The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526 The Favor Of The Sword Of Taixuan Mountain

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Ye Futian and the others continued forward. But after several battles, most of the fruit had already been picked off the trees and taken away. They came upon places where people were fighting, but there was no fruit left on the trees.

This was an opportunity for everyone to prove their worthiness to advance to the next level and fight for the right to move forward along the Great Path. If they had to fight for it, then they would all do so. No one was worried about being polite, or about differences in rank.

Ye Futian and the others managed to win another piece of fruit, after which they discovered that there were no more anywhere around them. But everyone was heading towards the tallest mountain. There seemed to be a celestial palace at the top of that ancient peak. It seemed illusory, but everyone could faintly sense the majestic spirits of the heavens and the earth and the will of the Great Path there. The mountain seemed to be wrapped in will.

Everyone was moving towards there as they fought. As they got closer, more and more battles were breaking out at the foot of the mountain. The will was so thick that many gods had been born here.

When Ye Futian and the others arrived, they could feel an astonishing pressure, both solemn and divine. The whole mountain was covered thickly in will. It was like they were walking through a fog that slightly blurred their vision.

Boom! The sound of thunder came to them, and lightning was falling from the sky somewhere else in the fog, making the whole area tremble. But the mountain was incredibly sturdy. It stood there, unmoved and full of divine majesty.

When Ye Futian arrived, he saw several people off to the side, recovering from their wounds. There was a tree there that had endless divine lightning wrapping around it. There was only one piece of fruit on the tree, but it was bigger than the ones he had seen before. It was bathed in the divine lightning of the Great Path, and thunder was booming in the sky above it. Every time the thunder boomed, the fruit became a bit riper, and the will grew thicker and stronger.

"It is baptized in thunder, just like the catastrophe of the Great Path." Ye Futians heart trembled. This was truly a wonder of the world. This piece of fruit surely contained even more of the will of the Great Path than the others. There was only one piece of fruit on this tree, but he did not know if there had always just been one or if the others had been taken by other people.

Given the situation that they were seeing before them, it was very likely that there had always just been one piece of fruit. All of the will of the Great Path had been sucked up by that singular piece of fruit.

The piece of fruit was wrapped in curling lightning and rolling thunder, making it look like a bright and clear Spirit Orb. Beside it was a giant divine thunder dragon. It was wrapped around the tree, seemingly waiting for the fruit to ripen even more. It seemed that it would eat the fruit once it had become as ripe as possible. In this way, it would be of the most use to him, allowing him to break through to the level of a Demon Emperor.

There was a purple-robed old man before him with purple eyes. Endless lightning was shooting out of his eyes, and brilliant divine thunderbolts traveled over his robes. A millstone shaped thundercloud appeared in the sky. It roared and roiled constantly, resonating with the old mans body.

"He has a spirit of the Great Path!" whispered Wan Shouyi, an imposing look on his face. The dragon was a great demon cultivator, with a huge form and brilliant lightning traveling through its every scale. It seemed as if he had cultivated his thunder body as much as possible. The old man had taken an extremely important step towards becoming a Renhuang, and it could be said that he was already only a half a step away from that plane. If he could carve a Wheel of the Great Path here and use the fruit to activate his Renhuang body, then he would be able to prove himself worthy of becoming a Renhuang.

Ye Futian could also feel how deep this old mans power was. He seemed to even be a step further along the path than his teacher had been when he came out of Emperor Lis Palace. Thus, as far as he was concerned, this opportunity was extremely important. He needed this piece of fruit more than anything.

"You should all go somewhere else." The old man naturally sensed Ye Futian and the others coming. He swept his gaze over them, and in an instant, the lightning of the Great Path was piercing through Ye Futians eyes. It pressed down on his spiritual will. He was obviously trying to make him realize how difficult this would be and thus retreat. There was no misunderstanding that.

"You are at such a high level. You will soon be an Emperor. Why dont you give that piece of fruit to those of us who are at a much lower level?" said Ye Futian with a grin. Beside him, Little Phoenix snorted. But she had already grown used to Ye Futians shamelessness.

Boom! The old man pointed up into the sky, and suddenly, the millstone shaped cloud flashed with lightning. It was filled with the mighty power of thunder. The figure of a god of thunder appeared up in the sky, huge and powerful. It pressed its palm down towards the ground. All of this happened without the old man saying a word.

Because he was only a half step away from the Renhuang plane, he needed the fruit more than them. This was especially true because this fruit was of particular use to him. It would very likely bring him even closer to the Renhuang plane.

Anyone who dared block his path would have to die.

Wan Shouyi pointed his sword into the air. It cut through the sky, and he rose along with it. The sword cut into the thundering palm, and lightning covered his body. But at the same time, the giant palm was shattered.

Ye Futian looked up into the air. He flicked his sleeves and sat down, cross-legged. The guqin rang out once again. This old man was truly fierce. He had not shown them the least bit of politeness.

