The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489 Composure

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Warriors sent by the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had gradually arrived and informed all the forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm of what theyd seen about the fortune of Heavenly Mandate Realm. Many forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm began to make plans, and some of them were about to take action.

The balance of the Heavenly Mandate Realm had been maintained for many years. Especially after the battle between the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the balance had reached the ideal status. The two strongest forcesthe Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Celestial Gate of Vast Heavenwere both greatly weakened, and the world of human cultivators and the demon world also remained calm. This was a situation that all forces wanted to see. Therefore, it could be said that only the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were the biggest losers of the battle.

Because of this, a battle between peak forces was hard to break out when the strengths of all parties were balanced. Last time, when the two major forcesthe Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Shangxiao Divine Palacecame to Haotian City, a war still did not break out.

But now, the balance that had lasted for many years seemed to be disturbed.

And it had to be disturbed.

If no one took the initiative to break it, according to the astrological prediction, in the future, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would seize the fortune of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, become the most prosperous force, and restore its glory in Gu Tianxings era. Maybe they would even surpass it.

Violet Heavenly Palace was the one that least wanted to see this situation because it would be a disaster for them.

Therefore, as soon as they received the message, the Violet Heavenly Palace immediately sent people to visit the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to discuss the plans.

After Brahmas Pure Sky got the news, they seemed very calm and didnt do anything. The same was true of the 10,000 Divine Mountain, perhaps because the Lord of the Jiang Clan had made the commitment to them.

In the demon world, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would definitely not go visit the Divine Elephant Clan and the Dragon Gods Clan because of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. The Demon God Court was not very concerned, either. However, the Purple-golden Rat Clan and the Yingzhao Mountain were excited about this, especially the Purple-golden Rat Clan, which always had ambitions and wanted to ruin Gu Dongliu.

But if Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven restored its power to that of Gu Tianxings era again, Gu Dongliu would stand at the peak level. At that time, if they wanted to lay a finger on Gu Dongliu, it would be an extremely difficult thing or even impossible.

Now, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty seemed to be ready to take action.

The Purple-golden Rat Clan and Yingzhao Mountain both sent warriors to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty to discuss plans.

The frequent communication between the top forces of the human cultivation world and the supreme demon clans was not a usual thing, so it naturally attracted many peoples attention.

Soon the news could no longer be concealed, and it gradually spread in the Heavenly Mandate Realm and soon passed to Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

In an instant, the whole Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was shocked, and in Haotian City, countless warriors felt a little uneasy. Many warriors gathered in front of the Celestial Gate and wanted to find out about it.

If a war broke out, the consequences would be horrible.

At this moment, below the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, countless warriors gathered. They looked towards the direction of Celestial Gate, and someone said, "I heard that inside the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, there were Spatial Wills of Great Path rushing straight into the sky, and the cross-Realm supreme teleportation Matrix was launched. They must have sent Yi Tianyu and other top young figures away, so they were already ready to take action."

"Indeed, after being silent for so many years, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven finally has Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian, who have shown peerless talent. Obviously, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty begins to feel anxious. Although they have not yet reached the step of war, they have lost the patience to wait."

Everyone had made their guess, and many people could see through the situation today.

"How should we Celestial Gate cope with this?" some people said, worrying about the Celestial Gate.

"Last time, those two major forces came here to suppress us, but Haotian Celestial City was united as one and overcame it. Today it is the same, why should we fear the war?" someone said with indignation.

However, the people around him shook their heads and said, "This time is different. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty wants to urge the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm to be hostile to us Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. I wonder if there will be other forces involved. If so, it is meaningless even for Haotian City to participate in the war."

This level of battle still largely depended on the strength of top cultivators.

"It seems that, as we have guessed, fortune is on the side of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, and now the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty is frightened."

Many people nodded. The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty would do so only because they were afraid. They encouraged other forces to join them so that they could wipe out the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and exterminate the threat.

Once the war started, any kind of result might happen. In the past, Gu Tianxing and Heavenly Mandate Dynasty were good examples. No one could guarantee that warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty could safely retreat. Otherwise, they would not let Yi Tianyu immediately return to Shangxiao Divine Palace. Apparently, they were worried about Yi Tianyus safety.

Above the Celestial Gate, the misty pavilion halls were also shrouded by a faint depressive atmosphere. People of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven got the news earlier than the people of Haotian City.

At this time, in front of a palace hall of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, many warriors gathered. All of them were elders of the Celestial Gate with unusual temperaments, and they were here to discuss the issue.

In front of the palace hall, two figures stood there. They were Lords of the Jiang Clan and Hua Clan.

"I assume you all have heard about the thing from outside. What do you think?" the Head of the Jiang Clan asked. He wanted to ask what people had in mind and if they had any good ideas.

"Should we try to contact the Divine Elephant Clan and the Dragon Gods Clan to let them join us?" someone suggested. These two forces of the demon world were somehow related to Ye Futian.

