The Legend Of Futian Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Emperor Yes Attitude

With a slight sound, Zong Yan's body fell down on the platform, not moving anymore. The boundless void was so quiet. Yu Sheng defeated Su Mu of Second-level Dharma Plane with wild attacks while Ye Futian killed Zong Yan directly with his staff. Even the talents of the Dharma Plane from the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom couldn't resist his staff. It was unprecedented that a man of the Glory Plane could be so strong.

The people of Donghai Academy and the Nandou clan felt complicated about Ye Futian's change. He was even strong enough to defeat people of the First-level Dharma Plane. Once he upgraded to the Dharma Plane, he would be able to defeat people of the Third-level Dharma Plane very easily. But at this moment, Ye Futian didn't feel the pleasure of victory. He looked at the blood on his chest with cold eyes and then gazed at Emperor Luo in the stands.

Ye Futian watched the final battle too. He witnessed the battle between Su Mu and Zong Yan. Zong Yan didn't play such a trick before. He seemed to save this just to fight with Ye Futian as the fatal attack. And before, the emperor had egged him on to fight. The talents of the Tingfeng Banquet had been defeated so with Emperor Luo's status, it should have been unnecessary to do.

All this seemed premeditated.

But he couldn't accuse Emperor Luo. Everything happened within the rules. No one could be blamed even if he was killed on the platform. It was he who promised to fight and no one forced him. The man who fought with him was of the First-level Dharma Plane. Nothing was beyond the rule. If he died, even Emperor Ye would be unable to say anything.

If Ye Futian could figure out this conspiracy, so could Emperor Ye. Emperor Ye looked at Emperor Luo coldly but didn't say anything. The battle was fair enough. What could he say?

"I learned a lot, thank you." Ye Futian said to people on the stands. Hearing this, people of the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom looked troubled.

The Cangye Kingdom had won all three rounds. Yu Sheng had defeated many talents. The Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom dared not to fight anymore. Ye Wuchen defeated Yan Qi and Xi Lou very easily. Ye Futian defeated three talents in the Dharma Plane just with his staff. The last cultivator was directly killed on the spot. No one could blame Ye Futian. Everyone knew that it was Zong Yan who wanted to kill Ye Futian at first. That was why Ye Futian had to kill him. Even Emperor Luo couldn't accuse him of anything.

"The battles of the four kingdoms are over now," Emperor Ye said coldly and turned to Ye Futian. "Come back."

"Wait," Emperor Luo spoke at this moment. Many people then descended onto the platform, surrounding Ye Futian. These people were the best of the imperial guards. Seeing this, many people were shocked. Yu Sheng was even furious.

"What's the intention, Your Majesty?" Emperor Ye looked at Emperor Luo with extremely cold eyes.

"Don't you know that Ye Futian betrayed my Nandou Nation?" Emperor said slowly, "He rebelled and killed my subordinate. The head of the East Sea Prefecture, Xia Feng, died because of him. Now he dares return to the Nandou Nation. Thus, he shall die. I hope you will understand."

"Let me repeat that Ye Futian is my citizen now. He is also my foster daughter's lover, the future bridegroom of the Cangye Kingdom's princess," Emperor Ye said coldly, staring at Emperor Luo.

The two men locked their eyes on each other, commanding a powerful presence. Seeing this, the six other emperors felt complicated. It seemed that Emperor Luo really wanted Ye Futian to die. But clearly, Emperor Luo couldn't easily do so because Ye Futian was brought here by Emperor Ye.

"What if I insist on killing him?" Emperor Luo pointed at Ye Futian. Suddenly, all the imperial bodyguards rushed to Ye Futian, putting him in great danger.

Ye Futian stood still and remained silent. He knew that Emperor Luo could kill him easily but didn't dare do so.

"Are you testing my resolution?" Emperor Ye sneered and then a great sword intent rolled over. Clouds gathered above the sky. Sharp swords whistled and gathered wildly, enveloping Emperor Luo and the noble families of the Nandou Nation.

At the same time, endless sword intent roared past, going straight to the imperial palace. Many people looked up to the sky, seeing the streaks going straight to the palace without returning. The sword intent could be sensed even far away.

"Let me tell you, I brought him here and I will certainly bring him back. I can't stop you if you really want to kill him but it won't be difficult for me to turn your imperial palace into a bloodbath!" Emperor Ye didn't look at Ye Futian. Both of them knew that Emperor Luo could kill Ye Futian at any time but he didn't dare to.

The reason he didn't dare to was Emperor Ye. No one could imagine what crazy actions he would make if Ye Futian was killed. Once the emperor was enraged, it was not an exaggeration that the whole city would be bathed by blood.

Countless eyes fell on them. The relations between the two emperors were strained because of Ye Futian. The other emperors watched the two emperors' confrontation quietly. The relations between nations could be very subtle. Any dispute needed to be controlled within the rules that everyone was acquiescent to. For instance, if any one of the two died on the platform, there could be no complaints since the two had had a promised.

