The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493 To Live Up To The Glory Of The Celestial Gate

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"Launch the matrix!"

A loud yell came from the Violet Heavenly Palace. The warriors who stayed in the Heavenly Palace gathered together around the palace. In a flash, the destructive Might appeared over the sky dome and swept across the vast sky. The terrifying divine thunder over the sky dome covered the entire Thunder Punishment City.

People in Thunder Punishment City were shocked, and their hearts kept trembling. At this moment, all of them looked up at the sky and stared in the direction of the Heavenly Palace.

What happened there? they wondered.

A while ago, a dazzling beam of white light ran across the sky. Was it because of the white light?

Someone broke into the Violet Heavenly Palace

"The Palace Lord led people to Haotian City today and attacked the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven," someone murmured. His face suddenly turned pale, as if he had just realized something.

The battle against a top force could backfire on them.

Had it backfired on them?

However, this time all the top forces had joined hand. How could they let warriors of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven escape?

Even though they escaped, why did the top forces not chase after them and let them attack the Violet Heavenly Palace?

They were puzzled and didnt know what happened. If the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty and the Lord of the Violet Heavenly Palace had known that there was such a super matrix in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, they must have acted more cautiously, but there was no "if" in reality.

At this moment, Thunder Punishment City had truly become the land of thunder punishment, and heaven seemed to want to release the power of thunder punishment and wipe out everything.

The warriors of Violet Heavenly Palace ran madly toward the void sky and entered the super matrix of Thunder Punishment. It was the matrix of world destruction and was guarded and controlled by several senior Renhuang figures of the Violet Heaven Palace. Although the Palace Lord took the best warriors of the Violet Heavenly Palace to besiege the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, it was impossible for Violet Heavenly Palace to leave no warriors behind.

In fact, many Renhuang figures were still here.

Hua Jiangshan glanced up at this catastrophic super matrix, which was the guarding matrix of Violet Heavenly Palace. He had directly broken into the palace before they had time to launch the guarding matrix to defend the sect.

But after they launched it at this moment, the power was still appalling.

The celestial light was shining brightly into the sky. Numerous fairy shadows appeared over Hua Jiangshans body and headed towards the sky dome. Numerous fairy shadows constantly descended below the matrix. It was as if they wanted to support this super matrix with flesh and blood.

Boom! The fairy shadows merged and involved Hua Jiangshans body in a supreme immortal shadow. The shadow kept expanding, and he took a step upward. A celestial ladder created by Mystical Ways was released. He seemed to be stepping on the celestial ladder. With every step he took out, his life force became more powerful, and his figure became stronger. It was as if nothing could stop him.

The Great Path over the sky roared, and Hua Jiangshans body turned into a supreme celestial form. He pointed a finger toward the void sky and penetrated the thunder, annihilating the Great Path, and fell directly over the terrifying matrix of doomsday. In just one moment, above the sky dome, countless beams of celestial light like lightning appeared in the large matrix covering all the skies. Countless Wills dropped from the sky above the matrix, which resonated with the two forces below. A rumbling sound came out, and the matrix was trembling, and many cracks appeared on it.


With a loud noise, countless bolts of thunder and lightning exploded. At this moment, the sky seemed to fall, and the doomsday was coming. The Violet Heavenly Palace was split into many parts, and countless buildings collapsed. In Thunder Punishment City, numerous people let out yells of despair and were destroyed in the aftermath of the matrix. Nobody attacked them deliberately, but the thunderous matrix was so horrible that the forces could not be controlled when the matrix collapsed, causing many people to die.

Figures of the Violet Heavenly Palace were shaken in the sky. Blood oozed out from their mouths, and their faces turned pale. They launched attacks with all of their strengths. The appalling Renhuang Might overwhelmed the sky, and the Renhuang figures were all staring at Hua Jiangshan. They must guard the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Infinite thunder and lightning penetrated Hua Jiangshans body, but he still stood there, stepping forward in the void sky and making all warriors hearts tremble.

Many broken images appeared, and at this time, Hua Jiangshan turned into the ultimate celestial form.

Plorkk! Plorkk! Plorkk!

One after another, many Renhuang figures were eliminated.

When Hua Jiangshan stopped, his finger was pointing at the center of a senior warriors eyebrows. Blood splashed on him, but Hua Jiangshan looked quite calm. It was as if he was completely undisturbed.

"Dead, all dead."



There were many voices coming from everywhere in the space. People of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked up at the sky, all in deep despair.

Hua Jiangshan, the Lord of Hua Clanone of the two Clan Lords of Celestial Gate of Vast Heavennaturally stood on the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Except for those few giant figures, almost nobody could fight with him.

The Renhuang warriors who cultivated in the Violet Heavenly Palace were all peerless figures with fame, but at this moment, they all died at the hands of Hua Jiangshan. How sad

2This battle would greatly hurt the vitality of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

And, it was not over.

Hua Jiangshan glanced down. At this moment, the sky above Violet Heavenly Palace became extremely silent, and only the cold wind was whistling.

"Lord of Hua Clan, arent you going to let the young warriors go?" a voice said. Above the silent Violet Heavenly Palace, a figure walked out. He was the Supreme Form of Violet Heavenly PalaceZhan Yuan.

He walked out and looked at Hua Jiangshan.

Today, in the Heavenly Palace, Hua Jiangshan had gone on a killing spree.

The Violet Heavenly Palace had never suffered such a heavy loss.

