The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512 I See It Clearly

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The cultivator from the Divine Capital of Xiling frowned slightly. Many of the fighters looked over to where Luoyue was. Death will wrapped around the cultivator from the Divine Capital of Xiling. There was a cold look in his dark eyes.

"You truly are the daughter of Lord Taixuans second disciple. What are you all looking at? Get back to fighting!" When Luo Chongyang roared this, the other cultivators suddenly stepped forward towards where Luoyue was. As she stood there, Luoyue could feel an intense amount of pressure.

Boom! Several of the cultivators stepped forward, and Luoyue seemed to be able to feel the power of a god of death in the air. Invisible death will was spreading through her body, infecting her.

But she saw that the powerful sword in the air above her was still circling. She formed a sword seal, and in a flash, a formless brilliance emitted from the giant character that read "the Way" on the peak of Taixuan Mountain. Sword will formed all around her until a terrifying storm of sword Qi appeared. It swept through the sky.

At that moment, Luoyue realized that the person who had helped her was still there, helping her in secret.

She did not hesitate. She gripped her sword and pointed it up into the sky. In a flash, countless divine swords whistled through the sky, leaving streaks in the air. Many of the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling looked surprised. They released their powerful demonic will to block the onrushing sword will.

The countless swords cut through the air. It seemed like the entire area would be shattered by the storm of sword Qi.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Lines of blood flew through the air, and many cultivators cried out bitterly. All of the cultivators who had been coming to attack Luoyue had been grievously wounded. They were covered in blood and they fell limply to the ground.

Luoyues battle had taken a lot of the pressure off the other disciples of Sword Abyss. Wan Shouyi looked at her in shock. He had cultivated the second strike of the Fleeting Divine Swordthe Cleave of All Thingsfor many years and still did not fully understand it. Now, Luoyue had used this technique. She must have reached a new level.

Moreover, she had used the will of the Worldly Great Path to resonate with the character that read "the Way." This showed how prodigiously talented she was.

When had Sister Luoyue gotten so strong?

"Who is helping her secretly? Why cant I see you?" Luo Chongyang swept his gaze over the giant character that read "the Way." His expression was cold. Given his level, he was able to sense that this was not Luoyues sword. The daughter of the City Lord of Taixuan was just not that good. He sent some people to surround her. He wanted to see if the one who was secretly helping her would act again so he could pinpoint his location.

But he discovered that the hiding person was using his will to interact with the character that read "the Way" floating at the peak of Taixuan Mountain. He was unable to find out where the man was by using his spiritual will.

Many people were cultivating on Taixuan Mountain and had not come here; however, there was no one there at the Nirvana level. They were all contemplating the character, and people who were below the Nirvana level did not have the ability to do this. Even Nirvana level figures would have trouble doing this.

Thus, his level was not high enough to find the person.

A look of surprise came over everyones face when they heard Luo Chongyangs words. They were stunned. Was this really not Luoyues sword?

Someone was helping her secretly.

But who could produce such brilliant swordsmanship from a secret position? This was a sword that was able to use the second strike of the Fleeting Divine Swordthe Cleave of All Things.

Even Wan Shouyi could not do this.

"Didnt you want to test the power of the disciples of Taixuan Mountain? Do they have to stand right in front of you for you to test their power?" the Taixuan Hierophant said to Luo Chongyang. He also did not know who it was, but it was not important. What was important was that they had gained a little bit of time. They had to fight for more time for their master.

Time was extremely precious to Lord Taixuan, who was about to break through to the next level. He naturally did not want Lord Taixuan to be disturbed.

"Who knew that she had a Renhuang level figure helping her?" said Luo Chongyang coldly. He looked up at the character that read "the Way." He stretched out his hand, and in a flash, the sky darkened. A huge palm print appeared in the sky and slammed down into the character.


There was a loud noise as all of Taixuan Mountain trembled violently. The character that read "the Way" was shattered. In that instant, all the people on Taixuan Mountain could no longer feel its mystical will.

All of the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain looked coldly at Luo Chongyang. Old Demon Luo had always been overbearing and unreasonable, and now it seemed that Prince Luo Chongyang had inherited his temperament. He was just as overbearing. He had actually directly destroyed the character that Lord Taixuan had carved.

The Taixuan Hierophant looked up at the peak of the mountain. At that moment, he realized that since his opponent wanted to make trouble, he would not delay for too long. No matter what, he would find an excuse to attack.

The people from the Divine Capital of Xiling had come here to disturb Lord Taixuan and make him unable to reach the next level.

When you reached the Renhuang level, every time you tried to advance, you were making a gamble with heaven and earth. This was especially true of someone at the peak of the Renhuang level. They must have profound insight, and then they had to seize an opportunity to break their shackles. Once their concentration was broken, the Way would be blocked, and there was a high probability that they would fail and would have no way to break through to the next level.

The character that read "the Way" was not only for the benefit of the people who had come here to cultivate; Lord Taixuan had also carved it for himself. He had used the character to connect himself to the heavens and the earth and to help him understand things.

Now, Luo Chongyang had raised his hand and destroyed it.

