The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502 Instruction

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String Pavilion, rear mountain, upon the stone platform among the sea of clouds.

Ye Futian was sitting cross-legged, playing a musical composition. As the sound of music rose, every note that jumped out was akin to the chanting of the phoenix. There was a brilliant divine light accompanying each lively note. If someone was here, they were bound to have the false sense that it was the phoenix singing.

The sound of the guqin sounded like a phoenix chanting. Those notes surrounded Ye Futians body, and in the void, there were illusions of the phoenix, whirling between heaven and earth.

In the sea of clouds, an extremely radiant divine light illuminated, like a picture of a phoenix dancing in nine heavens, beautiful and perfect, a wonder in itself.

In the distance, the sea of clouds tossed and turned, and the light of the golden flame flowed above the sea of clouds. A long whistle was heard, which echoed with the sound of the guqin. A real phoenix god bird rushed out of the sea of clouds, surging upward, its wings spread, flying directly toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian seemed unaware, still playing in meditation. The sound of the guqin continued, as did the sound of phoenix chanting. Countless notes flowed into the mind of the phoenix and resonated with it. In this moment, Ye Futian seemed to be able to perceive the emotion of the phoenix, even borrowing from its spiritual will.

There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, but his ten slender fingers were still playing as the little phoenix flew around him. The shadows of the phoenix danced in the sky between heaven and earth, intertwining into a beautiful painting, just like a veritable wonderland.

The little Phoenix was extremely cheerful. Her voice was clear and ethereal, singing in harmony with the sound of guqin. After a long while, when the music slowly stopped, she stopped her dancing and flying, then landed beside Ye Futian, shifting into her human form.

"The Flight of the Phoenix Pair." The little phoenix stared at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes, a little surprised. She then smiled, "You learn quickly."

In just over a month, Ye Futian had actually mastered the flight of the Phoenix Pair and was able to induce the vision of heaven and earth, luring the phoenix into its dance, a natural wonder.

"Thats because I am a genius," Ye Futian quipped jokingly. "Little phoenix, before, when I was playing the music, I could feel the resonance with your spiritual will. Could this help your cultivation?"

"Mutual help. If your plane is higher, your spiritual comprehension stronger than mine, then it will help me more. On the contrary, if my plane is higher than yours, it will help you a lot," little phoenix said with a smile.

Flight of the Phoenix Pair itself was a famous piece created based on the phoenix. It was a lovely song in itself, but if used in combat, its power would be equally strong.

"So, you are taking advantage of me," Ye Futian said again.

Little phoenix blushed slightly and stared at Ye Futian, saying, "My plane is temporarily lower than yours, but Im a natural-born Saint; my progression will be rapid. Even Lord Taixuan has said that my future is endless, as the definite candidate as the Divine Phoenix. Im bound to ride the wind and sail into the nine heavens. Not to mention, when did I ever say that I would cultivate with you?"

"Fine. Its me who took advantage of you," Ye Futian smiled. After these few days of contact, he and little Phoenix had gotten familiar with one another. He knew that her temperament was still like a young girl, which made him kind of miss Linger.

"Thats more like it," little phoenixs face was a faint pink as she whispered. But that girl-like face was paired with a perfect figure. It was inexplicably attractive.

Fortunately, Ye Futian was already used to it, his mind devoid of other ideas. After all, he was not that kind of person.

"Again?" Ye Futian smiled and said.

"Yes, yes." Little phoenix appeared a little excited. It was as if she were a natural fit with the Flight of the Phoenix Pair.

"Feng Yan," a voice came from the void, and a bright divine phoenix appeared. It was Feng Yans mother. She looked at Feng Yan and said, "Lets go."

"Oh." Feng Yan suddenly lost her enthusiasm. She gave a quick wink at Ye Futian and then moved toward the sea of clouds.

"Elder." Ye Futian saluted the phantom of the divine phoenix in the void, and that phoenix gave him a deep look of assessment.

He was able to master the Flight of the Phoenix pair in such a short time.

She felt a little dazed. Once upon a time, when the String Emperor had also played the Flight of the Phoenix Pair here, the husband and wife were the partners of the String Emperor, and they danced with the music. But then, the Emperor went down the mountain and built his own legacy, leaving the two of them here.