Even if Emperor Luo really wanted to kill Ye Futian, he couldn't kill him in public. Since Emperor Ye had claimed that Ye Futian was his man, Emperor Luo couldn't kill Ye Futian at this time or he would disobey the rules. Disobedience was intolerable. If Emperor Luo killed Ye Futian now, who could guarantee that he wouldn't kill the prince or princess of the Cangye Kingdom? Once one side broke the rules, the other side would not let it go and the consequences could be disastrous.

Even though Emperor Luo wanted Ye Futian to die, no one believed that he would kill him before test Emperor Ye's attitude. At this moment, he just wanted to figure out how strong Emperor Ye's resolution was to protect Ye Futian. Once Emperor Ye showed the slightest concession and Emperor Luo felt it, Ye Futian would be killed on the spot. Clearly, Emperor Luo was disappointed.

In the sky, all the sword intents heading to the imperial place signified Emperor Ye's attitude.

"What do Emperor Chu and Emperor Yan think?" Emperor Luo suddenly turned to the other two emperors and asked.

The two emperors looked at each other, silently cursing Emperor Luo for dragging them into this.

"When disobeying the emperor's will, Ye Futian still belonged to the Nandou Nation. I think there should be an explanation." said the emperor of Yunchu Nation.

"Emperor Ye overacted a little bit," said Emperor Yan.

The two emperors were all on Emperor Luo's side. However, Emperor Ye didn't care. As neighboring countries, wouldn't they be threatened by the Nandou Nation's rise? They were just pretending to be friendly but didn't truly support Nandou Nation.

"You have heard what the two emperors just said. Now I promise, as emperor, that as long as you leave him here, the Nandou Nation will forgive all offenses and leave Cangye alone. Emperor Luo gazed at Emperor Ye and suggested.

Emperor Ye knew the promising future Luo Junlin would have after he entered the Royal Xuan Temple.

The other emperors hesitated. Will Emperor Ye take this into consideration?

Though Ye Futian was very gifted, he was only a hero who had not grown up yet while Luo Junlin's future was promising.

Giving up Ye Futian meant when the Nandou Nation rose, the Cangye Kingdom would have no worries. Protecting Ye Futian meant the Cangye Kingdom could be in great danger once there were two kings in the Nandou Nation.

"If I can't even protect a man, how can I protect the whole kingdom?" asked Emperor Ye. "Emperor Luo, you don't need to waste your energy on this. I must take him away."

Emperor Ye was determined that he must take Ye Futian away. It was silent and awkward. If Emperor Ye didn't concede then Emperor Luo couldn't kill Ye Futian.

"Do you have to do this, just for him? Despite whatever the consequences will be?" Emperor Luo asked coldly.

"I was invited here but didn't expect that this banquet would be so tragic. Since it is so, we shall go now." Emperor Ye looked at Ye Futian and said, "Come over here."

Ye Futian nodded and walked toward Emperor Ye. The strong cultivators remained around Ye Futian. They looked at Emperor Luo, waiting for his order. Once Emperor Luo gave the order, they would kill him. But in the end, the emperor's order didn't come.

Ye Futian returned to Emperor Ye. A dragon roared in the distance and descended from the sky.

"From now on, I will start a war against the Cangye Kingdom until it is totally destroyed," Emperor Luo said coldly.

"I'll play this game with you," Emperor Ye responded indifferently and said to his men, "Let's go!" As soon as he spoke, the people of Cangye all climbed onto the dragon. Emperor Ye was the last to embark. With a growl, the dragon soared into the air. The sword intents between the heaven and land disappeared.

Emperor Luo looked up to the sky, gazing at those people coldly. Ye Futian was staring at him too without any evasion.

The dragon flew into the distance, ready to leave. Yu Sheng was also on the back of the dragon, gazing at Emperor Luo's group with great murderous intent. Countless eyes gazed at the dragon as well as the figures on its back. Everything that happened in the Tingfeng Banquet was like a dream.

This banquet of the Nandou Nation seemed to be held for Ye Futian's group. This 17-year-old youth became the reason of the two emperors' conflict.

At this moment, countless beams of dazzling light shot over from the distance. The dragon stopped and Ye Futian's group looked at the light.

"Another emperor has arrived?" Emperor Ye was confused. Above the dragon, a few figures flashed by without even glancing at them. When Emperor Ye's group looked toward that direction, the lights stopped in the air above the platforms. Countless figures looked up to the sky. The several figures looked dazzling under the sunshine. Did they come to congratulate too?

These people seemed to be more powerful than of the strong cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple, shining brightly like gods. Emperor Luo also looked up to the sky. His eyes shone, full of excitement.

"After three months, the gate to the Ancient Barren World will open to the Hundred Lands forever. Everyone can enter the gate freely." A voice was heard from above the sky. Hearing this, the eight emperors became extremely excited.

This voice claimed that a new era was coming!