The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492 Becoming A Demon

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"Whats going on?" people asked each other. They didnt get it when seeing the warriors depart from the sky.

All the warriors of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Shangxiao Divine Palace were evacuated in a very short time. It was as if they were worried about something.

"The two Clan Lords and the Lord of Wang Family didnt leave," someone said. "They are still in the Heavenly Mandate Realm."

Before, the three top figures launched an attack with the power of the matrix and directly separated the enemies arrays. The power that erupted at that moment even wounded the Imperial Lord and the Lord of Violet Heavenly Mandate, but at the same time, they must have also suffered the same. The extremely strong force of the collision caused the road of Great Path to the sky dome to be incomplete. Only the Celestial Gate Army that was protected in the middle was able to enter the complete road.

The Celestial Gate warriors who fought in the beginning were trying to escort them.

As for other warriors, they might have been hindered, but they intentionally did so, most likely because they did not want to leave.

The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven had been passed down for many years. Today, it collapsed under the siege of many top forces, as if it had to repeat the past. How could the Celestial Gate warriors reconcile themselves?

In the past, they had paid a terrible price for it, and the Gu Clan was totally destroyed.

Now, would it happen again? Couldnt the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven obtain good fortune and be at the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

They must let them pay a painful price, even if the cost was the breakdown of the Celestial Gate.

This was the battle they had chosen.

After hearing the voice, peoples hearts trembled slightly. Didnt the three warriors leave the Heavenly Mandate Realm?

If so, where would they go?

Now that Celestial Gate was no longer here, they would have nothing to worry about. It was not hard to speculate where they were going.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, the Shangxiao Divine Palace, and the other two clans from the Demon Realm wanted to destroy the Celestial Gate and let the Celestial Gate turn into ruins. If there had not been the matrix, nobody of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven could survive, since they wanted to completely get rid of the Celestial Gate.

In this case, what would Jiang Chengzi do when they left?

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace

These two forces were closer to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven than to the Demon Realm.

"If these two forces cant catch up with them, I am afraid they will have big trouble," someone said, watching the figures disappear from the sky dome above. Because the top forces came with the purpose to destroy the Celestial Gate, they had deployed their best warriors, including the Imperial Lord and the Palace Lord themselves, to prevent anyone from escaping.

Currently, the defensive power of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Heavenly Temple of Violet needed to be weakened greatly.

The Purple-golden Rat Emperors face was gloomy. Although his bearing was outstanding, due to the natural ugly appearance of the Purple-golden Rat, he looked even more eerie. His body was stained with a lot of blood; however, he was greatly traumatized.

"Lets return to the demon realm first," he said. Immediately, warriors of the Purple Golden Rat Clan also evacuated and returned to the demon world, just in case anything happened.

Warriors of Yingzhao Mountain also started to evacuate.

Soon the four allied forces had all left. Many warriors of other forces were still here, lost in thought.

The battle of the top powers involved too many issues, and if they were not careful, they would face backlash. This was also the reason why wars rarely broke out between top forces.

Many people secretly left through the sky. They could feel that the super matrix of Celestial Gate had evacuated all the warriors of Celestial Gate. Perhaps, they could cross the realm borders, and the Path Matrix was used to record the coordinates.

Combined with the large matrix, the treasure obtained by Gu Tianxing at that time could shuttle between different realms.

Soon, the warriors from all sides of the Heavenly Mandate Realm left, and only the people of Haotian City were still here. They looked at the place where the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven was located. Now the gate had collapsed, and all the celestial aura disappeared. All the fortune and energy had been integrated into the large matrix and launched it, consuming all the power of the Celestial Gate.

"The Celestial Gate, its gone," people sighed.

At this time, the area around the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven seemed extraordinarily quiet, and countless people looked at the front silently. Here was the sacred land of Haotian City, the symbol of it.

Today, it was a ruin.

In the distance, there were still figures flashing. All of them were people of Haotian City. Seeing the sight in front of them, everyone felt the desolation, as well as a tinge of sadness.

"Didnt the fortuneteller of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty say the Celestial Gate would be full of good luck?" someone said with a sigh, looking up at the sky. Since they had good luck, why did it end up like this?

Was the fortune of the Celestial Gate really disrupted by the war?

"As long as the people of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven are still alive, the Celestial Gate will still exist," someone said loudly in a somber voice. Previously, including the two Clan Lords and many Renhuang figures, many top figures broke into the opponents arrays and escorted the people of the Celestial Gate to leave. What these people did was to save heir hope, and they didnt mind staying here.

As long as hope existed, the Celestial Gate existed, and fortune would be on their side.

"Indeed. Gu Dongliu obtained the power between the sky and the earth, gathered all the fortunes of the Origin Mountains, and received Gu Tianxings teachings. He alone owned a great amount of fortune of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Now he left, but by the time he returned, he would revive the Celestial Gate and call on all the Celestial Gate warriors to return."

