The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 Coincidence?

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The Sword Abyss was very large and occupied one side of Taixuan Mountain. Aside from what Ye Futian saw in front of him, there was also the Sword Cliffs and Sword Residence behind the Sword Peak.

Sword Cliffs was also known as Sword Cliffs of Trials. Countless cultivators honed their swordsmanship there, leaving sword marks on many cliff walls, many of which were left by ancestors of great swordsmanship. Sword Residence, on the other hand, was the cave residence where many swordsmen cultivated. It was a blessed place, like heaven on earth. After the cave residences were emptied by the ancestors, they became unoccupied, and there were most likely records of swordsmanship comprehension inside.

In addition, there were also superb sword techniques inherited from Taixuan Mountain itself. Lord Taixuan was knowledgeable and had many sword scriptures in his collection, some of which were definitely the most supreme.

Many years ago, Lord Taixuan himself was also a magical talent.

Ye Futian watched the practice of swordsmanship in the Sword Abyss and watched disciples practicing. He was deep in thought. Although most of the disciples of the Sword Abyss could not beat him in swordsmanship, there must be someone among them with whom he could learn from, not to mention that their swordsmanship had been passed down from Taixuan Mountain.

The sword that he had just observed wielded by Wan Shouyi was extremely stunning. If the cultivation reached its peak, it would be an incredibly strong sword technique.

Like the Guqin Path, although he was good at it, he knew that even though he appeared powerful, his true skill was varied and unrefined. In swordsmanship, though he had combined his own comprehension and the Soul-Breaking sword techniques that he had acquired previously, he was relying heavily on the advantages of the Way. In truth, his swordsmanship was far from sufficient, especially in the top-tier of sword techniques. He was not nearly as invincible as was rumored in the Realm of Ruin.

"What do you think?" Ye Futian was watching the swordplay when several disciples of the Sword Abyss approached him and asked him a question, smiling.

"The disciples of Sword Abyss are superb in swordsmanship," Ye Futian said with a smile.

"You are an expert in music, and now that you are observing the swordplay, do you have any comprehension?" the person asked again.

"All methods are connected, including the sword techniques. Before, I saw that Brother Wans swordsmanship was superb. After that, I saw several others swordsmanship. Though wielded differently, they all had the shades of that one technique. I would greatly like to know if they were all from the same sword technique? "Ye Futian asked.

"Thats right." The other nodded and said with a smile, "This sword technique is one that all the disciples of Sword Abyss want to learn, but the disciples of Sword Abyss are many. Those in the Saint Plane who can reach the level of Brother Wan are few at best. Even swordsmen of Renhuang Realm at Taixuan Mountain find it difficult to accomplish."

"What sword technique could be that enticing?" Ye Futian asked curiously.

"The Fleeting Divine Sword," the young man smiled and said. "But most people can only cultivate to the first levelA Glimmer of Sky. This first level is the most suitable for those who understand the way of space; its power us the strongest, the most authentic."

"So it is. But Brother Wans sword was more than a glimmer. What level is he at?" Ye Futian asked.

The other looked at him with a smile and said, "The second levelCleve of All Things. When cultivated to this level, with a single sword strike, the void will be cut into countless pieces, hence the name."

"How about the third?" Ye Futian asked.

"The third level of the Fleeting Divine Sword naturally would be Fleeting. However, only very few Renhuang on Taixuan Mountain have cultivated to this level. Once the sword is deployed, time flows like water, and years go by, hence the name Fleeing. With the Fleeting Divine Sword, there is no countermeasure, and ultimately, this technique is also divided into different strengths. Only those who are experts at a variety of the strengths of the Great Path can reach the peak. On Taixuan Mountain, only the Lord has reached the ultimate state of the Fleeting Divine Sword."

The other party smiled and explained, gazing at Ye Futian with interest. They asked, "Brother Shen is interested in cultivating in this technique?"

"Seeing how unusually powerful this sword technique is, I am a little interested. But my talent is limited. If I choose to cultivate it, I dont know which level I could reach," Ye Futian replied in a low voice and did not deny his intentions. He did not come to Sword Abyss for frivolity, but to cultivate, so there was nothing to hide.

"Its easy for Brother Shen Jing to get started. Although the Fleeting Divine Sword is the ultimate sword technique, the first two levels are not a secret. There will be no problem if you are interested to cultivate. Moreover, the Sword Cliffs of Trials contains many marks of previous cultivations, so you can take a look," the other added. Ye Futian nodded slightly. "Thank you for telling me."

"Its but a small matter," the other replied with a smile. They continued, "If there is any problem, brother Shen Jing can come to us."

"For sure," Ye Futian answered, and the other left.

Ye Futian watched for a few more moments before leaving Sword Abyss. Afterward, besides practicing in the String Pavilion every day, he also watched the swordsmen in the Sword Abyss.

Everyone in Sword Abyss knew now that they had a musician who liked to learn. He was also the guardian of the String Pavilionthe one Miss Four personally escorted to Taixuan Mountain.

Ye Futian was very quiet at Sword Abyss, spending most of his time watching the swordsmen and observing. He rarely spoke to anyone. Occasionally, he would ask some questions, and his humble and studious attitude made many others like him quite a bit. After all, the disciples of Sword Abyss were mostly in the Saint Plane, and they all had extraordinary temperament. Under circumstances that did conflict with their own interests, they were more than willing to answer Ye Futians questions when prompted.

Over time, Ye Futian seemed to have become one of the disciples of Sword Abyss. Many of the cultivators of Sword Abyss were used to his existence.