Two Lords were silent and did not say anything, just watching these people.

"Today, countless cultivators were gathering in the Haotian City outside the Celestial Gate. How about we" another person said.

Warriors expressed their thoughts, but two Lords still looked nonchalant, as if they could frankly accept all this.

At the beginning, when they took Gu Dongliu back to Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, they had expected that today would come.

"Good. You are dismissed," at this moment, the Lord of Jiang Clan said. There was a strange look on everyones face, but they still nodded and requested to leave.

Soon, warriors of Celestial Gate all left, and only these two Lords stayed.

"What do you think?" the Lord of Jiang Clan asked the Lord of Hua Clan.

The Lord of Hua Clan shook his head and said, "In this situation, I am afraid that we should not start a war. Not to mention, we may be defeated. Even if we can repel the enemies, how would other forces think of us? Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian have just begun to show their talents. Then, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty invited someone to tell the fortune of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, which indicates that the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty indeed wants to kill the two of them first."

"I didnt expect it, either," the Lord of Jiang Clan sighed in a low voice. He hadnt expected that the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty invited such a powerful figure to tell their destiny.

In this way, the uproar would happen much earlier than planned, and many of their ideas would be disrupted.

"Is the matrix ready?" the Lord of the Hua Clan asked.

The Lord of the Jiang Clan nodded his head and said, "In the past, Tianxing fought to the death and didnt reveal the truth until the last moment of his life. Now, so many years have passed, and finally, this matrix can be used again. I dont know why, but I feel sad. If possible, I dont want to restart it in my whole life."

As he talked, he looked toward the Lord of Hua Clan and said, "Thank you for all the years of suffering."

"At that time, the three of us swore an oath to bring the Celestial Gate back to the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Now, the opportunity has come," the Lord of Hua Clan smiled and said. It seemed that his state of mind was affected by the crisis.

However, on the contrary, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was eager to destroy them, and the rumors they spread were enough to prove that the future of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was very bright.

"If so, let us continue to live up to the promises of the past," the Lord of the Jiang Clan said to Lord of the Hua Clan with a smile.

"Sure," the Lord of Hua Clan nodded and said. They smiled at each other as if, at this moment, they had returned to the time when they were both young.

"Lets go." They walked forward at the same time and directly crossed the void sky. With just one step, they came to the top of the Celestial Gate stairs and looked down toward the numerous warriors in the lower sky.

Many people were stunned when they saw these two peoples appearance. All warriors took a bow and said, "We are here to salute you."

"Go back and focus on your cultivation," the Lord of Jiang Clan said loudly, and his voice spread through the void sky. Everyone could hear it clearly.

"Go back?" The warriors all froze. They did not understand. What did the Lord mean?

At this time, the sound of footsteps came. Warriors of several top forces came, and the warriors who took the lead were from Wang Yanbings family. The lord of the Wang Clan was at the forefront, and he looked up and said to people of the Celestial Gate, "If we deploy all the powers of the Haotian City, we could afford the war."

"And gamble on peoples lives and Haotian Citys fortune?" the Lord of Hua Clan looked at the people and asked. "Remember, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven is the Celestial Gate of Haotian City. Even if the Celestial Gate disappears, as long as Haotian City still exists, and there are cultivators left in the Haotian City, the Celestial Gate will last forever."

"Next, everyone, immediately go back and focus on cultivation."

The Lord of Hua Clan announced loudly. People were puzzled but still left.

"Just go," the Lord of the Jiang Clan waved his hand and said. People hesitated and began to discuss, and some people started to leave.

Gradually, more and more people began to leave. Warriors of the Wang Clan walked up into the void sky and said, "I still have some cultivation skills. Before, I always wanted to compete with you, but now it seems there is no need."

Hearing what he said, the two Lords also smiled. This was how warriors of the Celestial Gate should do, in the Celestial Gate style.

"I should go, too. I have saved a bottle of old wine for this moment. Lets have a drink," the Lord of Hua Clan said with a smile. The other two people nodded, then turned around and went back to the Celestial Gate.

In the distance, Ye Futian and Qi Xuangang stood there quietly, looking at these figures with composure. Ye Futian also applauded for them secretly. They were figures with real composure and confidence.

"Master," Ye Futian looked at Master Qi Xuangang beside him and called. Master had been able to roughly foretell ones fate, and now he had entered the Renhuang Plane, was he also able to see through all this?

"Just let it be," Qi Xuangang patted Ye Futians shoulder and said. Ye Futian and Gu Dongliu were both people with great fortune. Although the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven would go into crisis, it would also be reborn.

Ye Futian watched Master walking away, speechless. The war was coming, but they were all so calm.

He shook his head and also walked away.

However, a few days later, Haotian City would be shrouded in an atmosphere of horror!