The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523 Plunder

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Little Phoenix stared firmly at Ye Futian. Even when she realized how powerful he was, she still did not bother to be polite to him. She tossed two fruits of the way into her mouth.

In a flash, flame light was burning all over her body, like she was a goddess of fire. A burst of terrifying divine fire light filled the air. Little Phoenix stretched out as if she was enjoying the sensation.

"Is it really so magical?" As Ye Futian watched her response, he threw a piece of fruit of the Way into his mouth as well. In an instant, he could feel the blood boiling in his veins as they burned. His body involuntarily resonated with the Worldly Great Path of Flames. Endless flame will flowed through him.

His veins seemed to turn into flowing magma, burning eternally. His organs were wrapped in flames, and even his bones were branded with the mark of fire.

This reaction continued for a while before it ended. The disturbances with him disappeared, and fire of the Great Path shot out of his eyes.

"Divine fruit," gasped Ye Futian. He looked at the Divine Tree of Flames. What kind of place was this?

"My father said that the fruit in this place was grown directly from the Great Path once every ten years. People who have cultivated up to the peak of the Nirvana level can use the fruit to attune themselves to the rotation of the Great Path, create their bones and blood out of the Great Path, and form a body of the Great Path. A Renhuangs body and soul are always in accord. Once you have created a Divine Wheel of the Great Path, you will truly become a Renhuang," said Little Phoenix.

"Your father has taught you much," said Ye Futian with a smile. They walked forward as they talked, both of their figures flashing as they did so.

He was already an Unblemished Saint and was only one level away from reaching Nirvana. He naturally wished to understand the Renhuang plane. That was another level. Countless Saint-level heroes wanted to reach that plane, but it was extremely hard. One needed to forge a Renhuang body, realize a Renhuang soul, and finally meld the two together, forming a Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

The Divine Wheel would turn in accord with the River of the Great Path as it flowed through heaven and earth. It would shine with the sun and the moon, and live as long as the world. As long as you were not killed, you would never die.

He understood how the Master had been reborn back at the Dali Dynasty, and how he had stood back up after he had broken through to the next level. He had recognized his Renhuang soul, so although his physical body had been so heavily damaged that it could not recover, his soul already had touched the Renhuang plane, and afterward, it had reshaped his flesh. Finally, in the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven in the Heavenly Mandate Realm, he had forged a Divine Wheel of the Great Path and entered the Renhaung realm.

And this fruit seemed to be able to give people a chance to forge a Renhuang body, thereby lessening the difficulty of proving oneself. Thus, countless people wanted to come here, as it was a step on the road to becoming a Renhuang.

After eating the fruit, Ye Futian suddenly felt a little bit greedy. Although he had not yet reached Nirvana, even at the Unblemished Saint level, he could establish a foundation for what would come after. After the fruit had been digested, he could already feel real changes happening.

Perhaps this would help him reach Nirvana ahead of schedule.

Moreover, even if he did not need it, Yaya did.

At that moment, the sound of fighting broke out in many places. The mountain range was vast, and he could faintly see other divine trees.

"Quickly." Phoenix also seemed to be excited by the hint of sweetness that she had tasted and rushed off in a certain direction.

There was a trembling golden tree on the mountainside. Every leaf seemed to have been forged of pure gold. They emitted a clear sound every time they shook. Even the ground around the tree was golden. There were four cultivators fighting wildly off to one side.


At that moment, they all felt something, and they suddenly turned their gazes. They saw the figure of a sword piercing through the sky. It cut down one of the pieces of fruit, then continued, forming a magnificent arc. It cut down two more pieces of fruit. All of the fruit fell upon the sword.

Space will enveloped it. The sword turned back as if it knew what would happen if it lingered.

The four cultivators expressions changed, and they stopped fighting. Someone had actually taken the opportunity presented by them fighting to seize some of the fruit. That was simply outrageous.

One of them lashed out with a giant golden palm print that covered the sky. However, the sword was incredibly quick. It pierced through the air, and at the moment that the palm print came down, it crossed through space, making the palm print fall upon only empty air.

The four cultivators stepped forward and saw that the sword had returned to the hands of a youth wearing white robes. What was more outrageous was that the white-robed youth had opened his mouth wide and swallowed each piece of fruit one after another.


Little Phoenix stood to his side, watching him. Was his mouth really that big?

Could he eat an entire piece of fruit in one bite?

A crisp crunching sound rang out as Ye Futian chewed the fruit. It was incredibly tough. His teeth ground it up, and once the fruit went into him, his body shone with brilliant golden divine light. It was like he had transformed into a golden body of the Great Path.

The four cultivators watched him in shock, staring at him fixedly.


1Ye Futian belched, and flames rose up in the four pairs of eyes that were watching him. Their murderous intent swept out through the air.

"Ive eaten this fruit. There is more right in front of you. You take this opportunity to grab what is left," said Ye Futian as he gazed at them from across the distance.

"Shameless, incredibly shameless" Beside him, Little Phoenix blushed so red that the heat from her face could have boiled water. It was fine that he had plundered the fruit, but to eat it all right there made her ashamed to be seen with him.

