The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519 Long Time No See

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Luo Youming and Jun Mu no longer competed against each other, but the grievances had been settled since the battle of Taixuan Mountain and would continue after they entered the Sea of the Path.

"During this trip to the Sea of the Path, the top forces directly own quotas, but the ordinary cultivators in the Higher Heavens Realm are not so lucky to have quotas to enter the Divine Palace," Li Xun said. "However, the Divine Palace considers things carefully. For those who enter the Divine Palace to seek the Path, they will enter the Sea of the Path before us. Countless people will compete for some opportunities to enter the Palace. Among the people who are present in this room today, is there anyone who wants to enter the Palace?"

Everyone naturally understood that what he meant to enter the Divine Palace was to study the Path under the guidance of the Divine Palace.

In fact, Li Daozi, the strongest talent of the Divine Sword Li family, used to cultivate in the Divine Palace and had gained a great reputation.

The people of Taixuan Mountain were impossible to do it. Taixuan Mountain was a force with influence, and if a disciple belonging to Taixuan Mountain also entered the Divine Palace, it would be the same as having a foot in both camps. However, the top clan forces like the Golden Divine Nation and the Changfeng Family were able to do it.

"Brother Gai, have you thought about it? With your talent, you will surely be able to get top-level resources for cultivation after you enter the Divine Palace," Li Xun asked Gai Shi Shi.

Not long ago, Gai Shi Shi wanted to become the Lord Taixuans disciple, and masters of such level did exist in the Divine Palace. However, becoming their disciples was an extremely difficult thing, and even Gai Shi Shi was not likely to make it.

"I seek for the power that dominates the world, and it does not conform to the idea of the Divine Palace cultivation, so I will not enter the Palace," Gai Shi Shi said. The Divine Palace didnt get involved in secular disputes, which, in his view, was too pedantic.

"Brother Gai, you refuse to go to the Divine Palace because their idea doesnt fit in with yours, which indeed shows your boldness of vision," Li Xun smiled and said. Among the disciples who cultivated in the Divine Palace, how many of them would really stay in the Palace and hold the same philosophy as the Palace?

Very few of them.

"May I know what philosophy Brother Gai holds?" Li Xun asked.

"I hope the Path of Martial Arts dominates the world, and where the glory of the Divine Nation passes by, all beings kneel down and worship," Gai Shi Shi said. The character he worshipped was a truly unparalleled one like Donghuang the Great Emperor, the only one who ruled over the Divine Land.

If one day he could reach that level, wherever the glory of the Golden Divine Nation covered, he would enjoy everyones worship.

Everyone looked at Gai Shi Shi and thought he was just as his name suggested. The Divine Nation took this name for him, which destined his character.

"The Path of martial arts should dominate the world!" Li Xun smiled and said. "Isnt it something all the cultivators in the world are pursuing? But the only thing is, not to mention the vast divine land, only the Higher Heavens Realm had numerous strong warriors. In this trip to the Sea of the Path, besides us, there were other disciples selected from the Divine Palace this time. Of course, the stronger ones might have already entered the Divine Palace. My elder brother Li Daozi is among them. In this generation, who could dominate the world and be unparalleled?"

Who dared to say like that!

Li Daozi of the Li family, that figure of the Sky Burying God Clan, or the other few warriors in the Divine Palace?

"What about you?" Gai Shi Shi looked at Li Xun and asked. "The Divine Sword Li Family has already had Li Daozi, is there another place for you?"

"I never think about comparing myself with my elder brother. The world is so big that it could accommodate many top characters. For me, it is enough if wherever the Divine Sword passes, no other sword can compete with it," Li Xun said.

"Do you think your swordsmanship is invincible?" Gai Shi Shi glanced at the direction where disciples of Taixuan Mountain were located and said. "The Lord is also good at using sword. Now, Im afraid that his swordsmanship is the best in the Upper Heavens Realm. Taixuan Mountain has Sword Abyss. Now, their swordsmen-in-training must have arrived."

"The Lords Divine Sword is indeed a supreme sword technique, but I still think that the Divine Sword Li familys Divine Sword is the best one in the Higher Heavens Realm," Li Xun said slowly. He looked at the people of Taixuan Mountain and said, "After entering the Sea of the Path, there will be opportunities to consult about the Fleeting Divine Sword of Taixuan Mountain. I am curious about what level of cultivation you have reached."

"On that day when the Lord made the breakthrough, it was said that there was a mysterious cultivator crossing the sky with a sword who accomplished the second level of the Fleeting Divine SwordCleave of All Things. If he is of Saint Plane, he should be the strongest one cultivating in Fleeting Divine Sword below Renhuang level in the Taixuan Mountain, right?"

1At this moment, a handsome young man of the Changfeng family said, "Is that person here?"

The people of Taixuan Mountain were speechless for a moment, and the strongest swordsman they had here was Wan Shouyi. They still didnt know who that mysterious swordsman-in-training was.

"Do you think he really was a swordsman-in-training?" Luo Youming said sarcastically. "He must be a Renhuang in disguise."

"It should not have had anything to do with the Lord," Chang Fenglie from the Changfeng Family said. He thought that the Lord would not do so as a man of such a high level of cultivation.

"Then ask the people of Taixuan Mountain, where is the swordsman-in-training?" Luo Youming said with a somewhat contemptuous tone.

"Why cant he be concentrating on cultivation in Taixuan Mountain?" Luoyue responded coldly. She had thought about it before, but after being reminded by Wan Shouyi, she saw others questioning Lord and was displeased.

"So, who was this swordsman-in-training? Did you deploy the sword at that time? Was it you yourself?" Luo Youming asked. He wanted to know if there was such a swordsman-in-training in Taixuan Mountain.

