The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1484

Chapter 1484 Master And Disciple

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edAll the cultivators of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven looked at Ye Futian, and there was some disturbance in their hearts. Gu Dongliu was taken back to the Fae clan and was nurtured as its future leader. Although the two major clans shared the same goal and agreed on the same point, to say that everyone was the same as the lord of the Jiang clan without any thoughts regarding their personal interest would be impossible

If Gu Donglius performance were disappointing, then Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would not wager everything on him. Last time, Gu Dongliu and Yi Tianzhang ended up in a draw. It was still something people of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven found comforting; after all, there was still a lot of room for improvement for Gu Dongliu.

But, they did not expect that today, Gu Donglius junior brotherYe Futianwould also be someone who could rule an era.

Unexpectedly, he had suppressed Yi Tianyuthe Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

What kind of characters would these two brothers be in a few more years?

What kind of landscape would be in the future for the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

Moreover, there seemed to be another figure named Yu Sheng, who had been cultivating with the Dragon Gods. Rumor had it that Yu Sheng had been accepted as a disciple by the Dragon Gods and had been cultivating with its top characters.

Those of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were also shaken to the core, and their eyes were extremely sharp, including those from Shangxiao Divine Palace.

Their senior brother had actually been defeated, blasted to the ground.

Even if the other party had the help of a magical divine item, his own strength was also incredible. Its attack could be considered terrifying. It seemed that one could not afford to underestimate top figures in the Supreme Realm. Undoubtedly, Ye Futian belonged amongst top genius talents. There were few people who could rival Yi Tianyu.

All the cultivators felt the disturbance in their hearts, and this gave rise to all kinds of thoughts. Goddess Xuantian and the cultivators of Brahmas Pure Heaven were also watching the battle, staring at Ye Futian.

At this moment, a slight sound was heard, and from the broken ground below, Yi Tianyu walked emerged. The divine light on his body was still bright and dazzling, which moved many people. Even such an attack could not hurt him seriously, and Yi Tianyu, in the state of Godly Advent, possessed the Body of Celestial Divinity. He was indeed fearsome.

Ye Futian looked down at Yi Tianyu, a well-known figure of the Nirvana Plane and the most outstanding descendant of the peak Renhuang existence, who would one day be the emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Yi Tianyu, who was hailed as a natural-born supreme, was indeed very strong. Ye Futians attack was already at the peak of Nirvana Plane, but even so, it had only slightly injured Yi Tianyu. Although he managed to suppress the other, he was unable to seriously damage Yi Tianyu.

Yi Tianyu looked up and stared at Ye Futian in the void. He was expressionless, and there seemed to be no disturbance on his face. No one knew what he was thinking or how he felt at the moment.

The void became a bit oppressed. Yi Tianyus eyes never left Ye Futian, and then he stretched out his palms. In an instant, divine light dazzled. A divine pagoda appeared in front of Yi Tianyu, continuously expanding and enlarging in the void.

"Renhuang implement." Everyones eyes sharpened. Yi Tianyu had now also released a Renhuang implement.

Furthermore, the might of this particular Renhuang implement was extremely aggressive, as it continued flying toward the sky, turning into an immense and endless pagoda. The infinite divine light of the Great Path flooded into it, and the light of the divine pagoda headed toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked up at the pagoda and stepped into the void. The divine elephant roared and headed toward the pagoda. However, under the glory of the divine pagoda, every single one of the divine elephants was shattered into nothingness. The divine light permeated the sky, turning into a storm of destruction and murder.

Boom! Ye Futians Celestial Soul power was faintly restricted. This divine pagoda contained the power to suppress Celestial Soul, which was the prowess of Renhuang.

There was a loud roar inside of Ye Futian, and the power of the 10,000 Bones of the Divine Elephant Emperor surged to the extreme. An overpowering divine elephant appeared and stepped into the sky. The long staff in his hand swung toward the divine pagoda.

Yi Tianyus body flickered and appeared on top of the divine pagoda. His body became large and turned into a true Celestial Divinity. He held the giant divine pagoda in his hand and hurled it below.

Illusions of the divine pagoda slammed down. It was as if they could destroy demons and saints. Under the shining glory of the divine pagoda, Yi Tianyu turned into the ancient emperor. It was like the Ancient Emperor of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had descended into the world, his towering figure releasing the mighty power of the Great Path.

"This implement" The cultivators of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven looked grave. The might of Renhuang from this implement was extremely horrifying. Even if Yi Tianyus current state could not release all its power, just a part of its might would be enough to put the fear into everyones heart.

Yi Tianyu obtained this thing from the Ancestral Lands. The implement left by an ancestor and its power was far more than what was being shown.

Since Ye Futian fought against him using the bones of the mount of the Demon Emperorthe Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directionsthen he would have to suppress him with the implement of his ancestors.


There was a sound of a shocking collision above the sky. It was extremely horrific, and Ye Futians staff technique was suppressed by it. The lights of divine pagoda rushed toward his body. It was like shadows of the divine pagoda directly ran through his body, shrouding that immense and boundless divine elephant and his Celestial Soul was, likewise, suppressed.

"What a powerful implement."

The cultivators around were all trembling. It seemed that Yi Tianyu was angered by being overwhelmed by Ye Futian and had now resorted to a super-powerful implement, determined to reverse the tides and wash away his shame.

