The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1490

Chapter 1490 The Battle Of Celestial Gate

In Haotian City, countless people looked up at the sky, and everyone could feel an oppressive atmosphere in the city.

Above the sky dome, there seemed to be an invisible storm. Under the pressure of the might, the bright sunshine disappeared in an instant. The air became lifeless and depressing, making people feel unsettled and hard to live.

"Its coming," everyone murmured, their hearts trembling. They all knew what it meant. For a few days, there had been all kinds of rumors in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, especially in Haotian City. It was said that the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty invited an unusual figure to foretell the fortune of Heavenly Mandate Realm, and the figure said luck was on the side of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. For this, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had begun to contact top forces of the Heavenly Mandate Realm to besiege the Celestial Gate again.

This time, nobody knew how many forces would come.

The might was getting stronger and stronger, but the people of Haotian City still had not seen anyone coming. Finally, above the sky, some god-like figures came into view, who exerted pressure and headed towards the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Although battles in the world of human cultivators usually covered a wide range of space, fighters still followed the rules and hardly killed innocent people. Although Haotian City was under the jurisdiction of the Celestial Gate, there was no direct relationship between them. People of Haotian City didnt belong to the Celestial Gate, so the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty could not kill civilians of the city. This was against the Path of Heaven and would damage their fortune, becoming an excuse to let other forces undermine them.

As for the hostility between them and Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, it was the grudge between two sects, the dispute between two forces, and should be a normal thing. During the chaotic period, such a battle happened frequently, but during peaceful times like today, this kind of top-level battle was not common.

In addition to these god-like figures, from another direction of Haotian City, countless divine thunder dropped down from the sky, annihilating the void sky. The sky was shrouded by clouds of thunder. It was as if the doomsdays had come.

"The Violet Heavenly Palace is here," countless people whispered, hearts tremoring. However, it was also within expectation. The Violet Heavenly Palace was the strongest ally of the Shangxiao Divine Palace, and they were direct participants of the past incident. Because of this grudge, Violet Heavenly Palace would not let go of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven and would try their best to ruin it. So, after they knew about the prophecy, the Violet Heavenly Palace also made up their mind to immediately destroy the Celestial Gate.

Warriors of these top forces were all extremely decisive figures. Once they made up their minds, they would take action immediately and could even launch an immense war.

People of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven all had perceived the intimidating and horrifying life force. At this moment, everyone over the Celestial Gate looked solemn. At the front of Celestial Gate, two figures stood side by side. They were the two Lords of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

Jiang Chengzithe Lord of the Jiang Clanand Hua Jiangshanthe Lord of the Hua Clanwere standing there, their clothes fluttering in the wind and their bodies shrouded by the celestial light. Numerous people of the Celestial Gate looked toward these two figures as if they were real immortals, detached from the world.

"How long havent we fought side by side?" Jiang Chengzi asked, looking up at the sky.

"Its been too long, I cant remember it," Hua Jiangshan replied. Indeed, it had been too long.

"This feeling is quite good," Jiang Chengzi smiled at Hua Jiangshan and said.

"Get away. I have no feelings for you," Hua Jiangshan replied. Jiang Chengzi laughed. At this time, the celestial aura shrouded the space. He just wanted to fly straight up to the sky and fight since he hadnt experienced this feeling for a long time. It was as if, suddenly, he was young again.

Countless people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven heard of the conversation between these two Lords and showed strange looks. Usually, these two Lords were solemn people and rarely made jokes. Except during formal meetings, people rarely heard them conversing.

People didnt expect their relationship to be so good. Many peoples hearts felt warm.

These two major clans of the Celestial Gate, in fact, sometimes also had disputes. Now seeing their Lords having conversations like this, warriors all felt a bit ashamed of themselves.

There was a reason that the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven could pass down in this way. Otherwise, the interior would collapse even before the outside forces invaded.

At this moment, an extremely sharp life force came. A figure with a hard body like a divine weapon stepped forward. He looked forward as if nothing was in his eyes. He was a peerless weapon. He was the Lord of the Wang Clan.

Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan turned their eyes to him, and the lord of the Wang Clan said in a low voice, "Sorry, did I bother you?"

"" Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan were speechless.

"" Other people were also speechless.

However, there was no time to joke around at this moment. Terrifying life force fell from the sky. A group of god-like figures appeared in the distance and released the same life force from their bodies. All of them wore imperial robes and were full of pride. The person who took the lead was the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and he came here to lead the fight in person.

If he wanted to destroy the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, how could he fail?

In the hand of the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, there was a gigantic pen, which was the authentic Qianqiu Brusha horrifying Renhuang-level weapon of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty that could extinguish everything with one stroke.

Boom! From the other direction, the sound of dull thunder roared. The divine thunder descended from the sky and shrouded the entire Celestial Gate. A group of people appeared over the sky, and the warrior who took the lead held in his hand a Supreme Renhuang-level instrumentViolet Heavenly Divine Hammer. The divine hammer was huge. Endless divine thunder dripped down from it, like apocalyptic light.

