The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458 Clash Of The Titans

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Theyre fighting up close and personal?

The hearts of the spectators raced. At that moment, the battlefield that both of them were on was indeed dark and gloomy. The air was filled with killing intent.

Both forces clashed head-on. Gu Dongliu took on the Qianqiu Brush with a single finger, and his body was under extreme pressure.

The Qianqiu Brush of the Crown Prince continued to be shrouded with boundless killing currents. However, Gu Donglius finger was shrouded by boundless celestial light of the weapons. It was as if his body alone had awakened and fused with all the mystical beings and demons there were.

The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate and the Juexian Diagram continued to be at work. Both constructs continued to shift and resonated with the heavenly path.

Yi Tianyus expression was as pointed as it could have been, as his eyes remained fixed on Gu Dongliu below. His robes and his hair billowed as he looked at the other man. He coldly uttered, Do you know the true meaning of Heavenly Mandate?

Gu Dongliu remained looking at him without responding.

It is as the term implies. Heavenly Mandatethe will and way of the heavens. It is thus a mandate, an order, from the heavens, Yi Tianyu elaborated. His voice sounded overbearing. His surroundings resonated with him as he fused the power of Divine Sound with his voice.

Killing currents rained down in a frenzy as he spoke, drowning the sky below. Countless shadows of Kunpeng dove down, tearing through space. Huge, golden ancient bells dropped one after another. It was as if they were Renhuang bells of the great path, heading straight for Gu Dongliu. The power of all those attacks resonated at the same time as they headed for their target.

Heavenly Mandatea mandate from the heavens. A will of heaven that destroyed everything in its path.

The Juexian Diagram continued to spin around Gu Dongliu. Boundless celestial light burst and thousands of mystical beings and demons roared, charging at that power as they resisted it. Clashes at such close distances made all who saw it feel tingles all over. It was as if that space was about to be completely destroyed.

Overbearing celestial light from the Juexian Diagrams spun and surged at Gu Dongliu, who, at the moment, looked like a true mystical being. The spinning Juexian Diagrams centered around him. The will of thousands of mystical and demonic beings merged within his body, consuming the way of all under providence. The light of the nine symbols burst on his body, which then spun around him.

At that moment, Gu Dongliu had completely merged with his Life Spirit. The might of the Life Spirit was that of his own.

An overbearing shadow of a mystical being appeared above his body. The shadow was huge and connected with his Life Spirit as if the shadow itself was a manifestation of the Life Spirit. The light of the nine symbols burst on the shadow, which pointed forward and brought the weapons charging, destroying the killing currents. The symbol of Lin resonated with his surroundings while the symbol of Dou destroyed all bells of Renhuang.

The nine symbols fused into a single being and burst from the shadows, resulting in mystical and demonic beings howling.

That power actually managed to resist the attacks from Yi Tianyu. That scene caused the hearts of spectators to race.

This is formidable, indeed. When Gu Dongliu fought with Wang Yanbing back then, Wang Yanbing hadnt been able to so much as leave a dent on Gu Dongliu. Wang Yanbing was defeated despite using an ultimate sacrificial attack. The hearts of many from Haotian City raced. Despite being lauded as the number one saint in Haotian City, it was apparent that Wang Yanbing was leagues below both Gu Dongliu and the Crown Prince.

Both of them were truly the most formidable and the greatest there was, and they would come to represent the pinnacle of two of the most powerful of lineages. They would reign supreme among human cultivators of their generation in all of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, making them truly beings at the pinnacle of eternal greatness.

They were so formidable that there probably would not be any from the demon realm capable of taking them on.

There were many mighty ones from the demon realm present on that day, and they were just as frightened by the fight taking place before them. Talents of human cultivators made them envious, as they possessed the ability to create spells of such levels, bringing their might to the very extreme.

Yi Tianyu sensed the power of Gu Dongliu. The space around the Crown Prince raged as well. He had to admit that Gu Dongliu was indeed a legendary genius like none other created by Gu Tianxing, seeing how his own attacks still remained incapable of defeating Gu Dongliu.

Heavenly Mandate, Godly Advent, Yi Tianyu said solemnly.

That was the ultimate killing move of the Art of Heavenly MandateHeavenly Mandate, Godly Advent.

The hearts of countless raced. They were surprised at how Yi Tianyu had even finished training in a move of such a high level.

It was no surprise when the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty dared to come all the way there and why Yi Tianyu was so boastfully confident.

Towering divine light burst from Yi Tianyus body after the line was heard, which blinded all who saw it. The Divine Sound throughout the vast space was heard all over the place, resonating with the great path. Boundless will of the great path rained down on Yi Tianyus body. The Divine Picture of the Heavenly Mandate absorbed the powers of his surroundings, which then surged into his body.

Yi Tianyu seemed to have clad himself in a nigh-indestructible body, which radiated extremely dazzling divine light. Every single beam seemed to be able to pierce through the space, destroying all who were of his plane.

He no longer seemed to be himself at that moment.

Countless saints below cast saintly light for defense, resisting the beams of divine light with their own might. The light from Yi Tianyu was enough to reach and injure them. Even those who were Holiness of Nirvanas felt the same way.

At that moment, Yi Tianyu looked like a heavenly god.

That is really something.

Everyone below struggled to look up at Yi Tianyu while under the protection of divine light. At that moment, Yi Tianyu simply looked too dazzling. It was too much for the world to handle.

He was so frightening that even the Renhuangs were shocked.

They recalled the history of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. As a coalition of absolute imperials in the Heavenly Mandate Realm of old, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was lauded as the divine dynasty, with the ruling class claiming to be gods of the realm, ruling over the dynastic forces. All cultivators of the vast realm needed to pay tribute and worship them.