"Do you have a death wish?" one of the cultivators asked coldly. A golden halberd pierced through the air towards Ye Futian. Terrible golden beams of light shot out in all directions, causing a terrible shrieking sound to ring out.

They knew that they should be using this time to pick more fruit, but they could not stomach his insolence.

Ye Futians body turned golden and indestructible. A golden river seemed to flow through him. Even his World Tree life spirit turned into a Golden Divine Tree that flickered with golden light.

He brought his hands together, and a golden palm print appeared in the sky. The fist clenched, and it smashed down into the oncoming golden halberd. The golden palm print was destroyed, but the golden halberd shattered inch by inch as well.

"If you keep wasting time, you will end up with nothing," said Ye Futian innocently. Their faces all darkened. This man was actually quite strong. He was able to withstand a Nirvana level cultivators attacks.

"Lets go. Well come back and get him later," said one of them.

"Fine, why dont we temporarily make an alliance?" said another one of them. The four of them turned away, still talking among themselves. The four people who had just been fighting over a piece of fruit had instantly turned into allies.


"Amazing," thought Ye Futian. At that moment, Little Phoenix was amazed by how thick he was.

"Is it good?" Little Phoenix stared at him angrily. He had not even left one piece for her.

That was too much.

"You have cultivated flames. What are you looking at?" said Ye Futian disdainfully. Other than making him feel a little full, the fruit did indeed make him feel good. Not long before, he seemed to have forged veins of divine fire within his body, which had then turned golden.

"Shameless," said Little Phoenix contemptuously.

"Lets go." Ye Futian flashed up into the sky. He was prepared to plunder some more. In addition to the people who were allowed to be here due to the quota, there were also some ordinary disciples in the palace. They had probably wanted to give them a chance, but most of these disciples were of no real account, and many of them would probably fall here.

However, this was their own choice. The road to proving ones worthiness was difficult. The fruit only bloomed once every ten years, and there were not many of them. It was impossible to divide it all up among them. Even the disciples of this palace had to fight for the right to divide the fruit up among themselves. Many disciples came here to fight for the fruit, and they would have to compete with the top figures of the Higher Heavens Realm, who were part of the quota.

Ye Futian was not the only one plundering fruit; there were some other powerful figures doing the same thing. For example, when some of those top forces who had been part of the quota walked together, the ordinary disciples of the Divine Palace had to join together to even have a hope of beating them.

Moreover, there were some incredibly powerful beings here.

For example, Gai Shi Shi was leading the group of cultivators from the Golden Divine Nation. He was holding a divine golden spear that was casting rays of divine light. When he saw someone ahead of him plundering the fruit, he stepped forward through the air and called out, "Leave the fruit there!"

As he said this, he thrust his golden spear through the air. As it fell, golden light pierced the sky. The person below him who had taken the fruit tried to block it, but the brilliant golden light was too overpowering. It shattered his defenses and pierced into his body, pinning him to the ground.

The other cultivators of the Golden Divine Nation seized the fruit, even stealing the piece that the man had held in his hand.

The people of the Divine Sword Li family were also incredibly overpowering. The rode a sword through the air, moving at their fastest speed in order to seize as much of the fruit as they could.

In addition, the cultivators of the Sky Burying God Clan were there. They could summon starry steles to crush everything beneath them, which made them very powerful. And either intentionally or unintentionally, the cultivators of the Divine Sword Li family and the Sky Burying God Clan were advancing in different directions and clashing with each other.

One of the cultivators of the Divine Sword Li family looked off into the distance. "The fruit of that tree is shaped like swords!" He suddenly moved very quickly, turning into a sword and rushing over to it.

At the same time, Wan Shouyi, Luoyue, and the others saw it as well. They moved as quickly as lightning, turning into swords and racing over towards the tree.

An inexhaustible flow of sword will appeared around the tree, wrapping around it. It wrapped around the fruit itself very thickly, giving it the shape of a sword.

"Hmph!" Divine sword light shone from high above as many swords descended from the sky, cutting towards Wan Shouyi and Luoyue.

"Forgive us for crushing your swords beneath our feet," came Li Xuns voice. They were the ones who had sent the swords to crush the people of Taixuan Mountain. Many people were saying that Lord Taixuan was the most powerful figure in the Higher Heavens Realm now.

"Destroy those swords, and be careful." Wan Shouyis sword Qi surged as he slashed with his sword, forming a line through the sky. His sword collided with the oncoming swords, and in a flash, the crashing sword will seemed like it would split the very air itself. An astonishing air flow was left behind where the sword had passed.

The cultivator from the Divine Sword Li family waved his hand, and suddenly, countless swords cut at Wan Shouyi. Each sword arrived in an instant, seeking to bury Wan Shouyi within them.

The intensely powerful flow of sword Qi in this area naturally attracted the attention of many people. Ye Futian looked over there from across the distance.

There was a clash of swords going on there. If the fruit there had anything to do with swords, he needed to have it!