The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416 Changes Outside

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Was it just a coincidence that Ye Futian was the last person who the prophet met?

If one truly did not know him, one would not have had suspicions about anything else, even if he were supremely talented. The prophet was someone very capable and very revered in the demon realm, after all, and the prophet had met a good number of unbelievable geniuses.

However, even top demonic beasts would have had a hard time meeting the prophet.

That prophet definitely wouldn’t have been willing to pass just because of the talents of a member of the younger generation being extremely talented.

If this were not a coincidence, it would have been a testament that there was more to Ye Futian than what met the eye.

He would have had huge secrets about him, enough to move the prophet to pass on for him.

Ye Futian turned his eyes to the Divine Elephant Emperor. He never expected to have been able to link the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell to that many things. In truth, he still was unable to fathom what made the prophet do that.

“I do have some special abilities, which are what resulted in my extraordinarily keen comprehension. Furthermore, I indeed was the last person that the prophet met. However, the prophet simply took a look at me, and I was already out of the Prophet’s Palace. As to why the prophet has passed on, I’m just as baffled about it,” Ye Futian elaborated.

He was telling the truth.

The Divine Elephant Emperor nodded slightly, but he wondered if it had to do with his keen comprehension.

Just what kind of comprehension would allow a person to learn Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky with a mere look?

It was worth noting that the spell itself was some major attack spell that exceeded Ye Futian’s plane. Even those from the Divine Elephants would require a considerable amount of time to pick it up methodically before they could develop any proficiency.

Ye Futian was but a saint, after all, and he would not have developed such a high comprehension of the great path.

Furthermore, the staff techniques of the apes reminded the emperor of an old friend back in the demon realm.

He had once fought said friend many years ago, so he was very familiar with the staff techniques of said friend. While Ye Futian’s staff techniques were rather different, as it had been imbued with what he learned throughout the years, the Emperor was nonetheless able to sense some bit of familiarity with those techniques.

When such correlations were made, Ye Futian would have been more than he claimed to be.

If it had not been for Ye Futian being able to use Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky right away, the Emperor would not have thought of it at all.

However, when he made connections between all those points, he was able to come to something somehow.

“This is all such a headache,” the Divine Elephant Emperor muttered to himself deep down. The mighty ones of the Divine Elephants were most versed in the ways of sheer power, and they did not like using their brains much.

The Emperor had gotten tired of speculating.

If that indeed turned out to be accurate, then the prophet had indeed chosen to pass in meditation instead of divulging any severe divine secrets. As such, he saw no point to dwell on the matter any further, as he knew that nothing good would come out of it.

“The Divine Elephants are of unparalleled strength. When cultivation reaches extreme levels, we can pin down the great path of all around us. The Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions had been able to get close to the heavenly path all those years ago, enabling him to pin down a vast area with just a single step. Now that you’ve acquired the most important bone of our ancestor—the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions—and you’ve internalized it, then we can say that you’re considered to have a part of the Divine Elephants within you.”

The Divine Elephant Emperor said this to Ye Futian instead of delving on the previous matter. That lightened the pressure that Ye Futian felt considerably.

Seems like the Divine Elephant Emperor has no intention of continuing to ask questions.

Now that they were where the Divine Elephants were, if the Divine Elephant Emperor wanted to know something, there was no way he could have been able to hide it.

“All demonic clans will have their extremely formidable spells passed down, and forging one’s bones is one of the ways the Divine Elephants do so. Other than the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky, which is a major attack spell, there is also another ability called Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist. This attack spell is used with absolute power. In ancient times, when all top-notch demon clans warred with each other, all had their specialties. For instance, we of the Divine Elephants were proficient in the ways of overbearing might, and there were also the likes of the Kunpeng and the Roc, who were among demonic beasts proficient in unparalleled speed, zipping about in the air. It enabled them never to be caught at a disadvantage in a confrontation.”

The Emperor then continued, “We of the Divine Elephants have created the Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist, which was a major suppression spell. The spell utilizes the great path of extreme might and suppression, allowing a single punch to break the great path of Space with sheer force, pinning down a vast area. I shall now pass that spell on to you.”

Ye Futian looked at the Divine Elephant Emperor with a dumbfounded expression. That was one of the ultimate spells of the Divine Elephants, and he wondered if it would have been alright to just pass it down to him like that.

“If there is a day when you no longer need the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of the Ten Directions, do return it to the Divine Elephants,” the Emperor continued.

“I will, senior,” Ye Futian nodded and said.

An extremely powerful aura enveloped him as soon as he finished. It was as if he had been placed in an independent space.

The Emperor was standing at the front. A terrifying pressure swept all over the place, and thousands of Divine Elephant shadows appeared all around the Emperor. Those shadows seemed to be about to meld with the Emperor. All force was merged within a single entity. When the Emperor clenched his fist, towering might emerged.

A terrifying whirlpool of power seemed to have appeared before the Divine Elephant Emperor’s arm. Their surroundings felt stifling. The Emperor then took a step forward and extended his arm, throwing a punch.


Stifling rumbles were heard. It was as if the space all around them had been shattered, making the attack sound like thunder.

He then pulled his fist back and then asked Ye Futian, “Are you able to understand it?”

“I didn’t.” Ye Futian shook his head. The Emperor’s plane was just too high. The state of mind achieved when he attacked was not something Ye Futian could easily grasp.

The Emperor did not say anything and continued to demonstrate the move to him.

