The Legend Of Futian Chapter 145

Chapter 145: One Swing of the Rod, One Dharma

Although the Yunchu and the Yan groups had insulted Ye Futian, there was no way they would actually believe that the person picked by Emperor Ye to be in first place on the Fenghua Rank had actually gotten there by pure luck. To be able to defeat a Dharma Plane cultivator, even one with an ordinary realization of Dharma, he was definitely a monster. What's more, the people he defeated were also on the Fenghua Rank. So according to their original plan, they were going to have Ye Futian fight against someone in the Dharma Plane.

Butthis shameless jerk was just too unpredictable.

They could not argue back with a thing Ye Futian said. He spoke politely, made himself sound weak and modest, and complimented the prides of the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom. What could they say to that? Was there anything wrong with him wanting to fight against someone in the same plane in a battle of the four nations? There was nothing they could say

"Brother Ye, you must be joking. How could the person in the first place on the Fenghua Rank be ordinary?" Chu Kuangren wracked his brain for something to say. Deep down, he was cursing Ye Futian for being so shameless. He knew clearly that Ye Futian's opponent would lose; no questions asked if it was someone in the same level.

"Brother Ye? Are we close?" Ye Futian chuckled at Chu Kuangren. "Besides, didn't you say I was all talk? Now you're saying that I'm no ordinary person? What is it that you want? Do you want to fight or not?"

Chu Kuangren's face fell. Seated with the others from the Cangye Kingdom, Hua Zhixin couldn't hold in her laugh at the sight of his expression. She thought to herself, Ye Futian is really bad, the way he bullies others.

Emperor Ye had wanted to leave, but Chu Kuangren wanted to continue the battle of the four nations. Without an excuse, how would he be so thick-skinned as to request that Ye Futian battle with a Dharma Plane cultivator?

"Ye Futian, during the Cangye Kingdom's Fenghua Banquet, you defeated multiple cultivators in the Dharma Plane. You are truly gifted. Why are you insulting yourself by putting on this faade? Since you have set impressive records, let's have each of the other three nations send out one person in the Dharma Plane. We'll settle things on the battle platform," said Emperor Luo.

Many people gave him a strange look. It was true that Ye Futian had set some impressive records but it was slightly out of place for an emperor to request a battle between a Glory Plane cultivator and those in the Dharma Plane.

Ye Futian looked at Emperor Luo. When Emperor Ye planned to leave earlier, Emperor Luo refused to let them go and tried to force Ye Futian into battle. He was still not willing to give up. If so, then Ye Futian was going to make his wish come true.

"So, the battle of four nations means that our Cangye Kingdom has to fight, Glory Plane to Dharma Plane. Emperor Luo is truly brilliant," Ye Futian said sarcastically. He then turned to the cultivators of the three nations and said, "Since it has already been spoken, what's the point of lying to yourselves and calling this the 'battle of four nations'? Each nation, choose one person in the Dharma Plane. Come at me all together." In this moment, Ye Futian lost the playful attitude. His voice was low and everyone could see the change in his eyes. This should be the real him.

Ye Futian, an Eight-star Glory Plane, said to powerful cultivators from three other nations, "Each nation, choose one person in the Dharma Plane. Come at me all together." Not only did he have to fight against their Dharma, he also had to fight three people who were going to gang up on him. Even Yu Sheng, who was extremely domineering, was not as arrogant as Ye Futian.

Emperor Ye looked to the figure on the battle platform. He did not say any. Since Ye Futian had already spoken, then he believed that he could do it.

Emperor Luo let out a smile. The Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom sent out one person. They were both the strongest of their first level Dharma Plane cultivators.

"Who is willing to fight for our Nandou Nation?" Emperor Luo looked out at the crowd. Their best first level Dharma Plane cultivator, Su Mu, had already been destroyed by Yu Sheng. It was a given that they had to pick another person.

"I am willing to fight for Your Majesty." A figure emerged from the crowd.

"It's Zong Yan." Everyone's eyes brightened. This person was the one who fought with Su Mu to be number one among the first level Dharma Plane cultivators. He was also very capable. Despite not being as good as Su Mu, he was not too far off.

"Alright," nodded Emperor Luo. At the same time, the cultivators from the other two nations made their way to join Ye Futian on the battle platform. Zong Yan lifted into the air and looked down from the skies at Ye Futian on the platform.

Countless pairs of eyes fell on the handsome young man on the platform. An Eight-star Glory Plane fighting three Dharmas? This was about to get crazy.

The individual from the Yunchu Nation wore an armor of flames and his body was bathed in the red glow. Behind him, a fearsome realization of Dharma appeared. It was a large area of flames, like an ocean of magma. It looked like a river of liquid fire. The flames made the surrounding area look red.

He's already this powerful in the first level Dharma Plane? Everyone watching shook in fear.

The cultivator sent out by the Yan Kingdom also possessed a terrifying Dharma. A large demon ape appeared behind him, causing his entire body to fill with an indescribable strength. He became wild and ferocious, prepared for destruction.

The two of them reached the sides of the battle platform very quickly and stood there staring at Ye Futian. They wanted to know how Ye Futian would defeat a realization of Dharma.

Zong Yan floated above the platform. A long spear appeared in his hand, a strong energy seeped out from the weapon.

Ye Futian stood at the center of the battle platform, his aura was ready to ready. A long golden rod appeared in this hand.

