The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427 I Should Be Counted As One

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Above the sky, the Divine thunder seemed to turn into a roaring dragon, diving down and blasting toward Ye Futian, who was approaching.

 Before, the Seventh Swordsman had rejected the Violet Heavenly Palace, which had already embarrassed the Heavenly Palace.

 Nowadays, he even dared to step out in public. How would Zhan Yuan turn a blind eye? He directly yelled to him, saying there was no place for him here.

 And then, he dropped the heavenly thunder.

 Above Ye Futian’s head, the horrifying thunder fell. He raised his head and looked up to the upper sky, his body surrounded by the appalling sword power. He stepped into the void. His palms crossed the void and opened a crack from the sky. After a noise, the void sky was broken, and the roaring Thunder Dragon split into two and was chopped off.

 He hid the Might of the Space in the sword, with just one strike breaking the sky.

 The sound of the thunder growled and continued falling toward Ye Futian’s two sides. Ye Futian walked through the middle of the Thunder Might, still stepping up, and his gaze swept toward Zhan Yuan.

 “Whether I have the place or not is not up to you.”

 The voice coming out of his mouth was as sharp as a blade, making the vast space suddenly quiet again.

 The Seventh Swordsman’s response to Zhan Yuan was forceful.

 He not only participated in the event hosted by Violet Heavenly Palace and showed his unparalleled talent, but now he was confronting him face to face.

 Was that his ultimate goal, to confront the highest-level figures?

 The light of thunder bloomed in Zhan Yuan’s eyes, and it thrust toward Ye Futian. This young man not only embarrassed the Violet Heavenly Palace but now challenged himself. How presumptuous…


 With a dull sound, Zhan Yuan stepped forward. The divine thunder above the sky was even more terrifying.

 Since this Seventh Swordsman was so presumptuous, he only had to use the Great Law to suppress it.

 “Young Brother, since this person wants to know about the Thunder Law of the Place of Origin of the world, I will show him what it is like. You don’t need to do it in person,” at this time, a voice came. An Unblemished-Saint figure of the Heavenly Temple of Violet stepped forward. The Might of Thunder was also extremely overbearing and intimidating.

 This man was also a peerless figure in the Violet Heavenly Palace. His name was Xiao Ran. His cultivation of the Thunder Laws was extremely powerful. He was slightly older and entered the Heavenly Palace earlier than Zhan Yuan, so he called him ‘young brother’.

 The people in Violet Heavenly Palace nodded slightly. Zhan Yuan’s opponents were those top figures, and even if he fought against the Seventh Swordsman and won, it was still not a glorious thing.

 If a madman came to challenge Thunder Law cultivators, and the Supreme Master of the Violet Heavenly Palace had to fight with him in person, others would say that Violet Heavenly Palace had no other people.

 Xiao Ran stepped forward and came to the upper sky above Ye Futian’s head. He looked down at him, full of pride. It was as if Ye Futian didn’t exist in his eyes.

 “Xiao Ran is the most suitable person for this,” a Renhuang figure of the Violet Heavenly Palace said, laughing. He was Xiao Ran’s master and fully knew his disciple’s strength.

 “This young man’s talent was not inferior to Xiao Ran, but he is too ignorant and full of contempt. Thus, he can only suppress it by force. I hope he can repent and know his mistakes, and then we may give him another chance to enter the Heavenly Palace,” the Penalty Palace Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace said. The Seventh Swordsman showed so much talent even without cultivation experience in the Violet Heavenly Palace. His talent was unlimited.

 “The Deputy Lord cherishes talents,” the Renhuang next to him commented. But even though the Heavenly Penalty Palace Owner wanted to give him a chance, this Seventh Swordsman might not appreciate it.

 Xiao Ran waved his palm, and a thunderstorm appeared over the sky. The Thunder Law of Doomsday shrouded Ye Futian’s head.

 Looking up, Ye Futian saw Thunder Swords of Catastrophe emerging from the thunderstorm. It pointed down into the lower sky. The Divine Thunder roamed over the sword and shot straight down into the lower sky. At this moment, everyone was nervous for Ye Futian.

 The falling attacks were all lethal.

 “You major in swords and also learned Thunder Laws. This time, you came here to get to know about all top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. If so, although I am a common cultivator in the Heavenly Palace, I can still teach you a thing or two,” Xiao Ran looked down at Ye Futian in the Lower Sky and said calmly. However, everyone knew Xiao Ran was just modest. He was a very famous figure in the Violet Heavenly Palace. It was also possible for him to set foot in the Renhuang Plane someday.

 Although Xiao Ran’s cultivation speed was not fast, his base was firm, and his progress was steady and stable. His humble words were naturally intended to show how powerful the Violet Heavenly Palace was.

 “The Sword Matrix of Doomsday was born from the Thunder Law of the Doomsday of the Violet Heavenly Palace. You can have a try, and if it is too difficult for you, just leave by yourself in case you get hurt,” Xiao Ran continued. Above the sky, there were countless sharp swords of doomsday emerging from the horrifying thunderclouds, which covered the sky dome. Once the swords dropped down, it would be the real doomsday.

 He used the Might to threaten Ye Futian to let Ye Futian admit defeat and leave.

