The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448 Magnanimity

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What is he doing? A doubtful look was on everyones face after they saw what Ye Futian did.

The people of the Wang Clan all stared at Ye Futian as well. There was no denying the fact that they had already lost. Wang Yanbing had not been able to shake Gu Dongliu even when he pulled such a costly move.

That was the last sword left, and it wanted to take one last look before the Celestial, but Gu Dongliu stopped it.

It was not done because Gu Dongliu was some uncaring, unfeeling monster, but that they all had their stances to take.

Wang Yanbing had simply shown up at the wrong time.

Little brother, Gu Dongliu called after he saw Ye Futian showing up.

Leave him to me, third brother, Ye Futian said.

Will do. Gu Dongliu nodded and gave up his suppression on the sword. That scene astonished many. Those two would, in time, become pinnacle geniuses of Heavenly Mandate Realm. The two would have been able to stand a chance at getting to the top of the realm, and the two of them were brothers in training.

The future of the brothers was something that invoked the imaginations of many.

The sword remained incapable of moving forward. Ye Futians will shrouded the sword as he walked. He extended his hand, and it seemed that there celestial light enveloping the lone sword.

Mystical ways. The crowd fixed their gaze at Ye Futian. The people of Haotian City all knew that he had already acquired the lost Celestial Soul Attraction method from Fae Alley. The method had unpredictable powers, and few had been able to master it, even over 1,000 years ago.

It had only resurfaced not long ago, and Ye Futian had gotten his hands on it.

Wait, so he is already capable of entering Mystic Mode? people wondered.

Its the Celestial Soul Attraction. The Wang Clan had once been one of the ruling clans of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, so they definitely knew about that lost mystical way method. The clan leader of Wang Clan stopped any from the mighty ones from the clan, wanting to see what Ye Futian would do.

Celestial light dazzled all over Ye Futian, shrouding the place around him. One mirage after another emerged from different directions in the space they were in, and all of them gathered at the sword.

Wang Yanbings body had already become very ethereal in the sword. It was as if he would disappear at any given moment. However, he seemed to have been fixed in place. Under the celestial light, it even seemed to take a solid form.

A powerful aura of life was actually bursting within Ye Futians mystical way, which seemed to have jade green branches coiling around the sword form taken by Wang Yanbing, shrouding the weapon within.

It was said that Celestial Soul Attraction was capable of targeting the souls of people. Is he trying to reforge Wang Yanbings soul? The crowd shuddered at the scene before them. Ye Futian was trying to save Wang Yanbing.

Wang Yanbing, who had completely melded into his weapon form, would have almost died for sure, yet it seemed that Ye Futian had some mystical capabilities of reversing that.

The will of the great path of life, and it seems that he would be able to resculpt a body as well. The pupils of those top-notch figures contracted, as they kept a close eye on Ye Futian.

It was said that Ye Futian had demonstrated very, very great abilities back in the Violet Heavenly Palace, and he claimed that he had been of a divine body capable of training in any method.

He had demonstrated powers of many types of methods back in that battle, even that of death. At present, he was demonstrating the will of the great path of life, and many came to believe that Ye Futian was indeed capable of all methods. It seemed as if there was really no method beyond his comprehension.

Ye Futian had also found that his World Trees powers became increasingly powerful as he progressed with his training, enabling him to shape his ways and comprehend all methods in existence.

His Life Spirit grew alongside him as he trained.

He had demonstrated many types of powers in that battle in the Violet Heavenly Palace, and that had been done to set up for the future. As an extreme genius capable of training in any method he chose, no one would have doubted him regardless of the type of methods he came to use, as he had truly been one such genius.

Thus, it was completely normal for him to use the great path of life.

Furthermore, the training in Celestial Soul Attraction enabled him to gain some mystical powers.

If he were to have his current level of powers all those years ago, he would have even been able to save Jieyu. But then again, if he were to have his current level of powers back then, he would not have had experienced all that had transpired since.

The sword rang, and the sword will was unleashed. That ethereal figure began to take solid form. Wang Yanbings body was seen in the air again, wrapped within the boundless will of the great path of life.

Oh, hell Many shuddered deep down at that scene, finding that Ye Futian was capable of bringing back the dead. He was dragging Wang Yanbing, who was at deaths door, back to the world of the living.

It was something that not even Renhuangs had been capable of.

Was this the power of Celestial Soul Attraction?

They naturally had no idea of knowing that Celestial Soul Attraction was but a guide. The thing that truly saved Wang Yanbing was the latent powers in Ye Futians Life Spirit.

