The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1454

Chapter 1454 Do You Have A Death Wish?

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Ye Futians words attracted the attention of the crowd in an instant.

Heavenly Mandate Dynasty brought a massive force to bear on that day, and it was evident just how formidable the Divine Sound was, seeing how Wang Yanbing was defeated by just a single attack.

Ye Futian emerged, stating his bold intentions of fighting the nine all on his own.

Everyone wondered if he would have been able to defeat nine from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty armed with the Divine Sound.

The crowd naturally acknowledged Ye Futians powers, as he had a shining record before. However, given how the forces from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were of such ferocity, it was evident that the ones who practiced the Divine Sound were anything but easy targets. All of them would have been top-notch combatants themselves.

But then again, Ye Futians emergence would be able to help Gu Dongliu out to a certain extent, as doing so would make his third brothers situation easier.

Even so, however, if Ye Futian were to be defeated, the outcome would be the same. The ones from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would have still challenged Gu Dongliu with the Divine Sound, and the Crown Prince would not fight.

No one incapable of beating the Divine Sound would have been qualified to challenge the Crown Prince.

The pressure was one-sided. It was all on the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Ye Futian stepped out and hovered, standing before the Celestial Gate.

May the better combatant win, Ye Futian gestured respectfully at the mighty ones from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and said.

All eyes were on him at the moment. The generals eyes were pointed. It was as if he was able to pierce through the ones he stared at. The Crown Prince, on the other hand, looked rather unfazed as he said, Brother Ye here is superbly talented and has formidable combat prowess. If he wants to fight nine combatants all on his own, feel free to answer the challenge.

Nine combatants emerged from behind him as soon as he finished. All of them were Unblemished Saints.

The nine looked at Ye Futian with unfettered expressions.

All of them had been selected and sent away when they were young. They went through thick and thin throughout the years, and among the great many mighty ones out of all the pilgrimages, only tens managed to reach the Divine Palace.

None of the top-notch geniuses were deemed too extraordinary in the Divine Palace. Even the likes of the Crown Prince did not dare to call himself unmatched. The top-notch geniuses of the Divine Palace were far more powerful than the ones found in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. They saw too many legendary figures, and all of them were geniuses capable of making their own name.

While Ye Futian had indeed shot to fame after his battle back at the Violet Heavenly Palace, it was not enough to shake their minds one bit.

Ye Futian sensed solemnity as soon as they emerged, with a faint hint of pressure about them all. It was the same feeling he had outside that palace when Yu Sheng fought the nine back then.

Their eyes were cold and unflinching. While they did not look arrogant at all, Ye Futian was able to sense extreme confidence from them.

After being honed to a certain level, self-confidence was etched into ones bones, more so when nine such mighty ones were fighting together at the same time.

May the better one win. They arrived before Ye Futian and cupped their hands at him. Their tones of speech were faint, without the slightest hint of emotion in them.

Boom. Holy light shrouded his body in an instant. The might of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst, with the paths of the world melding into his being. A whirlpool of the great path was conjured in the vast space. Ancient symbols of the great path circled about him, resonating with the world around.

Ye Futians aura seemed to have burst by many times over in an instant. The reason why Ye Futians combat prowess had been so formidable was that the power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension melded his will of the great path into a single entity. It was forged into a single path, allowing his powers to be amplified exponentially. As such, he was capable of easily overwhelming all who were of his plane.

Of course, there was also something built upon the foundations of his plane. All top geniuses of great training had their own means of boosting their combat prowess, which meant that their combat capacity would be far more than what was provided by their own planes. All of them had powerful means of amplifying their powers.

With that said, the might of ones combat capacity depended on whose measures proved more powerful.

Among the amplification of powers, there was amplification through innate powers, amplification through various wills of the great path, amplification through methods and spells, amplification through matrixes, and much more. No one would have bothered with learning powerful attack spells or skills otherwise.

The Divine Sound was deemed terrifying because it was built upon the power of ones methods, resonating with the great path and then bringing about amplification several times over. The resulting burst of power would naturally be tremendously formidable.

Elephant trumpeting was heard after the power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension was brought about. The will of the great path materialized in the form of shadows of Divine Elephants, tearing through the space. The pressure was such that Ye Futians powers felt even more stifled.

As he was fighting nine mighty ones working in tandem with each other, he dared not let his guard down. He melded the Deed of Thorough Comprehension in the ultimate skills of the Divine Elephants he learned.

The nine stepped forward at the same time. The sound of the great path was heard resonating and shaking the sky in an instant, bringing about drastic changes to their surroundings. The crowd sensed immense killing intent in an instant.

The Slaughtering Way. The crowd looked at the sky. The nine seemed to have the one at the center serving as the core, letting him take charge of the situation. The power of the great path resonated and eventually coalesced on him.

Coalesce, a voice said. That voice was the sound of the great path. Incredibly dazzling divine light burst in the air, coalescing into a huge brush. Slaughtering storms gathered around that brush, with one current after another melding into the construct.

The Qianqiu Brush.

