The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482 Battling Yi Tianyu

"Goddess Qin is a good friend of mine, so this naturally has something to do with me," Ye Futian looked at Yi Tianyu and said. There was a sound of elephants chanting upon his body, which rang through heaven and earth. Above the Xuantian Pavilion, everyone felt as if hundreds of thousands of elephants were running by.

In an instant, the horrifying storm of the Great path swept out and collided in the void. The hearts of many felt chilled. Ye Futian was facing Yi Tianyu. Did he also want to battle him?

Yi Tianyu looked as if he was electrified, full of sharp edges. He said, "This is the Xuantian Pavilion of Brahmas Pure Heaven. I wont fight here."

As he finished speaking, he gave another look at Ye Futian and turned around to walk outside Xuantian Pavilion.

Ye Futian naturally understood what he meant. He stepped into the void and headed outside as well.

Seeing the actions of the two, many above Xuantian Pavilion followed them at once, and a sublime atmosphere moved outward all of a sudden. It was quite spectacular. Soon, only very few people remained in Xuantian Pavilion.

Qin He looked up over there but didnt move. Those from Brahmas Pure Heaven was still here. Goddess Xuantian looked at Qin He and then said to the others around her, "Take Qin He back to Brahmas Pure Heaven."

Her voice was still calm, and no emotions could be detected from it. No one knew her thoughts; even the disciples of Brahmas Pure Heaven could not tell.

"Yes." Several people walked toward Qin He. Qin He looked at Goddess Xuantian. Her eyes still expressed some confusion and a hint of loss.

Goddess Xuantian looked at her and said, "Focus on cultivation in the future."

When she was done, she walked outside.

Qin Hes beautiful eyes revealed a strange look. She was still puzzled and did not understand what Goddess Xuantian meant.

Why ask her to focus on cultivation again?

At this time, countless people beneath the Xuantian Pavilion felt as if their hearts had been shaken. They looked up above the void and felt an inner shock.

Could it be that Yi Tianyuthe Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynastyand Ye Futian were finally colliding?

Previously, everyone in the Heavenly Mandate Realm thought that this time, when Qin He was selecting a path companion, it would be a game between the two of them. But no one thought it would be in the form of fighting. After all, the cultivation between the two was completely different.

Even though Ye Futian was one in a million, he was still just an Unblemished Saint. The Crown Prince Yi Tianyu had already proven to be in the Nirvana plane, and may even be the strongest person under Renhuang of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. At their level, this realm was extremely difficult to cross.

How could they fight, then?

"10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor," someone said when they felt the surging momentum from Ye Futian. The two figures walked above the sky, leaving Xuantian Pavilion, and came to the area outside. There seemed to be countless illusions of the divine elephants above the sky. The breath upon Ye Futian was already comparable to that of the Nirvana plane.

"With the help of the 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor, Ye Futians strength is indeed comparable to that of the Nirvana Plane. This makes them equal when fighting one another," many people observed and remarked. The bones of the ancestors of the Divine Elephants had extremely potent power. After Ye Futian cultivated with the Divine Elephants and learned of this unparalleled skill, he was able to resonate with the 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor and burst into supreme power.

Yi Tianyu, likewise, also continued in the peak form as when he fought with Qin He. The life spirit of the Divine Picture of the Heavenly Mandate bloomed, the divine light of the Great Path continuing to converge toward his body. This made him the incarnation of the Divine Body of the Great Paththe one and only.

The scene above the sky was utterly shocking.

Yi Tianyu, known as the natural supremacy of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, was destined to be extraordinary. He was shouldering the mission of reviving the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Then there was Ye Futian, who had called himself the Divine Body of the Heavenly Path.

What a battle these two men would have

The cultivators of those top principalities landed in different directions, but all were gazing at the battlefield, especially the cultivators of the Purple Gold Rat clan and Zhan Yuan. They were highly interested in this battle.

Today, Yi Tianyu failed to win the heart of Qin He and make an alliance through marriage with Brahmas Pure Heaven, but the chasm between Ye Futian and Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had also deepened. This time, perhaps neither Yi Tianyu nor the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would not let the matter go.

A violent, murderous force swept through the sky and the earth. Above the void, Yi Tianyu was clad in the divine armor of a god. His golden pupils were extremely sharp. His finger pressed toward the void, and a frightening Qianqiu Brush appeared above the void, stabbing directly down from the sky. It broke through the air instantly as thousands of murderous air streams turned into the divine light of the Great Path, aiming straight at Ye Futian.

