The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480 Determination

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.Many people below Xuantian Pavilion were a little surprised that a fight had broken out in Xuantian Pavilion yesterday.

Today should be the day for Qin He to choose a spiritual partner. Why was there another battle?

What was even more shocking was that the goddess figure was used in a technique of Brahmas Pure Sky, and the deity-like figure was a part of the ultimate skill of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

"The one who is standing on top of the Saint Path is Qin He Goddess," someone said.

"The other one is Yi Tianyu," someone also said.

Qin He and Yi Tianyu were fighting.

Many people were trembling inside. Were Qin He and Yi Tianyu fighting?

Could it be her last test for Yi Tianyu?

People looked up at the sky above Xuantian Pavilion and saw the horrifying airflow gradually rising. Two peerless figures showed up above the sky of Xuantian Pavilion. People could be able to see them fighting, and just as they had guessed, these two figures were Qin He and Yi Tianyu.

Are they mad? many people thought to themselves, hearts beating hard when watching the situation on the battlefield. The Divine Sword of World Cleansing and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty descended. Both of them collided with each other using the ultimate skills. This was no longer a simple practice, but a real battle.

"I remember the last time when all forces broke into the Xuantian matrix, it also happened," people said to one another, but their eyes were fixed on the battlefield in the void sky.

The divine light was shining, and the glory of the Great Path fell from the sky. Their battle became more and more violent, and people had noticed that Yi Tianyu was getting more serious, like a true god. His every attack was shocking. Even though Qin He was powerful, too, she was quelled.

In the end, the divine light of all skies shone down and descended over Qin Hes body. Qin He was hit and flew away, and her delicate body seemed to be penetrated by the divine light. Blood oozed out from her bright red lips.

Why did he hit her so hard? many people thought and twitched inside. They did not forget what the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty Crown Prince came here for. He came here to seek marriage with Qin He.

But at this moment, he wounded Qin He. People all thought this battle was way too fierce and would hurt the relationship.

Unless something had happened above But they didnt know.

At this time, above Xuantian Pavilion, warriors who were watching the battle also looked solemn and looked up at the battlefield above the sky.

Both of them looked radiant all over their bodies. Yi Tianyu was bathed in the divine light, and the power of the Great Path poured into his body frantically. It was as if he had become the true deity.

Qin Hes temperament was like an immortal goddess, but at this moment, she was injured. There was no change in her eyes, and she was still staring in the direction of Yi Tianyu.

Yi Tianyu also looked at her with a pair of golden eyes full of penetrating power. He just meant to practice, but Qin He attacked him mercilessly and fought with all her strength, so he had to take it seriously. From Qin Hes fighting attitude, he naturally understood something.

At this time, although Yi Tianyu still looked calm, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. Since Qin He requested to fight, then he had to do it.

"Is that enough?" Yi Tianyu asked Qin He.

Qin He stepped forward and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. She still had a smile on her face, and her clothes fluttered as she said, "Your Highness is indeed a peerless figure, but Qin He can still fight with you."

After the words, the glory of divine light fell, and more Goddess phantoms appeared in the surrounding world. Suddenly, the Goddesses waved her arms at the same time, and the vast world was all shrouded within it.

A touch of coldness flashed in his eyes after Yi Tianyu saw the scene, and he said, "Since Goddess wants to fight, I should accompany you."

The divine armor over his body moved with the wind. Yi Tianyu raised his finger and pressed it toward the void sky. Instantly, the sky and the earth roared, and the killing light transformed from the Qianqiu brush engulfed the void sky as his original body was moving forward in this devastative airflow. He only took one step and came in front of Qin He, and slapped his godlike palm print forward.

The Great Path was roaring, and the void sky was trembling. Yi Tianyus palm blasted out tens of thousands of divine light beams, and Qin Hes body was wrapped in the Goddess figure. The Goddess held the sword and collided with the deitys palm print, and the rumbling sound was like the collapse of the Great Path. All the arms exploded and shattered until the divine light also penetrated Qin Hes body. This time, it was more violent than the previous blow.

Qin He flew back. Her body was slightly bent, and her face turned pale. It took her a long while to stop.

The battle ceased. There was no sound over the Xuantian Pavilion except for the sound of the roaring of the Great Path airflow.

People all looked at Qin He. At this moment, they also understood.

First Goddess of Brahmas Pure Sky seemed to be expressing her attitude in this way, and she was by no means willing to marry him.

"Qin He," Xuantian Goddess glanced up at Qin He and said coldly, "enough."

Qin He slightly raised her head, and a bright smile appeared on her pale face, but this smile made people feel a touch of sadness. There seemed to be a bit of loneliness hidden in that beautiful face.

"Qin He can fight again, Master," Qin He said. Her calm tone seemed to hide her determination.

In a quiet space, only Qin Hes voice echoed between the sky and the earth. Yi Tianyus look turned cold, and he felt a little angry.

