The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428 Is That All?

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In the vast land of the Violet Heavenly Palace, countless pairs of eyes were looking toward one direction.

It was where Ye Futian was. Ye Futians face changed, and he returned to his original appearance. Many top people had seen him. He was the person who had obtained the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions and was hunted down in the Mountain Range of Origin because of it.

The Supreme Master of the Violet Heavenly Palace was one of the people who had chased him.

Later, he left with the Divine Elephant Emperor and went to the Divine Elephant Clan. Now, he showed up here.

His disguising technique was so excellent that he even deceived Renhuangs. This should be some special ability.

Of course, what was more shocking was his strength.

At this moment, he was confronting Zhan Yuan, claiming that there should be a place for him in a Great Law battle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

As a peerless figure at the peak of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Ye Futian wanted to occupy a place.

Seeing Ye Futians face, the Emperor of the Purple Underground released his Might of Renhuang. His eyes were extremely cold. He finally understood why Ye Futian entered the stadium with the identity of Purple Underground Sect disciple.

He framed him.

As the dignified Purple Underground Emperor, he was entrapped by Ye Futian.

Ye Futian clearly came here to challenge the Violet Heavenly Palace, but the Purple Underground Emperor and Purple Underground Sect wanted to express themselves using Ye Futian. From now on, probably they would become a laughingstock.

Ye Futian! Zhang Changqing shouted. His eyes were also extremely cold, emitting Might of Thunder full of fury.

This jerk, Ye Futian, was had taken advantage of them from beginning to end.

He was taking revenge on the thing that happened last time. He led people to take down Gu Dongliu and imprisoned him in the Purple Underground, which triggered the subsequent storm.

This time, the Purple Underground Sect was in a miserable condition because of him. Not to mention, their reputation would be damaged. The Violet Heavenly Palace would have an awful impression of them.

The Purple Underground Sect, after all, was one of the eight orthodox sects inherited from the Violet Heavenly Palace. If they offended the Violet Heavenly Palace, the Violet Heavenly Palace could support another sect force to replace it.

Thinking of this, Zhang Changqing became more furious, but he was also powerless. He didnt even care about Ye Futian at first.

But now, it seemed that Ye Futian even took no notice of him.

He had shown contempt at him from beginning to end and always spoke to him with indifference and arrogance. As for strength, he couldnt compare with him at all.

Ye Futian didnt care about him. Not only did the Violet Heavenly Palace chase him and want to capture him, but even the Renhuang of the Violet Heavenly Palace had tried to kill them. Ye Wuchen and Yaya almost died in the Origin Mountains because of this.

The Violet Heavenly Palace held this feast with their own purpose. They wanted to call on all the warriors to deal with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and Ye Futians Third Brother Gu Dongliu.

Now there was a chance, so Ye Futian would not hesitate to destroy their plan.

In addition, Gu Tianxing wanted to support the Third Brother as the new king of the Demon Realm, and the warriors in the Demon Realm were all watching. Now, among the human cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, there were also figures such as the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Supreme Master of the Violet Heavenly Palace. Although the Third Brother inherited the Laws of Origin, it was not easy to get approval from people of the Demon Realm.

So, now he had a good relationship with the Divine Elephant Clan, and if he showed his unique talents, he might have the opportunity to change the attitude of the Demon Realm. Although they couldnt serve the Third Brother as the new king right now, at least he could make them pay more attention.

That was why he claimed that he should earn a place in the Great Law battle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

He needed to occupy a place to represent the Divine Elephant Clan.

It didnt matter at all whether or not he would offend the Violet Heavenly Palace. In the beginning, when he turned the Violet Heavenly Palace upside down in the Celestial Demon City, he had already offended them. Not to mention the subsequent things, like the hunting incident and Renhuangs involvement.

Without a background, the Violet Heavenly Palace could destroy him like an ant and bully him at will, and he could be killed for whatever reason.

However, he now used the Divine Elephant Clan as his background. He represented the Divine Elephant Clan in the battle against other Heavenly Mandate Forces, which shouldnt be a problem. There were many other top figures in the Demon Realm beside him.

However, when he pretended to be the Seventh Swordsman, he could be more provocative and embarrass the Heavenly Mandate Realm. In this way, he could undermine the spirit of the Violet Heavenly Palace and weaken their influence in this event.

Many goddesses and saintesses in Brahmas Pure Sky also looked toward Ye Futian. It was him. They still had memories about Ye Futian. He turned over the Violet Heavenly Palace, survived two crises in the Origin Mountains, and obtained the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions. Besides, he also inquired people of the Brahmass Pure Sky twice about a lady.

However, there was no such person in Brahmas Pure Sky.

Didnt expect him to be so overpowering, many ladies of Brahmas Pure Sky thought. Each time they saw him, he seemed to be stronger than last time.

At this time, standing on the opposite side of Ye Futian, the Might of Thunder roared around Zhan Yuans body. His eyes flashed with cold, murderous thoughts. Even after being swallowed up by the tree of death and falling to the destructive abyss, he was still alive and was taken by the Elephant Emperor. After that, he seemed to have new chances.

Obviously, the Elephant Emperor did nothing to him.

Have you broken through to a new Plane? Zhan Yuan said. Ye Futian had made a breakthrough and entered the Unblemished Plane just like him, so he was so presumptuous and dared to come to the Violet Heavenly Palace to provoke people.

In the Great Law competition of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, whether or not you will have a place is unknown.

Zhan Yuan said, But if you fight again with the Imperial Bone, I will show no mercy to you.

