The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415 Divine Elephant Emperors Question

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The mighty ones all dispersed, and there was no more of that demonic aura high up in the air at Origin Mountains.

Furthermore, the luck contained with that mountain had all been passed down to Gu Dongliu. Everything that was contained within that vast mountain had all been devoured by that divine matrix, which was then siphoned into Gu Dongliu’s body.

Gu Tianxing had been laying all of that out all on his own, just to create someone who had the potential to step into that supreme plane.

It was not known, at the moment, if he had succeeded or not.

All the mighty ones returned one by one. There were dynastic forces at the center of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and Renhuang ruled all of those forces. All of those powers were coalesced into a monstrous entity known as the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was at the center of all the dynasties. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had been restored after that devastating battle all those years ago. Mighty ones and geniuses emerged like a flood within the past century, making it seem like they were about to reclaim their glory as the utmost supreme force. The Heavenly Dynasty had been the oldest of all the forces found in the realm. Its history and wealth were rich, and it reigned over the dynasties.

At that moment, in a tall, majestic palace in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Dynastic Overlord sat above, and many Renhuangs were in the hall, making the scene terrifying.

“Gu Tianxing passed down both the Laws of Origin and the mystical ways onto Gu Dongliu. While that son of Gu Jiangnan is young, he might become a monstrous figure in the future. What do you think about it?” the Dynastic Overlord asked solemnly.

While Gu Dongliu was, presently, a fragile, insignificant being not worthy of even mentioning, it remained a fact that none of those top-notch geniuses had been able to reach his height.

The height Gu Tianxing reached all those years ago was even more unimaginable and out of reach.

As of that heavenly plane, he deemed that it was just Gu Tianxing’s delusion.

But then again, the overlord saw the need to be on guard nonetheless. There was one who had been passed down by all that Laws of Origin gathered by Gu Tianxing after all. If they were to lower their guard, the Heavenly Mandate Realm might end up facing yet another being capable of threatening them.

They and the Gu Clan were sworn enemies, after all.

After that trip to Origin Mountains, both he and the Palace Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace never returned. It was not that they did not want to, but that they knew where they were now. After giving their all to resist attacks from Gu Tianxing’s divine matrix, they ended up injured.

Furthermore, their injuries were serious. Given the plane they were at, injuries of any kind would be grievous, as injuries hardly happened to them in the first place.

“While that descendant of the Gu Clan is of no importance right now, it is still best to get rid of him as soon as possible,” someone answered. They and the overlord shared the same opinion. The lineage inherited by Gu Dongliu was simply too terrifying, and they were unable to afford to let their guard down.

It would have been possible that this insignificant figure would become a major threat in the future.

“The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven pretended to have wiped the Gu Clan out all those years ago. None of us expected that they reached a pact instead. Gu Tianxing knew that his days were numbered back in that battle, and there was no way the Gu Clan would have been able to emerge unscathed, so the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and the other two major clans teamed up to set things up with the Gu Clan, all so that what happened today would come to pass. Now, they will never easily let the last descendant of the Gu Clan perish,” the Dynastic Overlord continued.

Everyone nodded in agreement. If they were to kill Gu Dongliu, they would have had to wage war again with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heavenly, obliterating them once and for all before they were able to kill Gu Dongliu.

However, they had just recovered, and if they were fighting such a war again, they would suffer considerable losses again. If that were to happen, the 10,000 Divine Mountain and Brahma’s Pure Sky would be able to get ahead of them.

Both of those forces had developed into formidable forces with a massive number of mighty ones at their disposal.

It was due to both the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Gu Clan was backed into a corner in more ways than one, that they went all out to kill each other without considering the consequences.

Both of them would have remained at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm otherwise, pinning down all the other forces.


Someone was walking in at the moment, bowing solemnly to the Dynastic Overlord.

“What is it?” he asked.

“The crown prince has returned.” The messenger reported, “He is now a Holiness of Nirvana.”

“Good.” The eyes of the overlord sparkled as he cast his gaze far away as if to pierce through the void before him. All the other Renhuang below smiled, and their minds rattled.

In that battle all those years ago, the previous crown prince plotted and killed Gu Jiangnan, invoking Gu Tianxing’s towering fury, and he went on a killing spree at the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The previous crown prince was dead, and that had been the most humiliating part of their history. They had never suffered a grievous insult. The previous overlord was of extremely formidable training, yet he had fallen in that war all the same.

None of the princes of Heavenly Mandate Realm from then on out had been able to compare with the previous crown prince until the birth of the youngest prince. Said prince had displayed exceptional talent from a very young age. He was made the crown prince officially when he turned 18.

He had then been training for over 50 years and had become a Holiness of Nirvana. That was a talent like no other. He was born to be an emperor and the next Dynastic Overlord at that.

“Congratulations, my son.” The Dynastic Overlord cast his gaze far away and saw a figure walking straight into the great hall of the palace. He was dazzling all over like he was clad in divine light. His eyes contained terrifying brilliance as if he was able to see through the void. He was filled with a supreme bearing throughout his entire being.

“Father.” The crown prince bowed and then looked at the others, “Greetings, emperors.”

“The crown prince is of such magnificent talent and is unparalleled in his speed of advancement throughout the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm. Furthermore, his plane is stable, and his aura brimming. It is indeed a pity that all in Heavenly Mandate Realm know only of the crown prince’s existence, but remain oblivious to the extent of the crown prince’s powers,” a Renhuang then said.

