. Now that he has learned the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell, he is considered a successor of the past Divine Elephant Emperor. How about you let him study and train under you, Divine Elephant Emperor? That would make him half a member of the Divine Elephants,” Zhu Yan the Demon Emperor then said.

It was evident that he was vouching for Ye Futian. Not only had Ye Futian acquired the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions, but he had also picked up the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell. If he were not to be lumped together with the Divine Elephants, they would have found such a turn of events to be an insult.

As such, Zhu Yan proposed that Ye Futian be allowed to study under the Elephant Emperor.

“The kid broke the limit of the Divine Mountain back in the Purple Underworld and refused the Violet Heavenly Palace’s invitations. He also beat every challenge that the ones from the Violet Heavenly Palace threw at him. He let anyone from any plane of sainthood pick their challenge. You’ve seen what he is capable of, Elephant Emperor, and he will not have you down,” the head of the Jiang Clan said.

He naturally knew of the relationship between Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian. At present, Gu Dongliu had acquired the lineage of the Demon Monarch. If Ye Futian were to be able to form an amicable relationship with the Divine Elephants, all of them would have a greater influence in the Demon Realm.

The Divine Elephant Emperor’s eyes were huge, and his form was extremely imposing. Those bell-like eyes of his stared at Ye Futian, seemingly thinking of something.

“He learned staff techniques of the apes before, and that will make him a friend of the demons. It is something worth considering, Elephant Emperor,” the Dragon Emperor added.

The Divine Elephant Emperor continued to eye Ye Futian and asked, “Do you mind heading to the Divine Elephant’s place with me?”

“I naturally wouldn’t refuse such an invitation,” Ye Futian replied frankly. The Divine Elephant Emperor was one of the big shots in the demon realm. If he were to get on the wrong side of the Divine Elephants, things would be disastrous for him. It was something that he needed to see through. It might have been a disaster lying in wait, but it could also be an opportunity.

He had been able to use the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell only by seeing Xiang Mang use it before. If the Divine Elephant Emperor had indeed been willing to teach him some spells unique to the Divine Elephants, the presence of that bone in his body would allow him to pick those spells up quickly.

“What about him then?” the King of Yingzhao Mountain looked at Gu Dongliu and asked. The matter had not been settled before Ye Futian stole everyone’s attention.

“Do you all remember the prophet’s words?” A voice was heard at that moment. Everyone looked at the one who spoke. It was none other than the lord of the Sky Demon Court. His words had a lot of weight, and all the monsters turned their attention to him.

Said lord was basking in the divine light of the sun. He then turned to look at Gu Dongliu and said, “The prophet prophesied that there would be a change in all of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and significant happenings would take place in the demon realm. Now, I’m sure that the significant happenings began with Origin Mountains. As you can all see, the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm will soon change, although no one knows how such changes will come. In that case, I propose that we go with the flow of things.”

The prophet had prophesied that there would be a major figure, and all wondered who it would be.

The answer remained shrouded in mystery even then.

Would it be Gu Tianxing or Gu Dongliu?

However, none had expected there would be two members of the younger generation caught at the center of the storm. There might have been more to them than what met the eye.

As such, one simply needed to have their eyes peeled for further happenings.

Everyone saw fit to see how things would have turned out to be.

“Become the king of the demon realm? Us old people aside, I’m sure a good number of the younger generation of all demon clans here wouldn’t have agreed to that easily. While Gu Tianxing had bestowed him with extremely formidable talents, the path of cultivation will be anything but easy,” the Dragon Emperor said at that moment, and all the top-notch figures of the demon realm nodded.

Among the top demon clans, there would be many extraordinary demons, like Xiang Mang, and every single one of them would be legendary in their own right.

Gu Dongliu inherited the Laws of Origin, and he had to be able to first eclipse those younger generation members before coming to surpass those who were his seniors. Only by then could he get anywhere near becoming a king of the demon realm.

The Sky Demon Court was an alliance. There were several extremely extraordinary younger members within the court, and all of them would have become Gu Dongliu’s match.

There were no demons who did not want to see the demon realm unified.

“Let’s go.” The Dragon Emperor turned around and left.

Zhu Yan looked at Zhu Zhao and the others and said, “Time to go.”

The trip would have been a very memorable one for Zhu Zhao.

Gu Dongliu seemed to be still steeped in his training in the sky. He had inherited too many lineages of the great path. Despite having the protection of the nine divine beings, he needed time to internalize what he had just picked up.

Mighty ones from all directions were getting ready to leave. Ye Futian was seen casting his gaze elsewhere. There stood the most legendary of empresses in all of the Heavenly Mandate Realm—the Lady of Brahma’s Pure Sky.

“Senior, there was once a woman in the Nine States of the Lower Worlds who tapped into your will, Empress. Do you have any impression of that happening?” Ye Futian asked the Lady of Brahma’s Pure Sky. While he had asked that before, he still hoped the Empress would save Jieyu.

With the Empress right before him at the moment, there probably would not be anyone else who was clearer about Jieyu’s fate back then.

The Lady of Brahma’s Pure Sky took a plain look at Ye Futian. Those eyes of hers were considered perfect, and every inch of her body seemed to be filled with the essence of everything in existence, making her look flawless.

“If you know of me, then you know that my will reaches all 3,000 realms. My will fills all of the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path, and there is no way I can remember everything,” the Lady of Brahma’s Pure Sky said plainly. Ye Futian’s face became ashen after hearing that.

He had clung to that bit of hope all those years ago, hoping that Jieyu would have been saved by the Empress. And now, the Empress did not even have any recollection of that happening, let alone having actually saved Jieyu.

In truth, he should have long realized that the Lady of Brahma’s Pure Sky was a being like no other. She would not have spared any thought to just that one person in all of the living beings in existence and saved Jieyu.

Ye Futian had only been fooling himself, and he was only doing so because he wished things had been so.

Xia Qingyuan, who was at Ye Futian’s side, saw how dejected he was. Her hand twitched, and it touched Ye Futian’s hand, but she eventually pulled it back.

“Farewell,” the Empress of the Brahma’s Pure Sky said before turning around and leaving. Those from Brahma’s Pure Sky all followed her lead.

A group of people went far away in an instant. The Lady of Brahma’s Pure Sky, who was in the air, actually flickered. However, that lasted only for an instant and she returned to her usual composure. Nothing else seemed to have been seen in those eyes of hers.

The mighty ones around left one after another. The storm that was kicked up by Gu Tianxing seemed to have come to an end by then.

However, the effects of what he did seemed to long from over.