Hua Jiangshan raised a hand and grabbed at the air. Suddenly, a big invisible hand gripped Zhan Yuan and raised him in the air. Zhan Yuan stared at Hua Jiangshan.

"You dont need to look at me like that. You know better than anyone what the Violet Heavenly Palace came to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven today for," Hua Jiangshan said calmly. People of the Violet Heavenly Palace looked pale. Of course, they knew why they had come.

In the past, all the people of the Gu Clan were exterminated. This time, all the top forces joined hands to go to the Celestial Gate because they wanted to repeat the past and let the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven become history and disappear from the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

However, now, Hua Jiangshan was here.

Hua Jiangshans white clothes were stained with blood. Hua Jiangshan looked at Zhan Yuans face, and at this moment, he did not see fear from Zhan Yuans face, but Zhan Yuan just looked at him indifferently. This made Hua Jiangshan smile. He said, "After all, the Supreme Form of the Violet Heavenly Palace is not a despicable person. Today, I am supposed to kill everyone in the Violet Heavenly Palace. But if I do this, the Violet Heavenly Palace will not be able to witness the future. So today, I will keep you alive to let you one day see who will stand at the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm."

After these words, he let go of Zhan Yuan. Even though Zhan Yuan was the Supreme Form of Violet Heavenly Palace, he still let him go. As he had said, today, the Violet Heavenly Palace came to exterminate everyone in the Celestial Gate. Now, he had started his killing spree like a demon, and he had nothing to worry about, but he still didnt kill Zhan Yuan because he wanted to let the Violet Heavenly Palace witness the return of the Celestial Gate.

As for Zhan Yuanthe Supreme Form of Great Paththere were Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian in the Celestial Gate, so Zhan Yuan would not be a threat to them.


He took a step forward, reaching the top of the Violet Heavenly Palace, and then stomped down. All of a sudden, above Thunder Punishment City, the towering castle of the Violet Heavenly Palace was shaking violently. Many cracks appeared, and it began to collapse. Countless giant rocks rolled down, and the Heavenly Palace was reduced to ruins.

Today, the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven disappeared, but the Violet Heavenly Palace should also be wiped out in the same way.

After doing all this, Hua Jiangshan flashed away and walked into the void sky. The Lord of Violet Heavenly Palace took away their best figures, so although this battle would greatly weaken the Violet Heavenly Palace, it would not hurt their foundation. Those who went to the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven were the strongest figures.

But even so, from now on, the Violet Heavenly Palace would be restless because of it.

A super battle also broke out in the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, but the foundation of the Heavenly Mandate dynasty was deeper, and many allied imperial forces surrounded it along with countless warriors. The power of the matrix in the Heavenly Mandate dynasty was also very terrifying. Jiang Chengzi had his killing spree there and killed a lot of warriors and then left. He couldnt completely break the defense of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, but the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty had suffered a significant loss.

He left just because he didnt want to give them a chance to fight back. If he waited until the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty returned, it would be impossible for him to escape.

1The Lord of the Wang Clan was not as strong as Jiang Chengzi and Hua Jiangshan, and he was not so lucky, either. After he forcibly broke into the arrays, his path of teleportation was blocked. After teleporting for a short distance, unfortunately, he was caught by the Thought of the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, who rushed back home at full speed.

Warriors of their level could easily cover thousands of miles with his thought, which was a terrifying power. At this moment, in a place of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, a figure turned into a divine weapon and quickly flew forward. However, a person behind him kept chasing him. It was the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty.

Other warriors had received his order and were running back to the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty at full speed. Although he was worried, as long as these warriors all went back, it didnt matter even if he was absent for a while.

There was killing intent in the eyes of the Imperial Lord of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. Both peoples speeds were extremely fast, and the Lord of the Wang Family was completely transformed into a real weapon of the gods and shuttled between the sky and the earth.

"Do you think you can escape?" the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty shouted. He thrust out a palm from a distance, and the Great Path between the sky and earth roared and swept across the distant void sky. However, this palm slapped over the divine weapon and made the speed of the Lord of Wang Clan even faster. The Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate looked sullen.

But at this moment, the Lord of Jiang Clan felt a sense of crisis. He frowned, and suddenly, the ground was split into half directly, and a horrifying demon aura swept across the sky. Soon, a horrifying Purple-golden Rat descended and devoured the Great Path between the sky and earth, and was even about to swallow him as well.

The Lord of the Wang Family immediately stopped and threw out a divine weapon.

A terrifying dark crack appeared in the void sky, followed by a flash of blood.

The Lord of the Wang Family had to stop, but his body was dripping with blood. One of his arms was bitten off, and the blood was flowing down madly.

Boom A violent attack hit behind him at the same time, making him vomit blood.

There was no way to go.

All of a sudden, warriors of both forces arrived.

"I feel pity for you, having joined the Celestial Gate and seeking your death," the Imperial Lord of Heavenly Mandate Dynasty said coldly. The Lord of Wang Clan could have just been an outsider.

"Seeking my death?" The Lord of Wang Family looked up at the sky and suddenly laughed. He suddenly felt relieved.

For many years, he had regarded the return to Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven as the biggest obsession.

Now he could let it go.

"I, Wang Yu, deserve to be a member of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven. The Wang Family can live up to the glory of the Celestial Gate."

He said this loudly, roaring to the sky. The sky shook, and countless divine weapons descended from the sky. The divine light of Great Path penetrated his body, and the weapons dissolved.