The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1503

Chapter 1503 Sword Abyss

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After Ye Futian sent the group away, he returned to the rear mountain behind the String Pavilion.

In a quiet environment, alone, he felt a lot more comfortable. This way, no one should be offended, and there should be no one who would disturb him in the future.

He was very satisfied with cultivating at the String Pavilion, and, indeed, he owed a great favor to the House Master of Taixuan. This kind of condition to cultivate was simply too perfect to be interrupted, so he would not do anything to provoke trouble to change the state of things. He would try to be as low-key and humble as possible. That way, even if someone wasnt happy with him, they would have nothing to use against him.

After all, everyone was a genius on Taixuan Mountain. Even if there was some discontent in their hearts, it was impossible to throw a fit without a good reason, as that would have been beneath them.

"Are they gone?" a voice came. Ye Futian turned back to look at the little phoenix that appeared behind him, saying, "Why are you here again?"

Wasnt she taken away by her mother?

"It was attracted by the sound of the guqin, but it was far worse than you normally are. How can you put up such a front?" Little phoenix looked at Ye Futian with a weird look, somewhat disdainful.

"This is called keeping a low profile," Ye Futian said with some indignity. Who was putting up a front?

Where did this little girl get her ideas from?

"Hypocrite." Little phoenix grunted, then turned around and disappeared just as she had appeared. This place where he cultivated was entirely her backyard.

Ye Futian smiled and shook his head, then went to a place to sit cross-legged and continue to cultivate.

Just as Ye Futian had predicted, after that day, no one came to disturb him. Even though the disciples of Taixuan Mountain had some opinions of their own because an outsider came to Taixuan Mountain for the first time and was able to cultivate in the String Pavilion, after seeing that Ye Futian was polite and quite gentle and respectful to the disciples of Taixuan Mountain, no one had anything against him.

Even as the word spread about Shen Jings low-key modesty, many people at Taixuan Mountain knew that there was now a humble guardian in the String Pavilion.

In what seemed like a short time, Ye Futian had cultivated on Taixuan Mountain for half a year. He rarely left the String Pavilion in the past half a year. Besides music cultivation, he was comprehending music scores or cultivating in other arts. But, all in all, without the distraction of mundane matters, Ye Futian was able to concentrate and completely immerse himself in the world of cultivation.

And he had no choices either. Now, he couldnt do anything but work hard, because strength was the foundation of everything.

His realm was even deeper, his mood was more stable, as the Guqin Path was very beneficial to the cultivation of the mood.

At this time, above the rear mountain, on the cliff, a figure sat cross-legged and was strumming the guqin.

The sound of guqin was very rapid, and there was a breath of extreme suppression between heaven and earth. The sea of clouds was also roaring and tossing as the landscape of this space, changing and morphing it. It gave the illusion that time had changed and spaced had moved. It seemed that the space Ye Futian was in was a world of its own, closed off by the melody.

Such a magnificent spectacle, if seen by the people of Guqin Valley, they would surely understand that this was a true natural phenomenon, inspired by the sound of the guqin, which was the Worldly Judgment of the six famous music scores of the String Pavilion.

This piece of music was very arrogant, and its difficulty was also extremely high. Ye Futian has been practicing it for the longest time. Now, he basically had all six of them under control.

Sonorous notes were still beating, but they gradually eased, and the phenomenon between heaven and earth gradually dissipated.

Finally, the sound of the guqin stopped, but Ye Futians ten fingers still hovered on the strings.

He looked at the distant scenery and felt the passage of time. Everything was like a dream.

He still remembered the last time he practiced the guqin like this; it had been with the Grandmaster at Donghai Academy. That year, he was not yet 18. He had just started to come into his own, and Jieyu was with him also.

In a blink of an eye, decades had passed, and once again, he was studying guqin seriously. It all seemed to be a dream.

Now, his Guqin Path had been refined by these many years of cultivating, and he could no longer be compared to his past self. Unfortunately, all this could no longer be seen by the Grandmaster.

Looking at the distant sea of clouds, Ye Futian felt something in his heart. He took a deep breath, looked down at the score, and plucked the strings with his fingers. In an instant, a high-pitched sound of guqin penetrated the sky. The crane chanting could be heard in the high heavens.

In the sea of clouds, there was a sound of a long cry. In truth, there were divine cranes that were being awakened and flew above nine heavens as if affected by the sound of the guqin. They cried from the depth of a lake somewhere.

This song was actually "A Chaotic Nation," but the artistic conception of the music was no longer the same as it was before.

The sound of the piano was lingering, and the cranes were dancing. They were surrounded by heaven and earth.

In the depths of the sea of clouds, there seemed to be two pairs of extremely bright eyes penetrating the boundless infinity. Their gaze landed on Ye Futian.

There were two figures standing above the clouds, a man and a woman, with extraordinary temperament. Both were wearing fiery red phoenix robes; they were the parents of little phoenix.

"He had also learned Worldly Judgment,’" the woman whispered, a little startled.

"In half a year, he has learned all six famous scores. This kind of musical attainment, perhaps he himself was unaware of," the man also said, a little surprised. Compared to the String Emperor of yore, he was not greatly behind.

They vaguely understood that Miss Four sent Ye Futian to Taixuan Mountain perhaps not entirely because of the third young master.

