The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499 Help Others

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Luoyue didnt think much of it and continued to chat about other things for a while.

"I heard that the Heavenly Mandate Realm has undergone major changes, with top principalities starting fights. Has Uncle heard of this?" Luoyue suddenly asked again.

"I have. Why? If you are interested, why not ask your father?" asked the House Master of Taixuan Tavern.

"He has been out cultivating practicing recently," Luoyue responded.

"Is that so? Several months ago, a great battle did erupt in the Heavenly Mandate Realm. The Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven, Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, and the Violet Heavenly Palace suffered a considerable impact. Moreover, Yi Tianyuthe Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynastyhad been cultivating at Violet Heavenly Palace, and is said to possess outstanding talent. The swordsman you saw in the Realm of Ruin may not measure up to his level," the House Master said.

Luoyue nodded. How many geniuses were there in the land of the Nine Realms? Even Taixuan Mountain had some enthralling characters.

The swordsman in the Realm of Ruin was indeed very strong, but whether or not he could compare with those at the peak was something else.

"Perhaps," Luoyue whispered.

"Luoyue, what do you think of the guqin?" the House Master of Taixuan Tavern asked.

Luoyue turned her attention to Ye Futian, who was playing quietly. Ye Futian lowered his head while strumming the strings. It was as if he was completely unaware of the conversation between the two. His music had already completely integrated into the mood of the banquet. If no one had mentioned it, Luoyue had almost forgotten it. It was not that the music was poor but that it was so elegant that it lured the listeners into feeling that it was part of the banquet, just like the wine and food.

"Its remarkable, but hard to pinpoint just what made it so breathtaking," Luoyue replied in a low voice. She glanced at the musician. His temperament was gentle and graceful, extremely handsome. Though he seemed to be quite ordinary, in some ways, he was particularly striking, just like his music.

"Young master Shen is the Taverns musician, and guests of the tavern all praise his superb skills," the woman next to her said with a smile.

"Great truths are always simple." The House Master of Taixuan Tavern smiled. She looked at her disciple and asked, "Whats his name?"

She didnt directly ask Ye Futian, clearly because she didnt want to interrupt his cultivation, and she also wanted to test his concentration.

"Master, his name is Shen Jing," the woman responded in a low voice.

"Shen Jing, simple and unassuming. The name is just like the person." The House Master of Taixuan smiled. At this time, Ye Futians music slowed down as he came to a complete stop. He bowed his head slightly and said, "Elders praise is hardly deserved by Shen Jing."

The House Master of Taixuan looked at Ye Futian and smiled. "To play the music without being distracted, your music reflects your emotional stategentle and humble, handsome, and full of grace. But humility itself is a different kind of pride. You must have seen and experienced many things."

She was also a lover of the guqin, or she would not have hired a musician in the tavern. With her current cultivation, she was able to detect someones personality from their music. Although she did not exhibit her authority and majesty, she was a well-known character within the Taixuan Region. Even in the entire Higher Heavens Realm, disciples of Lord Taixuan were high in rank, never mind just Taixuan Region.

Those who were ordinary would feel a trace of restraint when they met her, but Ye Futians music sounded extremely stable; no trace of unsteadiness could be detected. The identity of this musician was probably more than what met the eye.

Of course, she did not have much interest in digging. No matter what his true identity was or whether or not he deliberately approached her, it didnt matter much. In Taixuan Region, no one dared to plot against her. This was a kind of self-confidence.

Lord Taixuanwhose status in the Higher Heavens Realm was known by all.

Ye Futian quietly acknowledged the other. He did not expect that by playing a simple song quietly, he had allowed the other to see so much.

"Here is a little small something for a talent like you. When the opportunity arises, I will recommend you for a tryout at Taixuan Mountain," the House Master continued with a smile. She did not intend for Ye Futian to respond, which surprised the others at the banquet. Luoyue also gave Ye Futian a serious look. Although she could feel the excellence of the music, was Ye Futians music that outstanding?

Taixuan Mountain was a holy land of the Upper Heavens Realm. Everyone there was not simple. Even if there were to be a musician there, only the top ones could qualify.

Obviously, her uncle greatly appreciated Ye Futians musical ability, hence the thought of recommending him to Taixuan Mountain.

Ma Yi and the other also looked at Ye Futian with some surprise. Clearly, they did not expect their Master to have this idea.

Ye Futian himself also regarded the other party with some surprise and saw a smile from the House Master of Taixuan when she looked into his eyes. It seemed that his mood could still be affected.

When Ye Futian detected the eyes of the other, he immediately collected his thoughts and replied, "Much gratitude for elders commendation."

"I only said that I would recommend you. Whether or not you can go to Taixuan Mountain stills depend on your level," the House Master of Taixuan smiled. But Luoyue knew that since her uncle had spoken, there was not much of a chance that this matter wouldnt go as she wished.

