The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483 Who Could Compare

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Behind Ye Futian, in addition to the tens of thousands of divine elephants galloping, there was a celestial soul that also manifested, emitting extremely and radiant celestial light.

This scene made Ye Futians temperament even more remarkable. Fae and Demon united as one, showing a tantalizing demonic elegance.

However, Yi Tianyu was not to be surpassed. The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate was bright and shrouded his body. The divine light of the Great Path flowed toward his body and put the armor of a god on him. This armor of a god actually took the shape of a gigantic demon. It transformed into the divine bird Kunpeng battle suit. At this moment, there seemed to be a sacred divine beast of Kunpeng that formed a battle armor. Its gorgeous and divine feathers opened, covering the sun in the sky, and the divine light split through the sky.

Then a supreme collision!

The hearts of many cultivators beat wildly. They did not expect that the battle between Ye Futian and Yi Tianyu could be so brilliant, or that Ye Futian, who had urged the 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor, was just like Gu Dongliu before. He was outstanding within the realm, comparable to that of Nirvana, as he battled Yi Tianyu with an indomitable stance.

Above the sky, the battle will covered the heavens. Ye Futians pupils were demonic and terrifying, and he sensed the spiritual souls of Yi Tianyu. He saw that Yi Tianyus spiritual soul had put on the divine armor of Kunpeng. It was radiant beyond imagination. Clearly, the divine method of the heavenly realm could also be used on the spiritual soul as a truly top-notch method.

Yi Tianyu waving both wings, and caused a slaughtering storm above the sky. There were countless divine feathers of the Kunpeng turning into golden slaughtering spears upon the divine armor of Kunpeng, which instantly shot through the void and aimed toward Ye Futian.

Bang, Bang Bang!

The bodies of galloping giant divine elephants were directly penetrated and shattered. Ye Futian, who was possessed by the golden divine elephant, kept walking forward. When he stepped out, the sky shook violently. It seemed it would collapse in total destruction. At the same time, a terrifying might of suppression descended. It seemed to freeze the space. Many slaughtering spears above the sky became sluggish; their power had greatly weakened.

But Yi Tianyu didnt stop giving up. The wings of the Kunpeng opened up, and the divine wings that sheltered the sky continued flapping. The sky was blowing a storm of the Great Path, but it was the force of the wind that caused a hurricane in the Brahma Sky City.

The hurricane brought the golden slaughtering spears to descend at the same time in Ye Futians direction. Such force, even for troops in the hundreds and thousands, would be wiped out immediately.

But Ye Futian did not stop; he was still walking in the storm, and each step was earth-shattering. When the power of the 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor was released, the power of the ultimate skills of the Divine Elephants also surged, resonating together. The galloping divine elephants had unparalleled power. His body rushed toward the center of the storm, and as a punch was thrown, the Great Path collapsed, opening up a Great Path of space.

The golden divine elephants walked in this Great Path of space, crossing the void with a single step, and came in front of Yi Tianyu.

The divine elephant of golden armor and Kunpen of the divine armor faced each other, and the people in the sky below looked up at the center of the storm. This was no longer a confrontation between Ye Futian and Yi Tianyu; it was more like a confrontation between divine beasts.

Ye Futian raised his fist and blasted it forward without any flourishing movements. The bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor inside his body burst out into divine glory and merged into the will of his fist. When this punch was thrown, Yi Tianyu, though clad with the divine armor of Kunpeng that was protecting his spiritual soul, still felt the shock of the spiritual soul. Ye Futians attack contained a terrible power that was able to penetrate anything.

Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist, shattering the void.

At the same time, Yi Tianyus divine method bloomed, and a giant illusion of Kunpeng appeared in the sky, grabbing at the giant divine elephant that appeared. They collided above the sky.


The sound of a horrible collision hurt the eardrums of the crowd. Looking up, the giant beasts collided, and the sky and earth broke apart.

Moreover, this seemed to be just the beginning. Ye Futian was still pressing forward while attacking, launching punch after punch. He was facing Yi Tianyu, colliding with the Great Path. This white-haired young man had found no equal.

With Ye Futian attacking like this, how could Yi Tianyu retreat? The attacks of the Kunpengs feathers could pierce the void.

The crowd saw continuous and violent collisions above the sky, and neither warrior showed any intention of stopping.

As the collision continued, everyone was shocked to discover that Ye Futians attack seemed to be more violent and fierce. In contrast, Yi Tianyu seemed to have suffered some interference, as his power was weakening.

As a result, it felt as if Ye Futian had taken the initiative to engage in a violent attack while Yi Tianyu was merely defending himself.


Once, in the battle between Gu Dongliu and Yi Tianyu, Yi Tianyu had not been suppressed and always took the initiative. Now, in his fight with Ye Futian, it actually felt that he was somewhat passive.

What a shock this was. Could it be the might of the bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor?

Even so, Ye Futians raw strength was still terribly powerful.

Naturally, they did not understand why Yi Tianyus offensive would be increased. Each of Ye Futians dominant methods contained a powerful force to suppress and collapse. They directly blasted onto the spiritual soul through Yi Tianyus body. Although the spiritual soul was clad with the will of war, under the continuous violent attacks, it was still extremely uncomfortable.


Finally, with a loud bang, Yi Tianyus body was knocked back. He could have continued to fight, but he did not; he chose to retreat instead.

