The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481 Attitude Of Yi Tianyu

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Qin He went to him last night, and after their conversation, Ye Futian understood Qin Hes thoughts, and the two also reached a certain understanding.

Everyone had speculated that Qin He might choose him, but neither he nor Qin He had such an idea.

Therefore, he did not step out today, nor did Qin He choose Yi Tianyu, but instead, they experienced a great battle just now, which was her intention.

"Coerce?" Yi Tianyi murmured, and said, "I never coerced anyone. It was Brahmas Pure Heaven who extended the invitation to this feast, and it was Brahmas Pure Heaven that informed us od Qin Hes intention to choose a companion in cultivation. So I came from the Heavenly Mandate Realm and did all this. What is the meaning of this? "

As he finished speaking, he stepped forward and looked at Ye Futian. "Since you didnt step out, you are not qualified to intervene in this matter."

"If Brahmas Pure Heaven wants to make an alliance with anyone, its a decision that could be made directly. I dont think Qin He is qualified to decide for Brahmas Pure Heaven." Ye Futian looked at Xuantian Goddess and said, "I would humbly ask Xuantian Goddess, what is the meaning of all this?"

For Qin He to pick a path companion meant that Qin He had the power to decide the alliance by marriage. But judging from all that had happened, he did not think Qin He had such a position in Brahmas Pure Heaven.

Coupled with what he saw last night, there must be an ulterior motive for Brahmas Pure Heaven to do so, and it had nothing to do with Qin He.

Qin He was just the one that Brahmas Pure Heaven decided to sacrifice for some yet unknown purpose.

Xuantian Goddess looked at Ye Futian, and instead of answering Ye Futians question, she asked, "Ye Futian, today Brahmas Pure Heaven is choosing a path companion for Qin He. Are you in, or are you out ?"

Ye Futian gazed at the other and did not avoid the eyes of the Xuantian Goddess. He looked very serious, and with a hint of indifference, he said, "I do not deal in the sacrifice of another, and Qin He, she is also unwilling to make such a trade."

Xuantian Goddess looked into Ye Futians eyes. Was he refusing?

Everyone in Heavenly Mandate Realm had thought that today Ye Futian would compete with the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate DynastyYi Tianyuand because of Qin Hes preference, Ye Futian was the most likely to win Qin He over as her chosen path companion.

But no one would think that Ye Futian did not participate directly, and Qin He was even more resolute. Their attitude was clearly witnessed by everyone.

Even though it concerned the institution of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, they were still unwilling to go against their hearts and do something against their will.

Qin He, especially, had even defied the order of her master, and had made a silent protest by fighting against Yi Tianyuthe crown prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynastyuntil she could fight no longer.

At this moment, Qin He took a step forward, her face was still pale, with blood stains at the corners of her mouth. The step she took put her next to Ye Futian. The face of the peerless goddess was beautiful beyond compare, and the white-haired young man was full of spirit.

In this instant, many witnessed an illusion. It was as if they were really a perfect pair. Moreover, everyone could see that they admired each other. Qin He had openly expressed her admiration for Ye Futian, and Ye Futian protecting Qin He did the same.

But admiration aside, it did not represent feelings, nor was it entangled with selfish interests. That was not Ye Futians intent, nor was it Qin Hes.

Especially for Qin He, at this moment, she smiled and cast a glance at the white-haired young man beside her. Her admiration of Ye Futian came from her heart. He was so dazzling and outstanding.

Everyone thought that Yi Tianyu, the crown prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Gu Dongliu of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were the two most talented geniuses and representatives of this generation. But in Qin Hes eyes, everyone had underestimated Ye Futian. Even though he had demonstrated great talent, the world still underestimated him.

She thought that in the future, Ye Futian would rule over all in the Heavenly Mandate Heaven.

"Young Master Ye is right. All that Qin He has was given to her by her master. It can all also be taken back by her master. One came to Brahmas Pure Heaven to seek the Way and see the Way diminished at Brahmas Pure heaven. There was no resentment or regret. It is just because of clan interest to arrange a marriage. This was not Qin Hes idea."

Qin He glanced at the Xuantian Goddess. Her voice showed her determination. This was the path of her Way, and she would guard it no matter the cost, even if it meant the destruction of her Way. Her heart remained on its path.

Many were silent upon hearing what Qin He had to say. The cultivators here were all cultivators of Saint Plane or higher. Even though in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, cultivators of Saint Plane were plentiful, and were not considered to be at a high plane. Yet, it was a plane that had also undergone the test of the mindfulness of the path, and their hearts had experienced transformation.

Therefore, they were all a little moved. There was a reason why Qin He was able to become the first maiden of Brahmas Pure Heaven.

If she accepted the arrangement of Brahmas Pure Heaven and became path companions with the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, she would still be the magnificent Qin He even when the two became a heavenly couple.

But at this moment, Qin He, with a touch of sadness, seemed to be even more admirable and deserving of respect.