The guqin music suddenly became loud and sonorous. Wan Shouyi entered the state that he had been in before. When the music entered his ears, it resonated with his sword will. The endless will of heaven and earth entered into his sword.

When he felt the power of this will, a look of surprise flashed in the old mans eyes. He turned towards Wan Shouyi and stretched out his hands as thunder will covered him. Suddenly, the will of heaven and earth grew even stronger than before. The entire Great Path of Thunder was under his control.

Ye Futian looked up into the sky. He realized that a Renhuang with a spirit of the Great Path was frighteningly powerful, but their opponent was not quite strong enough. Otherwise, he would be able to wield shocking power like his teacher had at the battle at Brahmas Sky City. He had stretched out his Renhuang will, truly pushing himself to the limit. Not long after that battle, his teacher had entered the Renhuang plane.

He saw the old mans finger point downwards. The divine thunder of the Great Path split the sky, and thunderbolts that looked like dragons shot towards both Wan Shouyi and Ye Futian.

Luoyue moved, the guqin music resonated with her as well. Her sword moved, forming a Barrier of All Things above Ye Futian. She did not protect Wan Shouyi. He was already at the Nirvana level, and with the resonance of the guqin music, his power had transformed. He did not fear his opponents attack.

"If you continue to just watch, Elder Dragon, we will have to withdraw," said Ye Futian to the demon dragon as he continued playing the guqin. Was he waiting there to collect the spoils of victory without lifting a finger to help?

The demon dragon looked at Ye Futian. The old man had indeed threatened him, but as long as he was protecting the fruit, he was not afraid. If the situation changed at all, he would just eat the fruit.

He was already protecting the fruit; it was already basically his. Why would he participate in the battle?

Ye Futians words were simply ridiculous.

He was waiting for the fruit to ripen. Once it had become as ripe as possible, he would eat it. All he needed for this was the fruit itself.

When he saw that the dragon did not move, Ye Futian complained to himself that the people here were too savvy. It looked like they would have to rely on their strength instead.

The guqin music grew more and more steady until it was as regular as the passing of the seasons. Wan Shouyi slashed out with his sword again and again. He had already forced the old man to come out and fight in person.

While fighting, he could still feel the pressure from the guqin music. The music seemed to be leading the sword will to attack his spirit. His spirit may have been so strong that it could not be damaged, but it still made him very uncomfortable.

The battlefield grew wilder and wilder. The old man was still as sturdy as a mountain, and Wan Shouyis sword was getting stronger and stronger. But he still could not hurt the old man at all.

At the same time, the endless notes floating through the air merged with the sword, becoming a river that flowed between heaven and earth.

The old man could faintly sense that something was not right, but he had no way of knowing precisely what it was. He seemed to have a faint sense of something threatening him.

Crack! A sharp sound rang out as Wan Shouyi cut at him. The old man transformed into a thunder body, and his spirit materialized, becoming real. He slammed his fist into the sword, and suddenly there was a terrifying burst of energy.

"That is the sword of Taixuan Mountain, but you are not skilled enough to wield it." The old mans hair flew in the wind. Lightning shot out from his eyes towards his opponent.

But as the two of them collided, the notes from Ye Futians guqin were flowing through the air like a river of swordsmanship. They enveloped the old man. He looked up and suddenly felt a serious threat.

"This isnt good." He slammed his hand down fiercely, trying to break free of his entanglement with Wan Shouyi. At the same time, terrifying thunder magic burst forth from his body, forming a thunder curtain around him.

But at that moment, the flowing river of swords suddenly turned into killing swords. They pierced through the sky, leaving sword marks in the air. They crisscrossed and overlapped, until everything in the space where the old man was coiled up in destructive swords.

"No" the old mans expression changed. Countless sword slashes suddenly appeared on him. He seemed to have been cut by thousands of swords. A look of fear came over his face. Wan Shouyi thrust his sword forward, cutting right through the body that his opponent had formed with his spirit.

In a flash, the old mans body became illusory. He looked down in pain on the scene below him, with a fierce sense of displeasure. He was so close to the Renhuang level, how could he fall like this?

Boom! The old mans body shattered into nothingness. Wan Shouyi withdrew his sword. He looked up in surprise at what was happening above him.

And not only him, Luoyue and the others hearts were pounding. That was not Wan Shouyis sword.

The guqin music had activated this final sword. It had used the Cleave of All Things, the perfected Cleave of All Things.

This was just like what had happened on Taixuan Mountain. It seemed that the sword of Taixuan Mountain looked upon them with favor.

Fifteen people from Taixuan Mountain were part of the quota. They all believed that Lord Taixuan would not lie to them. The mystery cultivator must be someone on the Divine Path. So why was he not among them?

Why had Lord Taixuan reserved two places on the quota?

Now, they all knew why.

He was there!