Her uncle was the youngest disciple of the Grandmaster and was also a woman. Because the Grandmaster mainly spoiled herthe Lord of Taixuanher wishes, especially for such trivial matters, wouldnt even be questioned.

3Ye Futian nodded slightly only to hear the other party continue, "You are an expert in melody. Have you heard that Taixuan Mountain has one of the ten famous Divine Melodies in Divine Prefecture? If you were able to enter Taixuan Mountain, perhaps you may have the opportunity to experience it."

Ye Futian had never heard of such a thing, but after all, he had just arrived and could not have known about so many things here.

His dark eyes gazed at the House Master of Taixuan Tavern. Ye Futian got up and bowed slightly.

"As you wish," the House Master of Taixuan smiled casually.

"I will bid my goodbye," Ye Futian turned and left, and there was a slight turmoil in his heart. After he came to Taixuan Tavern, he had rarely communicated with the others. He had only exchanged a few words with Ma Yi and his junior sister. Ye Futian understood that those two were the disciples of the House Master of Taixuan Tavern, whose status in Taixuan City was very notable. Although they were appreciative of his musical ability, it was more out of curiosity, and they didnt care too much about his existence.

As for the House Master of Taixuan Tavern, he did not even know that it was a woman, only that the House Master of Taixuan was a disciple of Lord Taixuan.

Obviously, he did not anticipate that the House Master of Taixuan would see through him so clearly.

What was even more surprising to him was that the House Master of Taixuan knew of his intent, but still didnt seem to mind; she even actively wanted to help him, which made him somewhat thoughtful.

There were many legends and geniuses in this world, and one should never be too full of oneself. The truth was that were many who were much smarter than himself.

Ye Futian came to Taixuan Tavern as a musician, indeed aiming for Taixuan Mountain.

Only at the top places could the best people be met and the best view be had, which would only be that much more helpful for cultivation.

But he never expected that the House Master of Taixuan Tavern would recommend and introduce him so quickly.

After Ye Futian left, everyone at the banquet looked at the House Master of Taixuan with surprise. Ma Yi asked in a puzzled way, "Master really intends to recommend Shen Jing to Taixuan Mountain?"

"Mmm," the House Master of Taixuan nodded. As far as she was concerned, she would not deceive a younger, junior person. Ye Futian also understood that in front of a powerful Renhuang, there was no value in deceiving him.

"But Master, why?" Ma Yi didnt quite understand. Just as Ye Futian thought, although Ma Yi was very curious about him, he didnt really consider him to be at the same level. Even Ma Yi could not enter Taixuan Mountain to cultivate.

Luoyue and the others were also puzzled. Although the musicians performance was outstanding, would it worth introducing him to Taixuan Mountain?

"This tavern has been in operation for many years. Many people from various walks of life have been through here. This is the first time Ive seen this man, but his melody revealed many things that the eyes cannot see. Shen Jing gave me a feeling that he has more than meets the eye, and I want to see if I am right or wrong," she smiled and said.

"Uncle was aware that he wanted to enter Taixuan Mountain?" Lin Yuan asked. Obviously, he was a bit more astute.

"Mmm," the House Master of Taixuan nodded.

"If he came intending to enter, then why does Uncle still help him?" Luoyue asked.

"Cultivators of the world, which one of them does not have a purpose? Take you, for instance. Which one of you doesnt want to enter Taixuan Mountain to cultivate?" The House Master of Taixuan smiled. "Dont worry too much about that as long as it doesnt affect you. Besides, it was only as a musician, not as a disciple of Taixuan Mountain. What he can accomplish in Taixuan Mountain will depend on his own efforts and abilities, and it also confirms my judgment. It is a minimal effort to help others, so why begrudge it? And I will still receive his gratitude."

1"Luoyue has been enlightened." Luoyue nodded slightly when she heard those words and lost in thoughts. According to her father, her uncles talent for cultivation was extremely high. From this small matter today, she could see uncles generosity.

1"Its late. Luoyue, are you staying here at the tavern for a few days, or are you going back to the City Lords Office?" asked the House Master of Taixuan.

"Luoyue will not disturb uncles cultivation," Luoyue replied. The group got up and bid their goodbyes and left.

What happened today touched Luoyue in her heart. One instance was with that swordsman in the Realm of Ruin, who defeated all others in the Saint Plane with a single blow.

Then, there was what she had just seen in the tavern. Although it seemed inconsequential, she could still learn from it.

As the night descended, the tavern was bathed in the quiet beauty of the night sky. Somewhere in an attic of the tavern, sounds of the guqin playing could be heard, which seemed to add more color to Taixuan Tavern.