In the quiet space, many people had a lot of thoughts of their own, but none of them were easy to express.

Even Xuantian Goddess was silent at the moment and did not speak. No one knew her thoughts, and no one knew the thoughts of Brahmas Pure Heaven.

From the beginning until now, everyone was a little doubtful. They came here to see how the whole thing would turn out.

"Since Goddess Qin has already said so, then let it stop here. Although I am not a human cultivator, the matter of human marriage should not be forced." A voice interrupted the quiet space, and the one who spoke was the cultivator of the Dragon Gods, Long Chen.

At this moment, under these circumstances, many people dared not speak, but Long Chen didnt care so much. The Dragon Gods of the Demon Realm was extremely powerful. Long Chen, as the Purple Blood Divine Dragon, had incredible talent. His status in the Demon Realm was comparable to that of Yi Tianyu in the world of human cultivation.

Long Chen didnt care so much, so he spoke up.

"So, Brahmas Pure Heaven invited all the forces here with such great flair, tested the Xuantian Matrix, entered the Xuantian Pavilion, under the pretext that Qin He was to choose a companion. All the forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm came for this purpose, and this is how it ends?" Yingzhao Mountains demonic cultivators remarked, "What is all this?"

"None of us could breach the matrix, so although we were not qualified to participate, if this is how things end, it really does look like a joke." The cultivators of the Purple Gold Rat Clan had always reveled in chaos; they had always wanted the situation to be more chaotic.

"The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is a supreme principality. Its Crown Prince is an excellent figure in his own right. He is not too concerned about it. If he wants to continue and push Goddess Qin further away, what good would it do? It would just sully the reputation of the two great powers. "At this time, Gao Yuang Ten Thousand Divine Mountain also spoke up, seemingly to calm down the situation.

Yi Tianyu had been standing above the void, surrounded by divine light, clad in the armor of a god.

Of all the comments made, what was said by Gao Huang of the Ten Thousand Divine Mountain was actually the most realistic.

Qin He behaved so resolutely that if he were to continue, the two peak forces of Brahmas Pure Heaven and Heavenly Mandate Dynasty both pushing a peerless goddess into a desperate situation would definitely not be some glorious matter to boast of.

But, was he the one who caused everything that happened to reach this point?

"Now, I, Yi Tianyu, look like the bad guy." Yi Tianyu suddenly laughed, with a particularly sarcastic irony.

What did it all this have to do with him?

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Yi Tianyu were both innocent.

He came because of Brahmas Pure Heavens invitation. He tried very hard to do what he could, but now, he had become the one to be accused of doing something wrong. It was as if he was pressuring Qin He, like he wanted to destroy this beauty out of his own narrow-mindedness.

How ironic.

"What a joke. The fault of Brahmas Pure Heaven seems to be my senior brothers fault." In the direction of Shangxiao Divine Palace, Yan Sui also spoke up, and his tone was laced with some sarcasm.

Neither Yi Tianyu nor Qin He was wrong. They were both doing what they thought was the right thing to do, and they were insisting on their own Way. All this chaos has been caused by Brahmas Pure Heaven.

"Brahmas Pure Heaven, arent you going to say anything?" Lin Yue also remarked, with some dissatisfaction in his tone. Shangxiao Divine Palace came to help Yi Tianyu to bring back the beauty as a contribution to Yi Tianyus effort to revive the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

But now, what was this?

There was nothing more that Xuantian Goddess could say. All of this went beyond anything she could have anticipated.

"I, Yi Tianyu, am a true and righteous man. I have no concerns over lacking a wife. Since Goddess Qin is not in favor of the union, I will not force it," Yi Tianyu finally spoke his mind, causing everyones heart to be slightly disquieted.

Yi Tianyu was willing to give up. He no longer pressing Qin He on the matter.

"Senior brother," The people from Shangxiao Divine Palace, such as Yan Sui, wanted to see Yi Tianyu succeed. Many people admired Yi Tianyu in their hearts. Above the Shangxiao Divine Palace, Yi Tianyu was definitely the one and only.

True and righteous men did not lack mates, but Brahmas Pure Heaven should not have contrived such a scheme.

But even so, Yi Tianyu would no longer continue to entangle himself in this matter. This was his attitude on the matter.

Although he had let it go, Yi Tianyus eyes still fell on Qin He, or rather, fastened on Ye Futian.

"In the past, at the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, you intervened in the dispute between the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and my Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Now, in Xuantian Pavilion at Brahmas Pure Heaven, why do you interfere with the matter between Brahmas Pure Heaven and me, since you did not participate yourself?

Yi Tianyus eyes fell on Ye Futian. His eyes were extremely sharp. As he took a step forward, the void shook, and the divine light was radiant, shining toward Ye Futians direction.

Ye Futian looked up at Yi Tianyu, and the hearts of many trembled slightly.

Yi Tianyu had let Qin He go, and the whole affair stopped there.

But Ye Futian intervened and ruined his chance. That was not something Yi Tianyu intend to let go!