The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476 Chaos Ensues

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Hua Qingyun looked at Yue Qing and smiled faintly. He stood tall and said plainly, "The students of Shangxiao Divine Palace are indeed dashing and humble in seeking to learn. However, Im currently not in the mood to teach.’"

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Ye Futian was utterly baffled at how pretentious Hua Qingyun was.

Youre indeed some genius from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. You really couldnt have been more celestial indeed, he thought.

The student of the Shangxiao Divine Palace frowned. While such seeking spirit could have had different meanings, especially that between those of the same generation, it would have meant a challenge. Hua Qingyun deliberately went about twisting things around.

"Well then, I humbly seek your guidance." Despite being momentarily baffled, Yue Qing was hardly fazed and appeared normal. Yue Qing went on to actually humbly seek his guidance instead.

"I dont have the time," Hua Qingyun smiled and replied.

Humbly seek my guidance?

What the hell? Hua Qingyun thought.

Ye Futian was present, and if he were just to nod, Hua Qingyun thought that Ye Futians chances would have been unlike any other. Qin Hes attitude in the matter mattered a lot after all. Furthermore, he was able to see that Virgin Jinyi and her people went to look for Ye Futian just to get on with that matter after all.

If Ye Futians chances of being selected were far higher than that of Yi Tianyu, to begin with, Hua Qingyun saw no need to waste their time any further over there.

The people of Shangxiao Divine Palace intended to show what they were capable of, yet they lost again and again, which Hua Qingyun found boring.

Furthermore, the matter was not something that could have been decided by determining the winner of sparring sessions, after all. The key to the decision lied with the upper echelons of Brahmas Pure Sky, as well as Qin Hes own attitude on the matter.

The people of Shangxiao Divine Palace looked at Hua Qingyun with a baffled expression. They were rendered speechless.

"Arent you from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven? Why are you such a coward?" A sarcastic voice was heard. Hua Qingyun and the others turned around, finding the one who talked to be rather ugly, yet they dressed in extremely lavish clothing. It was a mighty one from the Purple Gold Rat Clan.

The rats knew that their chances were slim and had only been watching the show so far, seeing how the titans clashed. They never expected Hua Qingyun to behave in such a manner. He was the man who was lauded as the number one among the later generations of the Hua Clan, yet he refused to answer to a challenge.

But then again, it was also the rats wish to not see the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven get any larger than they already were. It would have been better if they were overrun and crushed by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, which would have resulted in utter defeat for both parties, and that would have benefited the rats.

Gu Dongliu contained the luck of all demon realm in him. Gu Tianxing intended to have Gu Dongliu become the new king of the demon realm, and the rats deemed the older man to have been naive.

"Since when did you rats have a say in this?" Hua Qingyun turned around and looked at that mighty one from the Purple Gold Rat Clan.

The rise of the ancestor of the rats had never been something to be proud of in the first place, and he was baffled at how they dared to say something that sarcastic at the moment.

The mighty one was obviously offended. Intense cold was felt from him, which he directed at Hua Qingyun. The Purple Gold Rat Clan hated being called "rats" above anything else, as they saw it to be the greatest insult.

It was easy to tell from Hua Qingyuns tone that the student of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven despised the rats from the bottom of his heart.

Boom. The rat stomped on the ground and charged forward. Many rat demons followed suit, bringing their might down on Hua Qingyun.

"We of the Purple Gold Rat Clan are now a supreme force of the demon realm, reigning on par with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. You, a student of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, dare to insult us?" a mighty one from the rats berated in a cold tone.

Many mighty ones from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven emerged and came behind Hua Qingyun. They burst with overwhelming auras, and auras from both sides clashed in midair, forming a raging current, which spread throughout the Xuantian Pavilion.

Hua Qingyun remained unfazed and stood tall where he was. He then glared at the other party and asked, "Arent the Purple Gold Rat Clan rat demons? If you are indeed rats, why would you need to take offense at being called so? Why would you need to mask your inferiority complex by calling it an insult? If you people are unable to take even that much, why step out and butt into other peoples business in the first place?"

The mighty ones of the Purple Gold Rat Clan looked grim, and one of them emerged, glaring at Hua Qingyun. He said, "Were not butting into the affairs of others. We rat demons are just eager to see just what the geniuses of the Celestial Gate are made of."

"I suggest that you people stop humiliating yourselves further." Hua Qingyuns voice was mild-mannered. He remained looking nonchalant as he stood around, behaving in a loose, unfettered manner, without the slightest hint of taking a fight seriously, which was a stark contrast to the attitude of those of the rats.

Voom! That mighty one of the rats turned into a bolt of lightning as soon as Hua Qingyun finished, charging straight at Hua Qingyun. Dazzling golden divine light pierced through space, and the terrifying demonic aura burst ragingly.


Celestial light burst from Hua Qingyuns body in an instant, shooting to the heavens. One terrifying mirage after another appeared and burst all over the place, heading straight for that mighty rat.

Countless mirages of Hua Qingyun lashed out with their palm attacks. A terrifying golden rat demon appeared right above his head, ferociously extending its claws. He tore apart the mirages one after another.

However, the mirages continued to stack, and they seemed to have grown increasingly strong. A loud rumble was heard, and a celestial shadow clashed with that huge, ferocious shadow of the rat demon. Raging celestial light burst and permeated the place. That mighty rat was shocked and flung behind, repelled to the sky above.