Afterward, he elicited the Heavenly Thunder from the sky through his arm, and infinite Divine Thunder roamed around him, entwining with his body.

Over Ye Futians head, the Heavenly Thunder from eight directions converged. Endless thunder divine light shot down and wiped away everything.

If the Renhuang had not protected you, you would have already died in the Origin Mountains. I even fought with the Renhuang. Do I need your mercy? Ye Futian responded coldly. He stepped in the void air, and endless divine elephants appeared in the sky dome, walking over the sky, On his body, a boundless and huge elephant phantom appeared.

The violent thunder blasted on the elephants body but could not break its defense.

As Ye Futian walked, the divine elephants that crushed the sky seemed almost to flatten the sky, not to mention Zhan Yuan in front of them.

A thunderous sound burst from Zhan Yuans body, and a thunder deity showed up. In front of the thunder deity, there appeared a large thunder matrix of doomsday. Above the sky, the endless Might of Thunder flew in. Even the sky over the top of the Violet Heavenly Palace was full of flowing thunder that converged in the Matrix, and the dim world was like the apocalypse.

The Doomsday Matrix grew bigger and bigger. From it, divine swords infiltrated. There were the swords of doomsday, which were much stronger than what Xiao Ran had used just now.

Bang, bang, bang The divine elephants walked in the void air, crushing it, and rushed toward Zhan Yuan. Under the pressure of the elephants stomping, Zhan Yuan just felt his body trembling, his organs shaking, and his blood boiling.

It was the ultimate attack skill of the Divine Elephant Clan, just like the Thunder Matrix of Doomsday in the Violet Heavenly Palace, with immersive offensive force.

Finally, the sword of doomsday came out, breaking through the sky and wiping out everything. It collided with the marching divine elephants, and a terrible explosion sound broke out. The void air was crazily exploding. The storm submerged all, but Ye Futian was still moving forward, and Zhan Yuan was still converging appalling Might of Thunder.

He can fight against Zhan Yuans catastrophic sword of doomsday. Thats unusual. This mans talent is extraordinary, many people remarked, shocked. They did not expect Ye Futian to be so intimidating. After all, his opponent was the best of this generation, the Supreme Master of Violet Heavenly Palace.

1His Thunder Law was far better than others, and so was his Thunder Might of Great Law.

Gao Huang, what do you think? a powerful figure of Ten Thousand Divine Mountain asked.

He is good at various Laws, and his combat power is superb. His attack strength was also unparalleled. As a human cultivator, he could cultivate the stomping technique of the Divine Elephant Clan at such a high level. Even with the help of the Elephant Imperial Bone, his own talents are also extraordinary. Just from todays battle, I can tell there should be his place in the Great Law battle of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, Gao Huang said.

How many people were able to fight against the Supreme Master of the Violet Heavenly Palace in the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

The vast majority of people of the same Plane were simply vulnerable in front of Zhan Yuan; he would just kill them with one strike.

But currently, there seemed no sign that Zhan Yuan could beat Ye Futian.


There was a loud noise from the sky. Ye Futian was walking through the storm. The void sky shook and roared. Although Zhan Yuans attack shattered many elephant phantoms, under the elephants stomping, the spirit got higher and higher. The galloping elephants were endless and couldnt be eliminated. There was no way for Zhan Yuan to stop Ye Futian from moving forward.

Zhan Yuan looked indifferent. His two hands stretched out, and immediately, in the upper sky above Ye Futians head, there was another terrible storm condensing. It seemed to be a new Thunder Matrix of Doomsday. The endless divine thunder gathered toward that side, and a horrifying gloomy cloud also showed up above Ye Futians head.

He wants to converge a double matrix? People looked shocked, and all stared at Zhan Yuan. Was this the power of the Supreme Master? How intimidating his Laws of Thunder were! He could use heaven and earth as he pleased.

Behind Zhan Yuan, endless thundercloud storms converged into a true thunder sword surrounded by the endless destructive Might of Thunder. The power of killing was truly overwhelming. Even a Nirvana Saint would be exterminated.

Before the sword came out, the world had changed its color. At the same time, eight horrifying beams of thunder light appeared above Ye Futians head and fell directly from the sky, destroying everything.

Two divine matrixes with two attacking forces that thrust out at the same time, who could stop him?


The sound of elephants trumpeting made the void sky tremble. The Divine Elephant over Ye Futians body was shining brightly. He took a step up against the trend. The stomping elephants suppressed the world, and numerous elephant phantoms changed direction and galloped toward the sky dome.


The divine sword showed up in front of him. The world was shocked, and the void sky was annihilated.


Ye Futian took one more step across the void. He took two steps and shook the world. His fists blasted forward, and the light of fist turned into elephants, smashing the Great Law of all skies.

The sword came again, but Ye Futian punched it away with his fists. What a marvelous scene.

Under this punch, the space seemed to be torn and shattered. The Great Law was broken, and the void sky was torn apart. The infinitely bright sword was cut in half and was destroyed.

At the same time, Ye Futian kept going forward. He directly crossed the void, and his fist continued blasting forward.

Zhan Yuan did not expect this to happen. His body flickered, and the light of thunder flashed. He wanted to dodge, but then he saw a punch bloomed in the air and broke the void sky.


A dull sound came out, and the space where Zhan Yuan was located was shattered. He was blown away by a punch.

Supreme Master, is that all you can do? Ye Futian said while taking another step forward. His voice resounded throughout the world!