This step back was a little embarrassing for him. The Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, retreated in battle with Ye Futian.

But he had to take this step back, or he would still be suppressed.

He needed to retreat so he could advance.

However, Yi Tianyus retreat, as he had thought, shocked countless people beneath the sky.

Yi Tianyu retreated during the confrontation with Ye Futian.

1"Could it be that Ye Futian is stronger than the Crown Prince of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and Gu Dongliu?" some murmured, feeling the whole thing to be surreal. Even though Ye Futians power was great, perhaps his talent could be ranked in the top five of Heavenly Mandate; however, nobody had ever thought that he could be stronger than Yi Tianyu.

"It should be the mighty power of the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions. After all, it was the ancestor of the Divine Elephants, the royal mount of the demon emperor, an existence that shocked all generations alike," someone responded.

"Yi Tianyu just took a step back. He needed to pull away to use a stronger method." Someone looked up into the sky with an extremely sharp expression. Sure enough, Yi Tianyus aura had become perceivably more terrible.

The Divine Picture of Heavenly Mandate engulfed the Great Path of heaven and earth. Countless divine lights of the Great Path seeped into Yi Tianyus body. The divine picture also integrated into the body, wrapping it and turning it into a part of the divine armor.

With dazzling divine light falling down, his long hair that was behind him also turned golden, full of sharp breath. His robe fluttered as he became a god of war, which was the ultimate evolution of the Divine Art of Heavenly Mandatethe Divine Advent.

2Yi Tianyu wanted to morph into a Celestial Divinity.

However, just as he devoured the divine light of the Great path, the sound of elephant trumpeting was heard, and an incomparable figure appeared above the sky.

Ye Futians silver hair danced with the wind, possessed by the divine elephant, and a long staff appeared in his hand. This long staff seemed to have been formed by the Celestial Way, but it was shining with a brilliant golden light. What was even more terrifying was the power contained in the long staff.

1Stepping onto the sky, Ye Futian glanced at Yi Tianyu below and did not give him any time to gather his divine power. He just unleashed a strike with the staff.

1Shadows of the staff appeared and filled the sky. Among the many shadows of staff, there were also galloping divine elephants. The staff techniques were nine strikes in the heaven, but powered by the immense strength of the divine elephants and incorporating the will of the elephant splitting the sky into it; its strength could only be imagined.

Yi Tianyu raised his head to sweep a glance over the void. His rage surged to his crown, and his golden hair stood on end like spears. He shot out as if he were one of the gods.

He raised his hand to point toward the void. His god-like figure was dazzling. As his finger pointed to the sky, moving his way forward, he broke through the Great Path, splitting through the sky. Countless shadows of the staff were now collapsing here. He wanted to open up an ancient path of slaughter, aiming at Ye Futian.

Yi Tianyu had extreme killing will in his eyes.

Boom. With a loud bang, Yi Tianyu had caused the divine might of the Great path to collide with the long staff. However, he did not retreat, which showed just how terrible Yi Tianyu was in the state of Godly Advent.


The storm of Great Path ravaged, and Ye Futian stepped down, following up with another strike of the long staff with even greater power.

Behind Yi Tianyu, the Divine Wings of Kunpeng appeared. They lifted up, cutting through the void to shatter the shadows of the staff. Its divine power was incomparable.

In the area outside of Xuantian Pavilion, countless people in the Brahma Sky City looked up at the sky, their eyes not blinking. They stared at the battlefield, watching this terrifying battle that could make the gods and ghosts weep.

The sound of collisions blasted out again and again. Each time felt as if there was a collision in their heart, making them feel that their bodies were vibrating and their blood boiling.

"The staff technique is still getting stronger."

Those below watched as the staff blast out endlessly, trembling. Even if Yi Tianyu had the body of a god, it seemed that it was reaching the limit.

When the sixth staff strike blasted out, the supreme power blasted open the void. Yi Tianyu groaned as his body fell from the void. His face was pale, and his spiritual soul trembled.

The divine elephant descended from the sky, trampling the void, and struck with the staff again. This strike unified hundreds and thousands of the staff shadows into one. Even though it was only one strike, it seemed to be one with the Great Path. It flew toward Yi Tianyu.

However, Yi Tianyu, who looked like a god from heaven, dared not intercept this attack at this moment. At this time, he was comparable to the body of the god, but still summoned the body of Kunpeng to attack.


The shadow of the staff fell, the Kunpeng was shattered, and the divine armor was torn apart. A violent power penetrated the defense and exploded upon Yi Tianyu. His body was knocked to the ground from the sky, and all the buildings were pulverized. Countless people backed away as cracks appeared underneath their feet.

"Yi Tianyu has been suppressed."

The eyes of many were dull. They couldnt believe what they had seen. In the Heavenly Mandate Realm, was there someone who could suppress Yi Tianyu?

As the battle of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, even Gu Dongliu had been unable to achieve it.

Ye Futian leveraged the power of Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions to suppress the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and knocked him to the ground. One could only imagine how strong of an impression this scene had left on people.

1When the dust cleared, everyone looked at the ground. Yi Tianyu, who was bathed in golden rays, stood in the ruins. The ground was already shattered.

Above the sky, a peerless figure stood there, extremely dazzling. He was the white-haired talent who once again shocked the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

In the fight for the Great Path of Heavenly Mandate, who could be invincible?

Who could be matchless and rule the times!?