The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471 In An Instant?

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The Xuantian Matrix was broken, and Qin He had been wounded, along with many of the cultivators who had formed the matrix.

Yin Tianyus powerful aura dissipated, and Yan Sui stopped playing. The disciples of the Divine Palace watched Qin He. There was none of the arrogance or disdain of victors in their eyes. On the contrary, most of them looked at her with a sense of respect.

They were all-powerful figures in that they could jointly support an attack that was being enhanced by Divine Sounds, and they had been able to force such a powerful collision. The Goddesses of Brahmas Pure Sky were worthy of their reputation as well. They were all top figures in their own right.

Yin Tianyu walked up the stairs, his fellow disciples following behind him until they made it up to Xuantian Pavilion. Qin Hes robes were fluttering in the wind. Although they were bloodstained, they still could not hide her splendor.

Her face was cold as she looked at Yin Tianyu.

"You are supernaturally powerful, Goddess Qin, and the Xuantian Matrix is marvelous. If I did not have my brothers helping me, and it was just me, a simple cultivator from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, trying to break the matrix, who knows what would have happened?"

This was an unusual attitude for Yin Tianyu. He was being incredibly humble and polite.

"You have broken the matrix, Your Highness, so please come up to Xuantian Pavilion." Qin He did not display very much emotion as she spoke to Yin Tianyu indifferently.

Yin Tianyu nodded, and he and the other cultivators walked up the stairs to Xuantian Pavilion.

But they stopped at the edge of the pavilion and looked down. It seemed that they wanted to watch the others charging at the Xuantian Matrix.

The people from Brahmas Pure Sky returned to their original places, but many of them could no longer fight, and so they left the battlefield. The matrix was now missing quite a few people.

Everyone down below was looking at Qin He. She had just fought very fiercely, putting her all into the battle, which had led to her being wounded. This would probably affect the next fight.

She could have given up in the last battle, but she had not.

After the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and the Sky Demon Court were the only two forces that had not gone yet.

Dazzling light was shining over where the demons of the Sky Demon Court were. Juns eyes seemed to be glowing with golden fire as he looked up at Qin He in the Xuantian Pavilion. "Lets go," he said softly.

When he said this, fiery wings appeared behind him. The most powerful divine birds of the Demon Realms flew around him and landed on the stairs to the Xuantian Pavilion.

Jun looked up at Qin He, brilliant light shining from him. "You just fought a battle," he said. "For us to attack you now would be kind of like taking advantage of your precarious situation. Why dont you give up, and well come and take a look?"

"Come up," said Qin He as she looked down at him. When she said this, she lowered her head and played her guqin. The music of Brahmas Pure Sky rang out once again. Everyone watched the beautiful figure playing all alone and felt a deep sense of loneliness.

"Pardon the intrusion," said Jun. He spread out his wings, and they covered the sky in an instant. Divine fire burst out, and it pierced through the sky like beams of sunlight, shooting up the stairs. When the phantoms appeared, they were burned up by the fire until there was nothing left of them.

Powerful auras also burst out from the other divine birds. The figure of a huge demonic beast appeared, blotting out the sun as it flew upwards. This time there was no matrix, but the demons of the Sky Demon Court were number one in the Demon Realms.

And if you did not include the Divine Palace in the Heavenly Mandate Dynastys power, then the Sky Demon Court was the most powerful force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Of course, that was only if the various families of the Sky Demon Court were united.

After all, at that moment, the Kunpeng Clan wanted to be independent.

And the Phoenix Clan and the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird Clan were also very proud families.

This was another fierce battle. Jun and the other demons of the Sky Demon Court fought violently, but at the same time, they came under a lot of pressure. Many of the cultivators of Brahmas Pure Sky were wounded and forced to flee the matrix, but some of the demons of the Sky Demon Court were wounded as well.

In the end, the Sky Demon Court broke through the Xuantian Matrixs defenses, but they did not make the matrix collapse like the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had done. This time, Qin He was not as persistent as before. Perhaps it was because of lingering wounds from the last battle, and the fact that many of the members of the matrix had been forced to sit out of the fighting. This time they were not as strong.

Thus, the cultivators of the Sky Demon Court also went up to the Xuantian Pavilion.

They also stood at the edge, standing next to the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Yin Tianyu and Jun looked at each other. They had fought in the Violet Heavenly Palace before, but at that time, they had just been testing each other, and so had not used all of their power. Afterward, the battle between Yin Tianyu and Gu Dongliu had been a real fight.

But Yin Tianyu and Jun were eminent talents of the human cultivating world and the demon cultivating world. As they stood there, it seemed like invisible fighting will was spreading throughout the Xuantian Pavilion.

After the Sky Demon Court, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were the last ones left to try.

But after two battles, there would be a lot less pressure on them.

After all, the power of the Xuantian Matrix had clearly lessened already. Previously, when they were at full strength, even top forces like the Sky Demon Court would have had a hard time attacking them.

