The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527 The Stream Of Life

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Wan Shouyi drew back his sword and lowered his head. There was an unmistakable look of shock in his deep eyes as he looked at the elegant and handsome young man.

He thought of the brief time that Ye Futian had been cultivating at Taixuan Mountain. He had entered String Palace to cultivate the guqin arts and had gone to Sword Abyss to study the sword. He had been quiet and unassuming, modest and restrained. He had not fought with anyone.

Who would have thought that this man, who had been cultivating so quietly at Taixuan Mountain, the one whom everyone thought was just a lucky young man, was actually someone who had learned the Famous Songs of String Palace and had completed the second strike of the Fleeting Divine Swordthe Cleave of All Things. He had defeated the genius cultivators of the Divine Capital of Xiling using only his own power.

He was such a powerful person, and yet the people of Taixuan Mountain had not sensed the smallest bit of pride in him. He was so restrained.

Indeed, he had only been cultivating at Taixuan Mountain for a few short months.

Luoyue felt the same way, and her heart was in turmoil. When she thought of how they had constantly exhorted Shen Jing to study hard, her face turned red.

2It seemed that the one who had helped her discharge so much swordsmanship back then was Shen Jing.

So, when she and Brother Wan Shouyi had been fighting, Shen Jing had played the guqin. The guqin music had helped stimulate her swordsmanship, and it was not just luck that this had happened. Shen Jing had purposely played the guqin to help her. She felt a little bit gloomy. She should have realized that as soon as Ye Futian played his masterpiece.

"Was it you who helped me break through to the next level back then?" she whispered to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at her and smiled. "No need to worry about it, Princess Luoyue. You were only a step away from the next level. Even without my music, you would still have been able to do that soon."

"Why did you choose to assist me with my swordsmanship?" Luoyue asked. Her tone and attitude were completely different than they had been before. She was feeling conflicted

"Because me coming into contact with you back in Taixuan City turned out to be very lucky," said Ye Futian with a smile. Luoyue was stunned. Then she seemed to realize something. She looked at Ye Futian as if she was in a trance. It seemed that he was the mysterious swordsman as well.

She smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you."

Ye Futian smiled again but said no more on the subject. He looked in another direction and said, "We should take care of this matter."

At that moment, the demon dragon was still on guard. His massive body was hovering there, and he stared at Ye Futian. He seemed very vigilant. These people had actually killed the old man.

The old man had been powerful enough to threaten him. It seemed like if it came to a fight, he would not be able to withstand these human cultivators.

"There is no way you will get this fruit. You are strong enough to go and seize fruit from somewhere else, why waste your time here?" The dragons voice rolled like thunder. If they attacked him in force and he could not withstand them, he would just eat the fruit right away.

"If you eat the fruit, then we will have no choice but to feast on dragon flesh and drink dragon blood," said Ye Futian with a smile. When he heard what Ye Futian had said, the dragons expression grew dark. Terrible lightning flashed in his eyes as he stared fixedly at Ye Futian.

This human was completely shameless.

A low roar erupted from his mouth. Divine lightning flashed, and a fierce light shone in his eyes.

Ye Futian stepped forward, still holding his guqin. Wan Shouyi, Luoyue, and the others followed him, subconsciously accepting him as their leader.

1They now understood Lord Taixuans wishes. Ye Futian was their greatest safeguard here.

It was unfortunate, then, that when Ye Futian had helped them defeat Li Xun and seize the fruit, Jun Mu had gotten greedy. Given the strength and talent that he had shown, then even without them, Ye Futian could have defeated Li Xun by himself and taken the fruit. Why would he have given any of the fruit to Jun Mu? He had tried to steal it.

Giving them two pieces of fruit was already exceedingly kind.

Jun Mu doing this had made it so that they had needed to part ways. Otherwise, the other people from Taixuan Mountain would have been able to see what had just happened.

Ye Futians eyes became incredibly frightening. They seemed endlessly deep, like two black holes as he stared at the dragon. The dragon suddenly became irritable, and a series of low roars came from him. He could feel his spiritual will being infected.

Terrible lightning shot out of his eyes towards Ye Futians, but he could sense a spiritual storm swallowing him.

"Roar!" The dragon gave an earth-shaking roar that thundered through the air. Thousands of bolts of divine lightning fell from the sky. Ye Futian stared at him as he was bathed in endless thunder, saying, "I will only ask you this one more time: will you withdraw?"

The dragon roared as he heard the unmistakable threat in Ye Futians voice. He became incredibly violent, but he could feel that there was actual danger here. It seemed like the human before him actually held his life in his hands. If he tried to fight or ate the fruit, things would go very badly for him afterward.