The Yunchu cultivator took a step forward and immediately, a wave of flames headed for Ye Futian in the form of a fire dragon. The golden rod danced in Ye Futian's hand. A large force of energy descended upon him and on his back, sprung his Golden Roc wings. With a flap of his wings, Ye Futian was lifted into the air. The fire dragon charged forward. Apparitions of the rod revolved around Ye Futian, collecting energy. Slowly, a great force of energy permeated from his being.

BOOM! His wings spread, and Ye Futian transformed into a giant roc, soaring through the skies. The other three looked up at him to see he fly even higher. It was a magnificent sight. All the while, the force continued to grow stronger. After that, they watched as Ye Futian charged towards the cultivator from the Yunchu Nation. He was unbelievably fast.

The flames formed by the cultivator's Dharma raged and flowed like magma toward Ye Futian. A massive hand formed by the flames reached out to grab Ye Futian who was floating in mid-air.

Ye Futian turned into a ray of golden light and did not stop for even a split second. The rod swung down in single swipe. Genesis. The large palm of flame split apart from the middle. This one swipe was headed straight for the Yunchu cultivator with a force so strong, it was possible to split the sky in half.

The cultivator's Fire Sorcery exploded wildly. Just like flowing magma, the hellfire headed for Ye Futian, but with one swing of the rod, a magnificent golden light blocked the cultivator's body from advance. The path separated the wave of flames. There was nothing strong enough for the rod.

BOOM! This loud noise could mean nothing else. The Yunchu cultivator had been struck by the golden rod and was now lying face down on the battle platform.

Was the Dharma Plane this weak? The audience was shocked. He was hand-picked by the people of the Yunchu Nation, so he must have an impressive Dharma, but he could not even withstand one attack. Down with one swing of the rod.

The people of the Yunchu Nation sat in their seats with darkened expressions. They had previously mocked the Dharmas defeated by a Glory Plane cultivator. "What kind of Dharma was that", they asked. Now, the Yunchu Nation's Dharma Plane cultivator had also been defeated by Ye Futian in the Glory Plane. In one strike, one might add. After this one attack, not only did Ye Futain's energy not weaken, it actually got stronger.

At the sight of this, the cultivator from the Yan Kingdom, who had refused to gang up on Ye Futian for the sake of his reputation, could feel his heart speed up. With a growl from the Demon Ape, an apparition of the ape overlapped on the cultivator's body. He was filled with immense strength. But when he saw Ye Futian fly his way like a giant roc, the cultivator could feel the descent of his aura even before he got to him. His aura was strong enough to suppress everything.

BOOM! The Yan cultivator stepped forward and the atmosphere became heavy. The Demon Ape roared in a fury, loud enough to shake the mountains. He lifted his hand to throw a fist, prepared for destruction. It was during this wild fit that Ye Futian swung his rod for the second time

As the long golden rod came closer, it looked bigger and bigger in the cultivator's eyes. The rod came down with such strength, everything was destroyed. The enormous Demon Ape was ready to charge forward but was struck by the attack of the rod.

BOOM! Another crash. The Yan Kingdom's Dharma Plane cultivator was thrown backwards, faster than the speed of the wind.

ThisEveryone was simply speechless. There were no words fit to describe this situation.

Ye Futian did not slow down one bit. He headed straight for his third opponent. Once again, with a swing of the rod. The aura around Zong Yan was shocking. His long spear shot out and of course, it was destroyed by the rod. His body was sent flying. However, Ye Futian saw Zong Yan's body exploding as he was thrown through the air. A residual image could be seen, descending like a shadow at an incredible speed. What seemed to be a dagger pierced toward Ye Futian. The blade glimmered in the sky.

This sudden scene caused everyone in the audience to feel a clench in their hearts. Especially for the Cangye group. Their eyes were frozen on Ye Futian.

There was the slight noise. The dagger seemed to have broken skin, piercing into Ye Futian's body. It looked like his heart. However, the dagger never made it in. Ye Futian had caught it in his left hand, but he was still hurt. Fresh blood gushed from the wound.

Zong Yan lifted his head to look at Ye Futian. He had a peculiar look in his eyes. Was Ye Futian physically that strong? He was able to stop Zong Yan's critical strike.

Zong Yan. Everyone was dumbfounded by this sight. He never displayed these abilities in battle with Su Mu. That attack was too strange. A determining strike. He almost killed Ye Futian. But Ye Futian was actually able to stop this critical attack. It was easy to see just how scary fast his reflexes were.

A dragon roar sounded. Ye Futian threw his arms out, throwing Zong Yan to the side. Then, his roc wings fluttered, carrying him upwards while his rod swung downwards. A loud crash resonated through the area as Zong Yan crashed into the ground. However, this was not the end. At an incredible speed, Ye Futian picked up Zong Yan by the waist with his rod and tossed him up into the air.

WHOOSH! His wings brought he into the air above Zong Yan's body. Ye Futian's eyes were ice cold and filled with the intent to kill.

"I forf" Zong Yan tried to scream out with blood in his mouth, but before he could finish the word 'forfeit', his utterance was disrupted by a loud noise.

BOOM! Zong Yan's body shook in mid-air and then fell to the ground. His arms were limp as if he was no longer able to raise them. But of course, a dead person would never be able to raise their arms again.