The phantom illusion of the divine phoenix gradually dissipated, and the little phoenix had also dived into the sea of clouds in the distance.

Ye Futian watched those disappearing figures and cursed secretly.

This was

Guarding against thieves?

Unfortunately, he couldnt win in this case.

"Is Brother Shen here?" At this moment, A voice that came from outside the String Pavilion that penetrated the void and came to this side, falling into Ye Futians ear.

Ye Futian was a little puzzled. For a month, he had been practicing alone in the String Pavilion, accompanied only by guqin, with only the occasional appearances of the little phoenix. This was the first time someone came to visit.

Stepping forward, Ye Futian walked toward the String Pavilion, came to the front yard, and saw a group of youths there. They were looking at him.

The temperament of these people were all very unusual. He knew very well that for those who could enter Taixuan Mountain to cultivate, they would not be simple people.

"Greetings from Shen Jing to you all." Ye Futian bowed with his hand together in salute, gentle and polite.

"Long have we heard the name of Brother Shen," The young man in the middle of the group in front also saluted Ye Futian, saying, "Chen Yu of Guqin Valley at Taixuan Mountain. Since the news that Miss Four and Mr. Lan sent Brother Shen to the String Pavilion for cultivation, we have all been curious. Today we have come to visit personally, and Brother Sheng does not disappoint."

Although the four great disciples of Lord Taixuan were already off the mountain to set up their own perspective settlements, there were still many places for cultivation on Taixuan Mountain, such as Sword Abyss, Guqin Valley, and Alchemy House, all of which were managed by some elders on Taixuan Mountain. They were all early followers of Lord Taixuan but lacked the opportunity to become Lord Taixuans personal disciples.

Many years ago, Lord Taixuans five major disciples were also from this group, but later, a disciple had perished, and Lord Taixuan vowed never to accept another disciple as long as he lived. Therefore, even though some possessed unusual talent and had received personal guidance from Lord Taixuan, he still would not accept them as personal disciples.

After the four great disciples of Lord Taixuan came down the mountain, the Taixuan Hierophant would often send some extremely talented geniuses to persuade Lord Taixuan to accept them as disciples again, but he never did.

Thus, the people of the Higher Heavens Realm gradually began to understand that Lord Taixuan would no longer have any more disciples.

Guqin Valley was a place for practicing the art of guqin. Lord Taixuan possessed profound knowledge and broad experience. He was an expert at many abilities. The disciples he guided had all become masters of their own rights. Not only that, but Lord Taixuans collection was also very bountiful.

After Ye Futian heard that the visitors came from Guqin Valley, he guessed something. He was not a disciple of Taixuan Mountain, and after being sent to Taixuan Mountain, he was assigned to guard the String Pavilion. This was not treatment available for just anyone. Not even the disciple of Guqin Valley had such good fortune.

It occurred to Ye Futian that this was probably how connections worked.

Who could imagine it was Miss Four who sent him to the mountain? Or that Lord Taixuan only had four disciples in total, and Miss Four was the only female disciple, so her status must be greatly exulted?

"Brother Chen flatters me. I am just a simple musician, who was fortunate enough to be in the care of Miss Four and Elder Lan and to have this opportunity to guard the String Pavilion here. I am not worthy of all you gentlemen visiting me in person. If I can be of service, just let me know and Shen Jing will come to you."

Ye Futian saw Chen Yu was polite and respectful, so he did not bother to probe the reasons behind it. He figured that to avoid any problems, he just had to be even more humble and low key than Chen Yu.

1He didnt come to Taixuan Mountain to bring the focus on himself, and he didnt want any trouble. He just wanted to cultivate quietly for a while to improve himself.

When everyone heard Ye Futians words, they gave him a deep and meaningful look. This guy was quite humble, and his voice showed sincerity.

"Brother Shen is overly humble, and since it was Miss Four who personally sent you to the String Pavilion, your attainment of the guqin must be outstanding," another person said next to him.