In the end, he could not withstand the pressure that Ye Futian was putting on him. He gave another earth-shaking roar that made the air itself tremble. He rose up and flew towards the mountains, leaving the fruit behind.

Ye Futian walked up to the tree. Beside him, Wan Shouyi said, "This fruit bears the will of the Great Path of thunder, and it is still growing. The will within it gets stronger by the moment."

Ye Futian nodded. "Mmm." His figure slashed as he rushed towards the tree and picked the fruit. Although it was not completely grown yet, he did not have time to wait. Before, the demon dragon and the old mans struggle had happened because they were both placing all of their hopes upon this one piece of fruit. But Ye Futian was different. This piece of fruit was not his only target. It would be far from enough to sate his ambition.

Crunch! A clear sound rang out. Little phoenix and the others watched in shock as Ye Futian bit into the giant piece of fruit. He was eating it right there on the spot!


Wan Shouyi and Luoyue looked at Ye Futian. This was not happening like they had imagined. Little bolts of lightning were flashing from Ye Futians mouth. This piece of fruit was even bigger than the ones before, but it seemed that Ye Futian would finish it in no time.

Lightning flashed all over Ye Futians body for a time, and within him, a world of lightning formed. The terrible lightning seemed like it would never dissipate. It ran through him, turning his life spirit, the World Tree, into a tree of lightning. All of his internal organs and bones were filled with the power of lightning.

Boom! Ye Futian took a step forward, and a thunderous boom erupted off of him. "Lets keep moving forward," he said.

He felt that his level became more secure. If he could get a few dozen or a few hundred pieces of fruit and eat them slowly, he would eventually be able to break through to the next level.

If the cultivators of the Divine Palace knew he wanted to do this, they would probably try to kill him. Each piece of fruit here was very precious. Even if they managed to get a piece of it, most people would save it until they had cultivated up to the peak of their level. He was thinking of breaking through to the next level solely by eating the fruit.

Moreover, the fruit contained will within it. It would naturally remain undigested for a while.

The five of them continued forward. Now that they had witnessed Ye Futians strength, they knew that he was the one who had used the sword of Taixuan Mountain. Thus, they had a lot of confidence in him. He would probably bring a lot of benefits to them in the future.

Luoyue looked off into the distance. "What is that over there? It has such a strong life aura." Ahead of them was a place filled with a mystical fog. It was as if a life aura had spread out between heaven and earth.

Ye Futian looked over there and could faintly see a towering tree there. The mystical fog was all around the tree, and it seemed like it was actually a life aura.

"Lets go take a look." The group sped up. As they got closer, they could see an incomparably giant tree. All of the fruit had already been picked, and what was more frightening was that there was a stream under all the fog.

It was the Stream of the Birth of the Way.

Ye Futians heart trembled. This was a legendary place. The water of this stream was the legendary water of life. Every drop had the power to save lives, and could even bring life back to dead bones.

At that moment, some people were bathing in the stream, but it was not truly for the purpose of washing, but rather to absorb the life will. Life will was not just useful for saving your life. People who cultivated the Way of Life were incredibly vigorous. People with a strong life aura were physically very strong and were very difficult to kill.

The people who were bathing in the stream saw Ye Futian and the others as well. They looked up sharply at the newcomers. Their eyes were cold, but also very beautiful. All of them were women.

One of the people bathing in the stream was as beautiful as a life goddess with her exquisite features. These were all disciples of the Divine Palace and were all incredible beauties.

"This is a good place." Ye Futian could not help but marvel. As he said this, their gazes grew even colder. The discharged their auras, and they all fell upon Ye Futian.

"Have you seen enough?" came a cold voice.

"If you dont mind, could you make some room for me?" Ye Futian walked forward. It seemed like he wanted to enter the stream.

2"Get out of here!" roared the cold voice. Several of the womens expressions changed. They stared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced around, then said, "Dont worry. The stream is so big. I am sure there is room for a few more people."

1He continued forward as he said this, and stepped directly into the water. How could he pass by such a wonderful place without experiencing it? It could both nourish his world tree life spirit and strengthen his body.

Indeed, the instant he stepped into the water, he could feel his soul become incredibly light. It seemed as if his very organs were relaxing. It was such a wonderful feeling. The power of life was, after all, the power of all things in the world.

Little phoenix and the others all watched Ye Futian with mouths wide open. He was just going to go in the water?

Although the others were not truly bathing, they still presented a lovely scene. And he was actually

1Wan Shouyi blinked. He felt the image he had conjured up in his mind collapse a little bit. Would he really be so shameless?

Luoyue reddened as she beheld this scene. This was going very differently from how she had imagined!