The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516 Quota

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Lord Taixuan didnt seem to be too joyful. Instead, he took a look at the sky and sighed.

The Heavenly Path was incomplete.

Turning his gaze to everyone, Lord Taixuan held his hands up and thanked them, "You are all too kind."

Afterward, he came to the crowd, and the four great disciples led by the Taixuan Hierophant came behind him. They finally let go of their worries. Now, they would not be worried about someone making trouble, and no one dared to try.

Even that Old Demon Luo of the Divine Capital of Xiling would have to be more cautious when he met Lord Taixuan in the future. If Lord Taixuan intended to settle matters of the past, that Old Demon would lose.

"Today, Lord Taixuan comprehended the Way on Taixuan Mountain. It is a major event for cultivators in the Higher Heavens Realms," the palace lord of the Divine Music Palace said. Many cultivators nodded in agreement. The influence of a top character was very great.

"Just a few more years of cultivation than any of you." Lord Taixuan appeared very calm.

"One cannot surpass this realm with time alone," the palace lord of the Divine Music Palace shook his head and said. "On behalf of Shangxiao Divine Palace, we congratulate you, My Lord. After bringing back such great news, I believe that all people in various palaces will also be overjoyed for My Lord."

"Palace Lord is too kind. Please give my regards to everyone when you return. If there is ever a chance, I will pay you a visit," Lord Taixuan responded politely.

"If My Lord ever wants to come to the Divine Music Palace, there will soon be a chance," the palace lord of Divine Music Palace smiled and said. "Everyone in the Divine Music Palace must be looking forward to talking with My Lord."

Lord Taixuan seemed to think of something when he heard the words of the palace lord of Divine Music Palace. He smiled and knew what the other meant.

Many powerful figures on Taixuan Mountain thought of one thing when they heard his words. Someone said with a smile, "Ten years have gone by in the blink of an eye, and it is time for the opportunity of trials once more. It is indeed a blessing to all young cultivators in the Higher Heavens Realm."

"Shangxiao Divine Palace preached to the world, benefiting the world of cultivation, and doing great deeds," Lord Taixuan nodded and said. Shangxiao Divine Palace was indeed a place worthy of admiration.

"Shangxiao Divine Palace is a treasured land within the Higher Heavens Realm, which can nurture the Great Path. For many years, it has adhered to its mission of preaching as a matter of course," the palace lord of Divine Music Palace replied. It was well known to everyone in the Higher Heavens Realm that Shangxiao Divine Palace was located in the most treasured holy land in all of Higher Heavens Realm and had trained many powerful great characters. Therefore, for many years, it had been preaching to the world, never getting involved in disputes.

Of course, if it were not so, many of the top principalities in the Higher Heavens Realm would have long been rifted with malice, and Shangxiao Divine Palace would not have occupied such a lofty status.

"Its a pity that the fruit grown in the Divine Palace is limited; otherwise, it could help more people to comprehend the Way," the palace lord of Divine Music Palace continued. "My lord has not yet established a clan, so in the years past, Taixuan Mountain had just a quota of five spaces. But now that my lord has had a breakthrough, I will discuss with other palace lords when I return about increasing the number of places for Taixuan Mountain to 15 people."

"Many thanks." Lord Taixuan nodded with a smile. He glanced at the disciples of Taixuan Mountain behind him. Although 15 spaces were still far from enough compared to the disciples who cultivated on Taixuan Mountain, considering those who had a real chance to break through into Renhuang Plane, 15 spaces were a lot. It was definitely enough.

After all, it was not that easy to become a Renhuang.

"The palace lord of Divine Music Palace is biased. Why not add some more spaces for us?" said a powerful person next to him.

"If everyone could be like my lord, then there would be no problem," the palace lord of Divine Music Palace said with a smile. Suddenly, everyone revealed a dull expression. Could one break through the realm just because one wanted to? Would this kind of character be so rare in the Higher Heavens Realm?

Never mind in the Higher Heavens Realm, even in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, there were not many.

"Very well. Now that my lord has broken through, this matter is over, and we should be getting back. After everyone gets back, you can discuss the matter regarding the candidates. Now, we should get ready to go." The palace lord of Divine Music Palace smiled and said, "When My Lord has free time, please come to the Divine Palace to sit and chat. "

"Good." Lord Taixuan nodded.

"Farewell." The place lord of Divine Music Palace put his hands together and then left with his people.

"We should be getting back, too. Goodbye." All the cultivators saluted and left as well. Lord Taixuan watched them as they left. The divine general from the Golden Divine Nation stepped forward and asked, "Wont you consider our previous proposition?"

"I already said that I would not accept any more disciples," Lord Taixuan shook his head. The other nodded and took Gai Shi Shi and turned to leave. Other cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation also left with them. The golden divine light opened up the road of Great Path, and soon, they disappeared between heaven and earth.

"People of the Divine Nation are really too proud," Lord Taixuan whispered as he watched those who were leaving.

"The Golden Divine Nation claimed to be the descendant of the ancient Golden God. It had some connection with the Great Emperor and enjoyed great prosperity in the past. If it were not for the masters breakthrough, they would probably not have taken Gai Shi Shi to us," said the Taixuan Hierophant.

Lord Taixuan said nothing more. As the crowd gradually left, there were fewer and fewer people on Taixuan Mountain, and the cultivators of the Taixuan Region also bowed and left. With this matter over, they had no more reason to linger there.

