The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457 Gu Dongliu Vs Yi Tianyu

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The storm whipped up across the sky, and the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate rose to the air, consuming the will of the great path all over the place and multiplying in a frenzy.

Boundless killing currents shot at Gu Dongliu right away. Yet, he simply shot a glance at the currents and pointed forward.

The symbol of Lin appeared, and the huge ancient symbol stood tall in the sky, shrouding the killing currents right away, preventing the currents from moving.

However, the killing currents did not seem to have an end to them, causing the symbol to tremble. It looked as if it was about to crumble. What was even more terrifying was that as the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate multiplied, a Qianqiu Brush gave manifested right away and dropped straight down. Yi Tianyu pointed into the air at the brush.

The brush drew one stroke and crushed that symbol of Lin, which was already about to crumble. The Qianqiu Brush felt like a divine brush of the great path, weighing thousands of pounds. It could pin down landscapes and tear through space. Boundless killing currents cut down, intending to destroy the space were Gu Dongliu was right then and there.

Celestial light glittered on the Juexian Diagram. A huge beam of celestial light shot to the air, and an incredibly huge symbol of Bing circled about the screen of light. The symbol clashed with the brush and burst with extremely brilliant celestial light.

Yi Tianyu remained unfazed and kept his eyes forward. The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate continued to multiply in the air. One brush after another materialized one after another. Many brushes were seen right above Gu Donglius head at the same time.

Every single brush contained extremely potent killing current.

The Brush Reigning Supreme through the Eras.

Yi Tianyu muttered this, and his voice sounded like Divine Sound of the great path. The brushes in the sky resonated, and they all swiped in the sky at the same time. Every single brush tore through the sky as if someone was trying to bring the sky down with the brushes.

The Qianqiu Brushes moved in a disorderly and unpredictable manner. It was as if they were simply left to do their own thing without control, yet the messy strokes seemed as if they were out to cut the sky to pieces. Such was the power of The Brush Reigning Supreme through the Eras.


A snappy cracking noise was heard, and the screen of light was no more. The terrifying strokes lashed out at Gu Dongliu, intending to destroy the place where he was.

So, that is the true power of the Qianqiu Brush. The minds of all who saw it were rattled. The Qianqiu performed far better at the hands of Yi Tianyuthe Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynastythan how it had been when the nine used the Divine Sound. It was as if the power of the move was fused with the great path, and the great path seemed to be about to break when cut.

The clan leader of the Jiang Clan watched the fight quietly at the Celestial Gate. It was just as he expected. That crown prince was already at the pinnacle when it came to proficiency with offensive arts. His innate talents and his years spent in training in secret made his attacks unshakable, showcasing his master grade proficiency as soon as he made a move.

The Dynastic Overlord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty lauded the Crown Prince to be one born to reign supreme, and he did not do so with mere intent to boast. It would have reflected very badly on him if things turned out differently, after all.

While the battle had just begun, what Yi Tianyu showcased without breaking a sweat looked extremely surreal.

Gu Dongliu was then seen performing hand seals, causing the Juexian Diagram to unleash towering celestial light, circling around him, and there seemed to be a true mystical being right behind him. Holy light shrouded his entire body, and as he continued to perform the seals, one mystical shadow after another emerged from the Juexian Diagram at the same time. All of those shadows unleashed impregnable will. It was as if they were manifestations of divine weapons. The ancient Symbol of Bing circled around him, causing the surrounding air to shake.

The shadows took to the sky in a mere instant, transforming into divine weapons and blasted at the incoming Qianqiu Brushes in the air.

The Qianqiu Brushes were then right above Gu Donglius head, and the boundless divine weapons blasted at them. Devastating storm of slaughter raged right above his head at that moment, radiating terrifying divine light.

The Qianqiu Brushes and the divine weapons continued to crumble, destroyed, and dissipated in that terrifying clash.

Both parties were formidable.

The crowd looked at the two geniuses, finding that their Life Spirits alone were more than enough to overwhelm an untold number of mighty ones. It was even thought that only a handful of saints would have been able to withstand such attacks from their Life Spirits.

The attacks of Yi Tianyuthe Crown Princewere fended off, yet he hardly looked fettered. He flashed and came to the air above, his back against the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate. It was as if his body fused directly with his Life Spirit.

He extended his hand, and the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate spun, consuming boundless Slaughtering Way. It was as if there was boundless slaughtering lightning falling down onto his extended hand. A Qianqiu Brush, which seemed to have existed for several millennia, fell into his hand.

He took hold of the brush.

Voom. A bolt of lightning tore through the sky. Yi Tianyu disappeared with the brush at the same time. There seemed to be a huge gash in the sky. Gu Dongliu sensed an intense looming danger.

The mystical shadows gathered, and with his palms closed, the divine weapons howled as they tore through the space.

Thousands of killing currents rained down in an instant. It was as if thousands of beams of divine light rained down. The scene was utterly harrowing. It was as if it was able to tear the sky down in an instant. The explosiveness of the move was nothing short of terrifying, causing the hearts of those who witnessed the scene to shake violently.

Crack Countless divine weapons crumbled, and a brush was seen swiped down right before Gu Dongliu, with Yi Tianyu seen on the other end of the brush.

The Juexian Diagram burst with towering celestial light in an instant, and a stifled rumble was heard in the air. Gu Donglius body was thrown below, and boundless killing currents burst through his Juexian Diagram as if they were to tear it apart.