"Not at all." Ye Futian shook his head. "I was just a simple musician at Taixuan Tavern, and I have no idea why Miss Four would value someone like me. However, it is my honor to have the opportunity to guard the String Pavilion, so I will do my best and maintain all the guqins here."

When everyone heard Ye Futians words, a strange look appeared in their eyes. This guy was so humble and polite, and they could not find any faults with him immediately.

No one could outright attack someone so amicable. Shen Jings attitude was rather impeccable.

"There are a lot of scores in the String Pavilion; you must have read them?" At this time, a woman appeared beside Chen Yu, wearing a long skirt, flowing like a goddess. She had an outstanding temperament. She was also a disciple of Guqin Valley. Her name was Li Zhiyin.

Guqin Valley did not have many disciples nowadays. Chen Yu and Li Zhiyin were among the best.

"I have read a few, broad and profound, but there are many scores in Guqin Valley. I am afraid that it will be difficult to learn them all in my lifetime," Ye Futian replied.

"Indeed." Li Zhiyin nodded slightly. "I was fortunate enough to be selected to come to Guqin Valley to observe. I have seen six famous scores, but after many days of cultivation, I was still just scratching the surface. I found it impossible to induce the phenomenon between heaven and earth. It is a pity."

"Zhiyin, you are too modest. Back then, your rendition of the Flight of the Phoenix Pair was almost perfect," Chen Yu said.

"Shen Jing, you are now the guardian of the String Pavilion. May I enter and take a look?" Li Zhiyin asked Ye Futian.

"Please," Ye Futian smiled and nodded. When Mr. Lan asked him to guard the pavilion, he did not forbid the others from entering. If he declined, it might cause controversy. Even though he was invited by the House Master of Taixuan to enter Taixuan Mountain, he still didnt want to attract unnecessary attention, nor did he want to arouse hatred from others.

All of them entered into the String Pavilion, and Li Zhiyin went straight to the sea of clouds in the rear mountain. A sense of longing was visible in her eyes. She once mentioned to the elders of Guqin Valley her intention to come to String Pavilion to cultivate, but it was rejected. After all, this was the former residence of the String Emperor, whose position in Taixuan Mountain was high above all others. Naturally, no other disciples were allowed to come here to cultivate.

But she didnt expect that Miss Four would send Shen Jing to String Pavilion as a musician. Although he was officially just a caretaker of the pavilion, there were still many conveniences of his job.

Li Zhiyin sat down on the stone platform in the sea of clouds, her ten slender fingers gently stroking the Phoenix Guqin, then played slowly. All eyes fell upon her at once, and the elegant and crystalline sound of the phoenix was heard. It was especially moving. Under such a mood, Li Zhiyin appeared even more dignified and beautiful.

The sea of clouds rolled and turned, and the illusion of the phoenix begin to manifest. A faint divine light flowed around her body.

"Phenomenon." When everyone saw this, they were slightly stunned. The six famous songs left by the String Emperor were able to evoke phenomena, so Li Zhiyins playing had definitely reached a certain level.

Ye Futian looked quietly on the side. The phenomenon induced by Li Zhiyin was obviously a bit different from his; it was almost there but still not pure enough.

When the song was over, Li Zhiyin still sat there, with some regret, and sighed in a low voice, "Its still lacking."

"You have done very well already. The six famous scores are so not so easy to master," Chen Yu said. Li Zhiyin nodded gently as she stood up and looked at Ye Futian. The look in her beautiful eyes was a little complicated. A simple musician had such an opportunity to come here. If it were up to her, she would also be willing to guard the String Pavilion as a simple musician.

"Since Miss Four had sent you here, she must have high hopes for you. Concentrate on cultivating the music scores here. All six famous scores are as profound as they are broad. Even if you cant learn them all, it would be of great benefit to your cultivation," Li Zhiyin instructed Ye Futian. She was a genius of Guqin Valley and of the Nirvana Plane, so she had the qualifications to instruct Ye Futian.

2"Well, Ill do my best." Ye Futian didnt say much, just smiled and nodded.

"Lets go," Li Zhiyin said and headed outside. Chen Yu also looked at Ye Futian and said, "Take this opportunity and cherish it."

1"Thank you." Ye Futian smiled and watched the group leave the String Pavilion!