 Of course, if Ye Futian refused, since he had already said it, it was not his fault even if he hurt Ye Futian’s life later.

 Many people felt the chill in their bones. Xiao Ran was so deliberate that he gave Ye Futian a way to retreat, but if Ye Futian refused, he deserved it even if he died.

 Ye Futian was also able to understand what Xiao Ran meant. He embarrassed the Violet Heavenly Palace in public. Even though they didn’t speak openly, they must be displeased. These big figures were all extremely decisive people. If he refused, they would kill him.

 Seeing the Thunder Swords drop down from the sky, he could feel the overwhelming power and the appalling killing ability.

 The strength of Violet Heavenly Palace’s warriors couldn’t be average, especially the figure who was fighting with him. He must be extremely extraordinary. Otherwise, he would not come out and be a disgrace of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

 However, Ye Futian’s eyes still looked sharp. He swept upward and said, “Go ahead.”

 “This guy is crazy,” many people secretly said. Xiao Ran was so coercive and tried to give him a chance, but he let Xiao Ran launch an attack first.

 If Xiao Ran attacked, he would kill him, and Ye Futian might be wiped out under the Thunder Sword of the Doomsday.

 But it had all come to this step. If he retreated, it would be extremely embarrassing, and he had no choice.

 Moreover, he seemed to want to compete with top figures. Perhaps he had an ace in the hole? How could he have the confidence to compete with Xiao Ran?

 “Sure, I will help you achieve your goal.” Xiao Ran’s voice was cold. After his voice fell, the thunderstorm roared, and even stronger thunder swords fell, erupting the Great Law thunderbolts of destruction.

 “Fall,” Xiao Ran spat icily. After his words, people just saw the sword of doomsday in the thunderstorm matrix drop, intent on killing Ye Futian. It was so fast that Ye Futian had no chance to escape.


 A dull sound came, and everyone saw Ye Futian raise one arm and punch at the light of endless destruction.

 Many people thought he was just looking for death, but when the fist thrust out, the punch penetrated the space. For a moment, he soared into the sky and blasted the endless glow to the other side. The endless Thunder Sword of Doomsday blasted over Ye Futian’s Fist Will and was directly torn and crushed.

 His body turned into a light stream. With a punch, he opened the ancient path of the Great Law and landed in front of Xiao Ran.

 Xiao Ran’s face suddenly turned pale, and before he could react, a punch came and hit his body.


 With a loud noise, Xiao Ran’s body flew upside down like a thunderbolt and smashed into the crowd of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

 Bang, bang, bang! A staircase below him was directly shattered and was turned into ruins. Xiao Ran’s body even didn’t stop until a Renhuang came to help. He just felt the blood in his body boiling and roaring, as if the one punch had broken all his organs.


 He spat a mouthful of blood out of his mouth. Xiao Ran bowed his head, and his life force was weak. He couldn’t gather any strength at all.

 Above Ye Futian’s head, the Thunder Cloud dissipated, and he stood on top of the void sky, still full of arrogance.

 “Your cultivation is indeed average, and you don’t deserve to give me a lesson,” Ye Futian said. Many warriors were staring at his arm. What kind of power was this?

 Many people’s hearts thumped fast. Xiao Ran of the Unblemished Saint Plane in the Violet Heavenly Palace couldn’t even bear one punch and was shaken.

 That was to say, the Seventh Swordsman didn’t use his full strength before?

 This power was too appalling.

 Even those big figures were surprised by this punch. They all stared at Ye Futian.

 Was this the enormous power of the divine elephant?

 When he punched, they all felt the power of the divine elephant.

 Who was this Seventh Swordsman?

 Zhan Yuan looked indifferent. He stepped forward and stared at Ye Futian. He could feel that the seventh swordsman that came here this time was to target the Violet Heavenly Palace instead of participating in this event.

 “Who are you?” Zhan Yuan said coldly. The Thunder Matrix of Doomsday converged over the sky dome, even stronger than that of Xiao Ran. The vast and endless void sky was shrouded in the destruction light of thunder, and the world went dark.

 Ye Futian stared at Zhan Yuan without saying anything. The aura around Zhan Yuan’s pupils was dazzling. He took another step forward, and Thunder Law of the Doomsday came down, destroying all life forms in this space.

 Beams of Catastrophe light came from all directions, and the divine bright light appeared over Ye Futian’s body.

 Boom, boom, boom… A roaring sound came out, and suddenly many illusions of a divine elephant appeared between the sky and earth. They made horrifying elephant roars and crushed the Great Law in the space.

 “The Divine Elephant Clan.” Zhan Yuan’s voice was cold. Other warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked toward the warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan. Their gazes were not friendly.

 What did the Divine Elephant Clan mean?

 However, why did this person look like a human cultivator?

 Boom. The divine thunder again blasted down. The Divine Elephant roared in the sky. Ye Futian stepped in the void. The sky and earth were trembling.

 The ultimate technique of the Divine Elephant Clan, Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky.

 At this moment, a person’s name occurred to Zhan Yuan.

 “Are you?” Zhan Yuan stared at Ye Futian and asked.

 “I should be counted as one in the Great Law battle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, too,” Ye Futian said when stepping forward. His voice shook the world!