The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473 Candidates?

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Countless people were still gathered together in the vast area below the Xuantian Palace. All of them were cultivators from Brahmas Sky City.

However, as they looked up, all they could see on the stairway were a few women left as guards. The others had all disappeared up into Xuantian Pavilion.

What would happen up there?

If Saint QIn He of Brahmas Pure Sky wanted to choose a cultivation partner, she would probably choose him from among the three camps that had broken the matrix.

"If Goddess Qin chooses a cultivation partner, who do you all think would be the most suitable candidate?" someone asked those around him.

"The Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty Yi Tianyu. He is a Prince of the Divine Palace, and has a pleasant disposition, in addition to being good at making friends. Many of the great geniuses of the Shangxiao Palace have come to the Heavenly Mandate Realm to help him," said someone with certainty. "As long as Goddess Qin He does not have any objections, then a marriage between the foremost Saint of Brahmas Pure Sky and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would be a match made in heaven. No one could be more suitable."

"Thats true. I have heard that the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty looks down on everyone; he is extremely proud. Now it looks like the rumors were not true. Yi Tianyu seems modest and humble. If he and Goddess Qin He were together, then Brahmas Pure Sky would lose there greatest Saint, but in the future, they would gain a queen of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty," someone chimed in.

Many people thought that Qin He and Yi Tianyu were well suited to each other.

"You all seem to be forgetting about Qin Hes happiness," someone broke in. "Ye Futian broke the matrix in an instant and is a marvelous hero besides. His family background may be obscure, and he is certainly of lower status than Yi Tianyu, but that just makes it all the more impressive that he is here today. Moreover, Ye Futian is one of the greatest figures of our age. He broke the matrix in an instant! And Goddess Qin He said that he was a contender for the title of the strongest person in this generation of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. This means that in Goddess Qin Hes eyes, Ye Futian is absolutely no worse than Yi Tianyu. Moreover, she clearly favors him. Wouldnt it be even more perfect if the two of them were together?"

"Ye Futian may have an incredible amount of talent, but it seems that there are no feelings between him and Qin He," said someone.

"They would make a bad match?" someone asked.


Qin He was, after all, a Saint of Brahmas Pure Sky. Looked at from this angle, she and the Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were more suitable for each other.

The people of Brahmas Sky City were naturally very passionate and curious about the topic of a cultivation partner for the foremost Saint of Brahmas Pure Sky, and conversations about this could be found throughout the city.

As for what was happening up at Xuantian Pavilion, they did not dare try to spy on it.

That was Xuantian Pavilion, the place where the Goddesses of Brahmas Sky City cultivated. Who would dare spy there without permission?

Now they could only guess, and wait for news.

Unfortunately, they had not been born into any of the great forces. Otherwise, they could have gone up to the pavilion and seen what was going on.

At that moment, a feast had been prepared at Xuantian Pavilion.

The people of Brahmas Pure Sky had brought all the people of the great forces to the place where the feast was being held. The cultivators took their seats. Qin He did not sit in the hosts place, but in a seat off to the side. A look of surprise came over everyones faces.

Could it be that some other important figure from Brahmas Pure Sky was coming?

At that moment, a group of figures walked out from one of the great halls. Naturally, they were all women.

The one at their head had an outstanding air about her. She was tall and slender, but with perfect curves. However, there was a fascinating sense of divinity about her, which made it so that people would not dare to lust after her.

When they saw her, all the people of the great forces bowed in turn and said, "Greetings, Goddess."

The woman at the head of the group that had just come was one of the Jiutian Goddessesthe Xuantian Goddess.

Xuantian Pavilion was her place for cultivation within Brahmas Sky City.

The Jiutian Goddesses held a very respected position within Brahmas Pure Sky, only being subordinate to the Empress. Even in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they were considered powerful figures. All of the people who had come here today, who on the surface were powerful figures in their own right, paid their respects when they saw Goddess Xuantian.

"Welcome to Xuantian Pavilion. There is no need to be so polite, you may all sit," said Goddess Xuantian.

"Thank you, Goddess." Everyone was still speaking very politely. If Goddess Xuantian had not taken her seat, they certainly could not. In the world of cultivation, no matter what your relationship with somebody was, as long as you were not facing them in battle, you had to show them the utmost respect.

Sometimes people would even show great respect when facing their enemies.

Goddess Xuantian did not say anything else. She sat down with a slight smile, and soon everyone else followed suit.