Yi Tianyu lowered his head to look at Gu Dongliu, who was thrown behind, and said, I wonder just how capable Gu Tianxing and Gu Jiangnan had been all those years ago. It is a pity that they are no longer in this era.

Everyone was able to tell from his words just how arrogant that crown prince was, behaving as if even if both of them were in the same era as he was, he would have been able to overwhelm them all the same.

Gu Dongliu looked up in the sky. He, too, knew what he lacked when compared to Yi Tianyu. He had yet to be able to finish processing all the powers he had been bestowed with, and he did not have time to train the most powerful of attacks available. At that moment, he was simply able to consolidate all the bits that he had acquired and has broken through the plane of Holiness of Nirvana with them.

In truth, the clan leaders concern had been validhis plane was still unstable. If that fight were to be postponed, he would have had gained a greater advantage.

But then again, what was to come would have come all the same.

Even if he had yet to process everything that he gained at the Origin Mountains, that battle was still one he could not afford to lose.

It had little to do with the significance of the outcome of the battle and more to do with him being unable to bring himself to face his predecessors if he were to lose that battle.

The celestial light on the Juexian Diagram became even more dazzling. The mystical shadow behind Gu Dongliu grew even more glittering. He unleashed his will, shrouding the Juexian Diagram, which shuddered. In that instant, there seemed to be many demonic beasts appearing on the diagram, arriving as they were summoned.

Thousands of demonic beasts howled as the Juexian Diagram continued to be at work. Demonic auras filled the sky as the demonic beasts danced and raged.

Gu Dongliu inherited the Laws of Origin, and there were untold numbers of wills of demon emperors throughout the vast Origin Mountains that ended up consumed by him, after all.

The howling demons signified their rage, and there seemed to be a feral grace to Gu Donglius face.

He looked up and shot a glance at the sky. Thousands of demonic beasts howled as they tore through the sky, heading straight for Yi Tianyu.

The falling killing currents were destroyed in a frenzy. Yi Tianyu held onto the Qianqiu Brush. He looked as if he was going to be overwhelmed by the demonic beasts.

The Qianqiu Brush in Yi Tianyus hand swiped at the sky again, and the incoming demonic beasts crumbled right away under the might of his Qianqiu Brush; however, the demonic beasts seemed to charge without end, heading straight for the Crown Prince and burying him in that space.

The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate continued to shift, transforming into a Kunpeng, which then merged with the Crown Princes body. He took the form of a Kunpeng while, at the same time, the light of Kunpeng burst from with the Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate. He then spread his wings and attacked as if he commanded the divine might of Kunpeng.

The Art of Heavenly Mandate, many muttered deep down as they watched the scene before them. That was the ultimate move created by the founder of the dynasty, and that spell had once been known as the number spell in all of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, which was said to be invincible in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

He had once used the ability in the battle back in the Violet Heavenly Palace, and at present, the Art of Heavenly Mandate was seen being used again.

A loud cry was heard as if a true Kunpeng had arrived at the scene. The being then spread its wings open, blocking the sky, then swooped down. Shadows of Kunpeng burst from the diagram at the same time, cutting down at the sky in a furious slaughter, destroying countless shadows of demonic beasts. The Kunpeng form of Yi Tianyu tore through the demonic beasts. The rain of divine golden light cut through the demonic beasts while still holding onto the Qianqiu Brush with its claw.

Gu Donglius aura faltered. That was a major attack from a true Kunpeng. Everything that Yi Tianyu had picked up was a very formidable attack.

However, Gu Donglius expression remained steely. The name of his diagramJuexianwas taken from the fact that it was the pinnacle of the mystical ways, with its power reigning supreme over all mystical ways.

He continued to step out in the air. The Juexian Diagram continued to work and shine boundless divine light onto his body, which resonated with him. Boundless mystical shadows appeared at the same time around his body. The aura all about him coursed within him as well.

The light of the nine symbols glittered as they merged within his body. Gu Dongliu truly resonated with the Juexian Diagram at that point.

Despite the fact that he had yet to train in the top attacks, his teacher once said that overwhelming might triumphed over all techniques.

When ones spiritual power resonated with pure force and everything reached the very peak, where one discarded all unrelated thoughts and left all skills and techniques behind, one would have been able to bring the greatest of attacks to bear.

He stepped out and tore through the air, arriving right before that huge creature that tore through the demonic beasts. He extended his finger, which contained immeasurable power, and clashed with the incoming Qianqiu Brush.

The space around both of them exploded in a frenzy. Yi Tianyu brought the wings of the Kunpeng down upon Gu Dongliu.

The light of the nine symbols glowed extremely brilliantly. They burst with the brightest of rays at the same time, which blinded all who saw it. The light caused the wings of the Kunpeng to slow. It was like a will of strength unlike any other that resonated with his surroundings. That one finger was to destroy everything in its path.

Gu Dongliu, at that moment, looked as if he was some celestial being.


A stifled rumble was heard, and the spectators saw Yi Tianythe Crown Princebe flung far above, forced away by the might from one finger of Gu Dongliu.

One finger against the Qianqiu Brush. The hearts of all continued to race. That was confidence and recklessness unlike any other. The great divine diagrams faced off against each other and brought terrifying powers to bear, bringing about massive explosions between them.

1A devastating storm of the great path whipped up between both men, making the scene look extremely harrowing.