He had said that although he was willing to arrange a marriage with Brahmas Pure Sky, he didnt care too much about it. Even if it didnt work, it wouldnt matter much to him. If he really was looking for a spiritual partner, there were so many excellent women in the world for him to choose. Even if he couldnt find any in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he could go to other realms.

However, for his clan, he did not mind having this marriage.

But now even though Brahmas Pure Sky had invited them to come, no one competed with him, and Qin He was defeated. Why did she put him in such a situation? How could they do that to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?

Should they fight again?

The divine light over Yi Tianyus body became even more dazzling. Many people looked up at him and trembled inwardly. They knew that Yi Tianyu was obviously angry.

Bang! Yi Tianyu stepped into the void sky, raised his hand, and drew a palm print. With the blooming of the divine light, the palm print of the Great Path banged directly over Qin Hes body. This time, Qin He flew out feebly and hit a palace in the distance, and then fell towards the sky.

This scene made everyones heart beat fast.

Yi Tianyu was attacking violently. As the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, he also had his own pride. If it had not been for the revival of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, how could he treat a woman like that? But now, Qin He still had not given him the respect he deserved.

Now she still wanted to fight, so he would accompany her.

"Its time for Goddess to make a decision," Yi Tianyu stood above the void sky and said to Qin He, looking a little bit aggressive.

At this time, Qin Hes life force was weak. She got up from the ground, but her body was not stable. She looked up and smiled elegantly and sadly.

"I can still fight," Qin He said in a feeble voice. Apparently, she could no longer fight.

But even at this moment, she still refused to compromise.

She did not express her thoughts clearly, but her actions made everyone understand.

She was unwilling to marry Yi Tianyu, and what she was doing was a silent protest.

Qin He looked at Yi Tianyu and looked toward the direction of Brahmas Pure Sky. Her beautiful and sad smile seemed to contain her memories. Since she started cultivation, Brahmas Pure Sky was her home, and everything of hers was given to her by Brahmas Pure Sky.

The title of First Goddess of Brahmas Pure Sky gave her a lot of praise about her appearance and her spiritual achievements, and they also came from Brahmas Pure Sky.

She could not refute or directly resist orders from her master, so she could only make a silent protest.

This was not the way she wanted. Instead of accepting all this, shed rather return everything to Brahmas Pure Sky, so she would not owe Brahmas Pure Sky anymore.

Warriors of Brahmas Pure Sky were also somehow moved. Many people looked at Xuantian Goddess. Xuantian Goddess still sat there and took a look at Qin He, and then took a look at Ye Futian.

Qin He went to the palace where Ye Futian stayed yesterday. What did they talk about?

"Goddess Qin, are you sure you can fight again?" Yi Tianyu stood in the void, looking down at Qin He.

Qin He looked up at Yi Tianyu, who was still bathed in divine light. She said, "Of course."

"Okay." Yi Tianyu didnt say much. Brahmas Pure Sky didnt say anything, but Qin He still wanted to fight, so what could he do?

It seemed that he had to continue.

Yi Tianyu was bathed in divine light, wearing the divine armor. The dazzling light made many people feel scared. Yi Tianyu raised his hand and thrust it toward Qin He. It seemed as if this strike was enough to destroy Qin He.

Many peoples hearts thumped fast. Yi Tianyus movement was also very slow. It was as if he was waiting for something.

However, Brahmas Pure Sky still did not say anything, and Qin He did not compromise.

With his arm slowly lowering, his body also went down and headed straight toward where Qin He was. The gorgeous divine light engulfed Qin Hes body, making it almost impossible to see her figure.

All warriors held their breath. No one had expected that things would end like this today.

The things today were beyond everyones expectations.

Finally, the gorgeous light came.


After a loud noise, the void sky trembled violently, and peoples hearts thumped hard with it.

Countless eyes stared at the front. The fairy-like figure was still standing there, not withering. In the sky above her body, a silver-haired figure showed up. His hair was white, and his clothes were white, and he was handsome and unparalleled. The sound of elephant roaring came out, and the horrifying aura of elephant shone between the sky and the earth, containing an appalling Might.

"Ye Futian!"

"Did he finally come out?"

Many pairs of eyes were fixed on him. Just now, at the crucial moment, Ye Futian came across the space and came in front of Qin He, blocking Yi Tianyus blow.

Yi Tianyu lowered his head, and his eyes fell on Ye Futians body. The Wills of the Great Path growled, and his expression was extremely cold. He said, "I dont remember you coming out at the beginning."

Since Ye Futian didnt come out at the beginning, he had given up the opportunity to fight.

But he stood up at this moment. What did he mean?

Xuantian Goddess was also looking at Ye Futian. Until this moment, she still didnt mean to intervene even though many disciples of Brahmas Pure Sky had shown their worry.

"Today, two supreme powers of the Heavenly Mandate Realm have jointly persecuted a young cultivator. I feel pity for you."

1Ye Futian avoided directly responding to Yi Tianyus words and said this ironically. His eyes looked a bit cold!