The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497 Soul Lost

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"What a strong sword."

Everyone around wore a grave look. At this moment, in the Realm of Ruin, many who were around were geniuses in Taixuan City, whose strengths were inordinate, but when they saw Ye Futians sword, they still felt a little astounded.

The sword that was formed in the shape of the sword mudra contained an extremely powerful sword will as if it had the life of sword spirit. It could defeat the enemy instantly; its power was extremely overbearing.

Those who were in the same Unblemished Plane as him could not exert their strength at all and was defeated with a blow.

Princess Luoyue stared at Ye Futian. Just as her sister had said, this mans sword was very strong indeed. Although he hadnt shown how fast the sword could be, what power he had shown was already terrifying. The light of the sword circulated around his body, and Ye Futian, at this moment, was like a sword himself. The sword spirit that appeared behind him was his life spirit.

This was a very pure cultivator of the swordsmanship.

A trace of the might of the Way flowed over Luoyue, and she was somewhat eager to try. She wanted to see Ye Futians strength, but Deng Hu and Lin Yuan took half a step forward and said to her, "Junior sister, let us test his sword first. "

Deng Hu and Lin Yuan were both of Nirvana Plane, and they were extremely strong. It was as they were the disciples of the City Lord of Taixuan City. They had studied many powerful scriptures of methods, and were famous even in all of Taixuan City.

Now to say that they wanted to engage with someone in the Unblemished Plane, it would appear that they were bullies. But this swordsman was indeed strong, which was seen by everyone. Even someone of the Nirvana Plane may not be able to defeat him.

Luoyue hesitated for a moment but still nodded. Deng Hu stepped forward and came to the place above the void, facing Ye Futian. He had a very strong sense of pressure on him. It was as if one could feel his overbearing prowess through the space.

"Deng Hu of the City Lords office. To fight against you in my current plane seemed kind of unfair, but your sword is really strong, so there is no choice but for me to experience it," Deng Hu said as he took off the great ax behind his back. He held the battle-ax casually, slung it over his shoulders.

An invisible storm suddenly came out of nowhere, raging in this void, like sharp blades that made everyone feel as if every inch of their skin was being cut by a knife. Many who were around felt cold all over. Deng Hu was known as the Storm Saint, and at his level, not many in Taixuan City could rival him in battle, so never mind someone from the Unblemished Plane. There had never been such a battle like this before. He had crossed planes to challenge others because no one could cross the plane to fight him.

"Are you ready?" Deng Hu asked Ye Futian with a loud and overbearing voice.

"Please," Ye Futian replied. The disciple of the City Lord of Taixuan City was already someone of extraordinary status. His Master was Lord Taixuan himself.

With his arm still on his shoulder, Deng Hu moved forward and up. Suddenly, a terrible storm blew from heaven and earth, and the will of these storms turned into tangible entities, like many lines that were capable of cutting through space, scraping toward Ye Futian.

The sword mudra around Ye Futians body swept out, his body as the center. A storm of swords formed, and the two extremely suppressive forces met and collided, making an extremely sharp and harsh sound.

The storm was getting stronger, and in an instant, it annihilated this space. Even the stone pillar, on which Ye Futian stood, was completely submerged by the storm. The sword mudra could not prevent the storm from invading. Deng Hu took a sudden and violent step down, which seemed to contain extremely domineering power to suppress him as he trampled down. In addition, the storm was sharper than swords, cutting through the void, wanting to cut Ye Futians body into pieces.

If the person who stood in the storm, at this moment, was an ordinary figure of the Saint Plane, being killed right away would be a very probable outcome.

"Arent you ready to make your move?" Deng Hu seemed to have been giving Ye Futian a chance to make the initial attack, but Ye Futian was not at all in a hurry. The sword will encircled his entire body, resisting the force of the storm, and he was immersed in the storm.

Deng Hus left hand stretched out. It suddenly made a grabbing motion in the space, and with a loud bang, a dull sound exploded between heaven and earth. Ye Futians space seemed to be squeezed by the storm as the terrible storm continued raging. It was as if wanting to tear his body into pieces. An extremely domineering will of the Way suppressed his body.

Buzz. The sword spirit behind him chimed, and countless sword mudras surround the sword itself. The sword that was transformed by the sword spirit became sharper and sharper until it turned into a giant sword, piercing the space.

"Whack," Ye Futian spat out the command, and the sword will hacked at the Way, split the storm in two, and countless sword mudras continued moving forward straight ahead. They turned into countless airflow of swordsmanship, and directly slaughtered toward Deng Hu, who was in the void.

Deng Hu smiled. No simple person would enjoy such a prestigious reputation. This man had caused such commotion here. Naturally, he was not a simple character.

With his arms forward, the battle-ax carried a terrible storm. There were countless storms above the sky surrounding the battle-ax. Each storm was like an extension of the battle-ax. This battle-ax was not some high-level magical implement, but it had become well known in the hands of Deng Hu. Therefore, it was known as the Battleaxe of Storm.

Countless storms lingered above the battle axe. Deng Hu stared at Ye Futian while he wielded the ax in a strike, which opened up the heaven and collided with the sword Ye Futian wielded. In an instant, its domineering will had destroyed the sword qi, which demonstrated its prowess.