"The Celestial Gate lasts forever."

One after another, these voices came, filled with endless hope. That was the hope for the future.

They remembered what the Celestial Gate warriors had said before departure. In the future, the return of the Celestial Gate would mean the elimination of all those powers. Today, the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Violet Heavenly Palace participated in the battle to destroy the Celestial Gate, and in the future, they would have a price to pay.

Fortune was not easy to be extinguished.

Those forces couldnt take it away.

After this battle, people in Haotian City also seemed to have undergone some changes in their states of mind. Their willpower seemed to become firmer and more unified.

They finally understood why their two Lords refused to participate in the battle of Haotian City. It turned out that they had long thought about everything and did not want the people of Haotian City to be involved.

At this time, in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, a bright beam of divine light appeared, but the light became dimmer and dimmer until it dissipated. A figure showed up.

The figure had outstanding temperament and was covered with a snow-white robe. His long hair was partly white. Although he was middle-aged, he seemed to have experienced vicissitudes. At this time, there was a bloodstain at the corner of his mouth. The white robe on his body was also torn and stained with blood.

The figure was the Lord of Hua ClanHua Jiang Shanone of the two clan lords of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

He glanced down at his robe and whispered, "Its dirty again."

Then, he took off his shirt and took out another white robe from the storage ring.

Hua Jiangshan was a neat freak. He put on the new robe and dusted it several times, and only then was satisfied. He also wiped off the bloodstain from his mouth and then looked into the distance. There seemed to be dazzling celestial light in his eyes, which penetrated the infinite space.

He stepped forward, and suddenly countless white shadows appeared over the sky dome. They were many broken shadows, like countless phantoms of Hua Jiangshan. The scene was shocking. A bright beam of white celestial light appeared over the sky dome and ran across the void sky at an incredibly fast speed.

Vroom! The white celestial light came from the sky dome, which was so fast that nobody could see his figure inside.

A Saint-Plane warrior was cultivating in a mountain in the south of Heavenly Mandate Realm. At this moment, he suddenly woke up and opened his eyes.

"Whos there?" he shouted. A beam of white fairy light passed directly above his head. He could see nothing but a beam of white light, which frightened him.

How could he be so fast?

He was of Nirvana Saint Plane, but he didnt even see clearly before the figure disappeared.

In the Thunder Punishment City of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, there were warriors guarding every entrance of the city. At this time, a beam of white light landed outside the city.

"Whos there?" several soldiers shouted and rose up, trying to stop it.

Hiss. The white light faded away, and the two soldiers who tried to block him froze in the air, and then their bodies fell into the lower air. Their eyes widened, as if they didnt believe they were dying.

They were warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace guarding the Thunder Punishment City. Who dared to kill them like this?

"Whats that?" in the city of thunder and punishment, countless people looked up at the sky and murmured with confusion. A beam of white light just flew over their heads and headed directly toward one direction.

It was heading toward the direction of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

On the top of Violet Heavenly Palace, several old men were cultivating. At this moment, they suddenly opened their eyes, as if they had sensed a very dangerous life force. One of them shouted, "What brings you here, Sir?"

They rose and looked towards the distance. Their voices spread across the Violet Heavenly Palace, shaking every Heavenly Palace cultivators heart.

The white light was still shooting straight towards the Violet Heavenly Palace. A Renhuang-level warrior was moving forward. The thunder light engulfed the sky with astonishing force. He stepped out and launched a destructive punch of the Great Path toward the white light. The sky and the earth made loud roars.

Boom! The white light and the purple light brutally collided. It was so fast that peoples eyes couldnt even follow it.

Finally, the white light stopped and turned into a hazy figure. The hair of the figure in white robe fluttered in the wind, and the fairy light flew around his body. He pointed a finger forward.

The divine light annihilated the sky. The Renhuang figure let out a scream, and his body gradually disintegrated.


Blood splashed out, and the Renhuang figures body was shattered directly. The figure in the white robe continued moving forward, and his white clothes were stained by blood.


A gust of horrifying life force shrouded the entire Violet Heavenly Palace, and some figures broke into the air and came. Warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace trembled. Some people were coming to attack the Heavenly Palace.

"Hua Jiangshan," an old man said with a trembling voice. The Palace Lord had led people to besiege the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, but why would Hua Jiangshan, one of the two Clan Lords of Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, show up here?


The horrible Might shrouded everyone. Hua Jiangshan took a step out and pointed his finger forward. In a short time, the celestial light of the Great Path directly penetrated many warriors bodies. Many people groaned, vomited blood, and showed extreme fear.

How could this be?

Hua Jiangshan continued moving forward and laid down a finger again. He killed a person in front of him, and the blood splashed on his face. But at this time, he seemed to have no feeling, and his eyes were cold, with no trace of emotion.

Today, his hands were doomed to be dirty.

Some people said that a celestial cultivator could turn into a demon with just one thought. He had been cultivating in celestial laws for many years, but today, he had become a demon!