The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1456

Chapter 1456 Fated Battle

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None of them had been able to fight alone.

After the nine mighty ones resonance of Divine Sound was broken by Ye Futian, none had been able to endure a single one of Ye Futians strike alone, and all of them were trampled.

Other than those special geniuses, not even the ones usually lauded as the most powerful would have been qualified enough to fight him when he was combining mystical ways with the Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky.

That one battle enabled others to learn new things about Ye Futians powers.

They learned just how shockingly powerful it would be when ultimate skills of the Divine ElephantsDivine Elephant Stomping the Sky and Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fistwere used in conjunction with Celestial Soul Attraction.

So that is the Celestial Soul Attraction, which has been lost for a millennium? Some of the older generations from Haotian City looked at Ye Futian with a solemn expression. Not only was he able to inherit the mystical way, but he had also been able to use it perfectly, letting all in Haotian City see how powerful that lost mystical way was.

It was indeed fortunate on their part to be able to bear witness to that moment.

Despite not being of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, he nonetheless fought on behalf of the Celestial Gate on that day. He had also been willing to teach that mystical way to others, and that made many anticipate what was in store for him in the future.

Many wondered if the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would be able to do anything to stop him and Gu Dongliu if they were to reign supreme at the pinnacle of the realm.

The one of supreme body of the great path of the Violet Heavenly Palace had already lost, and that happened before Ye Futian used mystical ways.

A battle would not have been all that much of an issue to him now.

Many wondered who would be able to take on Ye Futian.

The man learned two ultimate skills, and he would only get stronger from then on out. The possibilities were limitless.

The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looked at Ye Futian. He talked about the limitations of the power of one when he visited Qin He at the palace, and then had nine mighty ones by his side repel Yu Sheng. At that moment, Ye Futian defeated nine single-handedly and proceeded to ask him how the power of one fared.

The times they lived in were indeed interesting. He never expected to meet Gu Dongliu, who met Gu Tianxing and inherited the creational powers that Gu Tianxing gathered. He then met Ye Futian, who was able to reign supreme somewhere. He never expected to see the brothers become so unbelievably capable.

However, he deemed that to be interesting. The higher one climbed, the colder it felt. Being an undisputed champion was sure to be boring.

The ones from Violet Heavenly Palace looked at Ye Futian and felt restless. It was not only Zhan Yuan who was vexed, as that man who shot to fame at Zhan Yuans expense continued to prove just how powerful he was. It was as if he was some unstoppable tidal wave.

He reminded all in the Heavenly Mandate Realm to remember his name through one extraordinary feat after another. He was fighting to be at the top of the great path of the realm.

Zhan Yuan knew very well that so long as he remained incapable of defeating Ye Futian, he would remain second class. Everyone who saw them both would always be reminded of that one battle.

But then again, seeing that mystical way at work, Zhan Yuan came to wonder just how long it would take him to defeat Ye Futian and wash away all that disgrace.

The power of one. A voice was heard saying. The crowd turned around and looked at the Crown Prince, who then looked at Ye Futian and replied, Before you get to the top, there will eventually be a limit, and you will still be weak.

2Divine light dazzled all over his body as he stepped out right after he finished speaking, looking extremely brilliant.

Holy light seemed to shoot from his eyes. It made him look rather harrowing and intense. His entire being emanated an overwhelming bearing. It was as if he was born to be a supreme being.

The crowd shuddered somewhat as they stared at that scene. The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was finally about to make a move.

The Crown Prince extended his palm as he walked out. Boundless killing currents filled the sky. The Slaughtering Way howled, and again, a Qianqiu Brush appeared, falling right into his palm. The might from it was just as powerful as it had been when the nine worked together using the Divine Sound.

He was a Holiness of Nirvana, and being at such a plane meant that his power was ten times more powerful than that of an Unblemished Saint. Furthermore, due to his superb powers, one could only imagine just how powerful his Qianqiu Brush was.

The brush commanded the great path of his surroundings as it remained in his hand. It was as if he was able to cut open the space with only a single stroke. Ye Futian stood his ground as his robe billowed behind him. The killing currents howled, and their surroundings were terrifying. Even if the mystical way were to be brought about at that moment, it would still end up being pinned down by the will of slaughter.

That was a gap brought about by the difference in plane. Furthermore, the one who stood opposite Ye Futian was the crown prince. He was born to be a supreme being.

1Even those of his plane would wonder if there was anybody in the realm capable of suppressing and dominating the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Realm.

At that moment, there was yet another figure at the Celestial Gate whose robes billowed. His white attire was white like snow. The scholar dressed in white stepped out as wind blew on him. He walked forward and said, Allow me, little brother.

Gu Dongliu understood that the upcoming fight was his.

The grudges of bygone years meant that he and the Crown Prince would be sworn enemies. This battle was inevitable. It had always been inevitable.

It was not only he who understood that. Everyone understood that his father died at the hands of the previous crown prince of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. That man was the brother of the current crown prince. The Gu Clan perished because of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, leaving Gu Dongliu as the sole survivor.

At the same time, however, Gu Tianxing alone took out almost half of the mighty ones of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. The previous Dynastic Overlord and Crown Prince were both slain by him. The enmity between both parties could not have been any deeper.