Everyone was watching the people from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. There had been a lot of rumors about Ye Futian and Qin He spreading throughout the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Was he not planning on doing anything?

Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun looked at Ye Futian as well. It seemed like he, who was not even a disciple of the Celestial Gate of Vasts Heaven, had become the core member of their group.

Of course, this did not mean that the people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would place Ye Futian above Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun. It was just that this whole affair was about Qin He and her choice of a cultivation partner.

Neither Jiang Taichu nor Hua Qingyun wanted to become her partner. Ye Futian was undoubtedly the best choice.

When he felt all those eyes on him, Ye Futian stepped forward. The rest of the people from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven followed quickly. They all walked towards the stairs to the Xuantian Pavilion.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Qin He looked down at them, her beautiful eyes seeming to pierce through Ye Futian even across the vast distance. She had a conflicted expression on her face. She did not know what to feel.

She placed her fingers on the strings and got ready to play the guqin.

Ye Futian was very sensitive, and so he could feel Qin Hes gaze upon him. He could not quite tell what emotions she was displaying in her gaze.

Besides Qin He, Yin Tianyu and the cultivators of the Sky Demon Court were also watching him.

"Is this the one who broke through the Divine Sounds?" whispered Yan Sui from beside Yin Tianyu. It seemed like he was very interested in Ye Futian.

Gu Dongliu, who had fought with Yin Tianyu in the past, was not here today. So they naturally would only focus on the cultivator who had broken through their Divine Sounds.

All was quiet as Ye Futian looked back at Qin He. "The Xuantian Matrix is already weakened," he said. "A fight would not be fair. Why dont we try another method?"

"Please come up, Lord Ye," said Qin He as she looked down at him. Her fingers moved over the strings of her guqin.

Amidst the melodious music, Ye Futian looked up at her and said, "Pardon the intrusion."

Upon saying this, he sat down.

A look of surprise came over the faces of the cultivators of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven all around him as he did this. He had been so polite when he spoke to Qin He, but he had not said how he would fight.

Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun had let Ye Futian take the lead in this battle. Why had he not said anything to them?

His every movement was elegant and graceful.

"What a master!" said many people with praise.

At that moment, a guqin appeared in front of him. A look of surprise came over everyones face.

A guqin?

Qin He was playing a guqin on the steps to Xuantian Pavilion, and now Ye Futian dared to pull one out as well?


Most of the people there did not understand.

Boom! Brilliant celestial light flashed from Ye Futian as he activated the methods of the Deed of Thought Comprehension and the mystical ways of Celestial Soul Attraction. In an instant, the will of the Great Path was flowing wildly, and a Celestial Soul slowly materialized behind him.

At the same time, Ye Futians fingers fell upon the guqin. For a moment, his music brought people to the infinite realm of ethereal space. It was like everyone had entered a whole new, marvelous world.

"The Way of Music!" Everyones hearts trembled. Ye Futian was also skilled at Rhythmic Sorcery.

"Let your Saintly will flow into the music. Do not resist," said Ye Futian. The people from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven looked surprised. Could it be that simple?

Ye Wuchen, Qi Xuangang, and the others were the first to do so. The powerful will suddenly bloomed out, flowing along with the music and controlled by Ye Futians Rhythmic Sorcery.

Jiang Taichu and Hua Qingyun did so as well, and soon, all the other people from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven released their powerful Saintly wills one after another, making them resonate with the music.

Soon the amount of will contained within the music seemed to explode.

Ye Futian started to float upward into the sky slowly. All the other cultivators followed him. The storm of guqin music gradually grew fiercer. It raged between heaven and earth as the Celestial Soul grew larger. It was like a real celestial coming down to earth.

What was more frightening was the immense piercing power that the guqin music had. When the music covered the stairs, all the cultivators within the Xuantian Matrix suddenly felt a strong sense of unease.

Qin He was also surprised by Ye Futians skill with the guqin. She suddenly felt that something was not right, and her expression changed. Her hands moved quickly as she watched Ye Futian down below her.

Ye Futian, who was floating in the air, looked back at her. The Celestial Soul behind him was shining with terrifying celestial light. At that moment, the cultivators in the Xuantian Matrix could feel their souls trembling.

Ye Futian pointed with his right hand and then placed his fingers on the guqin.


The guqin music pierced through their souls and destroying countless phantoms within the Xuantian Matrix. A loud moan rang out at the same time as all the Goddesses went pale and were sent flying backward. However, they had not been subjected to a direct attack.

The Xuantian Matrix collapsed in an instant. Only some of the extremely strong Goddesses managed to remain in place, but they could no longer form the matrix.

Everyone was staring at the brilliant celestial light coming from the Celestial Soul. It seemed to merge with the Great Path itself.

"What happened?"

They did not understand what they were seeing. Had Ye Futian just integrated Rhythmic Sorcery into the mystical ways of Celestial Soul Attraction?

Had he just broken the matrix in an instant?