There was a sharp howling sound in the void, pricking everyones eardrum. Even cultivators standing in the distance could feel that strong will of murder. If there were a chance, perhaps Yi Tianyu would kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his hand and blasted the Great Path to destroy everything, shattering the void. With Ye Futians body as the center, a terrible scene appeared around him as thousands of divine elephants rushing past, stomping across the sky and smashing those killing streams.

There was a terrible storm of the Great Path on the sky, and the two of them stunned everyone with just the initial exchange.

"The 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor." Yi Tianyu could naturally feel the powerful momentum emitting from Ye Futians body, which was faintly laced with the might of with the imperial power of Sovereign. The countless divine elephants that had trampled through the void contained the will of the demon emperor.

The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate roared in the void, gathering the Great Path of heaven and earth. The world was enveloped by a picture, as the Divine Picture of the Heavenly Mandate was madly expanding, covering the sun and the sky and shrouding the battlefield where he and Ye Futian were.

In a moment, an infinite number of murderous air currents fell from the sky, and many Qianqiu Brushes appeared. In Yi Tianyus palm, a divine brush seemed to have appeared; it would be able to cut through the Great Path.

He, who was clad in the divine armor, appeared to be the descendant of the gods. In his hand, he held the pen and smashed it down from the sky. Under the attack of thousands of Qianqiu Brushes, the entire sky seemed to be buried in the slaughter. Ye Futians image became extraordinarily small in comparison.

Ye Futian looked up at the countless divine brushes that descended from the sky, each of which contained the slaying power of the Great Path. It roared through the sky and slashed to his side.

Ye Futians face was somber, and the Deed of Thorough Comprehension exploded. As the Great Path unified, an Idol King appeared upon his body, a Divine Elephant of Golden Armor. With the sound of the Elephant trumpet, it rocked heaven and shook the earth. It was as if everything was about to collapse. The hearts of many beat rapidly, and they were all in extreme shock.

"How strong." Everyone looked at the battlefield, especially those who were on the Xuantian Pavilion before. They found that this battle was even more violent than the one between Yi Tianyu and Qin He, and the initial exchange of the two was enough to stun everyone.

Ye Futians body, which was enveloped with the Divine Elephant of Golden Armor, had now transformed into the Divine Elephant Emperor. Tens of thousands of elephants trampled towards the sky, colliding with Qianqiu Brushes. There were even an infinite number of killing currents and Qianqiu Brushes that landed on the immense torso of the Divine Elephant of the Golden Armor, unable to shake it in the slightest.

"Spectacular." The people in the Brahma Sky City below watched this violent battle with trembling excitement. The scene in front of them was simply too sensational. The idol king continued forward toward Yi Tianyu.

Obviously, Ye Futian did not intend to take a defensive position at all but instead took the initiative to attack preemptively to Yi Tianyuthe Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Bang. The method of Divine Elephant Stomping the Sky bloomed, crushing the void and trampling the Great path. The Divine Elephant of Golden Armor moved forward. Its seemingly awkward body arrived in front of Yi Tianyu in an instant.

"I heard that you were born to be supreme, but your true strength is unknown," Ye Futian said loudly, dominant and overbearing. With his palms raised, he launched a punch at Yi Tianyu, and the void seemed to be shattered and pulverized. Between him and Yi Tianyu, everything was exploded and shattered.

Yi Tianyu also truly felt Ye Futians aggressive and dominant power. He stepped forward, and the giant Qianqiu Brush also pierced ahead. Infinite murderous air currents converged into a storm of slaughter that continued to collide with the might of that and that strike.

Boom, boom!

The two forces converged, and the world was overshadowed.

Bang. Ye Futian continued to take a step forward. The immense divine elephants once again trampled the sky, and the arm once again penetrated heaven and earth. As this strike was thrown, infinite shadows of the punch appeared, and each blow was able to shatter the sky. The power of the Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist could crush an entire space.

The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate released bright dazzling divine light, covering Yi Tianyu. With his body as the center, a storm of the Great Path started to rise. The Heavenly Mandate Divine Book bloomed, and hundreds of thousands of the slaughtering forces seemed to be swallowed up by the Divine Picture of the Great Path. Everything could be wiped out at any time.

He stared at Ye Futian; his eyes were still proud.

"Divine Art of Heavenly Mandate?" Ye Futian looked down at him, his body was glowing with Celestial light. With the Celestial Soul gathering, the Celestial Soul Attraction was released!