The Legend Of Futian Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Low-key Ye Futian

Ye Wuchen's power once again shocked everyone present. The prides of the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom all looked uncomfortable. There had been so many challenges but this was the result. Yu Sheng went without saying. They didn't even dare challenge him. Now, Ye Wuchen had defeated Yan Qi.

The Cangye Kingdom had completely overshadowed the Tingfeng Banquet through these two rounds. At the same time, the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom were fully humiliated. There had only been two battles between the four nations but it was more like the Cangye Kingdom's solos how. It seemed to prove Yu Wuchen's words from before. He didn't like trouble.

"Who else?" Ye Wuchen asked indifferently. He didn't name anyone because he was too lazy to challenge anyone. He didn't care who wanted to fight him. If no one dared to, this battle of the four nations would be meaningless and could end.

Chu Kuangren's eyes were extremely cold. Even someone as strong as Yan Qi had lost to Ye Wuchen so badly. Ye Wuchen hadn't even released his life spirit yet. Even now, they didn't know what kind of cultivator Ye Wuchen was. He was clearly a swordsman but what else? Was he only a swordsman? If so, he was a terrifying swordsman who could fight creating a storm of swords that wrapped around Yan Qi, each sword seeming to have its own life that searched for Yan Qi's flaws.

"Me," a voice said. It came from above the battle platform rather than below. It was Xi Lou, one of the most excellent figures of this year's Tingfeng Banquet, at the Second level Dharma Plane platform.

Ye Wuchen looked over. They stared at each other like at the Qixing Lake last night. Two artistic conceptions were released at once. One was sharp; the other was cold.

Without a word, Ye Wuchen stepped forward. Instantly, endless sword intent came out of him and flew towards Xi Lou, two platforms away.

Xi Lou's eyes were indifferent. A frightening artistic conception bloomed from him. The world became frigid as endless double elemental Spiritual Qi of water and earth danced in the air. The sword intent grew heavy and seemed to be frozen by ice. They slowed down and stopped before arriving at Xi Lou. The entire area seemed to stop.

"So cold." Someone close to the platform shivered. It felt like the entire world slowed down, even the blood flowing in their veins.

Ye Wuchen and Xi Lou walked towards each other at once, moving to the platform beside them. This way, the two occupied one platform and became even closer. The sword intent on Ye Wuchen strengthened. He reached out and the swords whistled. They sliced through the air towards Xi Lou's body.

Xi Lou's aura grew colder. The surrounding environment grew heavier. Everyone knew that this was the terrifying effect of combining the earth elemental's gravity spell and water elemental's ice spell.

Countless straight ice sculptures in the shape of swords appeared in the sky. They slowed down bit by bit and then exploded. Xi Lou continued walking forward. At the edge of the platform, he hovered in the air.

No wonder he's one of the Tingfeng Banquet's monsters, the people of the Nandou Nation thought. Xi Lou and Yun Tianhao were probably the most popular contenders of the banquet's winner.

It was clear that Xi Lou's abilities were stronger than Yan Qi.

As Xi Lou hovered in the air, the Dharma appeared behind him. It looked like two half circles. One was water and the other was earth. They fused together, transforming into a full moon. The moment the moon was released, the double elemental Spiritual Qi went wild. It gathered furiously as if it wanted to cover the entire world. After that, light shot out from the moon. White and earthy-yellow light alternated like moonlight. Everything in its path seemed to slow down until they exploded from the ice.

The sword intent flowing across Ye Wuchen's body was destroyed crazily. The moon's radiance showered onto Ye Wuchen. The spell was released with the Dharma's light, making the power shocking.

This is true Dharma, many thought, stunned. Xi Lou was only at the Second level Dharma Plane but he already had the essence of Dharma. His talent was peerless and his spells were extraordinary. There was no limit for him in the future.

Feeling the incoming aura, Ye Wuchen's eyes grew serious. A beam of silver light shone behind him. Everyone watched as silver filled the sky. A small silver sword floated behind Ye Wuchen as if it was his life spirit.

Boundless sword intent gathered around the small sword, transforming into a sword river that flowed forward. It clashed against the glow of the two half-moons. Time seemed to stop. The two different forces were both being destroyed.

A terrifying ice seal spell descended from the surrounding sky. Bit by bit, the air turned into frost, burying Ye Wuchen inside. However, silver light flashed through his eyes. The small sword sliced through the air, rushing into the moonlight and destroying everything.

