The Legend Of Futian Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Marriage

After Emperor Ye brought them back to the Imperial City of the Cangye Kingdom, everyone went back to their own places. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng followed Emperor Ye into the palace.

"The Hundred Lands will probably get busy. What are your plans?" Emperor Ye asked while walking in the palace. After the trip to the Nandou Nation, the two parties had become much closer and were like a senior with juniors.

"Your Majesty, you've been to the Ancient Barren World. What's in there?" Ye Futian asked.

"I've only been to the upper Ancient Barren World and not the lower one," Emperor Ye said. "Other than the fate, chance, and secret realms, everything is the same to the outer world. They have clans, forces, and cities. There are people there from all over the Eastern Barren Territory. You can see it as a microcosm of the Eastern Barren Territory. However, it's more dangerous and competition is fiercer. Murder is an everyday thing, so I suggest you wait until you're in a high plane before visiting it."

"There's no time," Ye Futian said quietly. "Emperor Luo said he will declare war against the Cangye Kingdom. I don't think he's bluffing. Luo Junlin will go cultivate at the Royal Xuan Temple too."

"My kingdom is not weaker than the Nandou Nation," Emperor Ye said. If he wants to declare war, I'll cooperate. Even without you, it'll come to this sooner or later. As for Luo Junlin, he's troublesome indeed. Because of him, the other emperors will side with Emperor Luo."

Ye Futian thought of the attitude from the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom emperors earlier and chuckled. "If they support Emperor Luo because of Luo Junlin, they're caring for the Nandou Nation's reputation but aren't they scared of pissing me off?"

"You" Emperor Ye gave Ye Futian a look. This guy was very talented but he was still in the Glory Plane with a long road ahead. Luo Junlin was different though. He'd snatched the Noble fate and entered the Royal Xuan Temple. He already had one foot in the Noble Plane. Did they still have to choose? They still didn't have any news of the Ancient Barren World being opened up.

"I'm looked down on." Ye Futian was a bit sad.

"They'll regret it," Yu Sheng said seriously from the side. Emperor Ye glanced at him. He realized that Yu Sheng would become serious whenever something had to do with Ye Futian. He wondered what exactly their relationship was.

"Yeah, I believe they'll regret it too," Emperor Ye said, nodding. "Alright, you two can go. They bid farewell and walked toward the mountain the imperial advisor stayed at. Hearing that Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were back, everyone walked out and gathered together.

Ye Futian's eyes fell upon Hua Fengliu. He asked with anticipation, "Master, has your life spirit recovered?"

"Yes, we can make them pay for everything they did recently. Last time, who was the one that didn't want to be my disciple in the Guqin Gardens?" Hua Fengliu looked at Ye Futian with a knowing smile.

Ye Futian cursed inwardly, Like father, like daughter. That smile

"Master, don't you know that I was doing it with you in mind? Plus, I helped get Masteress back for you," Ye Futian said, looking at Nandou Wenyin. "Oh right, where's my wife?" Hua Fengliu was still looking at Ye Futian so he changed the topic.

"Did I agree to that?" Hua Fengliu laughed.

"Are you going to bully your disciple as soon as your health recovers? Aren't you satisfied with such a great disciple? Plus, I already betrothed Jieyu to Futian. Don't you agree?" Nandou Wenyin said from the side.

Hua Fengliu glanced at her and muttered, "Whatever you say."

Ye Futian blinked and moved to Nandou Wenyin. "Masteress is the best." It seemed that he would have to stick to his masteress from now on.

"Futian, Jieyu is cultivating in isolation. After the imperial advisor cured your master, he busied himself with Jieyu's cultivation," Nandou Wenyin said gently. Hua Fengliu was still looking at Ye Futian dispiritedly. Their attitudes were way too different.

Ye Futian gazed at Imperial Advisor Mo He. He seemed to have aged considerably so Ye Futian asked, "What happened to Senior?"

"It's all because of Jieyu. He wasn't even like this when healing your master," Nandou Wenyin said, a little ashamed.

"Princess, no need to worry. The royal family's life spirit is very strong. If Jieyu is evolving again, I will do whatever I can for her unique talent," Mo He said with a sigh. "If only I could've met her earlier."

"No one in Donghai City of Nandou Nation understood the royal life spirit, let alone Jieyu's life spirit. We are fortunate to meet you," Hua Fengliu also said. Mo He was the imperial mage of the Nandou Nation's previous dynasty and went into war with the emperor. He was undoubtedly the one who understood the royal life spirit the most. His cultivated ability was special as well.

Ye Futian smiled at their words. It appeared that Fox was more talented than he'd thought. It was a good thing that she met the right teacher.

"How was the Nandou Nation? Did you stir up a commotion at the Tingfeng Banquet?" Hua Fengliu asked Ye Futian.

"I only fought one battle." Ye Futian shrugged. He wasn't that sort of high-key person.

"No news of Headmaster Yi?" Hua Fengliu asked again.

"Senior Yi left safely after the Donghai City fight. If he's still in the country, he should hear about us," Ye Futian said. He was sure that Yu Sheng's exclamation would travel throughout the country.