"Today, we have invited all of you from the Heavenly Mandate Realm for several reasons. The first reason is that we wanted to see the talented cultivators of this generation. The second is that we want to take this chance to have the disciples of Brahmas Pure Sky teach the cultivators of all the other forces and give them more motivation to cultivate.," said goddess Xuantian. "The Xuantian Matrix was set up by Qin He and the Saints of Brahmas Pure Sky, but even so, every time you attacked, you put a lot of pressure on them. And you even managed to break it several times. Many people were hurt. This is a great reminder for them."

"Thank you for your kind words, Goddess. The Xuantian Matrix is incredibly powerful. If we had not used all of our might, it would have been impossible to break it. It was pure luck that we were able to do so as it was," said Yi Tianyu with a smile.

"The matrix is created by the Saints of Brahmas Pure Sky, and naturally, they are able to bring a lot of power to bear. You must know that we have come a great distance, and yet since we were able to see the splendor of the Goddesses of Brahmas Pure Sky, the trip was more than worth it," said a cultivator beside Yi Tianyu. His name was Lin Yue, and he was the oldest of the disciples who had come here from Shangxiao Divine Palace, making him their Elder Brother.

Even Yi Tianyu showed him respect.

"Shangxiao Divine Palace itself has quite a powerful matrix. How can our humble matrix compare to yours?" Goddess Xuantian said to Lin Yue.

"This is not a competition between our matrices. Moreover, Goddess Qin He displayed just as much talent in this battle as even the most powerful figures from Shangxiao Divine Palace. If you are willing, then we would be pleased to have her come and join us there to cultivate," said Lin Yue with a smile.

Everyone who heard this looked surprised. Would Qin He enter Shangxiao Divine Palace?

Then she would become Yi Tianyus sworn sister. Lin Yue seemed to be speaking casually, but his words had profound implications.

If Brahmas Pure Sky were really planning to do this, then Qin Hes choice of Spiritual Partner would certainly be Yi Tianyu.

"That depends on what Qin He herself thinks," answered Goddess Xuantian. "There was one other reason for this battle, and it was the most important one: determining Qin Hes future."

Everyone who heard this felt their hearts beating faster. Had they finally reached the main topic?

When he heard this, Ye Futian involuntarily looked towards Qin He. He saw her nod slightly, but could not see her expression.

"My disciple Qin He is outstandingly talented. However, she lacks a few things since she has always cultivated here in Brahmas Pure Sky. Thus, we have decided to let her go out into the mortal world to cultivate and train. However, she will still be a disciple of Brahmas Pure Sky," said Goddess Xuantian.

Everyone was clear about what she meant. Indeed, the people of Brahmas Sky City had been talking about this. It seemed their information had not come out of thin air.

Brahmas Pure Sky was indeed going to choose a Spiritual Partner for Qin He.

Enter the so-called "mortal world" to cultivate was perhaps one reason, but it was definitely not the only one. They all knew this, and Qin He must have known as well.

"However, Qin He is extremely proud. She is not willing to leave Brahmas Pure Sky and enter the mortal world, so she and I made a bet. I let her set up the Xuantian Matrix. If no one was able to break it, then she would not have to go to the mortal world. If someone could break it, then she had to promise to leave Brahmas Pure Sky," continued Goddess Xuantian.

Everyone was stunned. If none of them had been able to break the matrix, that would have meant Qin He was not inferior to anyone in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and she would have no need to get married.

As Ye Futian listened to this, he saw that she had her head bowed. Was this why she had fought so persistently?

Everyone had thought that she did not need to do that, but she had indeed fought with all her strength.

So, she had indeed been unwilling. If that was the case, why was Brahmas Pure Sky forcing her?

Was it just so that she would go into the mortal world to cultivate?

Perhaps they wanted to use her to help arrange the future situation of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Under the current situation, no matter who she married, it would change the balance of power.

It could be said that her marriage would be extremely influential.

"However, this is an extremely important matter to Qin He. Thus, I ask that you all give her some time. Brahmas Pure Sky will not influence her choice," continued Goddess Xuantian. Then she looked at Qin He and said, "I leave it to you, Qin He." Having said this, she stood and said, "I will not see all of you off. It is good that you are gathered here together."

After she said this, she turned and left.

Qin He was the foremost Saint of Brahmas Pure Sky, which was a top force in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. And she was beautiful besides. If she chose someone to be her Spiritual Partner, how could they refuse?

Qin He looked up at everyone and said softly, "Everyone, please stay here at Xuantian Pavilion for a while. I must consider this matter carefully."

On saying this, she rose and walked to one side, leaving behind a crowd of stunned people.

Was she just going to abandon all her guests?

Other than a few maids, all of the important people of Brahmas Pure sky had left.

There was a strange look on Ye Futians face.

Were all of them candidates?