As it stood right now, one was the sole survivor of the Gu Clan, who inherited everything that Gu Tianxing had spent years setting up. The other was the new crown prince, whom the Dynastic Overlord claimed was born to reign supreme.

One of them was fated to die at the hand of the other. Such was the fate of both parties.

There were nine who challenged Gu Dongliu while the Crown Prince stayed on the side, keeping his hands to himself, putting both the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and him on the defensive. Ye Futian took care of that battle for him and smoothened things out for his brother. As such, the upcoming battle was now Gu Donglius.

The clan leader of the Jiang Clan looked at him from behind, saying nothing. It was known to all that the battle was bound to happen sooner or later; however, the clan leader did not wish for the battle to come so soon. Gu Dongliu had been training in isolation after inheriting the lineage, rising through the planes continuously to become a Holiness of Nirvana.

However, it was due precisely to having inherited too much that his plane remained unstable, and it was impossible for him to have finished processing all that he had inherited. The creational lineage in him was not something he could have processed in a short period of time. In fact, it would have been difficult for him to process it all, even if he had years or even decades to do so. If the lineage that Gu Dongliu inherited was a kind of treasure trove, then he needed to spend more time in such a trove, digging bit by bit to unearth those hidden treasures. He needed time more than anything else.

The more time he had, the stronger he would get.

On the contrary, things were rather different in the case of the crown prince. He had been building a solid foundation throughout his years of training, and every single step he had taken so far was unshakable. The decades spent in training allowed him to polish his powers so that they gleamed with perfection, enabling him to use his powers perfectly.

The later the battle was to be fought, the more advantages Gu Dongliu would gain.

However, those of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were in a hurry to wage the war that had to be waged. They did not want to wait, and they, too, wanted to see just how much had Gu Tianxing passed down to Gu Dongliu. As such, they showed up en masse just to lean on the Celestial Gate.

Since those of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were already there, it was a given that those from the Celestial Gate needed to do it. It was a battle that Gu Dongliu had to fight.

Even if he were to lose, the clan leader was sure that Gu Dongliu would be able to bear the loss. He would not have been able to shoulder such hopes otherwise.

But then again, the clan leader did not wish to see him lose the fight.

As such, his eyes were still filled with hope as he looked at the figure who emerged. He hoped to see the legends of those twothat of Gu Tianxing and Gu Jiangnan, both of whom were of extreme renown back in the daybe reborn in Gu Dongliu.

Furthermore, by the time Gu Dongliu was done processing all that he had inherited, he would become even more powerful than either of his predecessors.

Ye Futian nodded slightly after seeing his third brother emerge. He then headed sideways to make way for his third brother.

That was a battle that belonged to his third brother.

It was a fated battle.

Regardless if his third brother were to end up winning or losing the fight, he believed that his third brother would inherit the will of those who came before and would continue to walk towards the pinnacle of the realm.

Gu Dongliu was seen walking out and coming to stand before the crown prince. The two, who were the most talked-about figures of the realm at present, stood on opposing sides.

Both were sworn enemies, and the clash between the two attracted all the attention of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

That upcoming battle was one for the books.

Their renown was less due to how powerful they actually were and more to the feud between them, as well as the missions that each of them shouldered.

The vast space was dead silent. Nobody spoke, and countless watched the two stand against each other without saying anything. Even the great figures of the Violet Heavenly Palace and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were doing the same. All of them had their eyes on the battlefield, as the upcoming battle was extremely significant.

The one who inherited all from Gu Tianxing was to fight against the one born to become a supreme being.

A formless gale whipped up all around them. It contained the aura of the great path. The space became extremely stifled in an instant, making many saints feel very, very uncomfortable. Those two Holiness of Nirvanas would possibly be the two most powerful ones below the Renhuangs of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Yi Tianyu of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Crown Prince of the dynasty said. His name was Yi Tianyu. Wan Yanbing was named after the mystical way he practiced, while Yi Tianyu was named after TianyuHeavenly Mandate.

The will of the Dynastic Overlord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was clear as day.

Gu Dongliu of the Gu Clan, Gu Dongliu replied calmly. Both parties announced their names as if it was but a regular sparring match between both men. There was not a single hint of the enmity between them. Yet, that made it all the more serious.

Their surroundings raged, and a gale blew violently. Storms of the great path whipped about, and an incredibly dazzling Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate appeared. The diagram consumed the great path of their surroundings. Currents of the great path surged into the diagram in a frenzy, causing it to continue turning and changing. It was as if it was capable of all manner of transformations.

The Life Spirit of that descendant of the main lineage of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had finally taken its ultimate formthe Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate. It had once been lauded as the most powerful of Life Spirits in all of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Yet at that moment, a Life Spirit of unparalleled power appeared behind Gu Dongliu, who stood opposite Yi Tianyu. It was a diagram. It spun about like a grand matrix of the heavens, seemingly embodying the Daoist yin and yang, as well as the nine symbols and celestial light at work.

That was the Juexian Diagram. It was something that Gu Tianxing passed down to Gu Dongliu, enabling Gu Donglius Life Spirit to awaken and evolve until it merged with the Juexian Diagram.

Many wondered which was the strongest Life Spirit in the realm.

They wondered who among the two most renowned descendants of great figures was the strongest genius of the realm.