Ye Futian put his hands together with the sword in front, and countless swords mudras now united into one. At this moment, the sword qi was at its greatest, and from his body, rays of sword lights exploded into the sky, aiming for the storm in the void.


Ye Futian let go his grip, and a sharp, harsh sound was heard. The sword was incredibly fast, and it directly broke through the light of the battle-ax and slaughtered toward Deng Hu in the void.

Seeing this, Deng Hu revealed a look of surprise. He stomped into the void as his body twirled, and another ax strike was unleashed. Countless storm lights now transformed into an invincible ax will that tried to cut through the void, aiming toward that sword and Ye Futian.

The battle-ax and the giant sword collided, and terrible light of destruction radiated out. In the next moment, the sword dissipated. It was as if split into countless swords in an instant, cutting through the void like a sword matrix, heading toward Deng Hu.

Any of these swords was extremely fast. It was as if it contained the will of space, directly crossing the void and slashed toward him.

Buzz! A sword light crossed near his neck, and he felt a chill all over his body. With a great shout, the battle-ax started to spin, and immense light of the battle-ax wiped out all existence. But the swords seemed to have eyes, seemingly able to avoid its strike and continued their attacks without ceasing.

"Is the offensive power of his sword this strong?" People were shocked in their hearts.

That was Deng Hu, the Storm Saint, a disciple of the City Lord of Taixuan City.

Many glanced at Ye Futian. His entire person seemed to be inside a sword veil, which took the shape of a sword, just enough to shroud him inside. His eyes closed, and with the Great Path of the vast heaven and earth resonating together, the swords on the surrounding swordsmen were all trembling. It was as if they were not under the control of their owners, and even the sword qi in the bodies of these swordsmen was also moving toward him.

It was not only here, but also in many places inside the Realm of Ruin, many figures flickering over. They were surprised when they saw what took place in front of their eyes.

With a great roar, Deng Hu spun in the void, and the world was cut in a thread. Many sword mudras were pulverized into nothingness.

He glanced at Ye Futian. As an existence of the Nirvana Plane, and a disciple of the City Lord, this battle seemed to leave him in disgrace.

Even though Ye Futians talent was extraordinary, he should be able to easily crush him, given his status.

The Battleaxe of Storm was raised, and at this moment, thousands of storm lights gleamed between heaven and earth like thunder. The hearts of many skipped a beat. Before Deng Hus ax had a chance to strike, they had already felt its majestic temperament.

"Deng Hu is about to release his exclusive skills." Many peoples hearts were beating fast. They had no idea how strong this strike would be when it was used.

Ye Futian looked up into the void. His expression was normal, still tranquil. The sword spirit appeared directly in the sword that was held in both his hands, puffing out miles of sword light.


Deng Hus ax was slammed down, and a light appeared above the firmament. A line, from top to bottom, chopped down to the place where Ye Futian was.

"Soul lost."

Ye Futian spat as his sword struck. It could make someone lose their soul.

Above the void, the line and the sword collided with one another. It was as if it was the impasse between the ax and the sword.

"Go again," Ye Futian commanded, and another sword was born from his body, traveling through the air.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

The sword continued to break through the air, and the void seemed to be crushed and shattered, extremely suppressed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Will of the Way collapsed and shattered. The light of the battle-ax was broken and destroyed. With a loud bang, that giant ax light also collapsed with it.

The sword broke through the air and descended in a moment in front of Deng Hu, who was in the void. Deng Hus battle ax slammed down again, but in that instant, he felt that hundreds of thousands of swords pass through his body, and his spiritual soul trembled greatly, penetrated by the infinite sword will.


The crowd only saw a flash of light, and Ye Futians figure descended. His palm slapped on the sword, and traces of sword lights pierced through the void. Deng Hu snorted, and his body was knocked out.

"Deng Hu was defeated." Everyone who saw this changed their expression. Their hearts were greatly shaken, and their bodies surged with excitement and the desire to try themselves. Was this persons combative power really this great?

As he had felt everyones reaction, Ye Futians hands formed a seal in the void. At this moment, the void of the Great Path was filled with sword will. No matter they were, the real sword might was everywhere.

Swords emerged from the void directly and surrounded Ye Futians body, hanging upside down in the sky.

As Ye Futians mind moved, the swords immediately pointed to each of the cultivator, and everyone felt the oppression of their spirit souls.

"My one sword is enough," Ye Futian said, and even his voice seemed to contain sword will. When his voice fell, everyone felt that countless sword will had descended on their bodies, and the real swords descended soon after.

In this instant, even though they were cultivators of the Nirvana Plane, they also gathered powerful forces together to resist this strike.

Boom, Boom, Boom. This sword strike was meant for everyone, including Luoyue. Surging sword might appeared around Luoyue. She also cultivated in the art of swords.

However, when Ye Futians sword arrived, she felt that she was pierced by hundreds of thousands of swords.


A silent groan. The sword will seemed to penetrate through her body, her mind moved, and she disappeared.

Not only her, but many people disappeared from where they were, and it was the same with Ye Futian.