After a while, Taixuan Mountain seemed to have returned to its former tranquility. Not many people were still there, save for the disciples of Taixuan Mountain.

At this time, the disciples of Taixuan Mountain were still focused on Lord Taixuan. Even at this moment, they had not completely calmed their minds. Lord Taixuan was already someone at the peak. He had now gone one step further. With so many powerful figures in the Higher Heavens Realm congratulating him, they could very clearly feel Lord Taixuans current status, which was now truly beyond this world. Even the palace lord of Divine Music Palace was extremely polite and invited Lord Taixuan to lecture at Shangxiao Divine Palace.

Furthermore, ten more spaces were given to them.

With this in mind, many disciples in Taixuan Mountain could not hide the anticipation in their eyes, especially those whose cultivation was already in the Nirvana Plane. For them, this was an extremely rare opportunity that happened only once every ten years. In the Higher Heavens Realm, only the Divine Palace could provide such an opportunity.

All the top figures of all principalities in the Higher Heavens Realm would head over to the Divine Palace to prove themselves.

However, even with 15 spaces, it was, perhaps, still not enough. Besides the disciples cultivating on Taixuan Mountain, Lord Taixuans four disciples each also had their own disciples to consider.

In addition, some elders on Taixuan Mountain also had descendants of their own.

Lord Taixuan looked at everyone in the crowd and saw in their eyes that revealed their admiration, worship, and expectations. In addition, a few people also felt lost, clearly realizing that they had no chance.

Lord Taixuan could read everyones thoughts with one glance. He said, "You must have heard the words of the palace lord of the Divine Music Palace at Shangxiao Divine Palace. Soon, there will be the once in a decade opportunity at Shangxiao Divine Palace, which is mainly focused on those at the pinnacle of the Saint Plane, so there is an opportunity to enter the Renhuang plane. Of course, it is only an opportunity. The key to success is still your own talent, perception, and state of mind."

Everyone listened attentively. This was something they knew.

"The Divine Palace is the first holy place for cultivation in the Higher Heavens Realm rumored to be able to forge the basis of Renhuang. For cultivators, it is indeed valuable. This time, the Divine Palace gave Taixuan Mountain ten more spaces, all because the grandmaster broke through. Other top forces only have ten spaces in total."

Jun Mu, a disciple of the Taixuan Hierophant, spoke. Lord Taixuan nodded. The top forces in the Higher Heavens Realm received ten spaces in ten years. They had never established a clan nor opened a school. They used to have only five spaces, but this time, they were given ten more for a total of 15.

"So, 15 spaces. Five spaces for the cultivators of Taixuan Mountain. You four may each choose two disciples, so two places each. How about that?" Lord Taixuan said to everyone. His four disciples would get two spaces each, and cultivators of Taixuan Mountain would get five spaces, which was considered evenly distributed.

Everyone nodded and didnt have any qualms. Lord Taixuans suggestion was relatively fair, and he took care of the needs of both sides.

"What about the other two?" the Taixuan Hierophant asked. Five plus eight only accounted for 13 spaces.

"I have other plans for them," Lord Taixuan responded. The Taixuan Hierophant nodded and said nothing more. Since Lord Taixuan had other plans, there was nothing else for them to comment on.

Ye Futian had been listening quietly, without speaking, because there was no room of him to speak here. But he was slightly moved when he heard that Lord Taixuan had left two spaces.

Could it be that Lord Taixuan was leaving one of the two spaces to him?

Moreover, this time it was heading toward Shangxiao Divine Palace, which was where Yi Tianyu cultivated. Not long ago, at the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty, he had also had some conflicts with the disciples there.

However, he had heard that the Divine Palace did not actually get involved in the battles of the disciples outside, as it was just a place of cultivation. Now it seemed that the rumor was true.

Because whether or not there were people such as Yi Tianyu, it didnt really matter.

However, it did not matter if he thought too much of it. It was very pleasant to cultivate on Taixuan Mountain, and he was making great progress these days.

"Well, you may all go and prepare your own candidates," Lord Taixuan said, and then turned to leave.

After Lord Taixuan left, many were talking about it.

"Lets go back to Sword Abyss," Wan Shouyi said.

"Senior Brother Wan should be able to get a space," Luoyue whispered. Wan Shouyi was extremely talented, and there must be a space for him.

"Ill do my best," Wan Shouyi said frankly, not being humble. This was an extremely rare opportunity. "I hope I can go to the trial with you."

Luoyue was the daughter of the city lord of Taixuan City, so naturally, there would be a space for her.

Ye Futian was also on his way back, ready to return to String Pavilion.

"Shen Jing," Wan Shouyi shouted. Ye Futian looked back at him.

"Soon, there will probably be some discussion at Taixuan Moutain, and same with Sword Abyss. You can come around from time to time to help you comprehend swordsmanship," Wan Shouyi advised Ye Futian, kind of watching out for him.

"It is indeed a rare opportunity." Luoyue looked at Ye Futian and nodded in agreement. This time, the final selection would inevitably result in some competition. By observing the battle, Ye Futian could also make some progress.

"Sure, I will definitely go," Ye Futian nodded with a smile and responded.

"Well, then you go back now," Wan Shouyi said. And so, Ye Futian bid his goodbye and went toward the String Pavilion!