Luoyue was speechless for a while, and she indeed did not know.

Luo Youming sneered and didnt say anything. Everyone fell silent, and the atmosphere was a bit cold.

"Lets put the topic aside," Li Xun spoke up to break the awkward atmosphere. He then said, "During this trip, there must be someone who could prove themselves Renhuang. Lets see who will have this opportunity."

Nobody answered, and everyone just looked at the Sea of the Path in the distance. On this trip, the big figures of the Upper Heavens Realms would gather together. Besides them, many top characters from the Upper Heavens Realms would also participate. Who could prove themselves?

All Nirvana-Plane cultivators were craving for the chance.


At this moment, some people looked toward the direction of the Sea of the Path, where there were many people coming by boat to this side of the coast.

Suddenly, many peoples eyes fell on them, including Ye Futian. Were these people from the Divine Palace?

It caused a sensation in the lower floors. Many people in Wanghai Restaurant looked over there, and many warriors gathered toward the coast, too. Soon, many small boats approached the coast, and someone announced aloud, "Tomorrow, for those who want to enter the Palace to study, please come to the Sea of the Path and receive the assessment from the Palace. This assessment may result in hazardous consequences, so please think carefully before making the decision.

"In addition, after seven days, people from the top forces who are going to enter the Sea of the Path will be received by someone."

His words caused a huge sensation. Tomorrow, the Palace would select disciples, so immediately, countless cultivators were stirred and wanted to have a try. If they succeed this time, they would also have the opportunity to compete with those from top forces with quotas and the disciples inside the Palace and earn the chance to prove their Paths.

After his words finished, the people of the Palace drove the boats and entered the Sea of the Path, and their figures disappeared quickly.

However, there were countless warriors heading towards the Sea of the Path, and there were many people flashing down from the Wanghai Restaurant and heading towards there.

"The event happens once every ten years, and there is an opportunity to prove ones cultivation. Previously, there were cultivators at the peaks of Nirvana Plane who were reluctant to enter the Palace. This time, for the opportunity of making the breakthrough to Renhuang Plane, they may also participate in this event for the quota," Li Xun said, walking to the front and looking at the Sea of the Path in the distance.

Many people stood up and looked there. They all understood that the Higher Heavens Realm was too big, and there were still many extraordinary characters and even many senior cultivators who were very old but had been trapped in Nirvana Plane. Among them, some had even almost stepped into the Renhuang Plane.

"Its an honor to meet you here today. After some days, we may become opponents on the journey to seek the Path," Li Xun turned to the crowd and said. "Now, you are free to go."

"We will see you again in the trip to the Sea of the Path," many figures asked to leave and then flashed out, leaving Wanghai Restaurant.

"Lets go," Jun Mu said, and people of Taixuan Mountain left.

"I want to take a walk alongside the Sea of the Path to walk," Ye Futian said.

After speaking, he walked alone. Little Phoenix saw him and flashed and followed him.

"Lets go together," Wan Shouyi also said. He and Luoyue also headed towards the Sea of the Path. The group just spread out, and they all flickered away in different directions.

Ye Futian came to the coast of the Sea of the Path. He could even vaguely perceive the existence of the Path from the boundless sea.

"It is said that after crossing the edge of the Sea of the Path and entering the real Sea of the Path, one could feel the omnipresent Path," Wan Shouyi walked to Ye Futian and whispered. "In fact, Ive been dreaming of coming here, and now, I finally have the opportunity to take a look around."

"Why have you never thought about trying your luck in the Shangxiao Divine Palace?" Ye Futian asked. There were some ordinary disciples in the Shangxiao Divine Palace. With the strength of Wan Shouyi, he could easily enter there even though he might not be able to become a core disciple.

"There are not many choices in a lifetime. Taixuan Mountain is a very good place to cultivate for me. I have been at Taixuan Mountain for decades and have been in Sword Abyss. The world is too big, and even the Higher Heavens Realm is boundless. Even a saint will be satisfied to find a place to cultivate peacefully if he spends most of his time on the road. However, now that I have reached my current Plane, its time for me to go outside. Even without this opportunity, I will still take a tour," Wan Shouyi smiled and said.

When he said going outside, he really meant taking a walk on the land of the Higher Heavens Realm, to see the scenery of the entire Higher Heavens Realm and even to other realms, although it might take a lot of time, it was also a journey of seeking the Path.

"How about you? You also cultivated in Taixuan Mountain for a while. I didnt hear you talk about your past except knowing that you were sent by the Fourth Mistress. I sometimes feel that your character is too good and too humble to be true. You are not like a Saint-Plane cultivator," Wan Shouyi smiled and said.

"Really?" Ye Futian said, smiling. He didnt know whether Wan Shouyi noticed anything, but it didnt matter.

"My luck is good and bad. Although my cultivation time is not very long, I have traveled through many places," Ye Futian said with a smile. It seemed that he was always on the road because the starting point of his cultivation was too humble. He didnt know who thought of such an idea to throw him in this corner of the world.

However, it seemed that it was not easy to trace some things now

"You also have some stories to tell," Wan Shouyi smiled and said. "You are humble and studious, low-key, and forbearing. Maybe among the 15 people who came on this trip, your achievements will be the greatest."

Ye Futian glanced at Wan Shouyi, smiled, and said nothing. He looked ahead.

On the seashore, a woman in white was walking quietly. She looked very clean. Although she was not a peerless beauty, she made one feel comfortable.

Comfortable, and also a bit lonely.

When Ye Futian saw her, a bright smile appeared in his eyes.

Long time no see.

It didnt take long, but it seemed like a long time had passed!