Gu Dongliu watched all of that in silence. He held no enmity against Wang Yanbing. They only had to fight because they had their stances to maintain. He was relieved to see that his little brother was able to save Wang Yanbing.

Wang Yanbing was a practitioner of the mystical ways, after all, and it would have been a pity if he died.

Wang Yanbing opened his eyes after a while. His aura fluctuated and seemed somewhat unstable. His eyes were deep as he stared at Ye Futian, feeling rather puzzled and dazed.

Why are you doing this? It was clear back then in the palace that he and Ye Futian did not see eye to eye, and Ye Futian had not exactly been kind to him as well.

He was puzzled as to why Ye Futian wanted to save him.

This is nothing, Ye Futian replied nonchalantly. Furthermore, while you and I dont see eye to eye, youre indeed a genius of Haotian City. Well, although youre quite a distance away from where I am now, it would be a pity if you were to end up dead. Since youll never be my match in the fight for the great path anyway, saving you hardly affects me.


Everyone was baffled by what he said. Was he saving someone here?

While it was true that Ye Futian saved Wang Yanbing, the former had slighted the latter right away. What the hell was, you may be a genius, but youre quite a distance from where I am? And what the hell is youre no match for me anyway?

This guy sure is shameless, many thought.

Wang Yanbing was silent after hearing what Ye Futian said. As someone who had been dead mere moments ago, he naturally would not have taken those words personally. Ye Futian seemed to be of such a personality, just like how he claimed to be the Divine Body of the Heavenly Path.

He turned around to look at Gu Dongliu, before sighing and saying, I lost.

It was indeed a complete loss. He did say that he would not go home until he had gotten to the Celestial Gate, but even after he had shattered his weapon form, he was still incapable of getting there. There was simply no more words for him to say.

How many Gu Tianxings could there be in the world anyway? My third brother took the powers of shaping the heavens and the earth. It is completely normal for you to have lost. Ye Futian looked at him and continued, You have gotten to the plane of Holiness of Nirvana fueled only by your obsession with the Celestial Gate, and Id say youve limited yourself as well. Even though you failed to make it to the gate, since you do have the guts and intentions of getting to the top of the realm, you could actually establish your own Celestial Gate instead.

1Wang Yanbing was speechless. Although the words were sensible, Ye Futian was not him. If Ye Futian were in his shoes, the former would have had known just how obsessive one could be when fighting one such battle before.

While the Wang Clan has indeed failed in their challenge to the Celestial Gate, Wang Yanbing is indeed of unmatched talents. Would you like to be my student and study in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven? a voice said. Everyone turned their eyes and found the one talking to be the clan leader of the Jiang Clan.

It was a critical time for the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. The power of the Wang Clan aside, a genius like Wang Yanbing had great potential, and it would have been a pity if he were just to end up dead.

It would have been better to have him train in the Celestial Gate instead.

Wang Yanbing turned his eyes in that direction. He never considered such a possibility, as he has always had only one thoughtrejoining the Celestial Gate with his clan in tow.

The clan leader of the Wang Clan below looked up at that moment and said, Wang Yanbing, youve given your all in todays battle. There will be no regrets for you nor the Wang Clan. Go and train in the Celestial Gate instead.

Wang Yanbing looked up after hearing what the clan leader said. He closed his eyes and breathed. When his eyes opened, he had put his past behind him. He then bowed in the Celestial Gates direction and said, It would be my honor to train in the Celestial Gate. I, Wang Yanbing, hereby bow to you, my teacher.

Good. The clan leader of the Jiang Clan nodded. Such an outcome was indeed perfect in some ways.

Ye Futian. The clan leader of the Wang Clan then looked at Ye Futian at that moment.

How may I be of service? Ye Futian asked.

Thank you. The clan leader of the Wang Clan then added, From here on out, the Wang Clan will cease trying to rejoin the Celestial Gate and will remain behind in Haotian City to train. However, the mystical ways of the Wang Clan were not something that should have been limited only to descendants of the clan, and I think others should learn it. Ye Futian, would you like to learn the Art of Yanbing?

The crowd shuddered deep down upon hearing that. Ye Futian had already learned Celestial Soul Attraction, and at the moment, the Wang Clan actually intended to pass yet another mystical method to him.

They were all astonished. Ye Futian was able to turn his enemy into his friend. His action of saving Wang Yanbing spoke volumes of his magnanimity.

At the moment, the Wang Clan intended to open the doors of passing down the mystical ways and no longer limited it to their own descendants. That, too, spoke volumes of the clan leaders magnanimity.