However, little phoenix was often displeased and secretly complained that Ye Futian dabbled in everything. Instead of concentrating on the Guqin path, he had now gone to the Sword Abyss frequently to study sword techniques. With no one to chat with, the little phoenix was deprived of some enjoyment as she greatly liked when Ye Futian played The Flight of the Phoenix Pair, with which she could resonate. Every time she heard this piece, she would feel herself progress. It was as if she, too, was moving toward the next level.

On this day, a guest arrived at Sword Abyss, which was a quite lively occasion.

The young mistress of City Lords Residence at Taixuan City, Princess Luoyue, whose fatherthe City Lord of Taixuan Cityhad inherited the swordsmanship of Lord Taixuan.

Previously, Luoyue had also practiced at Sword Abyss for some time. This was the place where she learned her craft, and today, the City Lord of Taixuan took her to visit the Lord, so Luoyue took this opportunity to revisit Sword Abyss.

Many disciples at Sword Abyss knew Luoyue, and they were accustomed to addressing each other as brothers and sisters.

At this time, there was a sword cliff behind Sword Abyss and Sword Peak. Many disciples were there. This was a famous sword cliff at Sword Abyss. Upon the cliff wall, there were marks of swordsmanship left by a very powerful elder. Many would come here to observe the sword will that was contained within.

Luoyue stood in front of the cliff wall and looked at the Sword Cliffs. Although her father was a mighty figure in swordsmanship and derived other methods of battle from his swordsmanship, the attacks even included those of battle ax. Sometimes, however, it still required the expediency of other sects to absorb even more knowledge.

Her cultivation of the Fleeting of the Divine had encountered a bottleneck at the second levelCleave of All Things. It was difficult for her to advance any further. Therefore, she wanted to come to Taixuan Mountain again, and so, her father brought her.

Looking at the cliff, Luoyues body could not help but exude a powerful sword will. The sword of eradication was wrapping around this space. For a long time, her shape flashed and pointed toward the void. Suddenly, a great amount of Sword Qi swept through the void. A devastating storm of Sword Qi now appeared, cutting through the sky above.

"Sister Luoyues sword is even more refined. It wont take long for the Cleave of All Things to become a reality." At this time, a voice spoke. It was Wan Shouyi, a disciple of Sword Abyss, addressing Luoyue.

"Senior brother praises me too much. I know my level, and it is still a ways away compared to senior brother," Luoyue whispered. She could not help but recall the swordsman she encountered in the Realm of Ruins. His sword was very simple, and a single sword strike sufficed. She wondered how it would compare with brother Wan Shouyi.

"Theres not much difference. It is already on the verge, and a breakthrough can happen at any moment," Wan Shouyi said. "Luoyue, let me try the sword for you."

Louyue looked at Wan Shouyi, then nodded and said, "Thank you, brother."

As they finished speaking, the two walked to one side and were suspended in mid-air. Many figures flashed over this way in preparation to watch the exchange between the two. Clearly, Wan Shouyi intended to use his swordsmanship to guide Luoyue.

In an instant, Sword Qi was everywhere, and as everyone expected, as outstanding as Wan Shouyis sword, he had left some room because his goal was to guide Luoyue, step by step.

Luoyues sword was very similar to his, but there always seemed to be something missing.

At this moment, suddenly, the sound of guqin was heard. It merged into the sword. It was as if the sound of the guqin perfectly matched the exchange of swordsmanship. Some continued to watch the swordplay, while some glanced in the direction of the music. It was Shen Jing, who had been playing often recently, and no one was surprised by it.

Wan Shouyi and Luoyues swords were getting stronger. Wan Shouyi began to apply pressure in an attempt to force Luoyue to unleash her sword, but Luoyue still felt that she somehow fell short.

At this moment, the sound of the guqin flowed into her ears, and an illusion appeared in her mind. The sound of music was like that of the sword. She could not help but wave her hand. In an instant, the sword light was shining, and a flash of radiant sword light also crossed Luoyues beautiful eyes. As her heart surged, in an instant, the sword will form her body was getting even stronger.


One sword manifested. It brightened the nine heavens and collided with Wan Shouyis sword. At this moment, the two storms intertwined. The sword was annihilated, and the battle stopped.

After a while, everyone saw that the Sword Qi had gradually dissipated, and in the void, the two stood opposite each other.

"Congratulations, junior sister," Wan Shouyi said with a smile.

"Success." All the disciples were a little shocked. Senior brother Wan tried the sword for Luoyue and successfully led her to comprehend and reach an epiphany, leading to a breakthrough in swordsmanship. Now, her strength was even more superb.

At this moment, Luoyue was still in a daze. The feeling of the sword just now

"Thank you, senior brother, for trying the sword with me." Luoyue bowed slightly to Wan Shouyi.

"You were only a step away. You would breakthrough sooner or later. It had little to do with me." Wan Shouyi smiled.

"A single step could be a trap for a long time." Luoyue shook her head. This was something she understood.

At this time, she turned her eyes and looked at the figure on a boulder in front of the cliff. Ye Futian sat there with a guqin in front of him, but at this time the music had already stopped.

She remembered the musician at Taixuan TavernShen Jingand had heard that he was now guarding guqins in the String Pavilion. He was very eager to learn and had come to the Sword Abyss to cultivate

"Was that moment just now a coincidence?" Luoyue murmured in her heart. That flash of spiritual light seemed to be guided by the sound of guqin.

"Shen Jing greets Princess Luoyue." Seeing Luoyue looking at him, Ye Futian smiled and nodded at Luoyue.

"Mmmm." Luoyue looked at Ye Futian, and seeing that the other did not appear out of sorts, thought that she was thinking too much.

"Uncle sent you to Taixuan Mountain just as a musician, but there are still many opportunities. Concentrate on cultivating," Luoyue said to Ye Futian and then left!