In addition, from another direction, a gust of demonic qi came, and the demon warriors of Yingzhao Mountain had reached. This time, so many great forces joined hands to enter Celestial Gate with the purpose of destroying the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. Yingzhao Moutain was not involved in this turmoil. Although they had a grudge with Ye Futian, they didnt have much hatred for him and did not need to participate in this.

However, the Purple-golden Rat Clan had participated, so Yingzhao Mountain did not want to miss this opportunity, either. Nowadays, Yingzhao Mountain was relatively weak among all the top powers. If the Purple-golden Rat Clan prospered with this opportunity, Yingzhao Mountain would be put in an embarrassing situation.

Therefore, they must join this battle and fight for their fortune.

In addition to these forces that were ready to participate, many top figures had also reached the Haotian City. Most of them were just going to watch the battle. After all, this battle was directly related to the life and death of a top power, and this supreme-level war would directly affect the political geography of the Heavenly Mandate Realm in the future.

Finally, warriors of 10,000 Divine Mountain and Brahmas Pure Sky decided not to participate but would just look on. They were a bit shocked to see such a lineup. From the situation, they could tell it would be hard for the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven to survive this time. Would the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven be destroyed before it was restored to its heyday?

The warriors of the Divine Elephant Clan had also arrived. Above the sky, the Divine Elephant Emperor came in person and looked down at the sky below. Although Ye Futian had inherited from the Divine Elephant Clan, they couldnt directly participate in this great turmoil; however, if Ye Futian was in danger, they would help him.

Moreover, in this battle, Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven should also have some cards.

Destructive might befell. In the direction of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty above the sky, the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty raised a brush and made a stroke toward the void sky. The sky dome was split into two, and a beam of killing light came down from the sky dome and chopped toward the place where Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was. Just one stroke seemed to be able to destroy the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

He had no reservations and just launched the strongest attack. The destructive force, even the aftereffect of it, was hard for any Saint-Plane warriors to endure. Since the war had started, they would show no mercy and just want to uproot the Celestial Gate.

Boom! At this moment, a boundless and dazzling matrix was lit up in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. The vast and boundless Celestial Gate burst out with infinite celestial light. On the top of Celestial Gate, a complete pattern of the divine matrix appeared and rotated above Celestial Gate.

"The Juexian Diagram."

The scene made all the warriors stunned. This was the Juexian Matrix transformed from the Juexian Diagram, which shrouded the boundless area of Celestial Gate. The fortune of the Celestial Gate and the Might of the Great Path were soon swallowed into the matrix, and even the aura of the Great Path between the sky and earth fell down wildly, and everything was swallowed by the Juexian Diagram.

"Did Gu Tianxing leave this?"

Many people showed surprise. This was Gu Tianxings ability, which did not belong to Jiang Chengzi or Hua Qingshan.

Could it also be what Gu Tianxing had arranged?


A frightful sound came, and in Haotian City, countless peoples hearts beat fast, and blood was roaring in their veins. Thunder rolled in the sky, and the thunderstorms of catastrophe appeared in the sky, especially the sky above Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. It was completely covered by the Lightning Matrix of Doomsday.

In the other direction, a divine spear thrust out from Yingzhao Mountain, and with one strike, it opened the sky. Numerous beams of spear light penetrated the void sky and thrust down.

Under the ground in front of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, the sound of rumbling came out, and cracks constantly appeared on the ground. It was as if there were many figures moving underground, and there was a faint divine light shining from it.

Warriors of the Purple-golden Rat Clan, people thought. These Rat warriors walked through the ground and wanted to go directly to the interior of the Celestial Gate to destroy it.

Warriors of the four forces took action at the same time, and all of a sudden, the entire Celestial Gate was completely covered.

The Juexian Diagram swallowed the fortune of the Great Path and spun around the Celestial Gate. Everyone seemed to be standing over the Juexian Diagram, while Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan stood at the center of the matrix.

Boom! Countless fairy phantoms surround their whole bodies. Jiang Chengzi rose against the trend in the Juexian Diagram, raised his hand, and launched an attack towards the sky. A loud roaring sound came between the sky and earth, and countless palm prints covered the sky and blasted toward warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Hua Jiangshan also started to move. He stepped into the void, and the life force from his body kept rising and becoming stronger.

The Lord of the Wang Clan also took action. The celestial light was shining around him. He drew palm prints with both hands and let out a shout. In the matrix, hundreds of millions of divine swords appeared and thrust at the sky dome. At the same time, some divine swords flew to the front of the Celestial Gate and then went down. They smashed madly into the ground and thrust towards the warriors of the Purple Golden Rat Clan underground.

All of a sudden, a supper battle broke out, and the people who took part in were all top figures. It was difficult for others to participate in a battle this level. Even Renhuang-level figures could only assist, and for Saint-Plane warriors, they were not qualified to stand aside, let alone participate. If they got involved in it, they would likely to be wiped out instantly.

"Launch the matrix," Jiang Chengzi, shrouded by celestial light, said toward the lower sky. Many people showed surprise. Launch the matrix?

Wasnt the Juexian Matrix the matrix he had launched?

Where was the other matrix that Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven wanted to open?