“Now that Gu Tianxing created a monster, we can finally get the crown prince to show what he is truly made of,” yet another Renhuang added. It was apparent that the Dynasty held the crown prince in the highest regard.

“My son was born supreme, and none have been able to beat him. It has indeed been hard for you throughout the years,” the Dynastic Overlord said to the prince. The people of the realm probably knew only that Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had gotten themselves a new crown prince, yet few had seen the new crown prince in person.

That was because the death of the previous crown prince left a traumatic blow to the Dynastic Overlord, resulting in him being extremely protective of the crown prince. He had even sent the crown prince on a pilgrimage to other realms.

And now, the crown prince was already a Holiness of Nirvana, making him only one step away from becoming a Renhuang.

The prophet of the demon realm prophesized that Heavenly Mandate Realm would see great changes, and everyone wondered who would cause that change in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, reaching the very top.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was making preparations for the future, and so did other top forces. Everyone continued to make preparations after they returned. It was possible that a huge storm would sweep all over the Heavenly Mandate Realm in the near future.

There was a huge mountain of rock in the demon realm. That rocky mountain was formed naturally. When seen from afar, the mountain looked like an incredibly huge statue, resembling that of a Divine Elephant, and it looked shocking.

There were demonic palaces on top of that boundlessly huge Divine Elephant rock mountain. That was where the mighty ones of the Divine Elephants stayed.

The surrounding areas had countless demonic mighty ones taking up residence. That was an extremely renowned demon city in the demon realm—Divine Elephant City.

When they gazed upon that skyscraping Divine Elephant Mountain, they would have all sported solemn expressions, hoping to one day train in that mountain, especially the monsters among the Divine Elephants.

In that huge, majestic Divine Elephant Mountain, there was divine might of the great path that was extremely formidable, making it very difficult for anyone who was below the Saint Plane to venture into it.

A saintly dazzling screen of light shrouded the entire divine mountain, and a group of people appeared somewhere on the mountain.

Those people were none other than Ye Futian and the others, who were all arranged to stay there.

At that moment, the demon emperor, whose bearing was extremely powerful. He then said to Ye Futian, “Come with me.”

“Will do.” Ye Futian nodded and followed. The two of them came before a Divine Elephant palace, and there was an overwhelming figure who was found sitting cross-legged outside—the Divine Elephant Emperor.

“Come and have a sit,” the Divine Elephant Emperor said and cast his gaze below the divine mountain.

Ye Futian walked to the side of the Divine Elephant Emperor and stood there.

“Sit,” the Divine Elephant Emperor added. Ye Futian went on to sit quietly. He cast his gaze forward, which allowed him to see the Divine Elephant City far away.

“How do you feel here?” the Divine Elephant Emperor asked.

“Majestic, solemn,” Ye Futian answered in a low voice.

“The Divine Elephant Mountain was crafted by the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions all those years ago, and it remains standing through years of turmoil,” the Divine Elephant Emperor said. Ye Futian did not say anything in reply.

“Do you know why I have invited you to come to the Divine Elephants?” the Emperor continued.

“I have no idea.” Ye Futian shook his head.

“Some guts you have for still daring to show up.” The Divine Elephant Emperor then added plainly, “Say it. How did you manage to learn the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell?”

Ye Futian was dumbfounded as he looked at the Divine Elephant Emperor.

“The Divine Elephants have some kind of divine art called Bonecrafting. A demon emperor, even after they have passed, will imbue every part of their body with the will of the great path still. However, Bonecrafting of the Divine Elephants allows our demon emperors to infuse their power in their bones, which will then be passed to future generations. Said bone could be planted into one’s body. With such a part imbued with towering might of the great path in their bodies, if said person were to use attacks of the Divine Elephants, it would then resonate with the bone, making their attacks even more powerful.”

The Divine Elephant Emperor then slowly continued, “But the Divine Elephant bones absolutely did not allow for direct transmission of methods, and no one outside of the Divine Elephants has ever gotten such a function out of the bones by using them. As such, you couldn’t learn the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell through such means.”

Ye Futian felt formless pressure around him. He only realized that the Divine Elephants had such special abilities then.

“I picked it up when I was fighting before. It might be something that has to do with the bone nonetheless,” Ye Futian said.

The Emperor turned around to look at Ye Futian with a grim expression. “Do you have any idea what kind of a level that spell is at? Do you know what level of comprehension you would need just to take a look and manage to pick it up, even when it still has something to do with the bone?”

“You don’t believe me?” Ye Futian asked.

“I believe you.” The Emperor then said plainly, “It is impossible for you to have picked the spell up from elsewhere. As such, you could have only learned it while you were fighting with Xiang Mang. You really do have immense talent. So, was that how you picked those staff techniques up as well?”

Ye Futian’s pupils contracted. He had never expected the Divine Elephant Emperor to have linked the spell to his staff techniques.

Seeing that Ye Futian was silent, the Emperor continued, “The reason why I didn’t bring you here before was that I heard something. You were said to be the last person the prophet met, no?”

No one else gave that any thought before, as no one would have thought that the prophet would have passed in meditation because of a human saint cultivator. Ye Futian had only been one of the people who had been summoned by the prophet, which made him no different from the others.

However, if he were to link how he had been able to learn Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky simply by mere observation, then the Divine Elephant Emperor would not have been able to help but to link that to something else.