"Really?" Yi Qingxuan gazed at him.

"There was one winner from the nine battle platforms of the Tingfeng Banquet and all nine are regarded highly. But your man went up and stepped on one, punched another guy down, and then ripped apart a guy in the First level Dharma Plane. Then he yelled to everyone that he was Yu Sheng, a disciple of Yi Xiang, so what do you think?" Ye Futian said to Yi Qingxuan.

Hearing Ye Futian's words, everyone gaped at Yu Sheng. He was too crazy! Yi Qingxuan looked at him with reddening eyes while he just scratched his head boyishly.

Yi Qingxuan walked up and hit Yu Sheng's chest with her small fists.

"Can you go somewhere else with your public displays of affection?" Ye Futian asked with a laugh.

"Sure." Yi Qingxuan smiled and pulled Yu Sheng away.

The others talked about what happened at the Nandou Nation and then Ye Futian went to cultivate.

The Ancient Barren World was about to open up, Luo Junlin was going to the Royal Xuan Temple to cultivate, and war was about to erupt between the Nandou Nation and Cangye Kingdom. Time was running out.


Soon after, violence broke out at the border between the two nations and the Nandou Nation invaded the Cangye Kingdom. Of course, the Cangye Kingdom was well-prepared. They had an eye on the Nandou Nation so a big war erupted. After countless days, someone came from the Cangye palace, saying he was Yu Sheng's master. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Yi Qingxuan, Tang Lan, Hua Fengliu, and the others all came out to welcome the guest and saw Yi Xiang.

"Father!" Yi Qingxuan ran into Yi Xiang's arms, tears flowing instantly.

"What are you crying for? You should be happy," Yi Xiang said gently, patting his daughter's hair.

"Master." Yu Sheng and Tang Lan walked up.

"Senior Yi," Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin called. Yi Xiang had entered the Nandou clan because of Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. He'd risked his own life to fight off the School of the Emperor Star headmaster to help all of them escape.

Yi Xiang looked at everyone and then said to Tang Lan, "They're all family so what are you doing here?"

"Master," Tang Lan replied a bit awkwardly.

"Senior Yi," Nandou Wenyin said, walking up. "I've been thinking about Fengliu and Tang Lan's wedding. Since you're here now, you can host it personally."

Everyone gaped at Nandou Wenyin. Even Hua Fengliu didn't know about this.

"Wenyin, you" Hua Fengliu said.

"You let Tang Lang down years ago. Do you want to do it again?" Nandou Wenyin asked while Hua Fengliu smiled wryly.

"You're talking nonsense." Tang Lan stared at Nandou Wenyin.

"Don't be stubborn. You went through so much these years. What's there to be insistent and reserved for? If you could move on, why did you buy the Guqin Gardens, take him in, and do so much for him?" Nandou Wenyin said. Tang Lan didn't know what to say.

Ye Futian watched all this, dumbfounded. His masteress was helping his master find another woman. He wondered if he should tell Jieyu to learn from her mother.

Seeing that Tang Lan didn't refute Nandou Wenyin's words, Yi Xiang glanced at Hua Fengliu and said, "This can do."

"Master" Tang Lan looked at Yi Xiang.

"You went against me for him back in the day. Where's your courage now?" Yi Xiang said, looking hard at her. "Don't worry. With me here, no one can mistreat you. I'll take charge of this. This can do." He obviously understood his disciple. If she didn't feel strongly for him, she wouldn't keep Hua Fengliu by her side. However, without a title, she would have to leave sooner or later and live alone miserably.

"I think it can do too. Aunt Tang, I'll have to call you Second Masteress from now on," Ye Futian said. He was the clearest about this relationship. Since Masteress was willing to urge it on, there was no reason why it couldn't work out.

Yi Xiang looked at Ye Futian, his eyes approving the youth grudgingly.

Ye Lingxi walked over at this moment.

"Princess, what are you here for?" Ye Futian asked.

"I heard that Senior Yi was here so I wanted to meet him," Ye Lingxi said with a smile.

Yi Xiang was a bit confused. "You're too polite."

"No, it's just that Senior Yi is a legend nowadays. My father would like to meet you too. In order to not disturb your reunion, my father prepared a dinner banquet to welcome Senior Yi," Ye Lingxi said.

"Okay, I will go." Yi Xiang nodded.

"Then I'll leave now," Ye Lingxi said with a warm smile and left.

"Not bad." Yi Xiang eyed Ye Futian. Being invited personally by the princess and welcomed with a feast by the emperor was clearly not because of him. He also heard that Emperor Ye was even willing to go to war with Emperor Luo to protect Ye Futian.

"Of course. I'm the disciple of the School of the Finance Star. I can't embarrass you, Headmaster," Ye Futian replied, chuckling.

"That's logical. Let's go." Yi Xiang nodded and the group headed into the palace. Everyone smiled brightly because they were finally all here.

Emperor Ye's dinner banquet would definitely have a great atmosphere.