The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430 The Divine Form Of The Heavenly Law

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At this time, Ye Futian was staring at Zhan Yuanthe Supreme Form of the Great Pathbut in fact, he could only be called the Supreme Form of the Great Thunder Path because he only perfectly fit the Great Law of Thunder.

At this moment, the divine thunder between the sky and earth was all under his control. The wind and clouds roared above the sky, and the Will of endless thunder fell from the nine skies, all of which turned into his power, and the infinite space became the world of thunder.

Some Renhuang warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace created defense barriers so that the destructive power would not spread to them.

Ye Futian, at the center of the Thunder World, at this moment, was almost engulfed by the endless divine thunder. What was even more frightening was that countless thunder swords were pointing at him. Once they fell, the world would be turned into ruins.

Zhan Yuan seemed to know that Ye Futians defense was strong, so he didnt rush to take action but let the Thunder Sword gather more and more Laws of Thunder. The Catastrophe Thunder of Doomsday raged wildly over Ye Futians body, but his whole body was protected by the divine elephant and was not affected at all.

At this time, in Ye Futians Life Palace, the ancient world tree swayed like a towering sacred tree.

Now, his life palace had been transformed into a world, and each wisp of Life Spirit was integrated with infinite Wills. When the Ancient World Tree Life Spirit swayed, all the Wills flew to the ancient tree. It was as if the ancient tree was the core of the world and could distribute power at its discretion.

A terrifying storm emerged, and the Ancient Tree Life Spirit merged all the Wills into one and then turned into the power of divine elephants. For a moment, the sound of the elephant roaring in Ye Futians body trembled the sky and collided with the thunderous rumbles from Zhan Yuans body. The collisions formed a terrifying sonic boom!

Although the destructive power of the space they were in was shocking, people could still feel the power of the sound explosion. Many peoples hearts trembled. These two Saint-Plane warriors had sounds of elephants and thunder in their bodies colliding in the air, which was horrifying. It was the first time for many people to see such a wonder.

At this time, another amazing scene appeared. The Deed of Thorough Comprehension enveloped Ye Futians body, turning it into a cauldron of Great Laws. Over the sky dome, wills of all kinds were condensed and appeared, and then flowed into Ye Futians body madly, all being refined in the glory of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension. The sound of elephants roaring became more and more terrifying. Giant elephants appeared one after another, and the Divine Elephant Power over Ye Futians body was still getting stronger.

It was as if he could refine the Laws of the world.

This was including the Laws of Thunder.

I have the Supreme Form of the Great Path. It is naturally in harmony with the Great Laws. How can the Thunder Laws be under your control? Zhan Yuan said. Ye Futians eyes looked overbearing. He glanced toward the Thunder Supreme Form of Great Path. All Laws of the world gathered over his body and helped him forge the enormous Divine Elephant Power.

You can only use the Thunder Laws. How dare you say your body form is supreme? I can cultivate in all kinds of Laws, so shouldnt you call me the Master of all Lawsthe Divine Form of Heavenly Path? Ye Futians voice caused the sky and earth to tremble. Countless peoples hearts were shaking due to his words.

The Divine Form of Heavenly Laws?

It was almost

Who in the world dared to name their own body the Divine Form of Heavenly Path?

Heavenly Laws? Divine Form?

Although it was satirical, it sounded too arrogant and overbearing.

Those who stood at the top even did not dare to speak about Divine Form of Heavenly Laws.

He was praising himself far too much.

How dare he say his body was a divine one of Heavenly Laws?

Simply shameless.

However, although they felt Ye Futian sounded too arrogant, they were still in disbelief at the scene before them; it was too gorgeous. Ye Futian was refining the Laws of all kinds. Many people could feel that different kinds of Laws were condensed and integrated into his body, refining his Cultivation Method.

In the end, they were all merged into the Divine Elephant Giant Power, strengthening the phantoms of the elephants appearing around him. It was as if they were real divine elephants that could crush the Great Path.

Qi Xuangang was also in the vast crowd, but he was not so conspicuous. He looked at Ye Futian. His disciple was about to surpass him. How long had it taken? Although he knew Ye Futians background was not simple, he still had not expected him to grow so fast.

However, his decision at that time had indeed been correct. The Deed of Thorough Comprehension was the most suitable cultivation method for Ye Futian, which could help him refine the Laws of all beings.

Presumptuous, the Heavenly Penalty Palace Master said coldly. The heavenly path had been broken, and he dared to speak the name of the Divine Form of Heavenly Law? This was not just being frivolous; his arrogance came out of his ignorance, and he did not understand what respect meant.

What was more, just because he was able to cultivate all kinds of Laws, could he really call himself the Divine Form of all kinds of Laws?

If so, then are all the Saint-Plane cultivators could be called Forms of Great Laws.

Zhan Yuans eyes shot out dazzling light. He ignored Ye Futians words and stretched out his palms. His wills shrouded the sky and earth. He pointed one finger toward Ye Futian, and suddenly, all the thunder swords pierced through the sky at the same time.


Ye Futian stepped into the air. The technique he used was still the Divine Elephant Sky Stomping. Many divine elephants galloped toward the divine swords. At the same time, Ye Futian raised his arm and continuously punched out Fist Wills.

At this moment, the sky and earth seemed to be penetrated, and the space was in chaos. Each of his punches broke one corner of the world. The divine sword exploded and shattered, and no sword could approach Ye Futians body.

