The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477 Its All Too Brutal

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"Youre too much!"

The mighty ones of the Purple Gold Rat Clan saw how powerful Ye Futians aura was, and several of them pounced onto him immediately.

"Holiness of Nirvanas." Ye Futian took one look at them and found that there were Holiness of Nirvana class monsters among those mighty ones. Many of them launched forward at the same time, extending their demonic auras to shroud the space Ye Futian was in. The huge shadows of the rats pounced and tore down the stampeding Divine Elephants.

A terrifying shadow of the Divine Elephant appeared above him after seeing several of the rat monsters coming at him. Trumpeting of elephants were heard from above him. The space trembled, and the bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions burst within him.


When Ye Futian stepped out once again, a terrifying scene appeared above in the sky. The elephants rushed and stomped the sky. The shadows of the rats were crushed outright as they were stomped on by the rushing Divine Elephants.

Furthermore, those mighty ones of the Purple Gold Rat Clan felt stifled. It was as if their souls were being put under terrifying pressure.

Ye Futian stepped out again. He looked like a giant god of the Divine Elephants when he stood tall in the air, so much so that the Holiness of Nirvanas among the rats felt an overwhelming pressure all about them.

Those rats stopped moving. When Ye Futian lifted his feet and began walking, that handsome silver-haired young man seemed to have become extremely tall and imposing, like that of a god. The Divine Elephant shadow, which shrouded his body, moved alongside him.

Ye Futian stomped at the next moment, causing the Divine Elephant to do the same. Thousands of elephants trumpeted in an instant, as they tore through the sky.

Boom One rat was sent flying right while spitting up blood. It seemed that his powerful defenses were unable to do nothing to protect it. The blood in its body raged and howled, while his bones continued to break.

Boom, boom, boom!

Trembling noise continued to be heard, and one rat after another was sent flying almost at the same time. One of the rats, who was a Holiness of Nirvana, continued to charge forward. Ye Futian took a look at him and threw a single punch.

That space exploded in a frenzy at that very instant. The terrifying, devastating attack blasted onto the body of that Holiness of Nirvana rat, causing him to grunt in pain. His bones broke, and blood spilled all over before he was sent flying.

It took mere moments to cause internal damage to all the rats who were in front of Ye Futian. No one was left standing before him as everyone was downed.

"The bone of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions." A Holiness of Nirvana rat monster coldly eyed Ye Futian from elsewhere.

His body then rose to the air, and he began walking towards Ye Futian. Towering demonic aura swept all over the place from his hand, which was holding a terrifying ritual implementan imperial level piececausing him to emanate extremely threatening aura.

He stepped out and walked towards Ye Futian, emanating an extremely terrifying and ferocious aura.

Ye Futian looked down, gazing at the rat as he stood above in the sky. Those dazzling yet pitched black eyes of his exuded contempt. Celestial light burst, and he shot for the clouds. A celestial soul was conjured above him shortly after.

Ye Futians eyes came to look demonic at that moment. The rat, who was shooting above, flinched slightly as if he sensed the threat posed by that soul.

Ye Futian looked at the rat and took one step down as if he was stepping onto the soul of that rat. The rat dazzled all over, and an incredibly huge rat shadow appeared, shrouding his soul.

Voom. Ye Futian walked right to the rat and threw a punch up close. That huge rat lashed out with his claws in retaliation, clashing with Ye Futians punch. A raging hurricane whipped out through the sky, shredding the space all around them.

Yet, there was a silhouette seen within that huge rat shadow. It was as if it was about to be shaken out of the body by the terrifying tremor, causing that huge rat body to stay fixed in the air as if time had stopped altogether.

Ye Futian threw yet another punch without mercy, blasting at the sky.


Blood was seen spilling from that rats mouth as he was sent flying and crashed hard onto the ground. The rats body trembled violently, and he looked extremely disheveled. His soul was severely damaged as well.

The ritual implement that he had taken out was not actually of much use. His soul was overwhelmed and damaged. There was no doubt that if they were to continue fighting, Ye Futian would have ended up killing him.

That rat was a Holiness of Nirvana, yet he seemed utterly helpless in front of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian did not stop there. He continued stepping out. Every single strike caused a mighty one of the Purple Gold Rats to end up severely injured, allowing others to free up their hands to take on those from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

He, on the other hand, did not do anything against those from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

He behaved as if that had been his plan all along.

"Enough." A demonic emperor class figure of the rats was heard saying. His voice reverberated throughout the place. His might shrouded the entire battlefield. It was apparent that it was not only the saints who showed up at the scene. Renhuang and demonic emperors of a myriad of forces were present as well, and they were all very powerful.

Seeing a demonic emperor appear among the rats, the Renhuang of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven emanated towering pressure as well. The fighting throughout the battlefield was halted for the time being, even between the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Everyone turned their eyes to a single direction. That silver-haired figure dressed in white stood tall in the air and looked extremely dazzling. He alone defeated all the mighty ones of the Purple Gold Rat Clan who attacked, causing the rats to look extremely beaten down as they laid there, defeated.

None of the rats had been able to stand against him, which resulted in that scene right there and then.

Ye Futian turned his eyes at the demonic emperor of the rats and said, "Didnt you rat people ask for this in the first place?"

His actions against the Purple Gold Rat Clan were to serve as a warning. The fighting between the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had nothing to do with the rats in the first place. If the rats intended to meddle in their affairs, then he would have emerged to subdue them.

The mighty ones who were all downed at the time made it clear that all they did was tantamount to asking to be insulted.

"Step down," the demonic emperor of the rats said. One rat after another flashed and backed away, looking very displeased.

That battle was like a slaughter instead, and it seemed as if all of them had been taken down by just a single person, making all talk about fighting to be nothing but a joke on their part. All the other forces, who were only there for the show, were somewhat shocked as well. A force without such top-notch geniuses would surely end up being squashed by one figure after another.

It was no surprise why Qin He claimed before that Ye Futian was qualified to fight to become the most brilliant one below the Renhuang of the realm.

Many mighty ones from Heavenly Mandate Realm and Shangxiao Divine Palace eyed him. While the battle was one that was fought in a rush, what Ye Futian had just pulled moments ago compelled them to take him seriously. There was perhaps only a handful, of people even from a place like Shangxiao Divine Palace, capable of fighting him, after all.

The rats all backed away from the battlefield without saying anything, as they had lost the right to do so altogether.

Although the fight was brief, things were undoubtedly dire, nonetheless.