His eyes remained extremely cold as he glared at Hua Qingyun below. However, the celestial light from Hua Qingyun shot to the heavens. The mirages disappeared, and he remained standing where he was quietly as if he had never made a single move.

"Mystical way of the Hua Clanthe Mystical Cloud Ladder," the crowd muttered as they witnessed the scene. Both the Hua Clan and the Jiang Clan inherited their own mystical ways, and they were all very formidable.

The Mystical Cloud Ladder was said to be able to climb the mystical ladder using the power of the great path of the world, breaking the limitations of plane advancement. When trained to the extreme, one would have even been able to break through planes using mystical ways forcefully, and its power was said to be unmatched.

Such a mystical method was extremely demanding to train, requiring years of excruciating training before being able to make substantial progress step by step. It was said that the Mystical Cloud Ladder had a thousand layers. Rumors claimed that one would only be able to make minor achievements after training for 100 years, and major ones could have only been achieved by training for 1,000 years.

As such, those of the Hua Clan began training in the method from a very young age.

The mighty ones of the Purple Gold Rat Clan in the air had gotten increasingly ferocious with their attacks. Purple Golden demonic aura permeated the sky, and there was even an extremely ferocious large creature being conjured. It was a rat demon that was boundlessly huge. It sported golden eyes and appeared extremely terrifying and brutal.

Many wore puzzled expression at the scene. It had been the ones from the Shangxiao Divine Palace wanting to fight Hua Qingyun before, but none expected the rats to interfere.

Hua Qingyun looked up at the sky. Mystical shadows burst in layers over his body, melding with the great path all around him.

A high-pitched screech was heard, and that rat demon pounced on Hua Qingyun yet again. The huge demon lunged with claws extended and fangs bared at Hua Qingyuns mystical shadows, devouring them as he went. It was as if he was out to devour them all in one go.

Hua Qingyun extended his hand and waved, and the many mirages in the air did the same. He was seen striking out with his palm, causing his surroundings to shift as countless shadows did the same. That huge rat demon that pounced devoured all the shadows, but its huge frame continued to tremble. It was as if the shadows had all been destroyed.

Boom, boom, boom The huge demon rats body trembled and roared. A huge mystical shadow appeared in the air as if it was a manifestation of multiple mirages. The air trembled violently as he struck out. That rat demon howled in a frenzy, before being destroyed altogether.

The mighty one from the Purple Gold Rat Clan behind turned pale. Celestial light sparkled, and Hua Qingyuns body seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. He clapped at the rat demon. In that instant, the rat demon felt the space it was in was about to be shattered. That seemingly light touch of a palm contained unparalleled powers.

Pfftt The rat demon spewed blood and was blasted away.

"The students of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven indeed live up to their name. Since were all here in Heavenly Mandate Realm, we naturally need to see for ourselves what the pinnacle beings of the realm are made of." A voice was heard, and Yue Qing walked out. He charged straight at Hua Qingyun without bothering to seek consent.

Yue Qing thrust his palm out, and a large palm print capable of shattering space appeared in the air, bearing down on Hua Qingyun.

The mighty ones of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven frowned at the scene. A figure was seen stepping out in the air, who then thrust a finger at the palm print of the great path. Terrifying pressure appeared in the air.

The ones from the Divine Palace saw that others were interfering, and more mighty ones emerged with overbearing aura.

"In that case, we of the Shangxiao Divine Palace shall see what you all are made of."

Mighty ones from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven emerged to intercept. As such, there were more and more mighty ones from both sides emerging. Many mighty ones from the Shangxiao Divine Palace, Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven emerged, clashing with one another and making the scene look severe.

It seemed that a single sparring session had spiraled into a group fight instead.

"This is getting messy." The ones from other forces sported baffled expression, seeing what happened. The scene seemed to have spiraled out of control.

The mighty ones of the Purple Gold Rat Clan took the opportunity to lash out at the ones from the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven without mercy, thinking it best to bring about a war. It would make things worse between the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and the Heavenly Mandate Realm. It could offend those from the Shangxiao Divine Palace, too.

While the Shangxiao Divine Palace of Higher Heavens Plane did not concern themselves with what their students did outside, the top-notch students themselves were all of impressive backgrounds. There were even some who hailed from top-notch forces of other supreme realms.

The messier the situation at hand, the better it would have been for the rats.

Ye Futians expression turned cold seeing the scene. There was nothing to say about the conflict between them and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, as both were destined to stand on opposing sides.

However, he was able to see that the rats had indeed deliberately tried to make things worse, as they could have just watched from the sidelines.

Furthermore, he had never actually paid much heed to how those of the rats acted against him back at the Origin Mountains, and he certainly did not expect them to meddle in his affairs once again.

He cast his gaze in one direction and flashed, emerging like a bolt of lightning.

The world around them shook as Ye Futian stepped out, making the minds of all those around him jump. The Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky spell was extremely overbearing, after all.

The expression of a mighty one of the Purple Gold Rat Clan changed all of a sudden saw. He Ye Futian emerge right before him, throwing out a punch.

That punch seemed like Divine Elephants going on a stampede, shattering the space about and with a rumble. That rat demon was sent flying.

If the rats wanted to be a part of this so badly, it was time to teach them a lesson theyd never forget.