The mighty ones below looked solemn as they witnessed the scene. It was the Qianqiu Brush one of the killing ways of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

The spell melded well with the Slaughtering Way, with a single brush stroke bringing down the seasons and crushing the landscape.


That mighty one performed hand seals, and under the work of the Divine Sound, the Qianqiu Brush was imbued with tremendous might of the Slaughtering Way. The killing storm throughout the sky caused many to feel stifled.

The Qianqiu Brush drew in the sky and cut down from above Ye Futian, looking sharper than the blades of swords and colder than the tips of spears.

At the very moment, the brush swept down. Boundless currents of the Slaughtering Way were brought down as well, tearing through space and killing everything in its path.

Ye Futian sensed that towering killing force and took to the air, bursting with Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky, causing his immediate vicinity to tremble and his surroundings to rumble. Shadows of countless Divine Elephants ran at the brush that was being brought down, clashing with it. It whipped out raging currents in the air right away.

The Divine Elephants and the killing currents crumbled at the same time; however, Divine Sound of the great path continued to be heard, resulting in that will of resonation becoming even more powerful. That Qianqiu Brush above Ye Futian looked as if it was something alive, shaking in the air and bringing down the might of the Slaughtering Way. It seemed as if mountains and rivers were collapsing, the space around them about to crumble.

Yet another stroke was brought down, and the will of the Slaughtering Way was cranked to the extreme. A gash appeared in the air, causing shadows of Divine Elephants to be cut down one after another. The will of the Qianqiu Brush continued to be brought down on Ye Futian.

The attack was made from a distance, and Ye Futians Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky seemed to have little effect on pressuring his opponents. The force of that killing brush seemed to be able to tear down the terrifying might of his spell.

Divine Elephants continued to be shattered, and the Qianqiu Brush, which howled and shook in the air, continued its strokes. Every stroke was earth-shaking, capable of killing everything in its path.

Some power, indeed. The crowd sensed the power of that Divine Sound of the great path and then looked at the Qianqiu Brush. There was only that devastating storm in the air, seemingly overpowering his Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell. It was as if the killing force of the brush was capable of tearing him apart right then and there.

Furthermore, everyone believed that if the ones of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were to get such a chance, they might actually land a killing blow. It was Ye Futian who went about asking for a fight instead of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty attack him first. If Ye Futian were to end up dead due to him being of inferior skill, then the Divine Elephants would not have been able to do anything about it.

Ye Futian continued to take to the sky. The trumpeting of the elephants continued to shake the air as if it was about to tear the sky apart. He then raised his fist and blasted at the Slaughtering Way coming down from above. The Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist tore through space and crushed the incoming killing currents.

The storm whipped out throughout the vast space caused the Renhuangs around to barricade the area with their powers. The storms that whipped out from the battlefield that they were in seemed to be able to kill anyone caught in it.

The nine mighty ones continued to step out, and the Divine Sound continued to be heard, the great path of which pained Ye Futians ears somewhat. The leader pointed his finger at the Qianqiu Brush, causing it to course with the most powerful of killing currents all over it.

The leading figure of those from the dynasty thrust his palm down. At that moment, the Qianqiu Brush was brought down together with the killing currents at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian took to the sky and blasted with an extreme flash of the fist, clashing head-on with the Qianqiu Brush. The air around them trembled violently. However, the punch did not destroy the Qianqiu Brush but had instead simply tore the killing currents in a frenzy. The brush continued to burst with the divine light of the Slaughtering Way.

When an ability is trained to the extreme, one will be invincible. The crowd felt shaken as they looked at the scene. That brush was indeed capable of cutting down an army.

2The leading mighty one of the nine continued to thrust his palm in the air. The Qianqiu Brush spun and headed straight for Ye Futians head. The killing storm coalesced into a terrifying whirlpool. The hearts of the crowd raced, as they found the brush was filled with the intention of cutting down Ye Futian.

The crown prince eyed the scene with an unfettered look. Every single one of the mighty ones who was a saint using the Divine Sound was a top fighter capable of leading a battle.

As such, not even the likes of Wang Yanbing had been able to withstand a single attack. It was already an impressive feat on Ye Futians part, as he was able to hold out for that long.

Do you have a death wish? A cold, unforgiving voice was heard within the Divine Sound of the great path at that moment. It came from that leading mighty one from the dynasty. He glared at Ye Futian as his fingers pointed at the Qianqiu Brush.

The plain, uncaring voice was very indicative of the underlying arrogance and confidence beneath.

He actually asked if Ye Futian had a death wish.

If Ye Futian were to continue to fight, that leading mighty one would have killed him.

Ye Futian turned his eyes at the one who talked to him. His eyes were cold. Ye Futian saw how deep the eyes of his opponent were. That voice sounded so natural that there was not a single bit of arrogance heard. It was something that stemmed from his innate confidence and unbridled nature.

At that moment, the light of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension burst with greater brilliance, so much so that it seemed there was celestial light protecting him. It made the figure clad in white look even more holy. It was as if he was a god.

Ye Futian eyed his opponent unflinchingly and stepped out. He uttered a single line, I do have a death wish, indeed!