Ye Futians talent in the ways of Guqin Path was really special, so he was sent here by Miss Four to come to the String Pavilion for self-study.

In just over half a year, he had actually learned six famous scores.

His future was limitless, and in the future, he would perhaps be another sensational figure like the String Emperor.

After completing the six famous scores, he practiced many other scores again. And on this day, Ye Futian finally walked out to the piano.

However long he had been at Taixuan Mountain was how long he had been cultivating in the String Pavilion.

This was the first time Ye Futian had experienced the scenery of Taixuan Mountain. Sometimes he encountered other cultivators on the way, but he didnt know them. When he was asking for directions, these people of Taixuan Mountain felt even more strange and looked at him weirdly.

Who was this guy? Was he really a cultivator of Taixuan Mountain?

He didnt even know where the Sword Abyss was!

Was he serious?

Sword Abyss was located in the southern part of Taixuan Mountain and was the place of sword cultivation at Taixuan Mountain.

The swordsmanship at Taixuan Mountain was extremely prestigious. Lord Taixuan had collected many sword methods, and whose own swordsmanship was also superb. The second disciple of Lord Taixuanthe current City Lord of Taixuan Cityhad inherited the swordsmanship of Lord Taixuan. His reputation was enough to shake the world and became a dominant lord in his own right.

Therefore, when Luoyuethe princess of the City Lords Residence of Taixuan Cityheard that there was a powerful swordsman in the Realm of Ruin, she went there in person because she also cultivated in swordsmanship.

Sword Abyss, as its name suggested, was an abyss.

When Ye Futian came here, he saw a sword peak directly inserted into the ground. Above that giant sword peak, there were ancient palaces located at different points of the peak with excellent views.

In front of the sword peak, there was a huge canyon. Below, there were many palaces for cultivation, cave residences, and a gymnasium.

Ye Futian had come from the canyons below, and looked up at the land above and the sword peak in front, with a slight wave in his heart.

"A good place," Ye Futian admired. Not only that, but the entire Sword Abyss was filled with the infinite breath of swordsmanshipextremely saturated. This was the real holy land of swordsmanship.

Above the void over the gymnasium, an amazing battle was taking place.

Above the void, a figure in blue was standing between the heavens and the earth. His fingers were pointing to the sky, and countless divine swords appeared above the sky. It was shocking to behold. Many below looked up and saw the body of his opponent sail across the void, and in an instant, like the catastrophe of swordsmanship, the void seemed to be crushed under the swords.

Crisp crackling sounds came out, and hundreds of sword marks appeared on the body of his opponent instantly, some of them even stained with blood.

"Great swordsmanship," Ye Futian praised inside. It was indeed worthy of Taixuan Mountains sword technique.

"Brother Wans sword technique is getting stronger," the other disciples of Sword Abyss exclaimed, smiling. Even the one who was defeated just grumbled, "Thank you, senior brother, for your mercy."

It seemed that he did not care about his injury at all, which was inevitable in such sparring.

"Your sword progress was not inconsiderable," Brother Wan said to the defeated man. The two went down together and cleared the battlefield to allow others to go up.

The cultivators stood on the sides watching the battle, and Ye Futian also stood there. The swordsmanship of the two were equally strong.

It was at this time that senior brother Wan seemed to notice Ye Futians existence. He lifted his feet to go toward Ye Futian, and the people around him suddenly realized that this person did not seem to be a cultivator from Sword Abyss.

"Are you a cultivator from somewhere else in Taixuan Mountain?" Wan Shouyi asked with some doubt. This was the first time he saw Ye Futian. He did not recall ever having seen this person on Taixuan Mountain before.

"Shen Jing, caretaker of the String Pavilion. Pleasure to meet the brother of the Way." Ye Futian bowed. Suddenly, the people around him were a bit surprised. So this was the musician in the String Pavilion. They had all heard of Shen Jings name, but this was the first they had seen him.

"Disciple of the Sword Abyss, Wan Shouyi," Wan Shouyi responded to Ye Futian and saluted him in return. He said, "I heard that you were cultivating in the String Pavilion. So, what brought you to Sword Abyss?"

"I know a little about swordsmanship and have cultivated in sword techniques, and have always admired the talent of those who cultivate in swordsmanship. I knew that there was the Sword Abyssa holy land to cultivate sword techniques on Taixuan Mountain. I desired to come and take a look to see if I could gain some comprehension to help with my progress in swordsmanship," Ye Futian replied. "Please do not laugh. "

"Brother Shen is dedicated to learning, but specialization is important in cultivation," Wan Shouyi said. "Since Brother Shen has the opportunity to cultivate in the String Pavilion, you should concentrate on that."

"Quite so," Ye Futian said, still with a smile. "I am only watching from the periphery occasionally, and not immersed in it, and I will still concentrate on the art of the guqin as my main cultivation. Not to mention, in Sword Abyss, I could also practice music, and perhaps I can resonate with the cultivation of swordsmanship."

Wan Shouyi glanced at Ye Futian and thought that, just as rumored, this musician of the String Pavilion was humble and gentle. He didnt expect him to be so interested in learning. No wonder Miss Four had helped him.

"Just as well. But you are not a disciple of the Sword Abyss, so you should take care not to step in places you shouldnt set foot in," Wan Shouyi instructed. Ye Futian nodded with a smile. "Thank you, brother."