Their ancestors created arts so terrifying that they were known to be godly artsthe Divine Art of Heavenly Mandate, with the ultimate move being Heavenly Mandate Godly Advent. It was a move so formidable that all within the Heavenly Mandate Realm needed to bow and worship before it as if it was an advent of a god.

When such powers were unleashed, many were unable to help but recall the glory of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

It was difficult to imagine just how powerful Gu Tianxing had been all those years ago before he became capable of killing even the previous Dynastic Overlord and ended up being injured by the current one.

At present, the legendary crown prince seemed to be about to inherit the will of his ancestors and bring about a renaissance to the dynasty. He was still a saint, and yet, he already completed learning the Art of Heavenly Mandate.

The world lauded Zhan Yuan from the Violet Heavenly Palace to be the one with the supreme body of the great path. However, from the looks of things, it seemed that the Crown Prince was the one who had an unmatched constitution instead. He seemed to be a godly manifestation of the heavenly mandate itself, which was probably why the Dynastic Overlord claimed the prince was one born to reign supreme. He was indeed one who was destined to be a cut above the rest.

But then again, the Heavenly Mandate Realm had another who claimed that he possessed the godly body of the heavenly path.

The clan leader of the Jiang Clan locked his eyes onto the Crown Prince as well. He came to understand somewhat why the Dynastic Overlord wanted to send the prince away to train elsewhere in secret. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty suffered a heavy blow all those years ago, and it was within reason that they worried that if there were to be yet another legendary figure emerging, causing yet another war between the top-notch forces, that the dynasty would end up in ruin.

It was just like how Gu Tianxings actions of fostering Gu Dongliu brought about the current state of affairs seen now.

The clan leader had to admit that Yi Tianyu was indeed a legendary figure.

The Crown Prince came on that day just for Gu Dongliu.

He wondered if Gu Dongliu would have been able to stop the Crown Prince on his own.

The ones in the crowd began to have doubts and began to be concerned on behalf of Gu Dongliu. He was, after all, a member of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, and it was Haotian City that the battle was taking place in.

There were naturally more people hoping that Gu Dongliu would win. Gu Tianxing brought a great many glories to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, after all.

However, Yi Tianyu was simply too dazzling of a figure at the moment, causing many to have doubts if Gu Dongliu would have been able to stop him.

Gu Dongliu was actually just as brilliant. The mystical and demonic beings of the diagram of great path circled about him. The nine symbols resonated, and his mystical soul became a true mystical being, which was extremely shocking to those who witnessed it. It seemed as if the battle was no longer a battle fought between mortals, but one fought between gods.

Many in the world learned of the Juexian Diagram in that war all those years ago, thinking that Gu Tianxing was unmatched. Today, I shall rectify that with the Art of Heavenly Mandate, the Crown Prince said. He was out to prove the superiority of the dynasty with a rich history behind it, as well as that of the Art of the Heavenly Mandate and the Divine Picture of the Heavenly Mandate.

Gu Dongliu looked up at him. The light emanating from both beings continued to clash between them. Devastating aura of the great path raged all over the place.

Voom. Yi Tianyu was seen descending like a god at a speed faster than lightning. The great path around him collapsed, and everything was shattered. The killing rays rained down as he charged at Gu Dongliu like a god.

The Kunpeng spread its wings, and he brought down the Qianqiu Brush straight onto Gu Dongliu. Boundless aura of the great path in the sky coursed below as he moved, his divine light destroyed everything in his path. Nothing was deemed capable of stopping the brush.

Gu Dongliu performed seals, and the Juexian Diagram spun in a frenzy. The mystical shadow was fused with the power of mystical and demonic beings, which then blitzed in the sky. The light of the nine symbols transformed into celestial light of the great path, circling about in the air and clashing with the figure coming down.


The devastating storm swept through the place, destroying everything in its path. If there were to be anyone below Renhuang caught in its wake, there was no way they could have survived.

The Qianqiu Brush and the ancient symbols clashed and blasted on that one figure. The symbols circling around the shadow seemed to have cracked, and the shadow trembled, causing Gu Dongliu to tremble as well. His handsome face looked rather twisted at that moment.

Both of them were shrouded in blinding light, and they looked extremely divine.

Yi Tianyus long hair wore a golden sheen. It was as if every single strand was transformed into golden swords dancing in the air in divine light. His eyes were incredibly pointed as he stared at Gu Dongliu. The Qianqiu Brush in the Crown Princes hand was thrust forward bit by bit. It was as if Gu Dongliu would crumble altogether if he were to even flinch.

Many truly felt stifled at the moment. They locked their eyes on that scene in the midair, finding that Gu Donglius expression was turning increasingly strained, yet his eyes remained filled with resolve.

At that moment, Gu Dongliu recalled the voice of his grandfather.

The true meaning of a mystical being was to have their soul and spirit meld with the world, to meld with the great path, and to meld with everything.

1He looked at Yi Tianyu with eyes that remained crystal clear. A shadow seemed to have left his body, merging with the Juexian Diagram and the ancient symbols, and within that towering, imposing shadow. His body seemed to have completely overlapped with that shadow. It had entered a surreal state of being as if he was a mystical being himself.

Yi Tianyu seemed to have sensed that aura. His blade-like eyebrows frowned, and a beam of very high intensity light blasted, blinding the eyes of all who saw it.

The devastating storm raged about in their surroundings. When everyone came to see everything clearly, both Gu Dongliu and Yi Tianyu were separated.

The auras of both men were faltering. They were both soaked in blood. The mystical shadow crumbled while the godly form shattered.