Bang. He continued striding. Countless elephants crushed over the sky dome and crumbled.

And at the same moment, Zhan Yuan turned into a War Deity of Thunder, and the thunderous light in his body bloomed and blasted out toward the marching elephants in the void air, making them collapse and shatter.

He was also heading forward. Behind him, a large Thunder Matrix of Apocalypse appeared. At this moment, the matrix seemed to be integrated with his body; he was the Matrix.

Zhan Yuan came before Ye Futian and wanted to have a melee with him.

Seeing this scene, many peoples hearts trembled. Ye Futians cultivation methodthe Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fistwas so powerful! Could Zhan Yuan contend?

Zhan Yuan became the incarnation of the thunder deity. He raised one arm and blasted forward. His arm was no longer made of flesh and blood. It became a distorted thunderbolt, wiping away the existence of everything.

Ye Futian didnt dodge. He stepped forward and lifted his arm. The divine elephant great strength merged into his arm. He punched out. The divine elephant phantom appeared, crushing the space and colliding with Zhan Yuans arm.

The moment the two men collided, Zhan Yuan felt that his body was about to explode and shatter, while Ye Futian felt that the enormous power of the divine elephant in the arm was guarding his body. Still, the thundering force of destruction was penetrating and destroying everything.

Zhan Yuan was testing who would be the first one to attack and destroy the other.

The extremely violent collision did not make either of them fall back. They raised their arms and blasted at each other again.

Bang, bang, bang

They collided with each other again and again, and each collision was earth-shaking. Many people were shaking inside. Could their bodies of flesh and blood be able to withstand such attacks?

This was just crazy.

When Zhan Yuan attacked, the thunder of all skies fell and spread all over his body as if the battle was going on in the catastrophe. When Ye Futian attacked, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension shone with bright light. His body was surrounded by ancient characters and protected by divine elephants. Both sides launched extremely aggressive strikes.

With a loud noise, they were separated and moved back to their original positions.

Over Zhan Yuans body, the divine light of thunder shone, but the Might of Thunder over that figure of the Thunder Deity seemed to be a little unstable. Even though he was the Supreme Form and the Law of Thunder went all over his body, filling every part of it and was able to destroy the intruding power, such an attack still made his face pale and blocked the flow of the Thunder in his body.

Ye Futian was also uncomfortable. At this moment, there were endless beams of thundering light raging over his body. However, the power of the Ancient World Tree could swallow and digest this Will, which allowed him to persist and have a stable life force.

Supreme Form of Great Path. Ye Futian raised his eyes and glanced at Zhan Yuan. He asked, Are you okay?

Zhan Yuans eyes looked cold. After Ye Futian spoke, a thunder sword directly fell from the sky.

Ye Futian raised his hand to blow it away with one punch. He walked forward and suppressed the heavens.

Vroom. Zhan Yuans body turned into a flash of lightning. It was extremely fast as it flew toward Ye Futian, intent on killing him.

Ye Futian stepped across the space and transformed into a bolt of lightning. They continued to collide in mid-air.

The crowd could only see two flashes fighting from the ground to the upper sky. There were no more fancy skills, only forcible collisions. Even so, it was difficult to see their specific shapes; there were only two glares, divine thunder all over the sky, and a bunch of blasting divine elephants.


Their bodies were separated again. The thunderous light over Zhan Yuans body danced wildly. His face was pale, blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

Ye Futians life force fluctuated. The destructive thunderbolt merged into the aura of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension. Soon, it was swallowed and refined. The momentum from his body was still arrogant. He said, It seems that your Supreme Form of Great Path is inferior to my Divine Form of Heavenly Laws. Whats wrong with you?

Lightning fell from Zhan Yuans body, and the sound of thunder was roaring. Until now, everyone had already understood that Zhan Yuans attack could do nothing to Ye Futian, but his guys physique also seemed unique. Even the ultimate attack couldnt hurt him.

If the battle continued like this, the Supreme Form of Violet Heavenly Palace might lose.

Zhan Yuan, who had released his ultimate power, still couldnt beat Ye Futian.

Many people looked at that peerless figure and trembled inside.

Another peerless figure showed up.

After this battle, perhaps the whole Heavenly Mandate Realm would know his name.

Boom! The bright light in Zhan Yuans eyes shone, and he dashed straight forward again.

Ye Futian looked indifferent and also headed toward Zhan Yuan.

With his arm raised, Zhan Yuan blew out a punch. The light of thunder broke through the void air, rushing at Ye Futian.

Ye Futians body flickered, and his fist also blasted out. This time, instead of banging on Zhan Yuans fist, he hit Zhan Yuans body.

Zhan Yuans pupils contracted slightly, and he seemed to be aware of Ye Futians intention, but at this moment, how could he quiver?

Boom The dazzling light of the divine thunder blasted directly over Ye Futians body. The violent thunder of destruction destroyed everything. It was as if everything in his body would be demolished.

But at the same time, his Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist hit Zhan Yuans body of the Thunder Deity and directly punched through it.

Ye Futians body was blown back, and the light of his Deed of Thorough Comprehension seemed to be extinguished. The Might of Thunder destroyed him, and the destructive thunder raged on him. His body trembled, blood oozed out from his mouth, but he still, he remained standing.

Zhan Yuan was blown away with a punch, and the condensed body of the Thunder Deity exploded and shattered. The Might of Thunder over his body continued to be weakened, and he surrendered, coughing up blood continuously, and his life force was weak!