The Emperor went on to demonstrate Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky after a while. The one that Ye Futian picked up from observing Xiang Mang was of a state that was leagues different from that demonstrated by the Emperor. The state of mind imbued when the Emperor used the move was something several magnitudes of order above him.

While Ye Futian was indeed proficient with the spell, he had not actually truly mastered it. There was still much to learn. What he was able to pick was based on the foundations laid down by Xiang Mang, and what he pulled was equal to Xiang Mang at most.

However, such major attacks were something that could get increasingly strong as one’s training progressed.

Time passed, and many mighty ones from the demon realm stepped into the Origin Mountains again. However, Origin Mountains had been reduced to a simple, common place, and those demons had all returned, disappointed.

While that storm had indeed come to a close, the effects from it continued to affect cultivators from all over Heavenly Mandate Realm regardless if they were humans or demonic beasts.

The one genius from Heavenly Mandate Dynasty who had been made the crown prince at 18 and was seldom seen had truly gone into the world to continue training, bringing extremely overwhelming might to bear on many mighty ones and defeating a great many Holiness of Nirvanas within the dynasty’s territory. He was lauded to be a supreme one from birth and was destined to be the one to succeed the Dynastic Overlord when he stepped into the pinnacle of Renhuang Plane.Read more chapter on

The crown prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty caused quite a commotion after going into the world, and many wondered if he was meant to be the one to be at odds with that extreme genius that Gu Tianxing created.

There was news later that the crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty paid a visit to Brahma’s Pure Sky and sparred with some virgins there. However, they did not clash until their relations became strained, as the crown prince had his eye on Qin He—the number one virgin.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty seemed intent on letting the crown prince be paired with Qin He.

That seemed to be something meant to take on Gu Tianxing. Gu Tianxing proposed that Gu Dongliu be married to a goddess from Brahma’s Pure Sky, thus allying with the two parties.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty seemed to out only take the first opportunity, being the first to ally with Brahma’s Pure Sky.

But then again, there was no way the number one virgin of Brahma’s Pure Sky would simply agree to be married.

As such, that matter had to be put aside for the time being. It was, at the moment, but a proposal from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

They were not the ones doing something, as there were also top-notch geniuses emerging from 10,000 Divine Mountain to begin on their pilgrimage. Everyone was doing something to prepare for the future.

More shocking news was heard soon after: the Violet Heavenly Palace had gathered cultivators from all over Heavenly Mandate Realm, and they were about to throw a grand feast in order to select a group of extraordinarily talented people to be imparted with the way of lightning.

That time, it was open to more than just the eight orthodox forces of thunder, as every cultivator from all over the Heavenly Mandate Realm was allowed to participate. Furthermore, top-notch forces from all over the Heavenly Mandate Realm were invited.

It was said that the Violet Heavenly Palace truly prepared to pass on the strongest great path of lightning, and there was a possibility of being selected to become the personal student of the Palace Lord right away. All top-notch figures began to foster extraordinary future generations one after another.

One could only imagine the commotion such news caused. During usual days, a figure like the Palace Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace, who stood at the very pinnacle, was someone that people would not have the chance to meet.

Countless ambitious cultivators attended the event, arriving at the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The humans of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were not the only ones affected, as the news caused a commotion that was just as great in the demon realm. Many top-notch mighty ones from renowned forces ventured outside, getting ready to go on a pilgrimage in the human realm.

Countless cultivators throughout Heavenly Mandate Realm were invited to witness the event at Violet Heavenly Palace shortly after.

When the grand event was held at Violet Heavenly Palace, Ye Futian and his people came to Celestial Demon City from Divine Elephant City. They then went to the demon emperor’s palace of Celestial Demon City.

Zhu Yan, the Demon Emperor, received them personally. Zhu Yan then looked at those behind Ye Futian at the hall, surprised to find that the mighty ones of Divine Elephants were present. He was unable to help but quip, “Seems like you’ve earned the approval of the Divine Elephant Emperor.”

“I’m here specifically to express my gratitude, senior.” Ye Futian bowed solemnly. If it had not been for Zhu Yan speaking on their behalf, things would have ended very differently.

“That’s hardly worth mentioning. The Divine Elephant Emperor is a senior of mine, and he has his mind. No words of mine could have swayed him. You’re indeed destined to be with the Divine Elephants, given how you’ve acquired a bone of the Divine Elephant’s ancestor. You have yourself to thank for all of that,” Zhu Yan waved and said. He had not been able to discern anything when he had acquired the bone, after all.

It was indeed Ye Futian’s own doing that led to such turn of events.

“Make yourselves at home.” Zhu Yan left after saying that. Ye Futian looked at Zhu Zhao and said, “Anything worth taking note of from that place? Any news about my brother?”

“The Heavenly Mandate Realm is very lively these days. It seems like what Gu Tianxing did to that brother of yours has made those top-notch figures unable to sit still. All geniuses from all forces are out in the world for training now. The Violet Heavenly Palace is hosting a grand event now, gathering countless mighty ones from all over the Heavenly Mandate Realm. There is even a good number of monsters from the demon realm attending it.” Zhu Zhao elaborated, “As for your brother being taken away by those from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, I’ve no idea where he ended up.”

Ye Futian nodded, and Zhu Zhao asked, “So, you have any plans of staying here at the demon realm to train? Or will you be heading back there?”

“I’ll be heading back,” Ye Futian said.

“I’m thinking of heading out there myself. Let’s go together,” Zhu Zhao said. He had been looking forward to going to the world of human cultivators for a long time.