Xi Lou reached out to freeze the small sword but there was a boom and the spell shattered. The sword continued forward without any obstructions. Spells continued to descend but the small sword shone like a spirit. It continuously broke through the spells, so fast the naked eye couldn't keep track of its path. Finally, with a terrifying rumble, the sword appeared between Xi Lou's brows with terrifying sword intent.

Xi Lou didn't doge. He stared down at the small silver sword as if he could see Ye Wuchen's eyes. At that moment, he finally knew what kind of cultivator Ye Wuchen was.

"You lost," Ye Wuchen said. The aura around Xi Lou scattered and he collected his Dharma. He was defeated.

After the sword returned, Ye Wuchen looked at Xi Lou and said calmly, "Not bad."

Countless people were shocked. Ye Wuchen was the victor but said this to Xi Lou. It was a bit However, his voice sounded so natural as if he really thought that. He was truly an arrogant guy without any ingenuity.

After that, Ye Wuchen scanned the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom. Finally, he went back to the Cangye Kingdom's spot.

The teeming crowd was silent. All the prides of the Tingfeng Banquet had been defeated with no wins. Emperor Luo's expression was dark while the other emperors watched quietly. They'd come to show their support and unexpectedly witnessed this show.

Luo Junlin, crown prince of the Nandou Nation, was seen highly by the Royal Xuan Temple and the Tingfeng Banquet was held smoothly. It should have been great news but Emperor Luo couldn't feel happy now.

"The Fenghua Banquet of the Cangye Kingdom is held once every three years. The people that come from it aren't bad, right?" Emperor Ye said with a smile. His mood was getting better and better. Emperor Luo had invited him just to gloat but now, it'll be impressive if the man could still smile.

The Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom finally shut up. They couldn't say anything anymore.

"Two battles are enough for the battle between us. You all can continue but we'll be leaving," Emperor Ye said proudly.

"The battle between the four nations can't end with only two challenges. It's too early," Emperor Luo said coolly. Four of the most brilliant of this year's Tingfeng Banquet had been defeated. Since they were already at this state, they couldn't just give up now.

"What do you mean?" Emperor Ye asked coldly.

Emperor Luo looked over at the prides of the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom and said, "You've seen the second and third place of the Fenghua Rank. Don't you want to witness how strong the first place is?"

Ye Futian frowned. Emperor Luo was trying to force him to fight but why?

"The first place of the Fenghua Rank has been avoiding the fight this entire time. He's probably all talk and no substance," Chu Kuangren said.

Many of the Cangye Kingdom frowned. Chu Kuangren was the prince of the Yunchu Nation but he spoke with no tact. Or rather, was he purposely cooperating with Emperor Luo after seeing that he wanted to force Ye Futian out?

"Can you shut up?" Ye Wuchen's eyes were sharp. He really despised Chu Kuangren. Who was the one that had no substance?

Emperor Ye didn't look at Chu Kuangren. Instead, he looked at Emperor Luo and smiled. Then he said to Ye Futian, "Since everyone wants to see your ability, you mustn't be impolite as a guest."

Seeing his gaze, Ye Futian smiled and nodded. He walked towards the battle platforms. He also went towards the one Yun Tianhao had been at. When he stood atop it, countless gazes fell on him.

According to gossip, Ye Futian was from the Donghai City and the emperor had wanted to confer a title upon him but he refused and turned towards the Cangye Kingdom. Yu Sheng, the rare talent from before, was his friend. Yu Sheng was third on the Fenghua Rank while he was first.

The people of the Donghai Academy and Nandou clan looked at Ye Futian too. They inhaled sharply. At the last day of the previous year, Ye Futian had displayed unparalleled talent. How much more powerful was he now?

"Ye Futian, Eight-star Glory Plane." Standing on the battle platform, Ye Futian gazed at the spectators and smiled. "I am unskilled with an ordinary talent. I was made first of the Fenghua Rank due to luck. Now, I'm terrified because all the prides of the four nations are gathered here. Faced with the brilliant figures of the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom, I don't dare to come out to fight. However, Emperor Luo requested me so I must come out and challenge the geniuses of the same plane."

"Uh" Emperor Ye coughed, a bit shocked. Was this still the arrogant Ye Futian from the Fenghua Banquet? When did he become so low-key? And same plane? How could he say that with his talent?

The others of the Cangye Kingdom also grew annoyed. Lin Yueyao blinked her pretty eyes while Bai Qiu and Yu Jiang were dumbfounded. They'd never seen someone so shameless

Not only them, the people of the other nations were stunned as well. Ye Futian said that he was unskilled with an ordinary talent while the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom were brilliant. How could they respond to such shameless words? Same plane? Did Ye Futian take them as idiots?!