"Luo Chongyang," said the Taixuan Hierophant coldly. "That character was carved by our master. If you had come here as guests, we would have welcomed you, but you came here to cause trouble, so go on back to Xiling."

He stepped forward as he said this. In a flash, mighty will pressed down all over the mountain, covering everyone within it, including both the disciples of Taixuan Mountain and the cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling. It seemed that if Luo Chongyang did anything, he would be burying everyone else along with himself.

Luo Chongyang allowed his aura to burst forth as well. He stood there like a god of death. He looked at the Taixuan Hierophant with his black eyes. Taixuan Mountain went dark, and death will wrapped around everyone. If any Renhuang level figures acted, any Saint-level figures would be about as useful in the fight as ants.

"If you want to fight, then fight. No need to inflict suffering on the innocent." The God of the Golden Divine Nation released his dazzling golden radiance, covering himself and the cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation. He had formed a golden light curtain.

The Palace Lord of the Divine Music Palace took a small step forward as well. The heavenly music of the Great Path rang out, protecting the disciples of the Shangxiao Divine Palace.

An invisible storm of the Great Path swept through the air, terrible to the extreme. The Saint-level cultivators there felt that they were insignificant in the face of its might.

Many of the people regretted having come to Taixuan Mountain. They should never have come here.

Once the battle really started, the consequences would be too disastrous to imagine.

The City Lord of Taixuan and String Emperor stepped out, and their might covered all of Taixuan Mountain. It seemed like once their opponents started fighting, they would do whatever it took to defeat the cultivators from the Divine Capital of Xiling.

But at that moment, they saw a cold light flash in Luo Chongyangs eyes, and he smiled. He seemed to be mocking them.

"Lord Taixuan is your elder, and under his tutelage, your cultivation has reached the heavens. I came here to pay a visit. How could I have come here by myself?" said Luo Chongyang coldly. As he said this, the Taixuan Hierophants expression changed a little bit, as did the others.

In reality, the Taixuan Hierophant had thought of this. His spiritual will covered all of Taixuan Mountain, but he had not sensed Old Demon Luo. But there was a possibility that his level was just too high, and so he could not sense his existence.

"This isnt good." The Taixuan Hierophant suddenly sensed a powerful danger. Although he still did not sense an aura, someones incredibly high level still made him feel that indescribable threat.

Indeed, at the moment that he felt this, a burst of terrible demonic power descended. A hand stretched down from the sky. It was a demonic palm print from the heavens, smashing into Taixuan Palace at the peak of Taixuan Mountain.

Boom! There was a loud noise, and the palace at the top of Taixuan Mountain was reduced to dust.

In the next moment, everyone saw a demonic figure appear in the sky. It was the Lord of the Divine Capital of XilingOld Demon Luo.

"I had heard that Lord Taixuan was about to break through to the next level, and so I came to pay my respects," said Old Demon Luo, his voice shaking the heavens and the earth. The people of Taixuan City could not help but tremble. Old Demon Luo had come here himself just to stop Lord Taixuan from breaking through to the next level. He had not hesitated to start a battle and destroy Taixuan Palace. His determination was obvious.

The Divine Capital of Xiling did not want to see Lord Taixuan advance to the next level.

"My Lord!"

The Taixuan Hierophant and the others looked up. Everyones gaze fell upon the ruined palace.

Taixuan Palace had stood at the peak of Taixuan Mountain and had stood as a symbol for them. Now, it had been destroyed by Old Demon Luo.

Amidst the ruins, a figure gradually opened his eyes. Lord Taixuan was dressed in a simple robe, and his body was covered in dust, but this could not hide his elegance.

The Taixuan Hierophant and the others bowed. "We were not strong enough to protect you. We let them disturb your cultivation."

"Old Demon Luo of the Divine Capital of Xiling came. How could you have defended me?" Lord Taixuan answered indifferently. He obviously did not blame them. Old Demon Luo was at his level and had brought his son Luo Chongyang. If his opponents wanted to forcibly disturb his cultivation, they would have had no way to stop them.

"Long time no see, Lord Taixuan," said Old Demon Luo calmly just like they were old friends. There was none of the fierceness from before.

Lord Taixuan nodded. "Indeed. I have missed you all this time." At that moment, everyone in Taixuan City felt a suffocating pressure. The two of them were talking casually, but they could feel an incredibly threatening atmosphere.

The Worldly Great Path flowed, and the weather changed. A brilliant light shone from Lord Taixuans arms. It was sword light. At that moment, all of the vastness of the world seemed to shine with sword light.

There were swords everywhere. Lord Taixuan himself was suffused with brilliant light as if he was a sword himself.

"The third strike of the Fleeting Divine Sword is Fleeting Swordsmanship. I see it clearly," said Lord Taixuan. His voice rang out across Taixuan Mountain. Everyones faces became very solemn as they looked towards him.

Was he talking to someone?

Or was he speaking to all of the swordsmen on Taixuan Mountain?

The third strike of the Fleeting Divine Sword was the most powerful, and it was the final one.

Everyone was staring at him. As they watched him, he raised his arms and pointed at the sky!