The light of the pagoda seemed to be manifold, covering Ye Futians body. Each fold of the divine light was extraordinarily terrifying and seemed to want to refine Ye Futians body.

Boom. The divine elephant of golden armor walked on the sky, and Ye Futian was still resisting. His pupils turned toward the sky, and they were extremely fierce. They were both to fight again.


Yi Tianyu raised his hand and waved. Immediately, the towering divine pagoda traveled downward and landed on the sky above Ye Futian. Rays of the divine light of the pagoda descended frantically, wanting to bound and imprison Ye Futian within.

Two terrible forces met and collided in the void, but Ye Futian was under terrible pressure and was likely to be suppressed.

"Yi Tianyu, you are an entire realm higher than your opponent, and yet after you were defeated, you now have to resort to such a powerful implement? Is this the way of the natural-born supreme of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty?" Hua Qingyun said sarcastically.

At the level of Saint Plane, an entire realm was a vast difference in power, and the differences in strength could be ten times or more, so it could only be imagined how difficult the gap was to overcome. Under such circumstances, as the peak existence of the naturally born supreme, fighting with Renhuang implement, how could the fight be fair or just?

It was important to note that Yi Tianyu was also the existence of the peak.

Yi Tianyu ignored Hua Qingyun, as divine light rained from his body and fell upon the divine pagoda. It continued its slaughter on Ye Futian. In those indifferent and profound eyes, there was the intention to kill.

"Such an unfair battle. Thats enough." Cultivators of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven spoke up. The might of Renhuang was bloomed and released.

However, almost at the same time, from the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, there was also infinite might of Renhuang that bloomed. In an instant, this space was shrouded in the power of Renhuang.

It seemed that as long as the Renhuang of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven intend to make a move, then the Renhuang of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would not stand idly by.

"Many cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty emit thoughts of murder."

Between the vast space of heaven and earth, many observing cultivators remarked to themselves.

Prior to this, Ye Futian had obstructed the alliance by marriage between Yi Tianyuand Qin He. He now had revealed his superior talent. At this moment, he had already elicited the intent to kill from the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.


Above the firmament, the glory of the divine pagoda was getting more and more terrible. The glory of the divine elephant on Ye Futians body was becoming dimmer as a terrible force continued to rush into his body, turning his face pale.

This pagoda of the sky could suppress Celestial Soul Attraction.

At this moment, a figure walked through the void, and many showed a strange look when they beheld this figure.

However, the people from the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty did not stop him. It was just someone from the Saint Plane. Who could compete with Yi Tianyu right now?

Anyone who wanted to get involved would be easily suppressed.

The man continued moving forward and was walking toward the pagoda. When everyone saw this, they all showed a strange look. Was this man seeking death?

Even the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had a look of jeer on their faces.

What a complete lack of self awareness.

The man who walked out was Qi Xuangang, who now had the ancient characters of the Great Path appearing on his body. The power of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension bloomed. The words that indicated "heaven" and "earth" were on the top and bottom, respectively. A divine picture of the Great Path appeared around him, and Qi Xuangang walked out from under the glory of the divine pagoda, blocking Ye Futian from the divine pagoda.

"Is he mad?" The hearts of many trembled darkly, and the people from Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven showed a strange color. As far as they knew, this man was Ye Futians master. His temperament was extraordinary, showing he was not someone who did this without reason.

But the glory of the divine pagoda was mighty. For someone in the Saint Plane attempt to compete with his own body of flesh and blood, it was undoubtedly pure foolishness.

Many people watched as Qi Xuanzhang was suppressed by the glory of the divine pagoda.

However, as Qi Xuangang stepped into it, the glorious rays of the divine pagoda were cut off. They descended upon his body instead and did not continue to bombard Ye Futian, apparently isolated by his body.

The crowd found out, much to their shock, that Qi Xuangang was standing inside. The pattern of the Great Path shrouded his whole body, and the power that was blasted down by the divine pagoda to kill seemed to turn into nothingness, unable to destroy him.


The scene in front of their eyes stunned many people. How was this possible? Yi Tianyus strength was already at the peak of the Nirvana Plane. His combat power was top-notch, not to mention that he had the aid of the Renhuang implement. Someone from the Saint Plane, no matter how strong, would only face the fate of being obliterated, under these circumstances.

But Qi Xuangang was actually dissolving his attacks.

Rays of sacred light were released from Qi Xuangang, which caused confused looks to appear on the faces of many Renhuang cultivators.

"Renhuang will."

Their pupils contracted slightly. From Qi Xuangangs body, they felt the will that belonged to Renhuang; it definitely did not belong to Saint Plane, but only to Renhuang.

This man who had already entered Renhuang with one foot could break free of the Great Path at any time and level up his realm.

"Master," Ye Futian called out. The divine light of the Great Path upon Qi Xuangangs body shot upward and shrouded the divine pagoda within. Suddenly the oppressive force on Ye Futians body disappeared completely.

He walked across the void and passed his Master Qi Xuangang and the divine pagoda. With a strike of the staff, he slammed down. The sky changed color, and the look on Yi Tianyus face, who was controlling the divine pagoda, suddenly changed. In haste, he sent out a great palm print, which was crushed and pulverized. Ye Futians staff fell directly on him, this time much more violent than the blow previously. The blast caused Yi Tianyu to spit out blood. He was sent flying, and even the sound of bones breaking could be heard!